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  1. Feline Queen

    The Village

    I think Grace Van Dien who plays Katie looks like a young Scarlett Johansson. Great visual effects for Nick's prostetic leg. Love the dog. Doubtful he's a real war veteran - most likely was a rescue from a shelter which is awesome. Interesting that Israeli actress Moran Atias (Ava) often plays an Arab. I loved her in The Tyrant. I thought the mother-daughter dancing sequence was eye-rolling, so I fast forwarded through it.
  2. Ramona has said that she purchased the house before she married Mario. Not sure how the issue of the NY city apartment was settled. Maybe she bought out his share of the equity.
  3. Feline Queen

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I'm sure the proceeds from selling all that dog bling is funneled right back into the rescue and if she's like most of us in rescue, she's reaching into her own pocket to help off-set expenses. But that doesn't preclude the point I feel LVP wanted to 'play' boutique owner and rescue wasn't the initial priority. And I say that because the store is more about the merchandise than the dogs who need new homes. I do also believe she's truly an animal lover and gives her own pets an amazing life. In my rescue community I'm surrounded by people who are genuine advocates but their rescue efforts are all about themselves. But as long as animals are being saved, it's all good.
  4. Feline Queen

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Weighing in on the Lucy story. I run a rescue and our contract requires an adopter to return the animal to us if it's not working out. We will relinquish our claim and allow them to rehome the pet with a friend or relative. The main thing is we don't want the dog or cat to end up at a kill shelter. We've had adopters who've dumped dogs at the local pound without bothering to contact us. The shelter traced the dog back to us via the microchip and we've retrieved it. Seems to me that Dorit did tell Lisa she was rehoming the dog and Lisa didn't insist on it being returned to Vanderpump Dogs - and it only became an issue when the dog ended up at a shelter. I'm also guessing that Dorit wanted that particular dog based on looks and LVP didn't apply the same adoption application standards because of their friendship. Another LA rescue had a similar issue with Chris Pratt and Anna Faris who surrendered their dog to a kill shelter instead of returning it to the rescue. There was also a $5K penalty in that contract which Chris and Anna ended up paying. From the prospect of someone who runs a rescue, Lisa has a retail pet store that also offers a few dogs for adoption. The main business appears to be a pet boutique. Anyone here operating that way would be considered a puppy flipper not a rescuer. Just saying. While they quarantine and observe the dog for a week, which is a good thing, I didn't hear anything about them being in a foster home. A dog's health and behavior is best observed if they're in a home environment instead of a cage. I like Kyle's new haircut. Dorit looks like she's attempting to out-logo Erika. LOL
  5. Feline Queen

    S11.E11: A Mother’s Love

    Eva, here's a suggestion for the third time you go dress shopping - don't take the cameras along, that way you're not obligated to include any of the other housewives. Hard to believe Gregg's kids are in their 40s when they're dressing like teenagers. And that is not an attractive bunch. I like the relationship between Shamari and her mother and how she gives her credit for working hard to provide for her family. If she's a OB/GYN physicians assistant, she's no dummy. Porsha's farting scene was TMI and nobody cares. Leon for the win. As usual. Mama Joyce continues to be foul. Khandi and Todd weren't buying her revisionist story about lemons. She meant it as an insult and should give up trying to backpedal.
  6. Feline Queen

    S09.E08: Bridezilla Of Bimini

    It was hard to concentrate on what Jackie and Delores were discussing because I was too distracted by Delore's gold necklace disappearing and reappearing. The continuity monkey was asleep during the editing of that scene. The ladies all looked lovely in their dusty pink bridesmaid dresses, but Marty looked like he'd slept in his suit. Danielle has been engaged 20 times and that's the slub she married? His relationship with his adult children obviously isn't damaged that badly if they were at the wedding.
  7. Feline Queen

    S09.E05: Turkish Delights

    Do you mean Veruca Salt, the spoiled brat who wanted her dad to buy her one of Wonka's golden geese?
  8. Feline Queen

    S11. E07: Sisterhood of the Traveling Peaches

    There has to be more to Dennis' empire than that hot dog cart with four walls. Unless the watches he's handing out like Halloween candy are Rolox not Rolex.
  9. Feline Queen

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I love fruitcake but only the one made by Claxton. Last night's challenge made we want to break into my stash.
  10. Feline Queen

    NeNe Leakes: "Bloop!"

