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  1. Jackee was so good on 227. I'm hoping they give her something with a bit of substance with work with here but I'm not holding my breath. This Show is so All-Over-The-Place with which characters they give something meaningful to, and which characters are mostly just making noises with their mouths. Do we know how far ahead they are with filming episodes now? I thought we'd have seen her by now.
  2. She didn't seem to care enough about him to be concerned where he was raised. I thought Ava's scenes in which she revealed her lack of connection to her own child were well written for a Show that doesn't make many attempts at delving deep into their character's psyche. I don't even mind that the conversation may have been a ploy to distract Rafe from whether she actually slept in her bed, or not, because the whole thing was both surprising frank and tragic. I kept telling her she could lie about that entire conversation with Ben but she wouldn't listen to me. It's so w
  3. What do you do about a problem like Charlie Dale? Apparently, if you take a drink every time someone threatens to kill him, you may, or may not, be as drunk as a skunk right now. Or, you could be drunk on rage, like John Black, and be wandering around Salem, USA trying to find him. I have no faith that Who-Shot-Charlie? is going to be as interesting as What-Will-Charlie-Do-Next? Crossing my fingers and toes that he only ends up in a coma, or something of the sort. Why did they even bother with that? LOL! How many times has their arrangement of time made no sense in
  4. Considering how devious she was when she was starting fires, it's so disappointing she has to be an idiot now. Those scenes with Charlie could have been a Matching-of-Wits between two people with dark impulses, and potentially something that forced Claire to go back to her former self, rather than crying out for help and sobbing on her mother's shoulder. Where is ORK when I need her??? And that amounted to nothing. Odd that it seemed like they were trying to clue us in to something that played no part in the following day's episode. Unless there's a quota for
  5. Linda Dano as snarky Vivian stuck in prison is an improvement over her involvement with Lani and Eli, so if they continue to write her scenes with hints of comedy I'll probably keep watching them. Another vote for Mike Manning being too good for this garbage writing but I'm so glad he's here to make me want to root for Charlie when I shouldn't. I'm assuming we got multiple glimpses of Claire's phone because it ran out of memory/storage before Charlie made his confession, at least that's how it appeared. Otherwise, I'll be rooting for Charlie's revenge against Claire, even though I don
  6. Even better. If they could find a good, younger actor in that age range, my Johnny/Stefano-Frankenstein-Creation would be a force to be reckoned with. It said something like "Unknown Caller", so I don't know how much help that would be in Salem, USA. Probably depends on which dart hits the dartboard for the Storyline-of-the-Day. Emily O'Brien has gotten much better since they gave her a back story she can work with. I enjoyed everything she did in this episode with Charlie. I even felt like she infused some ambiguity into whether she really believed Charlie i
  7. EJ as a Cyberman would be hilarious! This is a good summation, and a smart writer would try to work Gabi's struggle to keep her successful company alive by the whims of fickle men as a motivation behind her current state of desperation/OTT bravado. She's been painted into a corner of believing her sexuality is the means of the survival of her business. The crazy thing is that they have Rafe there, with whom she could vent some of these frustrations, and we don't get a hint of a scene like this. Salem PD has their own unique way of dealing with criminal behav
  8. Wait, didn't Evan/Christian willingly go to prison, or did he run off at the last minute? Disappointed that Rhodes will go so soon but I guess Evan has more history with Ben and other characters than Rhodes has with anyone that we know of.
  9. It probably helped that they needed a way for Jennifer to explain that she's "going off to Boston." Good grief, just wait until Dr Rolf figures out how to construct a Dalek!!! As soon as Jake showed up there with Gwenny, I couldn't help but laugh. I love the way they snark at each other. Looks like Gwen is about to drag Abigail down into the mud with her with her hands tied behind her back. Let me get the popcorn ready!
  10. Yes. Susan has been involved in plots in the past that required her to be smarter than this. Susan actually made me laugh with the discerning look she gave to Chloe/Brady right after everyone else had left the apartment. I don't know how the hell Vivian ended up in Statesville so quickly but that was the most alive I've seen Linda Dano in a scene since she started. Maybe she enjoyed working with Stacy Haiduk? Poor Claire. Playing the third wheel to Ciara and one of her love interests again. At least it made sense, to me anyways, that Orpheus would figure out what
  11. It seems to me that Charlie would have convinced himself that he didn't rape Allie, so the actor should embody that in his performance. I'm missing how someone isn't doing a good job. I wondered this, too. Could Orpheus somehow be the one behind the kidnapping, and Vincent really does believe Ciara is dead? It's not like this writing team is committed to their stories making sense. I drives me crazy that Ava is so completely lacking in empathy towards Charlie, and doesn't seem the least bit conflicted in what consequences may come his way. The look of hurt on
  12. Regarding that old pic, maybe I was taking a break at the time but I knew everyone but Cameron. Did the Chad/Cameron competition happen before Abigail fake-seduced Austin? Because I was watching when the Austin thing happened. The only reason I know is because Peacock shows the length of the episode. The daily broadcast on NBC is thisclose to being half show/half advertising. It was 43 minutes before they got caught up from the COVID shutdown, so this is a recent development. My feeling is that one of the script writers is the one injecting all of the literary re
  13. No surprise here that I'm sad to see Cady McClain go. If they let her go, it was probably because the show is too poor to keep her but I was really hoping we'd see Jack torn between Jennifer and Abigail thinking Gwen killed Laura and Gwen insisting it was an accident. Why isn't that a story worth paying for??? Oh right, I've been waiting all of my life to watch Ben and Ciara rolling around in bed thinking they're Romeo and Juliet.
