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  1. ChristinaRoo

    Warning: This Drug May Kill You

    I'm sorry about your sister Sweet-tea. Opioid addiction is a terrible, terrible disease that erases the people we used to know and replaces them with strangers. The hold these drugs can have is just astonishing, and the havoc they wreak on your brain chemistry is terrifying. In my experience, Methadone or Suboxone can be really effective tools for recovery, but in the end it's up to the addict to use them properly. My stepson has been clean for more than three years, and has just managed to wean himself off of the Suboxone completely so that he can be 'truly free' (in his words). The speed at which dependence develops is just as frightening. My husband was prescribed Oxycontin for a back procedure, and after just a couple of weeks using it as prescribed he had terrible physical withdrawal symptoms to manage when it was no longer needed for pain. Thankfully his reaction was to get OFF that stuff ASAP. That's two deadly bullets dodged in our small family, and I am grateful for that every day. Good luck to everyone out there dealing with this in yourself, your family, or your friends.
  2. ChristinaRoo

    S01.E01: Offred

    I can't begin to describe how excited I am for this. The book has been a favorite since I was introduced to it by a very progressive literature teacher in high school (in the 80s). I've been tirelessly harping since then that it SHOULD be outdated by now and isn't. That should terrify everyone, men and women alike. Oh and THANKS for the mental pic of Mike Pence as the Commander. GAH.
  3. ChristinaRoo

    S01.E08: My Mom, Greg's Mom, And Josh's Sweet Dance Moves

    I don't keep up with this show, but I HAD to comment just to say that the title of this article might be my favorite thing ever.
  4. ChristinaRoo

    Master Of None

    'No need to bring up my ethnicity, OR my size'. That whole scene had me rolling.
  5. I'm nearing the end of a full series re-watch. I can tell you that Lorelai and Rory definitely DO NOT benefit from binge-watching. At this point I want to tape their mouths shut, tie them to the Stars Hollow town square gazebo, and run off with Luke (who remains my curmudgeon soul-mate). On my way out of town I'd raid Lorelai's wardrobe - she did have some strong coat-fu.
  6. ChristinaRoo

    EHG Mini: Poppy Field Movies

    Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail are poppy field movies... for my husband. The one who regularly refuses to watch anything but Mythbusters and bass fishing.
  7. ChristinaRoo

    Requiem For The Dead: American Spring 2014

    I'm a true-crime junkie, but Jesus rollerblading CHRIST that was a hard watch.
  8. ChristinaRoo

    EHG 58: Riddle Of The Jinx

    Do we get to see the Sunflower Lion, as drawn by Josh? It sounds awesome.
  9. ChristinaRoo

    The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst

    Ultimate catnip. Just the synopsis made me swoon, and Sarah's article might have broken my Serial/Fatal Vision/Dateline/In Cold Blood-loving brain.
  10. ChristinaRoo

    EHG 34: Never Poop In Westeros

    I want someone to turn 'Never Poop in Westeros' into either a country-western song, or a folk song along the lines of 'The Bear and the Maiden Fair'.
  11. ChristinaRoo

    Upcoming Episode Previews

    Dragon shadow over King's Landing? Yesssssss.
  12. ChristinaRoo

    Religion and Cosmos

    This is an interesting topic - and if I offend anyone with my posts here, please believe it's not at all my intention! Maybe it's because I had a science-heavy upbringing in the 'People's Gaypublic of Drugafornia' (thank you Jack Donaghy), but I don't actually know anyone who believes in creationism. I was pretty shocked to hear that it's maybe more common than I had imagined? I do my utmost to live and let live, and I generally don't have a problem with other people's beliefs - unless they're trying to convert me. And as long as their beliefs don't actively harm others (see: people who deny someone health care because god is supposed to heal them, people who spread hate, people who kill in the name of their beliefs). But it is baffling to me when someone is confronted with overwhelming scientific evidence and chooses to believe otherwise because of 'faith'. I don't think belief in science is completely incompatible with religion. But what do I know... I belong to the widespread religion of 'Raised Catholic'.
  13. ChristinaRoo

    Favorite Quotes: "I Don't Know What to Say So I'm Just Whispering"

    I finally got Mr. Roo watching too - partially because of the tactical use of f-bombs. Like 'you have put this office in a salad spinner of fuck!'.
  14. ChristinaRoo

    TV Themes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    There's no need to fear, the Underdog theme song is here. (original cartoon flavor, not that horrible live action movie) "Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder!"
  15. ChristinaRoo

    S01.E01: Serenity

    This is not the first time I've watched Firefly for sure, and I love this show beyond reason... but watching it for the express purpose of commenting on it here has really had an impact on me! This must be the first time I actually thought about the show rather than mindlessly enjoying the heck out of it because it pushes all my happy buttons. Still love: Wash with all his insecurity and fondness for dinosaur drama, the 'gee mister' sunniness of Kaylee, grumpy Mal, competent Zoe, and the man they call Jayne. Meh: Book when he's not kicking ass, Simon and River in this ep. Haaaate: Inara, space hooker! Her sniffy condescending attitude really grated, and shockingly it's never bugged me this much before. I know she's supposed to come off as mysterious and wise, but it registers as haughty and insufferable with me. I always knew she wasn't my favorite, but I'm kind of surprised by how much she pissed me off. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing just how much I hate her by the end of the rewatch!