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  1. Xander calling Paulina "Mama" was hilarious. I don't know how Chanel got that marriage license but I'm hoping that somehow she really did get married to Xander. I like how others, possibly innocent bystanders, are being dragged into the adversarial undercurrent of Paulina and Chanel's relationship. For as much I'm ready for this Kristin-Susan-Switcheroo nonsense to be over, I did enjoy Sami vs. Kristin. If Kristin would be lying to EJ about Sami sleeping with Lucas that would be one thing, but she'd be telling the truth, so I can see why Sami wouldn't want to have to lie to EJ/claim
  2. But that's the only frequency Mansi can operate at. Bitch-mode. The story of Gwen-vs-Abigail is more interesting to me when Miller's Abigail is being tempted to behave against her better judgement. Mansi doesn't have the capacity to exude any kind of inner turmoil. My thoughts exactly. I actually like that he's in this kind of denial about what she's capable of. There's a tragic element to it, at least for me. It's another example of how stupid this Murder Mystery is. Tripp being Ava's Everything before Charlie was murdered has almost fallen by the way
  3. I kinda had a feeling you might say this. The look on Chanel's face when Xander handed her his wallet was hilarious. The best laugh I've had all week. Does anyone remember why Paulina cut off Chanel's access to her credit cards? I remember the scenes but can't recall the reason. Another vote for Gwen's Apology Tour feeling like it came out of nowhere but I figured it was going to hit a snag in some way, shape or form. Wasn't expecting a pregnancy but I like the idea. Gwen-Vs-Abigail is one of the few things I still enjoy about the Show. The vomit didn't bother me. I've
  4. To the writer's credit, that was the impression given back when he was holding Ava captive. I think he even mentioned choosing that building because of the secluded nature of the apartment. He told Ava no one would hear her screams, and Claire once made her way up to his apartment without having to buzz him to let her in. Tripp being Charlie's shooter could make this almost interesting with the sibling rivalry aspect, and I feel like Lucas Adams may be able to do something with the guilt of killing his own brother. But all of these characters were more compelling when they had to dea
  5. Is that what happened in the last 15 minutes? My episode got preempted by the insanity at the Capitol Building. Today's episode should have been labeled with a Tedious Exposition Dump Warning. What's the point of actually watching the show if they're going to explain every Silly Plot Point with clunky dialogue a couple months later? You know your Murder Mystery is bad when a mother actually doesn't call an ambulance as her son is dying in her arms, because all of your Silly Plot Points won't work if she does. At least Charlie got to hear Ava express her love for him before
  6. Chanel got a few good chuckles out of me. I loved how she bellowed "Mother!", and as Paulina walked away from her she called out "Mommy" and went chasing after her. The way they're writing for Nicole is so disappointing. I could see if Eric was still in town that she'd be making this feeble attempt at being a Do-Gooder but with the way things are now, I'd rather see some shades of what Nicole used to be. If my wishes, hopes and dreams could come true, Ava would enter Charlie's apartment and devise a plan on how to fake his death.
  7. ORK and Emily O'Brien had good scene chemistry but Isabel Durant did her annoying, whiny voice thing today, and I thought Gwen would be better off without Claire as a friend. I mean, honestly, what are you getting with Claire as a friend? A judgmental, rehabilitated sociopath who can't stop bleating on and on about Ciara? She's not even fun anymore. I loved Abigail going to Gabi with the exact same offer to mess with Gwen and try to help break up Jake and Kate after she failed so miserably with the same offer the last time. Even better that she's also telling Chad that she wants to
  8. For some reason my post from Friday's show was deleted but my guess was that Kristin was going to send Rex off to the Island with Sarah, so I was wrong with that one. At first, I thought it was stupid of Kristin to let Rex stick around and maybe clue someone into Sarah being "missing" but if Sarah is off on the Island, I don't think anyone has much of a chance of figuring anything out. I know! I keep seeing his name in the credits at the end of the Show, and I've been hoping that it means he isn't technically dead but it's probably just because of all the flashback scenes.
  9. Claire's fascination with Ciara has always been a little annoying but Isabel Durant's Claire makes her sound pathetic with all of weeping and wailing. I did evil smile when Claire hugged Ben after all of her whining, though. Does anyone remember what year Ciara is living in with the motorcycle crash? For as stupid as the Sarah Mask is, I enjoyed most of those scenes. I thought Linsey Godfrey did a good job as Kristin-as-Sarah. I was hoping we'd get to see her play Kristin-as-Sarah in a scene with Sarah but that probably costs too much time and money. I don't think Krist
  10. Charlie's Murder Mystery continues to suck. Any viewer with half a brain could have figured that Sami lying was because she thinks she's protecting Allie. I still don't buy that Sami isn't cunning enough to navigate her way out of this situation, though. It seems like a coroner would be able to determine that Charlie died in the night, and if Sami's plane didn't arrive until the next morning, how could she have killed him? Didn't Rafe find her the next morning? Or, was she washing her hands for hours? I was expecting amnesia or paralysis, so when neither happened they surprised me
  11. WOW at Linsey Godfrey leaving! Are there actually greener pastures somewhere during a pandemic, or does it really suck that much working on this Show?
