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  1. I *loved* this episode. I enjoyed the monologue. The Prince sketch was hilarious. I laughed at Daddy Long Legs. And as someone who has watched all episodes of the Squid Game I laughed a lot at the song. It was cool to see Daniel Craig pop up. I enjoyed WU. This episode had a lot 'good' and I found that I actually enjoyed every sketch! This is the only episode of the season I've watched. I skipped the KKW episode last week. But maybe I'll go back and watch the season opener.
  2. I'm just watching it now and can happily say that I am 100% back as a viewer.
  3. It's a year and a half later and I just watched this series. I really liked it a lot! I don't really have much to add since it doesn't appear there are many others but I'll be tuning in to every episode of season 2.
  4. LOL I'm not one who thinks the sun shines out of her ass. My perspective isn't solely based on popularity but I do give more credence to people who are around someone 24/7 with first hand experience vs those who are on the outside looking in. I'm referring to the other islanders; not viewers, social media, message boards or anything else. If the other islanders come out and say that she was an ass, that would actually be interesting to hear. Now, I don't blame Charlie one bit. He did what was best for his heart and/or his game. I don't expect everyone to feel that way that I do. These ar
  5. Yes, and I wish she'd handled the Cinco/Charlie thing differently. I saw some very early feedback about her being cocky and thought then that she wasn't. I thought it was confidence and self-assurance that, if shown by a male or a more traditional member of society, wouldn't have garnered a second thought. And that was pre-Charlie. I'd like her to keep her confidence but to consider others a bit more and be more self aware. I also think what is key is what the other islanders thought of her. They are the ones who were around her 24 hours a day. We would get a concentrated recap of her beh
  6. Totally understandable re: Cash. As for the next to go, are you referring to Trina? There have been some worries about the impact of this experience on her mental health. Shannon was definitely low on my list of likeable people. But she has already exited.
  7. Regarding Andre', in one of the Paramount+ episodes there is footage of one of the games. Andre and Trina are kissing, so I guess the argument can be made that they've actually interacted with each other :) I know that kissing is like saying hello on this show, but there ya go.
  8. Yes, that's bad. I took a look at the scene after reading this. They were talking and joking quietly in bed. She was laughing a lot and seemed to think they were joking back and forth. He seemed to be joking too, at first. But, she took it too far. And you could tell he was bothered. Now, what she said was actually true. But she's not as self aware as she thinks she is if she didn't consider how bothered someone would be by those comments, particularly someone she was interested in.
  9. Cash seems to have a lot of support on Twitter. I don't follow instagram too much but folks are very vocal on twitter tonight. For a lot, she seemed to be the reason they tuned in. So, they're vowing to not watch the rest of the season. Charlie doesn't deserve any backlash, though. People are being stupid as usual. Even Cash even said that it was fine and he did what was right for him. Of course she tried to save face by then saying it was 'always Cinco'. Give Charlie a break.
  10. I think it can be difficult to tell who is actually close and who 'the show' wants the audience to see as close. They're around each other 24/7 and we get a concentrated hour of competitions and some conversations (supporting particular storylines). It's also why I take what we see with a grain of salt. Since they are together 24/7, it's interesting (or will be interesting) to see how they view each other versus how the public views each individual based on what we were shown.
  11. Ah well. I guess I'm one of the few, perhaps only one, here who is disappointed to see Cash go. While she is a flawed human being like the rest of them, I actually enjoyed her presence on the show more than some other islanders. Judging by the app respondents, many others did as well. Cash has a lot of life lessons to learn (which I would expect with a 20 something) but I didn't see her as someone who was intentionally mean or who intentionally mistreated others. Did she screw up? Sure. I just think she has the capacity to learn. And I enjoy that she's confident enough to express herself
  12. I'm sorry for your loss today. Our pets can be such important parts of our lives. As for Josh, it's been 2 1/2 years since I lost my brother and found myself in tears when he said his sister passed. It's such a difficult thing. I wish him peace.
  13. Well, Josh is her "man" so she can have at it. Will isn't. I don't condone Will's activities. But he's in a 'relationship' with Kyra, not Shannon.
  14. I'd guess they WANT situations like this. Drama = ratings.
  15. The whole Casa Amor thing was pretty dull this year. Was it always so short before? 3 or 4 days doesn't seem like enough time for anything to 'happen'. Then again maybe in Love Island time that's a lifetime.
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