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  1. I watched the whole thing but managed to stay spoiler free. I was shocked. Then I searched online and read through some social media posts that gave me an idea of how the UK fans were feeling. Oh well. My actual favorite person on the show was Ovie. I love that guy!
  2. I've watched 3 seasons of Love Island UK. And I liked it enough to give the US version a shot. It's great to have on in the background when multitasking with work or house cleaning 🙂 I can be a bit distracted and still not miss much. The announcer was my favorite part of the UK version as I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. He was hilarious. For now, I find myself overly concerned with Alana's wig and the odds of it staying in the villa as long as she does. We've had some severe weather here this evening so I've missed a bit of the show due to the interruptions. I'll have to catch up and watch it on demand later.
  3. Okay, I'm not sure how I posted nothing but blanks. It might have been my dog walking across my keyboard. Since I am here... I just started watching the current season but I watched seasons 2, 3 and 4 before this one. I'm on episode 3 and at this point cant keep most of their names straight. For the guys, I know there's a sandwich guy (because Mr. voice over mentions it 😂), a firefighter and a boxer. And for the girls, I can remember Amber (not a good first impression) and the scientist (most likely to wither away from neglect). I suppose I'll pick up everyone's names soon enough. I'll be watching more and will catch up to you guys soon! `
  4. Wow. I haven't watched this show since the season that Teresa went to prison. I see she still sucks!
  5. I'm so very disappointed! I really enjoyed Luke Cage.
  6. I guess I'm the oddball as I laughed out loud at this show.
  7. I have been laughing at that since I heard it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  8. Just watched the first episode on Hulu. I'm in.
  9. Exactly. I was actually thinking that he has great hair for someone his age. Edited to add: Amelia sucks.
  10. H ...h....h...how much? $300K per season? I don't follow these folks that closely so I have no idea how much they make.
  11. All of these people are broken. I can't get behind either Farrah or Amber.
  12. I think I fell in love with Trevor all over again tonight.
  13. I think I'm out for the season. I was a DVR viewer who usually watched the episodes the next day. After tonight, I don't feel interested enough to do that anymore.
  14. When "naked wasted" happened I actually stopped watching this show for some time. I thought it was downright disgusting to intentionally get someone drunk enough to put them in a vulnerable position. And now we have this. I am absolutely no fan of Kelly. But seeing Heather hand her drinks at the 'picnic' when she was clearly saying no and to see Shannon doing the same thing says a lot about them. They know that Kelly is a mess. And they handle it by trying to get her drunk so she can once again go off the rails? Sick.
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