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  1. nonnybaby

    Match Game

    What the hell was Leah wearing around her neck? All I could think of was Amadeus. She is just TOO MUCH ALL THE TIME! Otherwise, I liked the second game so much better than the first. The panel really clicked with the contestants. I do hate when the panelists consult with each other on answers during the regular part of the game, though. I don't mind it during the winner's circle, but it doesn't seem fair during the main game. Maybe the reason they do it so much is that the questions suck so hard since the reboot. Really, how hard could it be for the writers to come up with funny questions which would have a couple of reasonable answers???
  2. nonnybaby

    The Bachelor in the Media

    I think it was an actual commercial (for Honda) that happened to be shown during W&G. But it was definitely Nick V.!
  3. nonnybaby

    S04.E04: Chapter Sixty-Eight

    The answer is: YES! See: Making your 20-something Jane pose in a bunch of baby pictures (with Baby!) LOL
  4. nonnybaby

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    and IMO, all the smoke, mirrors, makeup, hair bleach, teeth bleach, etc. could not disguise Sabrina's lantern-jawed, thin-lipped, phony eye-browed appearance. YIPES! And I was trying to find the similarity between Sabrina and her sister, but couldn't see it until she was in the courtroom. Then, I thought they could be twins. All that sinning sure does age a person. (By the way, after I post this message, I plan on praying so that God will forgive me for being so cruel in judging her appearance. I'm sure he'll forgive me.)
  5. nonnybaby

    The Durrells In Corfu

    I was catching up on this season's episodes and it was bugging my why the actor playing Hugh looked so familiar. When I looked him up on IMDB, I was blown away to see that he is the same actor that played Muriel's handsome swimmer husband in Muriel's Wedding. Back then, he was so handsome that I would blush just looking at him. But time marches on for us all, I guess! I hated that Gerry hurt his tutor and had no remorse in doing so. Empathy for animals? Check. Empathy for people? No so much. Gerry's too old to get away with that. I too love Leslie's maturing arc this season. I'm worried about Sven getting in trouble because Leslie blabbed his secret to Huge. And, ugh, they had to go there with Larry and Vasilia. Boo!
  6. nonnybaby

    S04.E02: Chapter Sixty-Six

    Jaime Camil was in a telenovela called "Por Ella Soy Eva" a few years ago where he dressed up as a woman in order to reclaim his life. It was such a fun show! So, I was excited to see Jaime dressed exactly like his character and would have died if he would have said that her name was "Eva" instead of "Judy."
  7. nonnybaby

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    Monday morning quarterbacking here, but for the crops topic, it had farming in parentheses, which is weird. But if I had the presence of mind, I would have focused on that term because it seemed easier to describe... "tractor, plow, harvest, etc."
  8. nonnybaby

    S21.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    I completely disagree with the bashing of Vanessa's hometown date activity (except for the bikini pictures). I thought it was very sweet - the love between her and her students was palpable. And that was the only substantive date of the four. I guess I'm not seeing why Vanessa is seen by many in such a negative light. If anything, while I love Rachel, I felt like the church service was more manipulative.
  9. nonnybaby

    The Shows of 2016: New Year, New Chefs, Same Sob Stories

    Bullshit decision on the Bobby Flay competition. Horrible.
  10. The high heel "protector" - just, no. Definitely not a "new category." "We know we can do $20, $30, $40, $50 million in sales." What are they smoking? The product is unsightly and completely changes the look of a shoe. Further, they didn't look like they provided a big enough surface to alleviate the "problem" they claimed to be addressing. Also sad that Kevin called them "girls."
  11. nonnybaby

    The Shows of 2016: New Year, New Chefs, Same Sob Stories

    You're right, backformore. Everyone has had painful life experiences. But this episode with the young son dying is a different level of grief (I cannot fathom), and more likely to influence the judges. It is like all the chefs that come on this show are trying to trump each other with their life stories. No matter what, it's manipulative. And it makes the contestants who come on and say, "I'm just here to push myself, have fun, and win money to redecorate my bathroom" seem shallow and petty. When they're not. They just choose not to use their negative stories on the show and let their cooking speak for itself.
  12. nonnybaby

    S03.E10: Week 6, Night 1

    Amanda also has a PhD-level knowledge of makeup application, especially false eyelashes.
  13. nonnybaby

    Chopped Junior

    Yesterday was a "Very Special Chopped Jr." episode. Frankly, it was HARD TO WATCH!
  14. nonnybaby

    Celebrity Family Feud

    Wow - could Bachelorette Kaitlyn be any more of a shrew?
  15. nonnybaby

    Chopped Junior

    I know it's terrible, but I always hate the kids at the beginning of the show when they do their intros. It's like the director tells them to be their most obnoxious, snowflaky selves. But then, I end up loving them and remember that they're just kiddos when they are humbled by the pressures of the competition. I loved that Cheryl Hines cried about this week's kid (Addy) who got his ice cream done at the last minute. I wanted him to win soooo bad. I know this show has had past issues with multiple people wanting to use the ice cream machine. I kind of hate that there is just one and it ends up being a factor in the competition.