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  1. It was completely absurd the way Veronica reacted to killing a man she loved enough to marry not so long ago. And I wondered, wouldn't she be arrested or at least have to face some kind of press scrutiny for this, if she and Chad were such a big deal in New York? But then I remembered the show I watching and told myself, "Forget it, Panda Bear. It's Riverdale."
  2. Keep in mind that Brandi once seriously thought LeeAnne cloned her phone just by putting her own phone near hers. She has always been weirdly obsessed with the idea that LeeAnne is out to get her. I was kind of looking forward to these reunion episodes but they both felt muted. I don't know if it was because Brandi and Kary weren't there in person or if maybe Andy didn't watch much of the season, but it didn't feel like anything was really landing. An unsatisfying ending to a largely unsatisfying season.
  3. I thought of the same thing, so I guess we're both old!
  4. I thought maybe Jackie didn't want to eat Melissa's salad because Melissa had just gotten over an illness that involved a lot of puking.
  5. I don't know. He's won an Elimination Challenge and a Quickfire already. It seems like when he's able to use scientific tools in the kitchen, he's really good. This one just totally threw him for a (fruit) loop. Yes, I see it! I didn't much care for Andie, so maybe that's why I haven't warmed to Sara yet.
  6. I also hated how Tiffany handled that confrontation with her mother. And when she kept hassling her about eating dumplings with the family, I kept thinking, "Your mother seems a lot more comfortable with her mask on. Why are you pressuring her to eat with you, which means she'll have to remove it?" Imagine if one of the many maskless people we saw Tiffany spend time with this episode had been positive for COVID and Tiffany passed it along to her elderly mother, all because she was so desperate for her to eat dumplings while listening to her talk about how she didn't give her enough attention a
  7. I've gotten the impression that Evan was okay with making an appearance or two over the last few seasons but didn't really want to be featured on the show. I feel like we hardly saw him during Jackie's first season and he was gradually getting more comfortable with it, especially after hanging out with the other husbands and filming lighthearted group scenes. To then realize that his wife's castmate was spreading rumors about him cheating at his birthday party with his real friends and family, and he was going to be part of a main plotline and have people speculating about his character on nat
  8. Somewhere along the line, the producers seem to have gotten the idea that they need to make this show super! dramatic! when that's not what people like about it. I'm thinking of those cliffhanger endings they always stick at the end of the season (Kathryn might be pregnant! Landon and Thomas slept together! Landon is best friends with Ashley now!) and how ridiculous they seem. Maybe it's because Kathryn and Thomas made the show dramatic just by being themselves, but I always found their scenes tedious and wished they weren't such a focus. I think we just want to see these people hang out and b
  9. LeeAnne Locken had a lingerie bridal shower in broad daylight at a Dallas restaurant. The NYC women often skinny dip or parade around naked during their vacations while interacting with service workers. Erika dressed up in a PVC dominatrix outfit while they were in Berlin, just to have dinner, and I think Lisa Rinna wore a trench coat with only her underwear underneath to that same dinner. The NJ ladies may keep their clothes on for the most part, but they threw cake across a restaurant's patio while in Miami and have had many other embarrassing public fights. I can see thinking the S&am
  10. Good point. Dang, she must really feel stuck with him.
  11. I don't remember the exact wording but it was something pretty definitive like "I can't make it to the podcast, so you'll have to find somebody else." And, again, Monique's hair was the same short style at the lake house (assuming it was filmed on her birthday: October 6) and the winery (October 16) but long in the scenes discussing the podcast, as it had been earlier in the season. And she did say several times at the lake house "It's my birthday." I guess that weekend could have taken place earlier and I know women can change their hair frequently, but I think this was sloppy editing.
  12. I was wondering about this too. The show pretends like these women don't make any money on their own, but of course they do. Karen didn't bail Ray out with her La'Dame money; she helped with her Housewives money. And Ashley would have her own money if she chose to leave Michael. And Candiace was able to finally get financially free from her mom because of the show.
  13. What's interesting is that they showed the date Candiace texted Monique to back out of the podcast taping: September 21. But we know they all went to Monique's lake house the weekend of her birthday, October 6. (You can also see that Monique is wearing her hair short in the October lake house and winery scenes, but it's long in the scenes discussing the podcast--because those were taped in September.) So Monique was already mad about the podcast by the time everything happened at the lake house, but for some reason the producers decided to make it seem like Candiace backed out after that...
  14. I agree with you, except I don't think she was doing fine before the last kid. She ran her car into a tree in season three because she was exhausted (and perhaps drunk from day drinking with Ashley). She was already at her breaking point before she had Chase, but her husband didn't seem to give a shit then and he still doesn't. As frustrating as I found Monique in this episode, I feel really bad for her. I also remember her saying that Chris picks fights with her around her birthday in season three, because the focus isn't on him. Still true, it seems, in season five. If she did have that
  15. I feel like Lisa Rinna brought her soap opera training of having a storyline go on and on to this show and it's suffered ever since. I really think it would be so much better if they got rid of her. Yes, she drives story, and I'm sure the producers like that, but when it's the same story over and over again, it's incredibly tedious. (And next week we get her obnoxious children again. Great!) Get rid of Erika and Teddi, too, because they don't add anything.
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