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  1. I just started watching this trainwreck again after abandoning it for years. After seeing the new premiere, I went back a couple of episodes to see if I missed anything. I didn't. It's gotten even worse than it used to be. The foot smelling alone was horrendous as hell. How can Discovery not realize that if THAT is the content this family brings ... maybe they shouldn't have a show? I feel like Snowbird is a little slow. She seems eternally twelve years old instead of being twenty four. Rain seems more mature than her at times. Gabe's speaking voice is awful. The braces have made him s
  2. It was so nice to see Dr. Now being funny a couple of times. He seemed to click with Brandon and it was nice to see that side of him. I think he genuinely does care about his patients and that was evident in this episode. Anyone who wouldn't retire completely after Steven MUST care for his other patients. 😋 That nurse might be the most aloof and cold person I've ever seen on reality television. I don't think I care for her at all and that's sad considering she's barely ever spoken. She's always had a resting bitch face and on this episode, she revealed that she is severely lacking a bedside
  3. AGH! I miss everything. When/which episode did Tasha say they took her mattress because she wasn't using it and that she was in the apartment first and took her dad in because he was homeless? I MUST get it on that and see it. I usually pay such close attention. I can't believe I missed it. I just went and watched all of Tasha in this one, the last one, and the one before. I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know which episode it's in? I want to make a .gif of her stating that in the episode so I will have it handy should Eric ever deny it was said by his own daughter. Taking her m
  4. Which part of the episode does Tasha talk about taking her dad in when he was homeless? I must have missed it. I was so mad after Leida's abhorrent behavior towards that poor girl that I missed a lot of what she said when it was just her and the camera? Was it beside the truck after she improperly threw her suitcase in the back? I am so confused. I keep seeing people reference Leida's Whipping Boy previously being homeless, but I can't find that part in the episode. Did Eric tell Leida he used to be homeless? Did Tasha tell her? Gah, I can't find it anywhere in the episode(s).
  5. My entire post has disappeared. Does anyone see it? I was really proud of it. Especially my thoughts on Leida and Debbie and Coltee.
  6. I have felt like Jill might be a little developmentally delayed since the earliest times of the 2, 5, 9, 13, 15, 19, 812 Kids and Counting series. She's always seemed very very very immature to me. As if her intellectual growth stopped and she will forever be a 13-year-old. That episode in 2009 where she was getting her wisdom teeth out really drove it home. She was at least 18 or 19 and was bawling, clinging to daddy, using sad eyeballs to peer at things like little kids do with they're in trouble, clutching daddy's hand to her breast, and was creeping about like she had a pole up her rump an
  7. I wear my combat/mid-calf boots with shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, and leggings. The key is to make sure the pants fit nice and snug all over. And if you're going to go with a frumpy oversized t-shirt . . . you should belt the shirt, knot the shirt, or put something over it to camo how ill-fitting it is. She could have used socks pulled higher than the boots and a denim jacket/vest to create a super nice looking outfit. With better pants, though. I think she probably doesn't understand how pants are sized or she's scared of clinging skinny stuff because she's afraid her modesty will become
  8. That baby is absolutely precious!! Her eyes look like Disney Princess cartoon eyes. Perfect almond-ish shape, bright and big, and so pretty. She really is an adorable little girl. Her eyebrows are reddish and I wish it wasn't a trick of light or me seeing things because a little red-haired Felicity would just be too cute for words.
  9. My child. I swear, I'm not raising an evil little boy. He's VERY into superheroes. He eats, sleeps, and breathes them. I was looking at those pictures of Gideon sitting on a blanket alone grinning like his face was gonna go flip top head on us ... and my kid walked by, came back, and said, "Oh my gosh, mama! They're having baby Joker in a movie soon? Is that baby Joker? They found the perfect baby for that role!" *hangs head in shame* :)
  10. These poor kids. Sam was encouraged to climb on the table. Then he was fed off the floor. Then he kept clumsily charging a fork held out toward him. Poor little Israel is basically ignored or snarked at, "Israel, let him have it!" -- when Jill said 'are you teasing brother' in reference to SAM teasing Izzy. "Why did you throw it away?" --- in reference to a tiny sliver of banana being tossed out. As a mom with kids who have special needs ... I really feel like something is going on with Izzy. Either he's so afraid of his parents that he acts unnaturally on camera OR ... something isn't rig
  11. My God. Did Darcey bankrupt herself with new teeth and tits and tail? Because that head of hair she was sporting was so vile it hurt to look at her. The front part that went to her shoulders was like a brassy yellow mullet she was growing out and it did NOT match whatever wig situation she was sporting in the back. The back looked like pissed on snow in places and very blond/white in other places. None of it went together at all. It was so distracting I couldn't focus on what she was even saying which is always a good thing so I just feel grateful more than anything.
  12. Could you share that link from your YouTube history? It's the one episode I never got to see and I'm dying to see it. It gets referenced often enough that I've considered buying it, but my whole entire mouse arm goes apoplectic at the thought of spending money on ... the Duggars. *goes to bathe in burnt sage*
  13. I can understand the mittens. Our daughter always had her hands around her face so we utilized mittens. Well, we took them off for professional photos when she was a month old and she scratched one of her eyeballs badly enough to need an eye patch for two weeks. Then she had to wear it on the OTHER eye for two weeks so they'd even out and develop the same. It was a nightmare and a half. We felt like absolute assholes for being vain instead of safe. Because of that, our daughter and our kids who followed her had mittens on nonstop. We even had bath mittens. We'd put the bath mittens on before b
  14. I can only speak for myself, but with the advent of camera phones it's never been easier to take photos of yourself that you feel look good enough to share with friends and family on social media (or get your flirt on and text it to your significant other when you're apart). Because I was excommunicated from my family for being a lesbian --- I have no family photos --- not that I'd want them. However, my wife and I want to leave our beautiful kids a million photos of them and us - especially since they're all adopted and we want them to have reminders of this incredible family we built togethe
  15. You can take selfies of your face anywhere but non-bathroom selfies of your body tend to look like this:
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