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  1. She looked good with the bed head and less makeup than usual. It was the least Creepy-Plastic-Doll she's looked since she's been back. #TeamDrRaynor all the way. Eli would be the only reason I might root against her. Xander and Lani can go duck themselves for all I care. I'm going to be so pissed if Xander is able to trick Dr Raynor into getting caught. The only reason I watched Kristin and Lani was to see how much Stacy Haiduk would sex up those scenes. There was a little innuendo but I was hoping for the envelope to be pushed even further. Kristin getting her pantie
  2. There's no way Kate Mansi could have conveyed being angry with Chad for cheating with Gwen but still love him and be pained by their separation. Marci Miller makes me want to watch everything she does. I like Missy Reeves but Cady McClain is involved in her scenes when she has no dialogue in a different way than Missy was. Gwen's story made me think of the movie Joker, where Arthur believes everything his mother has told him is truth only to find out she was a liar. I liked that Gwen's story made little sense to Jack. It was more interesting to me that her "reality" was like
  3. Great idea, and it serves as more evidence that Gwen-as-a-Villain isn't quite ready to take her training-wheels off. That said, I loved Anna vs. Gwen. Gwen has a way of taking insults from others like a duck letting the water roll off its back, and in some ways, it makes her more frightening than her amateurish scheming. William Utay is such an entertainer that I, too, felt a little disappointed that we didn't get to hear his version. But I was also thinking, are they really going to have Dr Rolf reveal Gwen's motivation and cheat Gwen out her BIG MONOLOGUE??? Nope.
  4. I don't remember those figurines specifically but I think Maggie's fondness for expensive trinkets has been dealt with before. Didn't Claire break one in a fit of rage, and Ciara fixed it for her? Something like that . It's not new but it's been awhile.
  5. Sometimes I think about you when I'm watching JKJ make his bizarro acting choices. At least someone is enjoying him. While Billy Flynn is making me like Chad enough that I kinda hoped Abigail would forgive him, it was smart of her to leave and take a break from him. Well, unless he becomes so broken that his life is falling apart that he does something else stupid. You say Potato, I say Po-tah-to. That fight between Maggie and Bonnie felt out-of-left-field but I liked Justin saying that Bonnie was changing, and Maggie saying that she was becoming a more polished troublemaker.
  6. On BritBox. It was the only place I could find all of Classic Who without paying for individual episodes. I went back and looked, and episode 1 started with the first attack on an oil rig, followed by the trio walking through a field. I appreciate what they did back then in some ways more than what can be done with CGI.. There are times when it's obvious they're using a miniature set, and I'm impressed that someone had to take the time to build that set, rather than manipulating what's seen on screen with a computer. The Zygon's spaceship was cool and the o
  7. I wondered if it was a deliberate choice with Allie's face having stripes of dark and light across it, while the lighting in Tripp and Charlie's scenes had Tripp lite up from behind as if he had a kind of angelic glow. I'll give them credit for at least trying to do something visually interesting, which I haven't noticed much previously. My sympathy may go a little farther. I don't think Charlie's childhood is an excuse for raping anyone but him relating it to Tripp was his way of explaining that he wasn't working with positive roles models as a child. But when Tripp explai
  8. Despite the laughably bad Skarasen monster, Terror of the Zygons was pretty good. I liked how the Zygons were able to take human form, a fun play on how we can see ourselves as alien to each other, but had a disdain for transforming into a human body. I felt bad that the Doctor was able to thwart their effort to take over our planet, as it could have just as easily been us using force to take over another planet after Earth had been destroyed. Tom Baker got to be funny, and Sarah Jane got to find her way into trouble, just as I like it. @Llywela, I was curious about a point I think y
