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  1. MistyMeg

    Briana DeJesus: Farm league promoted to the Majors

    We can only hope!!!!!!
  2. MistyMeg

    Briana DeJesus: Farm league promoted to the Majors

    OMG I agree 100%..but the worst for eating and talking are Catelyn and Kail.....stuff their mouths as full as possible then talk!!! I was always taught to Never talk whilst eating and to eat with my mouth closed!!! What i think is even worse though...and this REALLY makes me want to vomit....talking whilst having a great wad of gum rolling around in the mouth!!! Sad to say..but one of the worst for doing this is Chelsea..and I really like her...but most of them do it! don't even get me started on Amber vomiting into a carrier bag on TV for money!!!!
  3. MistyMeg

    S07.E00: Reunion Part Two

    Well said Rebecca!!! I know what Farrah is etc etc...but at least she IS who she is! Unlike Maci and Amber who put on "airs and graces" for the camera...Maci wasn't going to film any more if Farrah was on...she came back...but bentley wasn't allowed to film....Bentley came back...I presume they get paid for the kids parts too!!! At least have the courage of your convictions!!! I know Farrah says what she thinks even if we all think she is a bitch...at least she does not pretend not to be one!!! Maci.. All that adoption stuff is crap....her babies go to day care for goodness sake! Why get more if you don't want to look after the ones you have? Cate is happy in therapy...maybe she has an attraction to one of her mentors?? Something not right there! Amber..(and weirdo Bubby/Shawn) are not just not on this planet...they are not even in this F*****g universe!!! My opinion only!!!
  4. MistyMeg

    S07.E18: One Life To Live

    Hope I have the right episode here......just wanted to comment on the leah going to her friends sleep over! What planet is Amber on??? "maybe I should have been more strict"...for goodness sake...kids love going to each others sleep over...I am sure that Leahs friends Mom did not plan it to be on Ambers weekend! how selfish is she???? Maybe Leah needs to take a leaf out of Ambers book and and say that she is so depressed she needs to be with friends her own age!!! Amber should be happy that Leah has friends and gets invited to sleepovers! it wouldn't seem so bad if Amber did anythign for kids when she has Leah! Can you imagine her hosting a sleepover??? The last one I remember my daughter having was when she was about 13yrs old....12 x 13yr old girls all night...waiting on them hand and foot... making breakfast for all of them...etc etc.....not to mention the love of The Spice Girls at the time.....OMG....no wonder I am insane!!!!!!
  5. MistyMeg

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Hi all...just wanted to ask a question...I am in UK and maybe we do not see all episodes. OK..Meri and Kody ( official marriage) divorced...Kody and Robyn marry...(official wedding) ...sooo where does that leave Meri ?? Did they have a polygamy wedding which would make her a wife the same as Christine and Jannelle or are they not "Married" at all???
  6. MistyMeg

    S01.E01: Eyes on Me

    I am in Uk ..so behind you all..just seen first episode...so far it is far better than Teen Mum Uk...and has the potential to be better than Teen mom 2!!!!! Keeping fingers crossed. X
  7. MistyMeg

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Does anyone else have a feeling that this relationship is gonna end badly?? I am being serious! I worry for Jenelle and kaiser and Jace!!!
  8. MistyMeg

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I thought she bought that house with Matt to be nearer to Leah...if she is renting she is a Fu***ng idiot...at least property will be there when she has no MTV money to rely on!!!
  9. MistyMeg


    I have to say that I too believe there is something "strange" about this relationship...I can only think of 2 things..both of which may be completely wrong!! 1..Has Michael in some way been the abuser and is keeping Farrah "sweet" to stay silent? 2. Doing what he has to do to stay in the show for the money!
  10. MistyMeg


    I agree with you 100%....a couple of groups I belong to are talking about this....I really cannot see this being true! To an extent I am a Farrah fan...I see all her faults...you cannot be a great Mom if you never had one...etc etc...I refuse to believe that Farrah would do this...I also read that she was going to retire on the proceeds! Sorry load of Bol***ks....For a start Sophia would be an adult and have her own free choice! Why would Farrah have any say in it? Maybe sometimes we need to remember this is the internet.....don't believe everything you read! If Farrah has really been sacked from the show the only person who will be truly happy is Manky Maci..she is so jealous of Farrah because she gets more attention than her ( even if it is negative attention)..Farrah may not be everyones cup if tea but she does at at least provide a bit of drama for us!! She is the only Teen Mom who who does NOT need to be on the show just fro the money....what have the others ever done to improve their financial status? not a lot!!!
  11. MistyMeg

    S07.E13: I'm Beautiful, I'm Smart, I'm Strong

    AND paying for it no doubt! Time he looked after himself!!!!!
  12. MistyMeg


    I thought Heather got fired because she slept one night in Farrahs house...crew were not supposed to do that...seems dumb if she was invited!!
  13. MistyMeg

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Jenelle does not appreciate what Barb has done at all !! The only other option would have been for Jace to be taken into care and possibly adopted. I wouldn't leave a rabid dog in Janelles care!!!
  14. MistyMeg

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    And now they are thinking about having another....now that nova is " at school"..HUH...put into daycare more like! have another and stay on TV is what it seems like to me! Tyler and Cait just don't go together as far as I can see. Sorry, don't really dislike them but in no way are they a family.
  15. MistyMeg

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Jace at the top...Brick Heck to the left...how on earth did Amber get in the middle????