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  1. Is it possible that this is Bella? http://blindgossip.com/?p=76673
  2. Yes, I noticed this too. It was like magic. The envelope mysteriously appeared on the chair next to her. She is such a poser. She totally set that scene up! Did Daisy slip in prior to the scene and place the envelope on the chair? I'd like to know how her fans explain that one.
  3. Hey Vicky, Could you kindly provide a quick recap of this video as I am Canadian and don't have access to Bravo videos. I feel so left out of the loop. : (
  4. " From Kathryn's Blog: "I want everyone to know that I was joking when I made the comment about a "disabled parking" placard. I'm deaf in one ear but by no means do I consider myself disabled...it was a joke, but I don't know if my dry sense of humor was apparent there."
  5. We do realize that their is an actual feud. The point of contention is not everyone of us believe that Mauricio is the evil person in this feud.
  6. Yes. Exactly. What I am asking for is Brandi's source. Where did she get this mis/information that led her to put out those ridiculous tweets regarding Mauricio. The fact that people believe her without anything to substantiate her silly statements really bothers me. At least the people who call out Yolanda on her BS have her own tweets and Instagram and blogs and talking head interviews to back up their opinions of her. Brandi has absolutely no scruples when it comes to revenge. Funnily enough she sums up her own problem herself: "Drinking and Tweeting". LOL
  7. I don't see the outright denial of the existence of Lyme Disease. I just see pages and pages of example of Yolanda's lies and exaggerations. Not bullying. Just calling her out on her lies, which can't be denied if you watch the show, her talking head interviews and then read her twitter and Instagram. There are so many inconsistencies that Yolanda has no credibility at all. I don't see people actually stating that Lyme Disease does not exist.
  8. Here is one source: http://www.inquisitr.com/2251226/kathy-hilton-kyle-richards-husbands-are-at-odds-over-business-deal-gone-wrong-report/ And that source would be Brandi. I​ am less interested to see proof that B and K are the main sources of these rumours regarding Mauricio. I want to know where B and K obtained their sources for making these statements. They should be held accountable for what they have stated and be able to substantiate this information//misinformation that they are reporting.
  9. Wirewrap, I want to thank you for posting all of the thoughts that I have on this that I just haven't had the energy to post myself. I can't stand it that Brandi's bullshit rumours have led to remarks such as "it's out there", and are put out there as legitimate facts. Brandi is certainly not a reliable source. She claims that she was not fired from RHBH, but then blames Lisa V. for her being fired from RHBH. People can speculate all they want regarding Mauricio, but unless there is some proof of wrongdoing (aside from whatever vomit Brandi is spewing), then his reputation is all good with m
  10. I don't believe that (besides Aviva from New York) I have ever seen a more self involved housewife than Yolanda. Her children are nothing but extensions of herself, (as she proclaims on social media, she gave them LIFE!) (Ok, she f'ed Mohammed at least 3 times) Her friends should be taking care of her. She is sacrificing herself for all of the victims of invisible diseases. (thank God it's not a visible disease, can you picture the Instagram posts?) She also sacrificed herself for her King David, which she should be well compensated for, and we won't be surprised to see proof of in future
  11. Maybe Kathryn should appreciate the fact that Faye has made her relevant...and I am not a Faye fan. If not for Faye, I would never have known who Kathryn was. And I won't even pretend to know her.
  12. And people were out for blood when Vicki G. wanted a simple casserole.
  13. I also can't believe that someone would humiliate herself by filming a scene in a jewelers trying on pieces that she can't afford. What was the point? What next? Shall we tour some homes that she can't afford? Shall we go to a fancy restaurant and look at the menu, and salivate, and then walk out?
  14. For the love of God can somebody please pacify this woman by using their energy to go and take care of her? Help her get dressed. Wash her hair. Bake her a cake, or pick up a bag of almonds, or better yet lemons. Take care of her fan mail. Pre- program her favorite TV shows to record. Put her medications in alphabetical order. Buy her a therapy puppy. Train it. Read her a bedtime story. At the very least bring her a casserole, for crying out loud. What kind of Hollywood friends are these people?
  15. If all of these inconsistencies don't come up at the reunion, I will be terribly disappointed. We need to see flashbacks of her making these statements, followed by flashbacks of her engaged in these activities, and then see her trying to explain her way out of the lies. This is going to have to be exposed. I can't imagine this not being questioned.
  16. When Lisa R. and Eileen went to visit Yolanda the last time when they toured her medicine vault, they brought her a bottle of Patrone Tequila. You see Eileen holding a gift bag at one point, then you see the bottle of Patrone on the bedside table, then as they are leaving the room the empty gift bag is on the bed.
  17. You have nailed it. Add to this the exploitation of her own children to gain attention for herself. Exhibit "A" the very carefully posed photo of Bella and herself on the bed with the IV. How Hollywood was that? My God that was evil. That photo was not even posted by Bella on her Instagram, it was intentionally used by Yolanda only. ( I am still very much bothered by the contents of that email that she sent to Bella regarding the DUI and the state of her car, that should have been a private conversation, not in writing!) I am beginning to wonder what she is gaining from promoting this whack
  18. The quotey thing won't work. "Another fucking cleanse? Shouldn't her insides be super clean by now?" We have yet to see some sort of hair cleanse. You know, to get rid of all of those nasty hair toxins.
  19. Is Yolanda planning to test market her own line of detoxing superfood regimen? Reading the comments it appears as if someone named Elissa Goodman has already developed that. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBQDD4pos7G/?taken-by=yolandahfoster Is this what she is referring to in her Bravo Blahg this week? "As my health and brain function slowly improve, I'm having creative visions that I am eager to unleash. The discoveries I've had to make along the way these past four years will lead to something amazing. I hope to share this with all of you, so we can be the change we want to see in th
  20. The problem is that she does wear makeup and nail polish. The problem with Yolanda is that she tells lie after lie after lie, and people just don't like that.
  21. I am picturing her spraying her home with a product called "Lymebegone". And it smells really nice.
  22. She is perfectly entitled to publish her book of experiences. Brandi did. Twice. Online people are also entitled to snark about people they don't know. Equal opportunity world.
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