    NeNe Leakes publicly rips husband, calls him 'mean, grouchy, evil' NeNe Leakes' frustration with her marriage has reached a boiling point, and she's airing out the couple's dirty laundry on social media. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/nene-leakes-publicly-rips-husband-calls-him-mean-grouchy-evil/ar-BBQjTO9?li=BBnb2gh
  11. Feline Queen

    S03.E16: Party Fouls

    I wonder if there's more to the requirements than simply willing to pay their fee because D'Andra said she tried to get into that program but wasn't accepted.
  12. Feline Queen

    S13.E18: Femme Finale

    She converted the kid's playroom into his new bedroom which didn't make sense because he could've slept in the master bedroom as she's not there.
  13. Feline Queen

    S03.E13: Something Is Rotten in Denmark

    Poor Brandi and her failed plan to get so wasted that Leanne would be forced to call her an alcoholic. If she was so concerned that gossip about her drinking was going to jeopardize the adoption, maybe she ought to stop providing fodder for people. I believe Leanne when she said she's not calling adoption agencies and giving them the heads up. LOL Stephanie had second-hand embarrassment for Brandi. I think she'll eventually distance herself from that hot mess without anyone else's interference. Kam said, "I could care less." Pet peeve when that quote is wrong. She admits she doesn't have an adventurous palette and there's nothing wrong with that. At least she's not a snob and pretentious about that particular issue. They didn't need to go to Denmark for a cooking lesson or beer tasting. I did like D'Andra's hair being tied back while they were baking (which is something I do when I'm cooking) because I hate seeing shows where women with long hair have it loose. I keep thinking of what might be falling into the food. Yuck. D'Andra continues to be bitter and argumentative. She needs someone to ask her, "Is that the hill you want to die on?" because she seriously needs to chose her battles more carefully. Were those records from Cary's cousin? I'm betting none of them have turntables at home.
  14. Feline Queen

    S09.E01: Wives and Misdemeanors

    Easter of this year was on April 1st. Melissa's birthday is March 21st. As she was walking into her party at Rails she said something about it being too cold for March. If Margaret's 50th birthday was April 9, 2017 that means her ballroom hasn't been cleaned up for a year.
  15. Feline Queen

    S03.E12: Where's Copenhagen?

    Maybe Leanne didn't want to invite D'Andra to the dress shopping but Rich convinced her to do it, so that's why it was only the night before. While I didn't like any of the dresses she tried on, she does have a good figure. Same with Stephanie who looked good in her original wedding dress. I'm glad their youngest didn't lose the $45K ring. I thought him dropping it and it rolling into the lake was going to happen. I think Travis contributes to Stephanie's lack of self-esteem by probably constantly reminding her of the fabulous life he's created for her. D'Andra's excuse for not upgrading to first class wasn't believable. If she didn't want her mom to be upset for putting the additional cost on the company card, she could've used her own. And 'the day after she turned the company over to her' line was stupid because nothing had been done officially yet. At that point it was still just a promise from her mother. Of course I don't understand if Hard Night Good Morning was created while she was in college, why it's still part of mama's company more than two decades later. Why was Mama Dee shit-stirring by telling Brandi what Leanne said when last episode she was lovey-dovey with her? Cow. I agree with the people who say that Leanne is hurt because Brandi used her when she wasn't speaking to Stephanie and as soon as that friendship resumed, she not only dropped Leanne but went right back to badmouthing her at every opportunity. I don't think Leanne actually cares about having a relationship with Brandi, she's just hurt by how it went down. Kam's scenes with Court were awkward as usual. But then I remember that some of the relationships between other housewives and their spouses seem to be the same, so maybe the majority of the hubbies (who aren't camera whores) are simply uncomfortable. Cary should've Googled more info about Denmark because I'm sure she could've sent something in the invite basket besides pickled herring. (Yes, I know she sent Danish. Another cliche, but at least a better tasting one.)