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  1. It seemed so stupid to me. I liked that Kate got to reveal to Chloe that Kristen had been plotting against her for months but it seemed so stupid that she never once called out for Jake or Gabi, or told Chloe to scream for them. I loved that Kate was able to claw her way back to the DiMera Mansion, especially after she made her way to the hospital after Vivian buried her alive awhile back. Sami and Lucas were fun. I don't buy that Sami is so irresistibly, sexually attracted to Lucas but they banter so well together. Enjoyed Nicole telling Rafe about half of the tr
  2. It's funny that you say that, because during today's episode I was trying to imagine a way Those Writers could hand wave all of this away by saying someone has been wearing an Eric Mask in Africa, and he hasn't made any of those calls. I'm not sure it's a good thing that I've turned to masks to explain away storyline issues. I had the same feeling. Mostly during the Jake/Gabi scenes, and I don't even like them that much. Whoever wrote today's script had some sense of the "good old days". Yes, my main problem with Xander/Sarah was that she basically emotiona
  3. Agreed. And I don't believe that Eric would ever abandon Nicole and her daughter, so this phone call nonsense just doesn't work for me. Many thanks to whoever wrote today's script. I laughed so much. I loved Nicole having a self-aware conversation about how she knew she had no right to be jealous about Rafe and Ava but it was happening to her, regardless. Not a big fan of her having sexy-times with Xander, because it was so evident that she hated him previously, but I'm fine with her ruining her marriage to Eric. Alison Sweeney is a Miracle Worker for making me w
  4. It seemed like Kristen had a plan that involved her taking off the Kate mask and putting the doctor/nurse's mask on but whether that will actually make sense in the next episode is another story. At least Sami got to be smart enough to figure out Kristen's mask shenanigans in the storyline that seems like it will never end. I was really hoping that Nicole would show up and ruin Rafe and Ava's boring date but, OK, she's getting into trouble with Xander. Anything to make these silly phone calls from Eric go away would be nice. Whatever Happened to A Plane Crash???
  5. It seems like the "New Head Writer" thing will probably go on until the show is cancelled. Who is going to be the New Head Writer that is going to make the show great again? They had Sheri Anderson in their midst years ago, and Ken Corday seemed fine with her departure. There are a handful of Writers on the writing team who've written soaps for decades, and it seems unlikely any of them are getting promoted to HW. It appears to me that Corday likes Carlivati's style of writing. The funny thing about that is that it sounds like NBC doesn't even care how much the fans like t
  6. Not at thing. I feel like you're reading my mind. What is happening to me? I was totally #TeamChloe during all of those scenes with Sami and Lucas. I really wanted to smack Sami, and I usually root for her and her schemes. I don't know how the hell Kate jumped out of that car but at least she did, and hopefully someone will find her soon enough to put an end to this disaster of a storyline. Poor Chloe. Freaking KrAte lurking in the background. I hate, hate, hate what those Writers have done to Claire. She's become such a whiny, pathetic character.
  7. I'm not a big Chloe fan but I hate that Lucas is lying to his friend about having a brain tumor. That said, I agree that everyone involved did a good job of turning it into a twisted kind of comedy relief. I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes for this...and then @norcalgal mentioned Brady being in a coma and I feel like this storyline could go on for an eternity. There are people who don't sympathize with Gwen, though, so I see her as more of a grey character. Gwen's villainy was based on a flawed assumption that her father rejected her, and now she's trying to
  8. I'm hoping the Writers will allow him to be just a jerk and not turn him into some silly Dick Dastardly villain because they have a quota of Spoiler-i-fic Plot Points to fulfill. I actually like the idea of Rafe and Nicole acting out some kind of subconscious-like parental fantasy that the characters can't consciously engage in but I may be imagining things that aren't there. Poor delusional Jan. Her plan to set up Belle for Charlie's murder was pretty good before she "woke up" from her coma, and has done nothing but brag unnecessarily and basically shoot-hersel
  9. If the show were written more intelligently, Jack's instinct for other's criminal behavior contrasted with his blind spot for Gwen would be one of the many layers of this storyline. My feelings exactly. I don't know if the writers are consciously constructing the story in this manner but this is the kind of subtext that I've been viewing the Jack and Abigail scenes. Jack is counting on his bond with Abigail to be strong enough to withstand this storm, all the while missing how it's emotionally wounding Abigail in the process. I find it to be quite tragic, an
  10. My understanding is that these six episodes are only the first half of the first season, therefore I'm not anticipating that much of anything will be wrapped up. Lucy got to do some cool things during her fight with Amalia, so I don't see her Turn as being a total crappy deal. Unfortunately, her Turn started off with a tragic event that she's still trying to cope with. I'm on the same page. The only reason I can come up with that Penance isn't reacting to Amalia's Other-Worldly comments is that they've had these conversations many times in the past, and Pena
  11. Oh, me too. I mean, she's tinkering with the timeline to fork with Abigail but I love how her pain over losing the child is real, and Abigail did actually say some awful things to her. It's all so wonderfully messy. There was definitely some chemistry between them in their scenes today. I think part of my problem with them is that the script continues to tell us how awesome they were together but that wasn't actually how the story played out. She left town shortly after Jake came to Salem, USA. I see Jack as a father who's trying to make up for lost time with his da
