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  1. After watching this episode and reading the comments, I don't have a lot to add. I still think Leah adds nothing but chaos. And I am still happy about Eboni's addition to the show. Is she perfect? Nope, but neither is anyone else. And I am good with the discussion of real life issues. I am here for her all day, errrrryday!
  2. Okay, I'll give it a shot. Watching that scene back, almost all were speaking with raised voices. Ramona even became frustrated, stood up and shouted. Leah was yelling when she left. The educated LuAnn at one point started shouting. Yet, the one person being called out as angry was Eboni. Are black women especially aware of when this term is used? Definitely. It's a stereotype. In general, there can be a lack of understanding and awareness of experiences of marginalized groups (ie white fragility, discomfort). And when it is raised as an issue by a member of the marginalized group, they a
  3. I really wanted Leah to go and be with her family. If she was looking for support from dear friends, she was at the wrong house. If she needed some space to grieve, she was at the wrong house. If she wanted some peace and quiet, she was popping off at the wrong house. If she wanted to have an entertaining discussion of the 'c-word' and the 'p-word' at the dinner table, she's on the wrong show. (This is in no way an endorsement of anyone's behavior. All of it was a whole lot of loud noise)
  4. Man, that baby. I can still picture it 😆. It absolutely was creepy and at this point I'm just hoping it doesn't appear in my dreams. It seemed like the camera just lingered on it as though they were proud of what they had done. It allowed far too much time to study it and get even more creeped out when it's eyes opened. Just nooooooooo! "Have you ever seen something so beautiful?" - I started laughing when Nic asked that question while staring at robobaby.
  5. I'm not sure what Meghan was referring to about a racial slur trending on twitter for hours. I spend entirely too much time on twitter including time before, during and after Biden's speech and the rebuttal. I don't recall seeing a slur trending. I do recall Tim Scott trending and people reacting to the speech. Maybe it wasn't trending high enough for me to see it in my list of trends. Who knows. I'll go back to not watching this show. I tuned in today for the opening few minutes and regretted it. I never made it to any actual guests.
  6. I live in Minnesota and will be getting my first shot tomorrow in South Carolina. I decided to become a snowbird this winter and escaped the snow.
  7. I'm sad to say that I'm going to have to let this show go. I'm also one of those long time viewers who watched Politically Incorrect. I even went to a taping when he did a few shows in DC when I lived there. I should have never watched as soon as I saw that Charlemagne the whatever was an actual guest. He received a lot of attention due to the comment that then candidate Biden made during their interview. But it should have ended there. Suddenly, CTG was a hot guest on shows on which he should have never been a participant. I tried my best to ignore him. I remember seeing him on a show where h
  8. They can be mad at Braunwyn. I don't have to defend Braunwyn to have a problem with what I saw on the reunion tonight. Sporting a 'Drunk Wives Matter' cap while denying its connection to Black Lives Matter is crazy. Then saying 'I have black friends!'. And to say "I'm black!" and to somehow relate that to the daily lives of people who have actually suffered due to the color of their skin? 'I'm not political'? Get out of here.
  9. I can't stand Kelly. Over the years, I've found her behavior to be horrible. I don't see her getting any better and her yelling "I'm black!!!" scored no points tonight.
  10. I'm with Katie. Those who believed the BIG LIE and acted out of order do need to be shown actual facts (again). Not believing those facts and instead believing the lies of your 'leader' is cultish. The word deprogram doesn't apply to every Republican. But if you are going around filing lawsuits to restrain President Biden (the latest lawsuit is crazy), breaking into the Capitol building, and fighting a war over this election we probably need to have a conversation about your mental stability. As far as MM goes, what is the saying? A hit dog will holler.
  11. I'd stopped watching The View right after I was in the audience during Rachel Maddow's appearance. When MM left for maternity leave I started watching again and really enjoyed Ana's participation. It's taken exactly two days for me to turn it back off again. Behavior like today's spat isn't why I tune into television shows. I'm out.
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