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  1. FanOfTheFans

    S04.E06: The Vault

    The actor's name is Ryan Hurst. I only know him from the little bit of Son's of Anarchy I watched. I believe Rick Hurst is his father, though. Thanks for the clarification.?
  2. FanOfTheFans

    S05.E09: Middle Child Syndrome

    Kim's selfishness when it comes to Brielle's future is horrible parenting. Kroy knows this. I bet they have had many disagreements over this. Annoying how Kim walks away rather than engage because she knows, she has no rational points. I actually like Kroy. He seems way too normal for Kim, although, I do agree with previous posters that he has some famewhore in him too. Still he is much more grounded than Kim. Let Brielle go to LA. If she fails, so what. It is all part of becoming an adult and if she does well, that's great too. One thing is for sure, she needs to get out on her own. She may decide she needs an education when she experiences how tough the real world can be. Sadly, I don't think Kim is capable of letting her daughter learn things the hard way. I can see her always bailing her out. Edited to add that I think Kim has had at least two, if not three nose jobs.
  3. FanOfTheFans

    S06.E09: Chapter 9

    Well you guys are better people than me. I couldn't make hide nor hair what was going on between the darkness and jumpy camera work. I found it quite annoying. But thanks to all who fleshed the story out for me. Looking forward to next week though to see how they tie up the story.
  4. FanOfTheFans

    S05.E01: Summer Bodies

    So what is up with Brittany's personality? Remember how easy going she was last year... It's like living with Jax destroys ones soul in dog years aging. Some of these people are getting a bit long in the tooth to be acting so crass and immature. I guess that's the entertainment value though.
  5. Nicole will eventually want her own kids and will probably be unable. I can see that plot line happening. Can't Nicole just donate her eggs. She doesn't have to be the vessel too. I don't blame Zende for cutting ties with her. She has proven he is not a priority to her. I can't stand the selfishness of Rick and Mya. Also can't stand RJ. Talk about smug, pretentious, and arrogant. It's bad enough to have an adult with those traits but it is even more unbearable in a teen. Gah!! Katie has sure been awol for awhile. I fully expect her to be gloating over the collapse of Brill.
  6. FanOfTheFans

    S11.E16: Bringing Up Old Ghosts

    Man, the group dynamic was like high school mean girls tonight. what an all around ugly show to watch. The only one who acted with any dignity was Meghan. The rest of the lot were pretty obnoxious. And please stop being so rude when visiting other countries. Vicki is the worst with the pissing, moaning, and whining she does as related to other cultures. Ireland is beautiful, so green and lush.
  7. This story just gets stranger and stranger.
  8. FanOfTheFans

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    If she made that up, then shame shame on her. If someone killed my child, I would want the true murderer caught. You really have to be holding a grudge against a person to lie about them under these circumstances. So she tries to get him convicted and in the meantime, the real bad guy is free? If so, how pathetic.
  9. FanOfTheFans

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I wouldn't have been able to convict either but I am not sure he is innocent. One thing that gave me pause was him showing up in the middle of the night standing over her bed after they had broken-up. That creeped me out but again it is not evidence to convict, although it gives me a gut instinct that he isn't as nice a guy as he portrays.
  10. FanOfTheFans

    S05.E04: Home on the Range Part 1

    I know and it is such a sad way to live. The little kids still have that natural enthusiasm but I'm afraid that is going to get squashed right out of them too. Kids have to grow up fast enough. Why deprive them of that before their time? Kim could be teaching them about the world around them. No wonder Brielle is the way she is.
  11. FanOfTheFans

    S05.E04: Home on the Range Part 1

    Kim and the two oldest girls need to learn to expand their horizons. Even Ariana came off as ungrateful and snotty last night. We have a beautiful country. They are lucky to be able to travel and explore but all they want to do is stay planted at home and complain when they don't get their way. Kim seemed very annoyed and irritated with the constant eye rolls. Not endearing at all. I don't know how Kroy puts up with it. What a bunch of wet blankets. He seems like a pretty mellow guy in light of the constant manufactured drama that surrounds him. Bruce is a nice guy and was cute with the younger kids who seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  12. FanOfTheFans

    S04.E05: The Freak Comes Out at Night

    Yes, I noticed that last night.
  13. FanOfTheFans

    S07.E12: The Other C Word

    You don't need to mention a name. All it takes to get the ball rolling is one disgruntled employee. The people who work there know the scoop. I have seen investigations started on much less. Feds don't mess around. I thought it was a very stupid thing to say but as I said, I don't necessarily believe Jaq either.
  14. It is because this family lies so much. They can't be surprised people question when they finally do tell the truth, if that is the case. i don't think it is that people lack compassion. It's just that age old tale of crying wolf coming home to roost.
  15. FanOfTheFans

    S07.E12: The Other C Word

    Boy Chris was really encouraging the crazy with Jaq last night. She loves Teresa and is such a victim line. Must be the only way he can survive living with her. Just don't rock that boat Chris. And I am sure the doctor office that Melissa and Jaq share really appreciated her outing them for sharing a patient's health information. I mean, no big deal, right. HIPPA fines can run in the six figure range for violations. Sheesh. Not that I believe her but still.