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  1. Oh, for sure there was some 'Dating the Help to Piss off Daddy' there. She seems very lonely and like she wants to cling on to a family unit. Are we supposed to think Lucia finds Matthew attractive? I can't tell or not. Lucia has a much more pronounced accent than any of the other kids and it jolts me out of the story.
  2. sab85

    Figure Skating

    Okay, whose highlighter leaked on Nathan Chen's shirt?
  3. Hi Jesus! You knew they were immediately going to have Noah C. shirtless in a bed as soon as they got to use him- think of the promotional material!
  4. A+ for the Love and Basketball reference. That is absolutely great as Malika's favorite film. I love Alice. I want to wrap her in a blanket and feed her cookies. I loved how excited everyone was for her at the end.
  5. "Oh, c'mon Meghan!" I yell. From my couch. Where I'm eating icecream.
  6. So weird and sad to see Joe fall like that. He's always Mr. Consistency; I always just assume he'll be fine.
  7. I feel like most of the world has a culture of multi-generational households- thinking of Eastern Europe, parts of Africa and Asia. I don't know why we in the US are so weird about it. It just makes sense to me- grandparents can watch the grandkids, kids can look after aging parents, people can pool resources, etc. I'm actually seeing a little bit of a shift towards this in the US but it's for a crappy reason (the current generation that would be buying houses doesn't have the means to). The Diana/Maggie meeting was anti-climatic. It could have been so much but it was over with very quickly.
  8. I believe it was William who said Frasier was his style icon and he was 40ish (so born late 70s-early 80s). Frasier was on 1993-2004, plenty of time for William to see it.
  9. Okay, got through Episode 5. I quite liked Jason. The guys cheering him and Beth on was cute. ("I should have taught him how to make breakfast!") And of course, they were adorable playing with all of the Burning Man stuff. Bobby: "Everyone always told me I was flaming!" Tan was adorable being scared of the dog (and apparently Bobby can carry Tan? Hellooooo nurse.) At one point Tan himself yelled out: "Tan's afraid of dogs!" My favorite though may have been Antoni and Karamo exploring the kitchen. "You can't just put everything in your mouth and up your nose!" Yup, Karamo's a dad. Skyler was always going to be the most intense episode of the season. As a fellow redhead, I really felt for him after all the issues he had with the anesthesia after his long awaited surgery. We don't respond to pain or anesthesia like the rest of the population and it can have serious consequences. I'm like Tan, I really don't know that much about being transgender but my heart really felt for Skyler when he was talking about waking up for 10 years and feeling uncomfortable in his body. I just can't even fathom that. I loved that Tan helped him keep his style but made it grown-up. Also, I loved his confidence- the guys' reactions when he started stripping on stage!
  10. I was really glad of this too. I was afraid that the producers might try and force the issue to wrap everything up all neat and tidy. Bobby (understandably) has very deep resentment and painful memories when it comes to the church and he may never get over that. I do hope meeting such a devout Christian who does accept him helped him heal if only a little bit. I loved Tammye. She is truly good people. I loved when she turned it on each one of the guys and talked about them. Antoni, who is normally the most reserved of the guys, was openly crying several times this episode. It seemed very emotional for everyone. I just finished episode 2 and Antoni was hilarious in it. From his expressions at finding the teeth, to eating a big bite of the disgusting wrap, to very seriously discussing food with Shannan whilst wearing a shower cap, he was cracking me up. Tan receding into the depths of the closet and yelling out that he couldn't help William when he found out his fashion idol was Frasier Crane was also priceless. It was a quick moment but I really liked the conversation the guys had driving at the beginning of Episode 2 when Jonathan says he gets nervous when they drive deep into rural Georgia and Antoni replied that he has felt comfortable everywhere they had been. Karamo pointed out Antoni is white and easily passes for straight (unlike some of the other guys). It shows the different perspectives and privilege. And then they ended on the crop top conversation, which I'm sure we will see at some point.
  11. I took Darlene as not wanting Crystal's job because of the saloon girl outfit, not because she thought she was too good to work at the casino.
  12. One detail they really got right- in my mid-sized economically depressed hometown in Illinois, the casino is not a bad employer. They'll give most anybody without violent/theft history a shot and the wages are better than retail. When I was severely underemployed, I almost got a second job there. Fishman seemed much more natural this episode.
  13. Roseanne (the actress) seemed much calmer tonight, less playing to the cheap seats. Jackie isn't nearly as wacky when she has her mother to play off of. Can she stay? Little Mary is adorable. Johnny G sure got a lot of the heavy lifting to do tonight - I wonder if that is because he's been working this entire time and they figured he could handle it.
  14. I liked the small detail of Dan wearing a Cubs World Series hoodie. That is totally a shirt Dan Connor would have.
  15. I think if you have a legitimate cash business it is considered much less suspicious if you start plunking down large amounts of cash. I know bar owners that make large bank deposits every week and no one blinks cause they know where the cash is coming from. In that way Dean could actually be a huge assest to them, used cars are often bought and sold for cash.
  16. That line made me actually laugh out loud. That and John Goodman squealing at the end. He is a treasure. It did feel odd not to have Harris mention David at all, a bratty "I want to live with Dad!" or something. Especially since we know Johnny G is eventually showing up.
  17. I really, really love Ruby and Stan. How are they using this money to pay for things? A couple hundred dollars at the grocery store, sure. But thousands of dollars worth of meds? I think the pharmacy gets suspicious if you pull out stacks upon stacks of Benjamins and banks have to report deposits over a certain amount. In the book 21 the biggest issue they had was not counting cards at casinos but how to use that money.
  18. It seems to me that Roseanne is playing to the cheap seats which is why her acting seems a bit off. Everything's a tad overexaggerated and over-annunciated
  19. It could be because he looks at her like he wants to throw her on the table right there. If her sex life has dried up having someone lusting after you could be very appealing. Ruby and her husband are by far the best part of this show. The very real panic of looking for the pills and then the gentle talk with their daughter coupled with the family teasing made my heart melt.
  20. It's going to be weird if they make Mae Whitman's ex a jerk, as they were at least alluding to with the therapy suggestion. Matt Saracen would never! I agree with whoever said they can't remember a single character's name. I've seen the actor who played the head gangster in several different shows, all of them as a cop.
  21. There was an off -hand line either this episode or last (by a FG lacky?) that a couple hundred thousandhumans got out in the "Exodus" before the wall went up. So some did GTFO but others couldn't/wouldn't/waited too long.
  22. Thanks for the explanation on the sprint laps everyone! It makes sense for the qualifying rounds to get differentiation between skaters but is basically pointless in the medal skate. It was hilarious to see everyone trying not to lead the the pack in the early laps. At one point Sven Kramer went over to the far wall to try and get out of the lead...and the whole pack followed right along behind.
  23. The ending with all the skaters was kind of hilarious. Poor Zag was off the beat at least 50% of the time.
  24. I kind of love Medvedeva for skating in leather pants and a black hoodie. And this music seems like the equivalent of a pissed off Alanis Morisette. Oh shut up Andrea, Virtue and Moir won the gold medal, they didn't run over and steal it out of the French's hands. Why is she here? Isn't the gala supposed to be fun? Where is Javi?
  25. We're finally getting some gala on NBC but just the Shibs so far.
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