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  1. What type of bread was the technical challenge? My closed captioning was off and the name didn't sound familiar.
  2. I worry about Eagan. His story reminds me more and more of an old episode I saw once of Supernanny (or possibly Wife Swap or Dr Phil) where the mother insisted her two oldest daughters be home schooled so they could take care of all the other children. Eagan's mother has eight children and wants more. Eagan talks about babysitting them all the time. He is sad because they are growing up because he wishes he could be a kid longer. It sounds like he never got a chance to be a kid, or relate to his peers as a kid, because he was the parent. I hope he didn't drop out of high school to take c
  3. Years ago, when Liz Claiborne was considered a better department store brand, I helped put on the annual Liz Claiborne fashion show and the companies representatives took the time to explain to my sales associates the proper differences between misses short and petite (rise). They also talked about the importance of attention to detail. They didn't just cut off two inches, the resized for both petite and plus. Even going so far as to shrink (or enlarge) a pattern so it looked right.
  4. So, last week Owen told Teddy to go back to work and he would stay home with Allison who is presumably too young for daycare. This week Owen drops Leo off at daycare (I guess two kids is more than Owen-I want to be a dad more than anything-Hunt can handle) and tells Bailey he is on paternity leave until Tom withdraws his restraining order. So, I guess Teddy and Allison no longer count. Then he spends the day working elsewhere (where's Allison?), and decides to go back to work at a different hospital. Dick.
  5. I think we are in for a "Whose baby is it?" storyline with Amelia. It wasn't that long ago she was sleeping with Owen. And seriously, what is it with these doctors and the inability to use birth control correctly? Off the top of my head the following have had surprise pregnancies: Ellis Grey (Maggie - looking at you too, Richard) Christina (twice? ectopic pregnancy with Burke, abortion with Owen) Addison (pre-show with Mark) Callie (Sophia - also Mark) April (Harriet - with Jackson) Teddy (Owen) Amelia (again twice!!, first on Private Practice, now with
  6. Does Holly have any clue she's now the target? She could easily blow up Tommy's game by revealing his relationship to Christie.
  7. I think you have to take Tommy out. Regardless of who stays either Nicole or Cliff need to win veto next week, and they have a better shot against Holly than they do Tommy. In some ways they have to look past this week ans think about who you can beat in the F2. Nicole has the best chance against Cliff and Holly. She will likely lose to Tommy and Jackson. Cliff has the chance against Nicole and Holly. He loses to Tommy and Jackson Holly has the best chance against Nicole and Cliff. She loses to Tommy and Jackson. Tommy and Jackson win against Nicole Cliff and H
  8. OK, I'm going to need some clarification regarding #CookieGate. How many cookies could Ovi possibly have made? I mean the basic Tollhouse recipe requires TWO eggs for four dozen cookies (though I've rarely gotten three dozen a batch). Also, what kind of person doesn't realize they will make enemies by withholding cookies?
  9. Laurie's room was fine, but I think it would have looked better if the wood squares had been painted with the slightly darker shade of green.
  10. The motorcycle room reminded me of something you would see in one of those crap ass houses with oh too cutesy names people lived in during college (I lived in "Men on Top" one summer in the 80's).
  11. According to Deadline Magical Elves will produce the new season.
  12. Project Runway will move back to Bravo for the upcoming season
  13. I just fear the redesign isn't practical. They said it was a 170 bed facility and movie night was really important to them. You could see the large number of folding chairs stacked against the wall. There is just no way the half dozen couches and armchairs provided adequate seating even if the residents were willing to rearrange them weekly. The same thing goes for executive meetings. Unless it was just for show we saw a large group of people meeting around 6 folding tables, the long conference table installed didn't look like it could accommodate everyone. The design is great if
  14. Here's my fear...one twin gets eliminated, and of course Tim doesn't use his save. BUT, there is an allegation of cheating and the cheater is "auf'd" before the regular elimination. Meaning .. the last eliminated designer returns. More twin drama ensues.
  15. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't tell you how much I've missed the Project Runway recaps (also sad about the lack of Face Off this summer). I'm OK with Brandon's win. I understand what others are saying, but I felt it was fresh. While I appreciate Kenya's impeccable tailoring, to me it read a little Austin Powers. I would have put Margarita in the top three instead
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