  14. Peacock made me watch a handful of commercials but not as many as the NBC app. I had to watch it on my phone, though, as my Firestick wouldn't allow me to download the Peacock app. It's crazy that the show is only 37 minutes now, and that includes the credits at the end of the show. That's what I was thinking. Isn't the wedding day supposed to be the Bride's Day? Steve kinda decided it was all about what he wanted to happen, which made me think of when he was playing games with Kayla and Justin after the Stefano Chip was removed. Thankfully, Peacock allowed me to Fast-Forw
  15. Did you have to pay for it? Maybe I should switch from the NBC app to Peacock. If it was actually an accident, yes. If Gwen pushed Laura, making it more of a manslaughter kind of thing rather than an accident, then not showing it makes a little more sense. Another vote for being pleasantly surprised that Jack got to make choices that made sense for his character. Who was sitting in the writer's room that day? Emily O'Brien is so funny with her bitchy snark. I loved her Salute to Rafe when he was Mansplaining to her. But why is she there answering questions without a
  16. I don't think someone wakes up in the morning and consciously chooses to be a remorseless criminal. That's the main reason I find Gwen to be interesting, because it seems like she is self aware enough to know that she is trouble but there's also an element of not being able to control her impulses. And wow, did her revenge impulses pay off sooner than I expected with Laura laying there in a pool of her own blood. They skipped the actual altercation, which I'm assuming will be important to Future-Plot-Contrivances.
  17. Enjoyed all of the Jack/Gwen scenes, as I kept imagining that Gwen is too damaged from her unfortunate upbringing to hold back from her revenge impulses, and her relationship with Jack will never be what she'd imagined it would be. Oh great. Victor has fixed everything, Philip is forgiven and now they can be a happy family. Can this story please go somewhere? Send Xander back to his former criminal self? I don't give a damn about Brady being shot, and it all feels like a waste of time at this point. Jamie Lyn Bauer has done a good job considering Laura has to be an asshole th
  18. Yes, Vivian explained this the last time she was in Salem, just before she faked her death. "Live tweeting" is hilarious. At least the actor portraying Rhodes made the scenes with Ciara somewhat interesting but Susan's play-by-plays were the worst. Ugh, me too. It's kinda nice when I can finish the episode in the 20 minutes or less but I actually prefer it when I want to see everything that happens. What is Linda Dano doing? She didn't even sound happy when she explained to Ivan that she was so happy to have those children in her life now. And why d
  19. Is that what was happening? I was so confused by those scenes that my finger accidentally fell onto the FF button. Aside from Susan referring to Ben as The Necktie Killer there was much of anything that was interesting or entertaining about this episode, and it was probably the most I've FF-d through an episode in months. I think I'll take Linda Dano over Robin Strasser as Vivian but that isn't saying much, as I don't see Dano's muted performance much more interesting than Strasser trying to chew all of the scenery. Rhodes, the Kidnapper-With-A-Heart-Of-Gold. How quaint.
  20. If someone was going to potentially attack my grandmother who I loved with all of my heart, that would not be something I would facilitate in any way, shape or form. Unless it's just a case of Abigail-Haters-Are-Gonna-Hate, I can't understand why Abigail is getting grief for looking out for her grandmother. I don't get the impression, at all, that we're supposed to be sympathizing with Gwen. If anything, I like that she's a victim of circumstances and she's made some pretty horrible choices of her own accord. Jack and Laura's confrontation was great but, seriously, I was so dis
  21. You're not alone. I've been singing Cady McClain's praises since Day 1. OMG, I can't believe those flashbacks really happened. I laughed so hard that I couldn't even remember the last time I've laughed like that. Emily O'Brien was good as trashy Tiffany, and while Cady McClain seemed to be trying to make the best of it, I felt slight embarrassment for her and Marci Miller. I loved Gwen begging Jack to tell her that he couldn't stand her and wasn't happy to see her, as that's been the story she's been telling herself all of her life, and she so desperately needed him to
  22. Why make it Gladys if it was just going to be a phone call? For a minute there I thought they were going to bring a character back from all of those years ago. From what you all have said, it seems like Jennifer would have thought Jack's father would have been the culprit. I love how Gwen barely has a conscience, and how it actually fits to what we've been told about her. If the writers are smart, which is rare, they'll never resolve this issue with her. It's fun how Gwen brings the worst out of Marci Miller's more compassionate incarnation of Abigail. Eric is going
  23. Allie has said that she knew something happened when she woke up. Not sure who she said it to but you're not wrong. One of the few things I've found interesting about this story from Allie's POV is that it makes sense that she'd repress things as a means of self-preservation for her mind's sake. The hypnosis session that seemingly contradicted everything we've been told up to this point feels like such a misstep. Does the actor who plays Vincent cost more than the actor portraying Rhodes? With all of the felons who've escaped or avoided prison, it seems like they're missing ou
  24. The reason people blackout is because the hippocampus quits making new memories when they're extremely intoxicated. We already knew that Charlie assaulted Allie. The contrived hypnosis session seemed unnecessary, although perhaps in Salem, USA the hippocampus plays by its own rules. I still think a little ambiguity goes a long way. Victoria Konefal is back already??? I couldn't help but laugh at the idea of Ciara banging on that plastic wall all of this time. Is Vincent in jail? I can't remember. Any storyline that causes me to remember Brad-In-A-Cage on Y&R makes me smile.
  25. I had to chuckle at Nicole saying she would hate for anyone to get hurt, as she was just threatening to kill Charlie a week or so ago. Double standards, I guess. For as much as I think people should just keep their hands to themselves, I cheered a little inside when Tony grabbed Kristin and tried to shake some sense into her. I guess I'm prone to double standards, too. Poor Kristin. Her total lack of impulse control wins every time! It's hilarious that Brady is going to be fine and she pulled such an idiotic stunt. At least Nadia Bjorlin was able to shed some realisti
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