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  1. I really hated him when he killed that creature and thought his humiliating death was exactly what he deserved. Totally agree with you about Geralt having very strong emotions. But I'm delighted he pushed his "best friend" away. Now would he please stay gone? I can't stand that character. He is beyond annoying. Truth be told, I prefer the horse. Roach infinitely more likable and doesn't run off at the mouth nonstop whenever he appears on screen.
  2. I agree with all of this. THIS! I didn't see that. Yen turned the mirror away so Geralt couldn't see her fully nude and the cut was of her getting into the tub, but it was pretty modest for this type of show. Also, Cavill is spending a lot of time naked from the waist up or almost naked, too.
  3. Don't forget "Hmm."
  4. I’m watching The Witcher and trying to like it, but I’m only finding it so-so. I love Henry Cavill and like Geralt, but I cannot get into the bard. He’s annoying and I roll my eyes whenever he’s on screen. The episodes are not all that engaging and I really don’t care about most of the characters. I am unfamiliar with the books and not likely to ever pick one up to read. I’m hoping this gets better, because right now I’m thinking C-.
  5. I am probably the biggest animal lover alive, but that fucker would have been shot.
  6. There is no reason to think she hasn't gone to college or have a degree. That's reaching and projecting. We don't have enough information about this character to determine her level of education. I'm stopping here because the rest of your post is making a lot of assumptions bordering on insulting.
  7. taurusrose

    S03.E04: Triggers

    That can’t possibly be it. This is 2019 not 1819 and mixed couples are not unicorns. That said I don’t have a clue why we don’t see them in bed, but I don’t know that I want to either.
  8. taurusrose

    S03.E04: Triggers

    Well, she was. 😂. However, I agree. She is awful and I hope her presence is temporary because she grates.
  9. He is the reason I quit watching this show in S4. Well, Tariq and 50 Cents’ character. To say I couldn’t stand Tariq doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of loathing I felt for him. I’m just reading this thread to see how the final season is being received. Keep on snarking because I need the laughs.
  10. No. That person is incompetent not to mention unprofessional. There is no one type of person (i.e. skin tone, hair type, body chemistry) in the acting field. If you call yourself a hair and makeup artist yet, you are unable to do your job on any actor that sits in your chair you aren’t an artist or a professional. Any excuses you give based on someone’s hair type or skin tone are offensive and will most definitely be seen as racist by a lot of people.
  11. I was waiting for her to react just like that, after all the probing and pushing him to reveal himself I knew she wouldn’t be able to handle the truth. As for Portia’s behavior saving Philo from being a jerk for dumping her...well, Portia is a big girl. If she couldn’t get past fuck buddy stage and didn’t like it, she could have stopped going to his room at any time. That relationship, if you want to call it that, was never going to work because Philo was never going to be all in. He should have trusted his gut and kept his secrets to himself. And she should have just accepted what they had for what it was. Great sex.
  12. Orlando Bloom (I’ll always love him because of Legolas), fantasy with the emphasis on fae folk and I am in. I’d heard the bit about Tamzin and GoT before and personally I think they made the right choice with Emilia. Tamzin seems too much of a lightweight when it comes to what was required of Daenerys. I don’t know Cara Delevingne and can’t recall seeing her in anything prior to this. Indira Varna always seems to play sketchy women so I’m not expecting her to break character here. Looking forward to the Philo/Vignette backstory despite the silly names.
  13. Well, I never liked Sansa so I just ignored her ending. I will agree that I wanted more for Jon, but I think Jon ultimately got what he wanted. Dany’s ending was the most unexpected and sad, I think. The fact that Bran ended up as king is just 😳. But it’s done and we can’t make it any better, so I’ve chosen to accept and move on.
  14. I agree. I think everyone is incredibly entitled these days; sitting at a computer being completely anonymous and spewing vitriol into cyberspace has become too common and not criticized harshly enough IMO. We all have opinions and yes, we can express them. But people need to take a step back and be mindful of what they say and how they say it. The petition was ridiculous. Really? It was nothing more than a temper tantrum thrown by people who think they have a right to trash the work of others because they know better. Newsflash. They don’t. Unless they were sitting in creative meetings, had GRRM on speed dial, had a hand in budgets and everything else related to the production of GoT, they don’t have a clue. I’m sorry, but I’ve grown really tired of bad manners, rudeness and self-important people. I’m tired of snark and hatefulness masquerading as cleverness and inside knowledge. Seriously the meltdowns and hissy fits I’ve seen regarding this final season have almost blown my mind, not to mention made me question the mental stability of the folks behind some of the rants. This was a television show. Entertainment. The way it ended didn’t take skin off anyone’s back and certainly didn’t impact anyone’s real life in any meaningful way, so I don’t get it. And I don’t want to. I don’t want to be part of madness over nothing when there is so much real shit to worry about. Sorry for my rant.
  15. No, he was busy fighting off Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry in John Wick 3.
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