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  1. majormama

    NBC is ruining this show

    Can you imagine WWWA-ing any other sport? "While we were away, someone hit a grand slam we won't bother to show you other than the guy crossing home plate. But here's a feature about the back up second baseman's sick grandma!" Who would watch that? I get that they want to appeal to as many people as possible. They need a mix of triumphs, defeats, amazing acts, spectacular fails, and backstories. And they can't fit that all in while showing every second of every qualifier's run. But I wish they would do more joining in progress instead of just a montage of buzzer pushes. Sure, skip the floating steps we've seen a million times if you must, but could we at least see a few minutes of the final few obstacles?
  2. majormama

    Showboating: The Scourge of ANW?

    They did a feature on him last season with his past as a used car salesman. He was doing some cheesy local commercial. The tagline was "Real Life Deals for your Real Life Needs", or something like that, and I was like Ohhhhh, I guess that's where it's from.
  3. With Drew it could just be maturity. Some of these athletes start out when they're still in the young-and-stupid phase of life, but a little maturity and some life experience settle them down into decent people. Jamie Rahn and Flip Rodriguez would also seem to fit this category (at least for me). And some never seem to outgrow the college frat boy douchiness. Not that I actually know any of these people. A few minutes on my TV each year isn't much to go by, really.
  4. majormama

    In The Media: DWTS

    Right, a part of the whole that shouldn't be hidden. But I guess I didn't feel like it was hidden with Adam, just not a primary focus. YMMV, of course, and you definitely have a perspective I can't pretend to really understand, even though I hope I try. :)
  5. majormama

    In The Media: DWTS

    As a white, middle age, middle class, cis woman, I don't pretend to know what it's like to need representation. But I do think it's good when minorities of any type are portrayed as whole people and not just "the token gay guy" or "the token black chick". I do like that Adam wasn't portrayed as just his sexuality. I think it's a step in the right direction when you can say not just that, hey there's someone like me on TV, but that, hey there's someone like me on TV who is a whole person and not just a token.
  6. majormama

    S03.E05 Cabin Pressure 2018.05.30

    Probably my favorite moment in this ridiculous, craptastic season so far was Angus telling the racist patient, "I got this job because my dad's on the board, I'm a C student who only learned stitches last week." And then telling Dr. Campbell, who objected to this, "Resident, still learning." Sassy Angus FTW!
  7. majormama

    S26.E02: Week 2

    Whether the song was worthy of being uncomfortable over is irrelevant. I am 100% in favor of women being able to express their discomfort and have their wishes respected. We shouldn't have to suck it up and sacrifice our comfort for others' convenience or pleasure or anything.
  8. majormama

    S26.E02: Week 2

    Random thoughts: Me: I wonder who got stuck in the bear suit. Kids: It's Sasha. Me: But Sasha's the pro in this dance. Kids: ...But it's always Sasha... He does usually get stuck in the crab suit and whatnot. Tanya certainly got over her first week nerves. I don't think I've ever seen someone that nervous on week 1 be that un-nervous on week 2. She looked like the pre-scandal Tanya I was a fan of way back when. I was very impressed with Chris, and wish I could see what he could do in a full season. Tanya is so short she barely comes up to Kareem's belly button! And that's about it.
  9. majormama

    S26.E01: All-Athletes Edition Premiere

    Leaving aside any speculation on what she knew and when she knew it, Tonya Harding is a freaking goldmine of examples for my high school psych class! She doesn't just put responsibility and blame outside herself, she puts everything--happiness, sadness, love, acceptance, respect, it all comes from outside herself. She wants so desperately to be loved and accepted, and she just knew she was going to be rejected yet again. She totally had that abused-puppy-coming-for-more look on her face during the elimination and really the whole evening, and it was so awkward and painful to watch. And then she was accepted and just collapsed! Woman needs some serious therapy to learn to love and accept herself and stop giving a crap what others think. But the other issue she raises is identity. Must she forever be known as That Girl from That Thing? Can she ever move past it? It's like Deadshot from Suicide Squad who doesn't want to be The Hitman Criminal anymore but wants to be The Guy His Daughter Looks Up To. And he even saves the freaking world, but everyone still sees him as a Really Bad Guy who must be locked up. Deserved or not, it can be hard to never be allowed to move past one mistake made in foolish youth and never be more than that. And how many people would accept her even if she did confess, take responsibility, and show regret for more than just her own suffering?
  10. majormama

    Media Ninjas: ANW in the Media

    I wonder how much of their commentary is from the live filmings and how much is cleaned up or added later. I'm sure a lot of it is live.
  11. majormama

    In The Media: DWTS

    Several DWTS alums will be on the celebrity/charity edition of American Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day. Derek Hough is back for a second year (he did really well last year) along with Nikki Bella and Nastia Liukin. https://www.americanninjawarriornation.com/2018/4/2/17188724/american-ninja-warrior-red-nose-day-2018-celebrities
  12. majormama

    In The Media: DWTS

    Johnny Weir would be a polarizing, love-him-or-hate-him contestant. I like him, majorpapa does not! Thinks he's trying too hard.
  13. majormama

    Season 3 and other missed opportunities for Galavant

    When I heard Joshua Sasse would only be available to film one potential episode for season 3 (and this totally shows my ignorance of TV filming schedules, no idea if this is even possible), I had this idea that Madelena could kidnap Galavant in the first episode using D'DEW. Izzy and Richard could head out to rescue Galavant from Madalena, jester in tow. Sid and Gareth are already on the way to rescue Madalena from herself. There could be all kinds of madcap adventures and near misses where their paths almost cross and Madalena slows but doesn't stop them. And then they rescue him at the end. During his one episode's worth of filming, they could have filmed a kidnap scene, a rescue/reunion scene, and a series of an increasingly vexed Madalena bursting into his prison to say variations of, "Your friends will never rescue you! Never!" And him responding with cheesy, "Then why is there fear in your eyes?" "You'll never stop true love/friendship" stuff. And Galavant is still in every episode, still the driver of the (rescue) plot, but Sasse is free to go do his whatever it was for the CW. Hey, it could work, right?
  14. majormama

    S35.E13: Million Dollar Night

    I missed it too. My DVR skipped a couple times. I wondered if it had been edited out for some reason or if it was a tech issue on my side. All I heard was that he doesn't like marriage.
  15. majormama

    S25.E11: Week 10: Season Finale Part 1

    My problem with Witney's choreo has always been that she likes to throw in a dash of hip hop in almost everything. It worked well for Alfonso, who was a dash-of-hip-hop kind of guy. It hasn't worked well for any of her other partners. Frankie has coped the best, but it just doesn't suit him. The salsa last week was way too much hip hop, and was IMO their worst dance (aside from the technical issues in the Jazz), especially since it was supposed to be a "chosen just for him" dance. I don't object to them taking their freestyle in a more dramatic direction. But every time they used the troupe in the triangle formation, it made me think of every hip hop troupe I've ever seen on America's Got Talent. I liked the paso-tango parts much better.