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  1. This season finale reminded me a lot of the Season 11 finale, where Richard & Catherine have an aborted wedding, eventually do get married, and the cast (highlighting the “sisters”) dances it out in the end. IIRC, that episode was also written as a potential series finale. Gerlie’s story was excellent, and I loved both Bailey and Meredith in this arc. Chris McCormack and Caterina Scorsone portrayed Linc and Amelia so well all season long. They did not disappoint in this episode, even if their storyline took a disappointing turn. Hate ‘em or hate ‘em, Owen and Teddy have always se
  2. This episode was underwhelming. Lots of “blink & they’re gone” moments throughout the hour. It started well (Jackson & Charles Pearcy in the elevator with Alex) but very little about Jackson’s send-off/ Meredith’s discharge kept me engaged. I agree with the posts above that the vintage Grey’s footage could have been utilized more effectively. I liked the patients-of-the-week stories. It’s shocking that this show is set in Seattle and this most likely is the first story centered on indigenous people. But other than some bizarre comments by Tom, I felt both stories we
  3. This two-part finale was excellent. It made up for the previous few episodes, and IMO, the best season finale since S8. When we met Joe Hill at the end of last season, I was hoping that Will Hochman would be joining the cast this season. After a few episodes at the beginning of the season, he disappears, only to resurface for these last two episodes. The story was compelling, and I loved all of Joe’s clues to his brothers as to his whereabouts. The callbacks to the demise of Joe Reagan, Jamie’s previous two stints working undercover, and Danny’s service as a Marine in Fallujah were s
  4. It’s Bamonte’s, in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. You can see it from the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). It has a Mafia history. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bamonte's
  5. All filler; no thriller. The Freshman drama class analogy mentioned above is spot-on. This was awful - maybe the worst Blue Bloods episode ever. The dialogue was 30s screwball comedies rapid rat-a-tat-tat rhythm, and was woefully out of place. I can’t say enough negative things about the entire Jamie/Eddie storyline. I’ll save my breath and stop on this storyline. If you’re thinking it, then I am too. The Anthony mistaken for a mobster story was pointless. Sid got in a good line or two directed at Garrett. Other than that, I can’t say I liked anything about this episode
  6. Debbie Allen did a great job of directing this bottle episode. I’m glad that Eric Roberts reprised his role as Robert Avery. He did a great job delivering predictable lines, but imbuing them with warmth and sensitivity. Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams were both excellent in picking up from the last time we’ve seen them. April is a little less shrill than what she was when Japril were a couple. On the other hand I didn’t like Chekhov’s meat slicer, nor the deus ex machina of April and Matthew’s split. (Yes, I’m a theatre person.). Both Jackson’s injury and April’s revelation were predictabl
  7. I liked most of this episode. If it wasn’t apparent to me before since I was never a MerDer shipper, it certainly is now that Ellen Pompeo has a wonderful chemistry with Patrick Dempsey. I just rewatched the “wedding” sequence, and as Meredith leans into Derek, she says “I don’t want to leave the kids”. Derek responds “I don’t want you to leave the kids.” So I never viewed Meredith’s decision to not die as a choice dictated by Derek. (Even though there were many incidents in their real life relationship where Derek put the “dict” in dictatorial.) I thought these scenes were a sweet culminatio
  8. Erin and Jack briefly rekindled their intimate relationship in Season 4. (Yeah, that’s an awkward sentence.) I love when Jack shows up because Peter Hermann is such a good actor, and Jack makes Erin bearable. I’d be pleased if they made the relationship permanent, as anything that makes the Reagan men uncomfortable is alright with me. With Younger ending its run (thus freeing Peter Hermann), perhaps we’ll see Jack Boyle return in one or more of this season’s remaining episodes. All other flaws aside, this was a stronger episode. The Erin, Danny, and Jamie storylines were components of t
  9. Yes. Back in the day, we called Owen “McScreamy”. Regarding this episode, I didn’t find the intern former social worker’s behavior offensive, as she did most of the confrontation with Jackson privately in the tent after their initial public discussion. Also, her accent, very Bronx. As a New Yorker, I related to her. That is what we do. We communicate emotionally, effusively, and bluntly. Jackson was born into privilege but he wants to leverage that privilege into assistance for those in need, especially communities of color. I liked that Jackson gave the doctor former SW a notep
  10. Many great insights above. I’ll go one step further and say Teddy is not only a deception-fueled thrill seeker, but also a low key narcissist. Up until all of the Koracick nonsense, we weren’t really privy to how self-absorbed Teddy is. It was always noble Teddy who set aside her love of Owen to teach Cristina, married dying Henry to give him insurance, got Owen to reconcile with Nathan, befriended the friendless Koracick, and so forth. Steadfast Teddy even enlisted after 9/11 in tribute to her love for Allison. But Teddy’s fever dreams displayed the depth of her solipsism - she believed she
  11. Last night’s promo was a bittersweet reward for those who made it through that Teddy-centric episode: and they said it would never happen....Lexie on the beach!
  12. I actually liked Sean’s, and Eddie & Rachel’s stories much more than Danny/Baez and Frank/Henry. I’m still advocating for three stories max per episode. The Frank/Henry story was so subtle that if your attention was taken elsewhere, you missed the reveal. I agree that the banker as murderer in the Danny/Baez storyline was an excellent twist, and those scenes were edited very well. The sons were a bit OTT, which kept me less engaged in that story. I’ve enjoyed Lauren Patten as Officer Rachel Witten since the character was introduced a few seasons ago. Eddie is my least
  13. Yes, this reduced me to tears. Great actor and by all accounts, a very good person cut down by COVID. His Victor Lugo was a formidable nemesis for Danny, and Wahlberg and Cordero’s chemistry was off the charts. Rest In Peace.
  14. Two episodes in, the writing is better this season than last, and maybe the season before it. My biggest beef was that four storylines per episode are two many, so having three is a big improvement. I get why Jamie is sharing storylines with Danny as they are shooting more footage at less locations (COVID), and I like it. It could have been clearer as to why the DA was booted. But other than that, I thought this episode is worthy of a future rewatch. I really like Joe Hill (Will Hochmann) and I hope his integration into the show as the Regan grandson/nephew remains organic and not fo
  15. They are filming in my neighborhood again this season, starting next week. Since I now work from home, maybe I’ll look out the window and get a glimpse of Danny & Baez, or possibly Jamie & Eddie.
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