  9. Sarah Jane is my favorite. I still remember being upset when she left. Leela was a good companion but my young mind couldn't accept that Sarah Jane was gone, and I was probably hoping she'd come back every time the Doctor and Leela moved on to a new place/time. It may have left a lasting impression on my young psyche, lol. I'm curious to see how I'll feel when I watch Sarah Jane and the Doctor part ways as an adult. I like the banter between Sarah Jane and Harry but I didn't form a strong attachment to him. My PBS station only aired seasons 12 through 15, so I didn't get to m
  10. The degree to which Xander is being so smug about all of this has me rooting for it to blow up in his face in one way or another. I won't even be too upset if Philip does something rotten to Sarah. Isabel Durant's crying voice didn't help me to feel any empathy for Claire's realization at how much life can suck. Wait, did SanctimoniousNicole say a bunch of people want to kill Charlie for what he did to Allie? Is Charlie going to become a Who-Dun-It? I really wish Charlie had enough knowledge about Nicole to tell her to climb down off of her high horse. Sheesh. Lo
  11. A little round of applause for Marci Miller. This storyline would be so much easier for me to not give a damn about if Kate Mansi were here spitting her lines at everyone. And even if Billy Flynn's tears felt undeserved, I could totally understand why they were there, and why he just wanted Marci Miller's Abigail to hug him and make it all go away. I loved that Chad's lack of trust in Abigail's word was an even deeper issue between them than the cheating. Kate vs Gwen! YAY! Kate didn't even bother standing up for this confrontation. Run with that money, Dr Raynor, run! Do n
  12. My local PBS station played several of Tom Baker's seasons over and over again when I was a kid, so I've always had a strong fondness for him. After being mostly disappointed in the NY's Day episode, Revolution of the Daleks, I sought out Classic Who and have been watching Baker's first season for the past few days. There was some fun stuff with K1 being internally conflicted as to whether he should attack or not but, overall, I found Robot to be mostly clunky. Enjoyed Sarah Jane finding her way into trouble, and the Think Tank Director, Hilda Winters, being the dastardly villain. I
  13. NBC app has them available after 8pm. Could be 7pm but when I checked for the last episode that was preempted, it wasn't on around 6pm but it was there after 8. Loved it when Gwen's eyes teared up after Chad called her disgusting. She's not a total robot bent on destroying Abigail and her family. There is some pain associated with her revenge. Always happy to see another round of Jake vs. Gwen. In Julie's defense, Gabi was the only person I could think of who would hate Eli and Lani enough to kidnap their kids. I'd forgotten about how much Vivian hates Lani. It could
  14. The human mind is ripe with potential for hypocrisy. You don't have to look that hard to find it. I didn't see it as writing Tripp as dumb but, rather, a flawed human being a hypocrite. It made me chuckle when he said it. Another vote for today being, possibly, the first episode where I appreciated Isabel Durant's performance as Claire, and didn't imagine how every scene would have been played by ORK. It made me wonder if they were setting up possible complications down the road with Ava clearly not being in her right mind as she told Nicole what happened, and Nicole n
  15. Salem, USA exists in an objective reality in which there's a doctor who's capable of bringing dead people back to a state of living, which to suggests that it's a different objective reality than ours. If they want to say that DNA testing plays by different rules, too, it's not that difficult for me to accept that. Although, I still haven't figured out how Gabi was able to carry Abigail around without assistance. It was odd to me that John sent Rafe to Charlie's apartment, where he found Ava, but Steve had no idea that Ava had been found there. Why did Rafe, John and Steve all quit com
  16. Laura and Gwen could have been one of Dr Rolf's earliest experiments. I did think there was an odd note of familiarity when Dr Rolf and Gwen started interacting. It might even work in making Gwen's BIG monologue as to why she hates Abigail feeling totally ridiculous.
