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  1. Oh my god! Chip being shot through the roof then coming in wearing the tent poncho--loved it. Also loved Christine's airport sign for the Carpet King, and her response about the Russian poodles: "How'd they get in the country?" I'm glad she cancelled the Arby's deal. Not sure about her buying the rodeo facility. I want her to be with Ken, but not in Colorado! Show, please figure something out. ?
  2. I can't believe next week is the season finale. I love this show more every time I watch! Each cast member continues to hit it out of the park. Christine Baskets is a classy blonde. :-)
  3. The new president reminds me of Burl Ives. That's all I've got.
  4. A highlight for me: the sales clerk at the boutique visited by Ramona and Sonia. When she interacted directly with them she had a lovely smile. When R and S were chatting alone together, the editors threw in a scene of the clerk walking past looking absolutely disgusted. It was fast and funny.
  5. Random thoughts: 1) Unless the psychologist's last name is Debbie, there is not one way in hell that I would say a single word to her as a therapist. To "Dr. Debbie." 2). I am confused by Courtney's hair color(s).
  6. I enjoyed hearing Nancy Grace mispronounce "finagle" as "finangle." Hee!
  7. I saw the Lobster Boy story on City Confidential. At some point in the narrative the phrase "an iron fist in a velvet glove" was apropos, but it was personalized to "an iron claw in a velvet mitten." That is one of my favorite turns of phrase ever.
  8. Taylorh2, it's a bargain at only $19.50! ;-)
  9. I have two thoughts about the standee. 1) If you put it in a window, it might deter crime. Hee! 2) It must be folded down for delivery, but I'm having fun picturing the mailman carrying a full size standee wrapped in brown paper right up to the lucky recipient's doorstep! Okay--three thoughts! 3) One could fold Joe at the waist and sit him the passenger seat, thus qualifying for the car pool lane. Though using Lt. Kenda to commit a crime doesn't seem quite right. :-0
  10. Suz, are you going to get yourself a standee from the Kenda gift shop? It's only (!) $39.95.
  11. @Jipijapa, I LOVE that you are doing this! Rockford Files is in my top five favorite shows. I used to watch it in primetime, during its first run. Re Jim and Beth, there are a few episodes where a brief past relationship is hinted at, so you have those to look forward to. And that just makes me love them even more--it didn't work out, but they still care about each other (and like each other) so much. The co-stars of RF are each quite lovable, I think. I don't even let Angel drive me crazy; he has a few episodes where he seems almost human. And when he's not being human, he's so deli
  12. @MDKNIGHT, I believe that is one of the fall-back conversational gambits of the royal family, when they are meeting the public and have absolutely no idea what to say to them. Another common question is, "Have you been waiting long?"
  13. @roamyn, any idea what Michelle's life has been like since her release?
  14. Kromm, you're posting some great links. Thanks! "Georgie, just get it!!" Gotta love her.
  15. Beckie, I saw them both. I was giving the show a second chance after last week's crappy debut. Compared to the first two episodes, at least they tried to give these new shows a little bit of a twist. But in the bigamy episode, how could you NOT know the twist immediately when in the first few minutes you see a picture of the hubby at a Vegas chapel with another woman and you learn he's away 2-6 days per week?? There was one thing that made me laugh (not with derision!): when "Mr. Wolfe" was on a long surveillance and he critiqued the flowers the subject bought. "Oh, he went with the m
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