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  1. Another consideration is there are new posters joining the board all the time and the discussion topics are new to them. And I am pretty sure PTV does not ask a new poster to read the last 15 pages of posts before posting to avoid covering the topic again.
  2. Agree that kind of learning has it's place and along with it is a need for practical experience. I wouldn't want my doctor working on me after having only read about it and then trying to take my tonsils out! LOL
  3. I too question what the Kleins are doing more than what the viewers are watching. I wonder what the links to these other networks off the home page of TLC mean? Is there some percentage of shared ownership, any tv people out there in the know? If you scroll down to the bottom of the page to OUR SITES. http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows
  4. A journey of addiction and a struggle with recovery. I guess the other route might be a book. I think their affiliation with a network like TLC definitely takes them down a notch. I used to think of A&E as being such a great educational entertaining channel, same with TLC but they both stopped selling learning a long time ago.
  5. The Six Little McGhees is carried on OWN, Jennie and Tori are on Life and there is also E'. I am sure there are others.
  6. I don't think they would still have a show if they had not adopted Will and Zoey.
  7. Funny how they were really a couple yet had little chemistry on screen, He was quite wooden in his acting too which didn't help and the last Mac was forgettable and I always wondered why she looked so tired.
  8. I googled some pics of the wedding looking for Michelle's silver dress and found a top shot only of it with Jim Bob beside her giving her a very weird disapproving look...wonder what that was all about!
  9. Well all she does is have sex, make babies (ok not anymore thank God) and organize things...she does no work so lives the life of Riley so she has no stress really. Her face is super dry though and her hair is very damaged from all the hot appliances/products and hair spray.
  10. Oh I am pretty damn sure Jim Bob and Michelle will benefit from all those extras!
  11. Can you imagine how many heads of broccoli it would take to feed a family of 22 for a meal! Any amount of fresh fruit or vegetable for 22 people would be a lot to transport, store and prepare on a daily basis. I guess they only get it when they are being filmed. My friend's 2 year old daughter LOVES broccoli and asks for it at every evening meal!
  12. I can't stand watching JB grab Michelle's hips and pull her towards him and then go in for a kiss with lips together and do they have to kiss about absolutely everything?!? Waste of air time!
  13. Watched some of the birthday clue episode today and have to say Michelle looked so young and so much better with that new hair do but it was clear she and JB did not like it and Jessa comments "it will grow back by the end of the year"....disgustingly caught in a time warp! I did notice when her hair was straight how damaged it was with mega hair breakage. And she was so uncomfortable walking from the car to the house because the wind was blowing it around a bit!! LOL She is so used to a helmet head with a full can of hair spray on it!
  14. I guess I my filter is off. What I see on another reality show is another child's speech being behind at about the same age.
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