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  1. One of the slowest hours of television I have ever watched.
  2. This news is so hard to take. I think in many ways a suicide of a middle age/older person is the darkest. It is of course a crushing tragedy when a young person takes their own life but they also do not have the life experience, to them the depression will never get better and they can't imagine living on. For an older person, they've seen the highs and lows of life. Have fought through tough times and at the end they still fully cognizantly decide to end it and the darkness ultimately prevails after being held at bay for so long.
  3. I am on episode 3 and I have to comment on something that the ;lawyer guy said. He made it sound like the Mormons have always existed in harmony with their own state with the US Government. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In the 1800s the Mormons had a several decade long battle with the American government to have ratify Utah (Deseret) as a state. The government literally killed their leader/prophet with the shooting ambush of Joseph Smith. They were widely hated, mostly because of the plural practice marriage that was a tenant of the religion at the time. They were called a dangerous cult and had several battles and violent episodes with other pioneers and peoples in the Western America. Not very different at all from the Rajneesh battles with the government.
  4. The 1st book was actually a bit dark but yes 2-6 were more goofy with a touch of seriousness. 7-10 got fairly dark and serious. Count Olaf was strangely goofy in the Grim Grotto which I think was a subconscious product of the Jim Carrey movie coming out around that same time. But yes 13 was bleak all the way through which in my opinion was a masterstroke way to end the series. I do hope the show mimics the tone of the books as best as they can.
  5. I agree with this. The addition of VFD characters makes them just appear very incompetent, even borderline pathetic. In the books you get the sense that the Baudelaire's are all alone in their battle but these characters make it just seem like a huge bumbling mess. Only way I would like it is if it's actually meant to be a criticism of VFD in a way. That they are too concerned with their secrecy and codes instead of bucking up and actually doing something.
  6. Yes I thought that they might avoid the turban disguise as well. But it seems they've made him look cartoonish and nutty enough so as to not be accused of anything. (I've only watched part 1 so far)
  7. This is why the simulated people in this episode are very clearly just that, simulations of a dating profile and not close to real people. They did nothing but think about dates and compatibility, nothing about family, jobs or outside interests. And the few times they weren't dating they were working out so as to keep their physical appearance attractive for dating. The whole story that we saw was just 1 out of the 1000 other simulations on a phone dating app that then matched the two protagonists in real life with a 99.8% compatibility rating. what? This is way off. The computer program did 1000 simulations. What we saw was only 1 of the simulations. What people did it "kill"? The other people that the situations dated had better compatibility with other people. Our 2 protagonists had a 99.8% compatibility rating because they "rebelled" in 998 of the 1000 simulations. In how many simulations did the guy and that dreary year long partner end up together? 0, so they were a 0% compatibility in real life. The whole point of the this was to show 1 simulation of 1000 and then create a compatibility rating. The work of a dating app. That's all. Nobody "died"
  8. Yeah true. Even that is a stretch. She got along well with her mom and seemed to be doing well in school. She just got one of those high school crushes which literally every teen gets and affects their judgement.
  9. I think this episode and premise had more potential than it delivered on. In the end it only created fairly basic mother/tenn daughter problems that could happen today. A modern day mom could easily find out about her daughter lying without Arkangel technology, if not actually see her daughter having sex (which btw they could have made a more damaging thing but shied away from exploring that too much.) I don't think they explored enough possible issues with this technology. And the daughter was way too normal if they really wanted to make a point about the dangers of this technology. I mean she was a normal teen without social issues, with a rebel streak. They showed sigs of her maybe developing issues as a young girl, but then never explored those again,
  10. and one of the main characters in Fargo season 2
  11. That wouldn't be a very good plan. There's no telling what the people would do to them. It's very convenient to plan that the people would pick them up and then spill all the beans.
  12. I have to say. This was the first episode of the entire series that I thought was an overall bad episode. There were too many over the top reactions to things from all characters.
  13. knaankos


    I agree that the dance scene with Pacho was to show the power and influence of the Cali Cartel. I can't imagine that attitudes toward homosexuality in 90s Colombia were very progressive and yet nobody dared call him out, give a frown or even make any sound during the dance scene because they knew that power that Pacho had.
  14. knaankos


    I thought this season was absolutely phenomenal. However great Moyra was in his portrayal of Escobar, I found this seasons villains to be much more intriguing. The dynamic of the 4 godfathers playing off of each other was great. Each one of the 4 was very interesting, unique and had their own motivations. Intact I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Pacho and Chepe, I think they both could have had a bit more to do during the season. This season felt much more like a drama which made it more edge of your seat and intense. This may be because I did not know the full story of the Cali Cartel like I did about Escobar but the season was less of a documentary and more of an intense drama. No offense to Murphy but he was the weak link of seasons 1 and 2; his elimination actually helped the show quite a bit. I am also disappointed to see that there are few comments in the episode threads, because there are many layered things in each episode that would be very interesting to discuss.
  15. knaankos


    It's an interesting choice that they've made to basically make Salcedo the main character this season
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