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  1. I'm not saying that Chad really believes that Abigail was faking it, just that he felt wounded by her in that moment and was mentally preparing himself for having sex with Gwen. Even with Gwen's feigned reservations at play, I think Chad a gut feeling as to what was going to happen in that room with Gwen. Plus, he's drunk on cheap champagne. Yeah, what was that about? Who would have some kind of ill intent for Eli and Lani's kids? The irony being that however annoying Julie may or may not be, she found a loving husband who is absolutely devoted to her. Mos
  2. Agreed. I was impressed by his expression of emotion. It was about more than a break up but that the woman who he cared about was ashamed of him. The Show hasn't spent a lot of time on Jake trying to fit in to the DiMera mold of a certain kind of man but enough for him to have to confront the realization that, perhaps, Kate didn't think he "measured up". The human mind is a curious machine. I liked that Chad was willing to question the validity of Abigail's mental illness, because that is something a person would actually do when they feel like they've been wronged by a person they
  3. She's on a reality show, so it's all about the outfit. *chuckle* It kinda fits with my estimation of Gwen being someone who's fumbling her way towards villainy but, yeah, the writer's hand is much more visible here than Gwen being a skilled schemer. Poor Chad. That hangover from getting drunk on cheap champagne might be worse than waking up naked next to the nanny who's been lying-like-a-rug to you for weeks/months. Did the Show pay Jon Lindstrom to come in and kiss Cady McClain? They must really like her. What did all of other actors think who had to kiss some
  4. Charlie explained to Ava that her screaming wouldn't matter because he didn't have neighbors who could hear her. In Chad's defense, he has both Gwen and Kate lying to him, so he isn't completely wrong that something is going on around him, it's just that he's wrong about who is involved. It still sucks that he has to be a moron for Gwen's schemes to work but I appreciate that someone on the writing team has made it a little more complicated than Chad being too stupid to live. I'm still curious as to why Gwen hates Abigal but the longer they drag this on the more I doubt the
  5. Regardless of it being a bland shirt or not, Claire's gift to Charlie was specific to their first meeting, which feels appropriate for this point in their relationship. And didn't she mention that it wasn't as nice a gift as his concert tickets? Mike Manning demonstrated a capability for a good range of emotions with being the menacing son to SweetCharlie and back again. Tamara Braun makes me smile with her delivery of snarky lines and death stares. The only thing that gets me through all of the scenes of people attacking Tripp is the realization that truth is in the mind
  6. The Show can't write any of their characters as being intelligent for long, because it would spoil 99% of their plot points. It's just never going to happen. I like that Ava and Tripp are both stuck in situations where people don't believe them. Charlie is never going to believe that Ava has his best interest at heart, much to her own detriment, and the Horton/Brady families are never going to believe that Tripp didn't rape Allie, much to his own detriment. So Charlie believes he can kill his own mother? Wow. Why didn't we get to see Marlena talk Rage-o-holic John down
  7. Ava has good taste in cards. I pretty much hate picking out cards but some of those cards were super cute. And, I love Tripp wanting to fulfill his childhood dream of having a relationship with his mother, regardless of her being a part of the Psycho-of-the-Month club. It's all my kind of tragic. It was interesting that they had such an important conversation between Allie and Sami happen over a video chat, much like we might have to do while living during a pandemic, but there isn't a pandemic in Salem, USA. I was impressed with what Alison Sweeney was able to do while acting oppos
  8. Because Corday's wife thinks Galen Gering is the Ultimate Man®️. Surprised to see they got Victoria Konefal back for an episode so soon after her departure. It's probably difficult to find work during a pandemic. Poor Ben has absolutely no purpose to his life without his lurve for Ciara. This episode made me miss ORK as Claire, as she would have been the only reason I didn't FF through just about every scene. If they're going to continue the pattern for the week, hopefully tomorrow's episode will be fun and Friday's episode I should be able to watch in 20 minutes
  9. You know I had my finger on the FF button as soon as I suspected Nancy was asking her to sing. Our only hope is that Carlivati has such a crush on the actor that he's already planned out a way to keep Charlie on the canvas despite his bad deeds. Criminal behavior is basically a rite of passage for life in Salem, USA. Ohhhh, does that mean Rafe has come to announce that Eric is "dead", which will free up Nicole for storyline possibilities? Today must have been written by the one script writer that I like, because we had references to "Potter" and
  10. It's amusing to me that there's a Prophecy regarding Lyra, which to me suggests a deterministic end to all of this, yet many of the characters are worried and fretting that their choices may or may not make an impact on the circumstances. Are worries and concerns a way the mind convinces it's self of its own free will, while what's happening in the world around it has already been determined? I'm not sure if the show is actually exploring this issue, or if I'll have to make it up as I go. Does anyone have any insight into how Mrs Coulter is evading the Spectres? "Hiding her humanity"
  11. Xander/Sarah could actually be interesting if we were watching Xander's love for Sarah make him awfully bad at scheming, and Philip always being one step ahead of them because of it, but it feels like Xander and Sarah are supposed to be so cute together and smarter than everyone else. I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that Philip is telling Sarah he has feelings for her in hope that she'll tell Xander, which will motivate Xander to get himself fired from Titan. Even though I'm not a big fan of JKJ's acting choices, I really don't want him to be a total moron in this storyline.