  12. This is especially funny because I've been re-watching the first season of Hannibal, and if Dr Lector is reading this Brady could easily be the next victim of The Chesapeake Ripper. *fingers and toes crossed* Did they say that he was in jail now? I FF through everything that wasn't Kristin/Sarah or Xander/Jack. If someone has to type The Numbers in every 108 minutes, that will give Sarah something to do while she's on the island. Now it looks like Kristin is going to get one of Dr Rolf's Magic Masks but I was hoping that smirk on Kristin's face was bec
  13. It was so refreshing that Sarah got to have a brain and make valid points in her debate with Kristen. I agree that it would have been smarter for Sarah to lie to Kristen and tell her she'd keep her secret, but the way it played out felt like something Sarah would actually do. Probably the smartest scenes we've had all week. As I was cheering when Evan was telling Ben that his Amazing Lurve Story with Ciara isn't that special, I knew that someone was going to show up and shoot him or something was going to fall on his head. No one is allowed to challenge the dogma that Ben and Ciara a
  14. Right, but I was referring more to Gwen's POV, where other people's crimes are going to be more heinous than her own, and other people getting away with their crimes will be more infuriating than Gwen getting away with her's. I think Gwen pretty much absolves herself of wrongdoing, at least in her mind. I've noticed it, too, and I think it's because the two actors have a natural chemistry together, more than the writing trying to make something happen. Agreed! This whole thing with Ben and Ciara is so painfully Plot-By-Numbers that all I could d
  15. Eli basically dismissing Gwen's claims that Abigail abducted her and may have attempted to murder her, which were all true, feeds into that narrative that some people can get away with crimes while others can't, and hopefully that will only infuriate Gwen all the more. That was probably the most interesting moment of the episode, for me, although Chad and Abigail's argument was a fun play on how quickly the tide can turn in a relationship, and somehow Chad finds himself with something to now hold over Abigail's head. IIRC, it seems like there was some initial chemistry between Gabi and J
  16. The chances of the Show paying for an actual baby to be in the Henry-Blanket are slim-to-none but I thought it was kinda silly that Ava was cooing about how beautiful he is when Allie was holding the blanket, rather than when the blanket was actually in Ava's arms. The thing I liked most about Anna refusing to help Gwen was the potential for Gwen to do something rotten to Anna when she's eventually freed from her captors. Hopefully, the handful of comments dropped about Charlie no longer having to be dealt with were meant to be foreshadowing of his Return-From-The-Dead. His murder
  17. I totally thought of you when Clyde told Ben to take the phone the phone to the police. Made me chuckle. Why do they need to include those types of comments in the dialogue? It's so unnecessary. Gabi and Abigail snarking at each other is good for a laugh. And, I loved Abigail thinking she was going to get the truth out of Gwen, someone who has toyed with her and lied to her for months. It's funny how certain emotional states can relegate rational thought to the back burner. If Gwen ever starts telling the "truth", I'm going to be disappointed. The bes
  18. I usually love Sami's return to Salem, USA but this "Who Killed Charlie" thing is such a buzzkill. I would have much rather watched Sami threaten Charlie in a game of Cat-And-Mouse, and seen how far the one could have pushed the other. That would have been a lot more fun than this. Ben and Ciara make for good comedy relief for at least a couple scenes. So Clyde stabbed Orpheus just to get his phone? Was that supposed to be an example of parental instinct trumping reason? It seemed unnecessary that Sami needed Belle, and only Belle, to be her lawyer but I did appreciate th
  19. When I watched Guiding Light, there was someone on the board I posted on who used to make fun of Justin Deas' spitting, sputtering and windmill arms in his scenes. I like Matthew Ashford but I was reminded of that person making fun of Justin Deas during those scenes with Billy Flynn/Chad. It wasn't great. I'm happy to be getting more of Cady McClain but those scenes seem a little odd with her talking on the phone with no real interaction with another character in her actual environment.
  20. Does anyone know why we're still seeing Cady McClain when it was reported that she'd be done in February? Is she actually "OUT", or was the date of her last episode wrong?
  21. Today's episode had to be written by that one script writer that I like. We got a reference to Kayla being the only doctor at the hospital, Gabi using the word "aphorism" in a sentence, and Chad mentioning a show (Father Knows Best) that he's likely never seen or heard of, all in one episode. Judi Evans decided to tone down that awful accent she was using for Bonnie but I still couldn't get through all of those Gabi/Abigail scenes because of her. While I agree that Gwen is completely untrustworthy, I can see where Jack is coming from in wanting to support her, and I hope he gets
  22. Uhhh, yes. Have you watched any of their scenes together? Abigail being too naive to know how to devise her own revenge plot against Gwen is an perfect example of how the show prefers plot over character, but I was also leaning towards Abigail subconsciously using Gabi as a kind of scapegoat for whatever happens with Gwen. And in a way, that actually does fall in line with the dynamic between Abigail and Gabi. Me, too. I love how Kristin's hatred for Chloe is totally clouding her ability to be a convincing "Susan". The Weeping-Mother-In-Prison version of K
  23. This could be so fascinating but I don't think the writers are bold enough to explore it.
  24. There was a below-the-waist shot of her when she was talking to Jack but her back was to the camera, so you couldn't really see anything. If Marci Miller is going on a maternity leave anytime soon, I'm going to miss her. On that note, I kinda hate that MM's Abigail is making a Deal-With-The-Devil/Gabi but I also love that her quest for revenge is leading her down a path that will likely come with undesirable results. Jake has been a good friend to her. It's so frustrating because I love AZ but this whimpering, flaccid version of Nicole is not something that makes any sense a
  25. It was probably one of the neighbors we were told couldn't hear Ava a few weeks back. That was rather anti-climatic for what I'm assuming was to be the BIG ENDING of February Sweeps. Maybe I'm just annoyed that Charlie won't be on-screen for awhile, or ever, and I mostly don't give a damn who shot/killed him. Kristin and her pessimistic view of the world trying to be Susan and help Claire and Ben made me chuckle. I can see Susan almost pulling off Kristin but Kristin is too self-absorbed and cynical to ever be Susan. It's funny that Kristin can't contain her Inner Bitch
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