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  1. I cannot believe how much I love this show. I stumbled onto it earlier this year, binge watched and thought Season 4 was to die for. Just wow! That is all. 😎
  2. Good to know. However, for the purposes of this story, they're married.
  3. Wow. I guess I'm in the minority here because I didn't waste one brain cell worrying about this. I didn't find it disturbing and I don't see the relationship as toxic or unhealthy. I see two people who were very attracted to each and because of the time they live in, got married without a whole lot of real information about the other person as a person. They have no clue what truly makes the other person tick, what informs their opinions or beliefs. So now, they have to figure it out. Is the attraction (or love they feel) enough to weather the storm? Can they reach an understanding and
  4. Might seem petty and immature to you, but the damage an abusive parent can do to one's psyche is real and carries on to this day. Hatred and revenge are poison and don't have to make sense to people on the outside looking in. I think some of this criticism is harsh and does not consider the the values and mores of the time, the whole institution of nobility and honor codes, gender roles for the period, or taking vows seriously. As a former romance novel reader (ions ago) I see Simon's obstinance for what it is, and never had any doubt that his feelings for Daphne would win the day.
  5. I suppose an argument can be made for that. But I prefer to use the correct names for objects. A mask doesn't protect your head and is primarily used to conceal your identity (as in face). A helmet completes combat dress, its purpose is to protect the head and face of the combatant in battle. Mask is too frivolous a term for Mando's helmet. YMMV I hope you're right about the helmet generally staying in place moving forward. Plus, I like the way it makes his voice sound. I'm even more extreme in the use of Mando's birth name. Unless it becomes common knowledge, and everyone starts
  6. Did I say he ran around with his helmet off? No. I know how many times he took it off. What I said is I don't want it to become a habit. I get the impression from some of these posts, that some fans would be okay if he disregarded his creed now that he's removed his helmet in back-to-back episodes.
  7. As just a fan of The Mandalorian, without all the history and back story beyond the original 3 movies, I have to say the ending left me a bit flat. I guess I didn’t expect Grogu to leave Mando. I wish we had been given some insight about the little guy’s perspective—what he thought, what he told the Jedi in the woods. (Sorry can’t remember her name.) Also, I am not a fan of Mando now running around with his helmet off. (Extreme nitpick: It's a helmet, people! Not a mask.) I can see it being removed under certain situations but I really don’t want him whipping it off and on like the
  8. I dealt with Groot. I can deal with Grogu. 😁 Me, too. And I was a Michael Biehn fangirl. I agree. I bet "the kid" was telling her all about his adventures with his dad. Mando has become super protective of Grogu, so I loved him pacing back and forth in the background. That's two words. 😉 There was certainly some chemistry going on between Mando and Ahsoka. When she leaned in and said "Groku" it was almost intimate. The kid, the armor and the swagger. Mando's got it going on.
  9. And horses. Beautiful, beautiful horses!
  10. One more time...I’m not a SC fan. I’m not going out of my way to see him in anything. I will give you this though, it is quite possible that my lukewarm temperature when it comes to him colors my reaction to his characters. Plus, I wasn’t watching The Musketeers for sappy romance in the first place.
  11. My bottom line is I’ve seen Cabrera in 2 roles (almost back to back) where he’s the lover in the wrong place. I would like to see him in another type of role. If he happens to appear in something I’m drawn to, and his character is a completely different type, I’ll be glad to see it. But he is not on my list of “must see actors no matter what,” and I’m certainly not going to explore his filmography because it’s not that serious. I have too many titles to catch up on in the genres I do like with actors I do favor.
  12. I'm aware of the situation in Merlin; still doesn't change my opinion and I stand by it. I would rather see SC in another type of role. Talk about typecasting. Ditto for the "relationship" with Ann. It wasn't something I cared for. In addition to my reaction to Aramis, I just really didn't like the character of Ann.
  13. All of these men are very handsome, but Tom Burke as Athos is my favorite. I can't stand Anne, either. She makes my friggin' teeth hurt. There was no way people weren't going to find out about her affair with Aramis when they're forever staring at each other in crowded rooms all moony-eyed, and whispering in corners. And then there's the stupidity of wearing the cross she gave him on top of his clothes instead of beneath them. Let's flaunt he's the queen's favorite on top of the fact he's a womanizer. Roll. My. Eyes. I'm inclined to give the whole baby thing the benefit of doubt.
  14. Said bounty hunter better kill the big guy first; otherwise, they're just setting themselves up as target practice for someone with deadly aim. Not really. The mud horn was on course to kill him; the Jawas laid Mando low as well, and that's just off the top of my head. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't want to revisit Omera and her blatant play for Mando. Yes, I get the appeal. The man oozes sex; his armor, his helmet, his alpha male strut. Woo! I'm here for it. But she was practically drooling. Stop it already. Have some self control. 😂 The shot of Mando leaning ba
  15. Did you miss the part where I said if it's funny? Laughter can be appropriate at a funeral, especially if a speaker is recalling a funny story about the deceased. But I don't know what the original comment was anymore and I'm not digging through the thread to determine what started this line of commentary. If it's funny I'll laugh.
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