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  1. I really liked this season. Any time the kids are all together is my favorite. I always thought the Chase actor was the weakest of the group but I thought he did a nice job with Gert's death and then with the future stuff. Everyone after the time jump was interesting. I actually liked Niko better in her trousers and pastels. And she seemed much more at peace with herself even if clearly unhappy with the Karolina situation. I appreciate that the show always treated Karolina and Nico as just another couple and let them cuddle and kiss.
  2. I'm just glad Bree was the one who got to kill Bonnet. I was going to be pissed if Jamie or Roger did it. I thought Ed Speleers did a good job with Bonnet, making him very charismatic. I didn't like the Moby Dick scenes though- he came off as manic. I don't know if Bonnet was supposed to be drunk or what.
  3. I'm really glad someone brought up Old Ian and Fergus when Jamie was going on about his leg. Young Ian was excellent. And the callback to 'a man of leisure' was great. But would it have killed them to have Fergus and Jamie actually speak about it. Wait, Marsali delivered her own damn baby in the woods and we didn't get to see it? I'm shocked they didn't go with the trope of cutting between a birth and a (potential) death. Claire totally jerked him back to life.
  4. Peeps are good for a few things- squishing and blowing up in the microwave. I would not recommend eating them. He got the rat erotica! I didn't know how bad I needed that cathartic laugh. And kudos to whoever had it; that email was perfect.
  5. I have no concept of time on this show (to be fair, I don't know that the show has a concept of time). I keep thinking Ian lost a child, with his comment to Marsali about bairns, but I have no idea if enough time has passed to make that a possibility.
  6. All of these people are horrible people I would never want to spend any time around. But I don't agree that Carole is as bad as the rest. As long as she's not breeding animals she's not propagating the problem which makes her a thousand times better. That being said, I still don't like her.
  7. I'm really shocked John had pants on when he stood up. This was somehow a lot less awkward than the other comedians doing silent shows (including the other episode John did). Hammy4Prez!
  8. That is one cute kitten. Anytime the show wants to flashback (forward?) and catch up with Joe Abernathy is fine with me.
  9. The Trap party looked amazing. I'm going to assume that like the BLM activists playing themselves, Trap Heals is a real thing and that really was the founder? Malika and Alice are my favorites. I love both of them asserting themselves and I want to give them both a hug. This show desperately needs Jazmin on it for Gael to have something to do other than brood. He's 100% more likable with her around. Why are she and her cute bf not living at the Coterie? Mariana! Girl, you *just* conducted a string operation at the office using hidden cameras.
  10. I actually really like Beto and Ella. I wouldn't mind if she stays around and the rest of the family likes her but is also gently bemused by her. Like her bringing Emilio the Chinese food the other night and then leaving was a great touch. Lucia: "Natalia, I can see you."
  11. Yup all of this. Also, our lack of sick leave + low wages means a lot of hourly workers can't afford to take time off even if they are ill. You know who makes low hourly wages? A lot of people in the healthcare industry (CNAs, techs, etc.) and almost everyone in the food industry. Cause that's who you want forced to come to work sick.
  12. Yeah, I've definitely heard the bread story before. Maybe in school?
  13. I admire Callie's fight but Jamie's right- it sounds like what they are offering is a lot of cash for someone living paycheck-to-paycheck. I like Davia's story but they started the whole Andre thing wrong. Any student who took their work and threw it at the teacher would (rightfully) be sent to the principal's office. They should have had him arguing with her to the point she got fed up and sent him. That I would better understand her being torn up about. I'm glad to see Mariana not go there with her boss. Both she and the show won a lot of points for me with that decision. Obviously we are going to 'go there' at some point in time but hopefully it's after she's moved on to another company. I don't think Alex wrote the manifesto; I think he told the even more useless guy on the team (Sam?) and he wrote it. Raj doesn't bother me as much as most here but why the hell would he go to the birthday party when he was supposed to be at work. That whole bit was just some weird writing for five minutes where the show was being 'clever' by making it look as though Raj and Roommate (can't remember her name) were going to hook up.
  14. I have no idea how old anyone in the Lucia storyline is supposed to be. I'm kind of rooting for Beto and Ella. Were we suppose to read her mother's behavior as manic/bipolar? Watching the kids walk through the gates without Emilio was heartbreaking.
  15. Oh, for sure there was some 'Dating the Help to Piss off Daddy' there. She seems very lonely and like she wants to cling on to a family unit. Are we supposed to think Lucia finds Matthew attractive? I can't tell or not. Lucia has a much more pronounced accent than any of the other kids and it jolts me out of the story.
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