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  1. "Bite me." Picked it up from a friend in law school 20 + years ago, and I say it to everyone. My mom, my daughter... It just pops out. Also have really never managed to get the F-bomb under control. I'm looking this over and wow, I sound pretty disreputable!
  2. Wow,I hadn't realized how much time slipped by while I wasn't watching the forum. So, belatedly, I'll just say: There's something very, very weird about the whole lawsuit/dismissal situation. Granted this wasn't really my area of practice, but still... it's just off. It doesn't follow any pattern I've ever seen. There is something we aren't being told. We may never find out the answer, but there's certainly a question there.
  3. Probably her flip-flops fell off. As we recently learned, Jordyn's buddy is JESSA! So basically, no one.
  4. Heh. So after I boasted here about living next door to the Fire Chief -- it turned out the accumulation was expected to be so high (and was, a it over two feet) that they made poor Rob stay at the fire station last night and today. The plow came through once, but it's been coming down hard since then and the road is not passable now. Well, Rob was expecting to be able to come home to his wife tonight, but there was some other issue going on (inter-departmental squabbling, or equipment breakdowns, or something) and we still haven't been plowed. So he's outside right now, after 10 pm, trying to
  5. Well, we just got moved from the expected 12-18" inch snow zone to the 18-24" zone. Whee. Fortunately DH prepared by getting gas for the generator and baking some lovely chocolate chip cookies. You gotta love a guy with his priorities in order. :-) Brief Personal Anecdote: We live on what might, at best, be labeled a tertiary road; it's actually a dead end street with exactly three houses on it. We'd probably be dead last on the snow plow priority list, but as it happens one of the houses is occupied by the local Fire Chief. We have the plows coming through all night long when there's a s
  6. Yeah, that would make sense to anyone that's not Jim Bob. Sadly, I'm thinking they take the opposite approach here: "We didn't hold on tight enough! Squash the rest of them tighter!" The only possible saving grace for the little ones is that Boob and Meech probably don't have the energy anymore to really follow through.
  7. Ahem. Jim Bob May have put on a pound or twenty recently; he certainly needed new trousers. Surely no one expects him to Buy Used, Save the Difference for himself, do they? *eyeroll*
  8. In a civil trial, if the defendant is found liable (the word "guilty" does not apply), said defendant will be ordered to pay damages (money) to the plaintiff, and that's the end of it.
  9. Oh please. You'd get nine answers, minimum. :-)
  10. There's supposed to be a "world to come" once the Messiah arrives, but I've never heard anyone describe it. But -- and this is a key point -- you don't have to be Jewish to have a place there.
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