  17. Right? I was going to ask if Judi Evans has always played Bonnie with such a caricature-like accent. Nails on a chalkboard! Well, today was a change of pace. It felt like a show that I didn't even know why I'm watching, as opposed to every other day this week. Not a big Chloe fan but I liked that she's actually being a voice of reason, and telling Philip he needs to do something about this mess with the Vitali family. It could be reasoned that Philip is behaving like an addict who continues to be prone to self-destructive behaviors, but the Show isn't making much effort to wr
  18. OMG, NBC sucks! Cutting off the last few minutes!?!?! I wanted to see if Marlena was finally going to "grow some balls" and tell Claire that Chuck may be Allie's rapist. Ben calling Charlie "Chuck" made me think of Peppermint Patty. Good grief, Charlie Dale! Honestly, though, I was hoping Charlie's E-VOL self would rear its ugly head, and he would put Ben in some kind of choke-hold or punch him in the throat. Poor Claire. As much as I wanted to Fast-Forward through all of Isabel Durant's scenes, I had to watch the train wreck of Claire's grandmother showing up when she's abo
  19. Cady McClain uses her voice in a different way than Missy Reeves, so while I enjoy MR and sometimes imagine how she might interpret a scene, I don't think CM is a cheesy variation of Jennifer Rose Horton. McClain is simply doing her own thing, which she should. Although, I'd would agree that McClain may have been miscast as Jennifer, because I think the way they write Jennifer at this point is a mostly flaccid character. And Cady McClain plays a force to be reckoned with. Happy to see Victoria Platt again. Guiding Light was my show many moons ago, and it's nice to see anyone who rem
  20. I'm in Ohio and had to watch it on the NBC app. 20 ads for Ted Danson's new show was so annoying but the show has been good enough, lately, that I sucked it up and dealt. Marlena: "Ben, I'm sorry, do we have an appointment today?" Ben: "No, but I don't have a storyline right now, so I've come to talk about Ciara." It would have been more shocking if Ben didn't go with Marlena to check on Claire t
  21. This was a major Failure of the writing teams who decided to cast the character in such a manner. It's unfortunate that viewers hate Abigail simply because of lazy writers. Boes, I attempted to "like" your comment multiple times, and got an error message every time. Just putting that out there. I feel a warm glow of validation that even one viewer would, against better judgement, root for MM's Abigail.
  22. I like your interpretation of those scenes better than mine. I'm still disappointed that Jack didn't show the ferocity for his family that I wanted to see but I'll agree that it was smart of him to deal with Gwen the way he did. Agreed! She gave me what I was hoping to see from Jack on yesterday's show. Billy Flynn was so fun to watch as Chad was squirming. I loved that his eyes were tearing up a bit when Abigail turned to see if he'd been taken advantage of, and that she believed his words rather than that look in his eyes. Ugh, those scenes with Angelo
  23. It's like a Dissociative Identity Disorder with the two actresses being different personalities of the one body. Marci Miller plays her as a vulnerable, flawed human being, while Mansi is the home-wrecking, scenery-chewing monster that thinks the whole world owes her something. I can't even MM's Abigail doing half of the things that Mansi's version has done. And I'll come back again tomorrow to defend Miller's Abigail, if need be. kthanksbye.
  24. Good point. We could assume that Charlie doesn't have extensive knowledge about what would happen in a mental hospital, and maybe his own ignorance will play into his downfall. I hadn't thought about it from that perspective. I'm happy to agree to disagree. I thought it humorous that he made his claim about doing anything for his family but basically let Gwen own him through every step of that conversation. I guess I could chalk it up to him keeping his friends close and his potential enemies closer, which would actually be a smarter move.
  25. In her defense, her hands were tied and I'd guess it's difficult to induce the gag reflex without a finger. Charlie's plan would have been a little more believable if he'd planned on keeping Ava drugged up in his apartment, rather than sending her to the mental hospital. What happens when the drugs wear off at the mental hospital and she's able to speak coherently? I do love the Apple-Doesn't-Fall-Far-From-The-Tree dynamic between them, though. It's fascinating seeing Ava, the one usually playing the predatory role, being preyed upon by her own child. And I like that Mike Manning ha
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