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  1. It wasn't a shirt, it was a Sherri Hill jumpsuit. It has been everywhere this year.
  2. i said before i didn't get why they went out of their way to get randall when no one knew anything was wrong. but wow, i think that would have all played out differently if rebecca had gone alone. marc was thinking about how to "bow up" even with the brothers there! he wasn't going to leave! and to flat out admit what he did? and try to make it kate's fault? wow.
  3. Ok. I don't know what is happening with teen Kate, but neither do any of the Pearsons. Something maybe wrong, but no one KNOWS anything is wrong. Rebecca tells Kevin something to the effect of "I feel something is wrong". does she even know where to look for Kate, pre-cell phones? And since they don't know anything is wrong, but she fells she has to look for Kate, why is it necessary to go 20 minutes out of her way to pick up Randall? To do what? It's stupid.
  4. IDK, but it is frightening. However I was thinking that it is BECAUSE Randall came home, like he accidentally left the door open or unlocked or something when he came in. BC the guy came in like minutes later. when i watched it back, Randall closed the door, but did not lock it.
  5. alot of people are over seeing jack. i am over seeing the love story jack. i want to see the real jack. jack grew up in an abusive home. jack was an alcoholic. we have seen flashes of his bad behavior (think the time with randall and kate? when she goes back to visit the house? there was a suggestion jack was not always great jack). the kids are messed up. for real messed up. kate has problems we have not even started to touch on. kevin is an extremly superficial person. he can't think past a moment into anything deeper. he is stunted. randall is anxious and obsessive about his mother. they are all nice people, but they are damaged. because of the house fire? sure that was very damaging. show us more of the repercussions in the time after the fire. or show us more of what really went on with jack. they are looking at their pasts with rose colored glasses. jack was a good person, i believe that, but he did not have alot of great emotional skills, maybe it is the actor but he always looks pained and unable to say even the simplest thing. let's see the real deal! if they are going to look back with jack, show us something we haven't seen. something that is important. or dont' show us jack anymore.
  6. randall going to randall the burglar. light up the smile, bro - i could help you! what do you need? i am the council man, i can do it for you? let's talk.....
  7. so i guess the tooth tapping tell is not a real thing? because julia does it and is not actually leon's daughter? so will they keep showing that as a "tell" for each new character they introduce?
  8. YES! it is super time and detail intensive. i did my own DNA and had a girl connect with me as a 3-4 cousin. she was adopted and i was closest connection. i did not know how we were related, but i worked up to our common ancestor, my grandmother and her great grandmother were sisters. my grandmother had five sisters though!, and then worked down each sisters families, who all had 5-6 children each as possible grandparents, and then down to her possible mother. and I found her! it helped that i was able to ask my extended family information even if no one was forthcoming with any information. i eventually got her grandfather, my my grandmother's nephew, who i knew his name but had never met and he confirmed his daughter was the birth mother.
  9. JEANA KEOUGH wth, i did not even recognize her.
  10. Did Leeann realize that this crown is currently in use as a pageant crown for Miss world America system? As a former pageant girl, i think she knows that is not good etiquette to just buy your crown LOL
  11. as someone with a perfectly cold and uninterested and less than ideal mother, i still invited her to wedding. nothing else. she wouldn't have bothered with the rest anyway, and my feeling would get hurt even more. but at the wedding? rich has his family? and she has????? only her mother, and i can see why she would still invite her.
  12. yes, it was under her left eye. it looked like it was beginning to fade. i looked at her across the episode and it only appears at the tea party
  13. so what was up with braunwyn's black eye at the tea party?
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