  12. It was so bad. I think I could have done better. The funny thing would be if Dr Rolf was doing an experiment to see if Kristin and Chad were stupid enough to believe that picture actually happened...and they are. She's a different interpretation of Jennifer but I love her being here. If anything, I think Jennifer is too tame of a character for Cady McClain. I don't know why but whole thing with Lucas and Jennifer going to find Saul made me think of an episode of Three's Company, where Janet (Lucas) and Chrissy (Jennifer) spend their entire time trying to cor
  13. That seems likely. I kept waiting for Tamara Braun to show some sign of vulnerability towards Charlie but she really didn't, and as much as I wanted to see it happen, I think it demonstrates how Charlie is just as damaged as his mother. Those Ava/Charlie scenes were some of the best the show has done in quite some time. This would make the story more interesting and more ambiguous with Charlie believing Allie wanted to have sex with him, and Allie still being certain that there was a point at which she said, "No" and it meant, "No". Was this the first time we've seen the Kir
  14. Allie shouldn't be the second coming of Sami, though. It makes to me that she would imagine herself to be like her mother but she falls short at almost every turn. Much like Gwen talking to Stefano's portrait and imagining herself to be this dastardly villain, while her schemes are falling apart left and right. I appreciated the juxtaposition of Nicole's celebratory tone when realizing Allie wasn't going to be facing charges for a crime she did commit with Allie almost gleefully explaining how her civil suit will make Tripp pay for a crime he claims he didn't commit. There was
  15. I love Louise Sorel but I'm curious to see what Linda Dano will do with Vivian. I don't recall ever watching Dano being as shamelessly OTT as Robin Strasser can be, so I'm open to the possibility of her making some interesting choices. It is amusing that some actors/actresses aren't even given the benefit of the doubt before their scenes air. It reminds me of some organizations chastising movies based on subject matter before the films are released for public viewing.
  16. Today's wooden line readings reminded me of why I didn't care for the actor the first time around.
  17. I'm a little concerned we're going to have to wait until February Sweeps to find out Gwen's motivation. Please, Ron, NO. Who is writing the show these days? I loved the little squabble between Ava and Tripp about the possibility of Ava using Mob money to support her livelihood. And, the possibility of Kate and Ava locking horns over Allie and Tripp. The show still has its faults but there are some small moments of character interaction and potential conflicts that I'm appreciating. Tripp finally meeting his mother makes me think of those fans who have finally met their favori
  18. It's great that Judi Evans has triumphed all that was thrown her way, and she really does look good....but I'm mostly annoyed by Bonnie's presence here, and I usually enjoy some of her antics. As a reporter, Jennifer should be somewhat suspicious of Gwen but, unfortunately, she's human and has to deal with all of the emotions that come with recently finding out that your husband cheated on you. Jumping to conclusions when you hear Kate on the phone and buying into all of Gwen's nonsense makes sense to me. I'm cutting Jennifer some slack for the time being. I'm enjoying all of t
  19. Can you imagine her big monologue scene when she has to explain why she hates Abigail so much, and it's some totally benign, bullshirt reason? "That was MY glass of champagne, and you took it, so I vowed revenge against you!" Tamara Braun got to be the comedy relief today. I loved her line about coming back from the dead being harder in real life than it is on a soap opera, and her snarkiness towards Kayla. And that's coming from a person who understands Kayla's utter frustration that Ava is alive.
  20. For as much as I like having Abe in the mix of things, all of those Abe/Rafe scenes could have been left on the cutting room floor, and we could have just been told that Rafe was the new commissioner. Jake, I think Kate just told you that her relationship with Chad is more important to her than her relationship with you. It's fun watching Chad being caught in the middle of multiple women in his life lying to him, though. Gwen's outrage tantrum and Cady McClain's reaction shot was the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. I'm still chuckling as I type this. If Gwen's story is actua
  21. Today must have been that one script writer that I like, because Abe and Roman actually had a conversation about Lani's irrational behavior regarding Kristin. What show is this? I'm also appreciating the complications that are driven by the personalities of each character. Ava salivating over Steve while Tripp stood in the background with a perplexed look on his face was hilarious. Sarah and Xander are way too schmoopy for my taste. I may shift from tolerating them to actively rooting for their relationship's demise. Although Abe had nothing much to offer, I liked that
  22. Steve vs. Lucas was fun because Steve maintained his composure throughout while Lucas went on foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. But, I appreciate these scenes where each character is coming from a point of view that makes sense for the circumstances, regardless of how they behave. If I had any complaint about the Tripp and Allie scenes, it would be that Tripp didn't wince enough when Allie told him she was going to shoot him in his baby-maker. You could argue that the show is stuck in a time when abortion or giving up the baby for adoption wasn't a viable option, but it cou
  23. All good points. It's the main reason I like to imagine ORK playing these scenes, because I thought she was good at making her character feel like a real person in spite of all of the garbage writing. Oh, I'm so happy to see Cady McClain here. I thought Missy Reeves would have made more sense in those heavy emotional scenes of Jennifer finding out about Jack having sex with Kate but I'm curious to see what McClain will do with aftermath of it all. The Steve and Kayla conflict is one of the few things I can appreciate about this rape storyline.
  24. Enjoyed Kristen vs. Xander. I agree that Haiduk is more fun to watch when Kristin gets to watch the world burn around her. Does SweetCharlie still believe Claire is a great catch when she's arguing that Ben had every right to assault a police officer? It's not that I think nuClaire is a bad actress. She actually has some qualities that I think I might like but I watch most of her scenes imagining how much better they'd be with ORK playing them. Color me delighted that pill-popping Jennifer is having drinks with Bonnie hot on the heels of her breakup with Jack. Crossing
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