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  1. Jessa posted about Ben completing his four year degree in May 2020. It's part of a longer 25th birthday message. I have no idea why he was a 2021 graduate rather than 2020 or why Jessa didn't highlight it in a separate post. He may have had to complete additional coursework. Here's the relevant paragraph: "I love your love for learning. You see education as a way of life, not something that stopped once you wrapped up your 4-year degree. You’re an enthusiastic about gaining knowledge, always reading and researching a broad array of subjects and sharing what you’re learning with me. I
  2. The quotes are all about Josh though and state allegations are from the person's teen years. It's an article from daily soap dish and allegations haven't been posted anywhere else. While Jeremy is a jerk and a poser, it hasn't been mentioned in the mainstream that he was accused of sexual assault. Also, wtf if Jim Bob knowingly allowed a sexual predator into the family. I don't think he was that desperate for Jinger to enter a courtship.
  3. The website is mixing up Jeremy with Josh. The molestations are about Josh and the cheating quote is taken directly from Josh's Ashley Madison scandal statement. Jinger's quote about family coming closer together is in reference to the Josh scandal #1. It was part of the US magazine video interview released earlier in the week.
  4. People have written cruel things and speculated about Felicity's physical appearance. I don't think there is anything wrong with birthmarks (I don't view them as defects), but there are people who would be nasty about it. People commented directly to Alyssa Bates Webster that they thought her daughter was autistic because she didn't smile enough.
  5. Evangeline had a red mark on her forehead at birth. I had thought it was a stork bite (nevus simplex) at the time. I should have been more clear about why I thought that it may actually be a permanent birthmark. I agree social media or any media isn't a necessity. However, it is strange given their past social media and that Felicity is the main focus in the video while Evangeline's back is to the camera.
  6. Not seeing her face surprised me. It was intentional since the Duggars usually forward face their infants in pictures and these types of updates. Maybe the birthmark is more apparent. Hopefully, they're doing so to protect her from mean comments rather than thinking there is something wrong with her. All of this time I thought it was because Jinger felt overwhelmed with a newborn and toddler or maybe the backlash from nicknaming Evangeline Evy made them want to step back from social media. I do like that she goes by Jo.
  7. I'm more interested in this lemon than anything Jeremy has posted so far in 2021. I live semi-local to him and our lemon tree has been producing giant lemons this year too. He needed a size comparison with a normal sized lemon so we could see how big it is though. First the kumquat and now the lemon. What's next? Hopefully, more citrus content and less about your shoes, Jeremy.
  8. When you dress like Scarlett O'Hara and go to an Antebellum party you're emulating slave holders and their lifestyle. You're showing that you care more about clothes and supposed glamor than the reality that generations of people were raped, beaten, and forced into a lifetime of labor on these properties. Especially in 2018. 2018 wasn't that long ago. It was after Charlottesville and discussions about the legacy of slavery were going on at that time. Those type of parties had also been under scrutiny for years. It was a clear choice to have that type of event. We don't know how different
  9. Monday's new cases are artificially high because of delayed reporting from over the weekend. Sunday reported roughly 8,800 new cases. Still way too high, but when the two days are averaged, Monday is on trend for the week. There's been a surge in testing because of Thanksgiving so it will be interesting to see the numbers in the coming days.
  10. Jinger and Jeremy wear masks when it's required. They'll wear them when photographed at doctor appointments, indoors. or purchasing food (ex. the pedicure and flower market photos with her friends as well as Jeremy at the coffee stand). They also took a photo outdoors at Descanso Gardens with masks on because Descanso mandates it. I live semi-local to her and they would be told off if they didn't wear masks in certain locations. It's clear she doesn't really take it seriously since she has no problem standing practically cheek to cheek with friends. My bar is so low that I appreciate t
  11. They had Joy Anna going with Michelle to the prenatal appointments. She was 11 or 12 and would have been the oldest first-time sister mom. Jinger was the youngest having just turned 5 when Jedidiah was born. If not Joy, it would have been Jana's turn to get a new buddy since Jinger was Johannah's sister mom.
  12. That clip is from an instagram live. Felicity wanted Jeremy's phone to watch a video while Jinjer wanted to hawk their podcast. Jeremy gave Jinger his phone to talk about the interview they did while he got a video set up for Felicity on another device. She was fine after that and said goodbye when Jinjer was done with their spiel. Felicity was just being a normal toddler who wanted screen time. From what I've seen, she loves and is comfortable with both of her parents.
  13. Exactly, her job is to be a JB and Michelle's proxy. If Jana did get married, it would be like having to start all over again with a potentially shadier boss. What got me last week was when JB and Michelle were giving commentary during the art class debacle and made it sound like Josie and Jana were having a typical sibling squabble. No, Jana is 20 years older than Josie and pretty much ran the household while they were off at marriage retreats and church talks. I know Jana can be sanctimonious and bitter but there is a lot about her situation to be bitter about. She just needs to send h
  14. I think Jana just likes to be in her zone and needs to have some control over the space around her. She gets to be in charge of the home projects and gardening. She shuts down when she's challenged or uncomfortable. She isn't rude but doesn't try to pretend to be upbeat. Jana probably knew the Rodeo Drive shopping trip was designed by the producers to make her look like a duck out of water. Jana also got to play the part of the frugal daughter. It makes one part of the viewing public happy that Jana is sticking true to JB and Michelle's teachings while another part of the audience is happy J
  15. Jessa is better at instagram than Jinger. She has found her niche as a Christian mommy influencer and youtuber. I just looked at Jessa's instagram page and the majority of the photos of the kids seemed staged. Jessa recently promoted the Bates Sisters Boutique when she posted the photos of her and Ivy wearing matching dresses. Everything looks curated and posed to make the Seewald family's lifestyle appealing. The Vuolos and Seewalds have the same motives when they post pictures of their kids. It's all for likes and to grow an audience. The way she uses Spurgeon in her videos rem
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