  12. Me, too. Someone here said that Cady had taped a bunch of scenes before she was done, and that's what we're seeing. But it's strange that we're still seeing her in that set with the couch when Jennifer could just be in Salem, USA interacting with her family. I think she's only selling one piece at a time. One appointment per day. And I'm here for it! Kayla needs a foil. Even better if he starts causing trouble for Kayla. I love it when those Writers give MBE something fun to work with. I love how she vacillates between Abigail wanting to be a better person a
  13. It seems like Stefan ousted Chad as CEO and he figured out how to steal the Mansion from him. I don't think Stefan got the Mansion because he was CEO. Then, Gabi got it because she was married to Stefan when he died. Me, too. Matthew Ashford and Emily O'Brien have great father/daughter chemistry. I'm totally convinced that Jack would be making choices about Gwen that will piss the hell out of Abigail. If Gwen is going to lose that baby, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that she'll continue to pretend she's pregnant. How many people is Kristin going to take to
  14. Nope. It's Gabi's house. She could have anyone she wants thrown out for trespassing on her property. EJ could try to steal it from her but it's still Gabi's house. That doesn't mean the show won't write someone as living there due to the limited amount of sets. . It wasn't even days, though. Charlie had been dead for weeks before she "woke up" from her coma. It's all so stupid that I almost don't even care if Charlie never comes back from the dead. Today was the Sami that I know and love. Taking down Belle with her hands tied behind her back. Bullying Lucas int
  15. Almost every show I've watched on HBO has a combination of nudity, gratuitous sex scenes, graphic violence, F-bombs, or all of the above. It's part of their brand, and seems unlikely that the nudity and the violence are going anywhere. Mary questioning Amalia about her motivations was what really made me like her. I liked her singing, too, but I was impressed that she wasn't just sitting in the orphanage and sipping on Amalia's Kool-Aid. Sad to see her go so soon but curious to see if the loss of their Feel-Good melodies will have an impact on the Touched. Also enjoyed the tet
  16. Me, too. I was sure there was going to be a plane crash before the episode ended. Agreed. I wasn't a fan of the baby-talking Sarah but being a doctor doesn't preclude a person from having quirky personality traits. I'll vote for this, too. Theo and Ciara have a much longer history than Ciara and Ben, and if I had a friend who had the misfortune of marrying a serial killer, I'd be more than happy to whisk them off to another country while they had amnesia. If RSW was skilled performer, I thought his scenes with Claire could have been interesting as a man who's comi
  17. Chanel hasn't had to scam until around the time she arrived in Salem, and possibly started with Claire, Tripp and the expensive champagne. Paulina only recently shut off Chanel's credit cards. When Philip gave Gabi that hug after she couldn't "get it up", I kinda/sorta liked the idea of them as a couple. Up until that moment, they've mostly gotten on my nerves. There was definitely some chemistry between Brandon Barash's Stefan and Gabi but Jake and Gabi feel like something the Show continues to tell us is amazing couple but it's not working on-screen at all. Brandon B feels m
  18. Yes, I've noticed it, too. Although I mostly find it annoying, it does make some sense to me that she would use an affected manner of speaking while talking to Xander when she was trying to impress him. But now that she knows he isn't wealthy, I'm not sure why she's still using it. Paulina serving up all of those digs at Xander was cracking me up but UGH! at Chanel exposing their plot in front of her mother. It was just so stupid. For as much as I'm just begging for this KruSan nonsense to be over, it does crack me up that she just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into
  19. Linda Dano as Vivian is growing on me. I enjoyed her line delivery in all of her scenes with The KruSan. Me, too. I mostly don't care about the romantic pairings on this show but I was really hoping they'd end up kissing, if only because it would totally foil all of KruSan's machinations to keep them apart. Plus, they're kinda cute with the way their friends with each other.
  20. Chad defending Gwen to Abigail was just perfect. Every time Abigail tries to get her head straight, she gets one more reason to feel like her life is conspiring against her. And Marci Miller walked off in heels while she's pregnant. Xander and Chanel are such a pleasant surprise. Hoping Paulina gives them a run for their money. If this is followed by Claire trying to Char-Broil Ciara again, I might sign up for some of that nonsense. That's totally Princess Gina. Ahhh, the good ol' days.
  21. This dynamic between Paulina and Chanel is what I find fascinating about them. It's clear that Paulina has "spoiled" Chanel, and understandable that Paulina wants Chanel to make her own way but now she feels guilty and wants to fix everything. It's like Paulina can't get out of her own way, and Chanel likely knows exactly how to get what she wants out of her mother. Paulina's reactions to all of Xander's dirty deeds was hilarious but, unfortunately, Jackee Harry is not the best cry-er. Jack's hair made me think of the episode of Seinfeld where they had to get the low-flow shower
  22. Watching with the captions on, Amalia says, "And Maladie's got no idea what Mary's "turn" can do. Mary is the voice of the Galan...". Then she stops herself. So whatever the Galan...'s are, Amalia seems to have some knowledge of it/them. When Lavinia Bidlow said the glowing orb meant "War", it made me think of the film Arrival and how the many of the humans could only see the alien's arrival as a threat, or an act of war. Fun to see Pip Torrens again. He was one of my favorite parts of Preacher.
  23. I hate the idea of Jan "magically" waking up from her coma to go kill Charlie but your logic makes sense to me in the way that things operate in Salem, USA. I suppose if Jan can set up Belle for killing Charlie, and Belle gets sent to The Statesville Country Club, all the better for Jan. That would also explain why the missing button seems like a non-issue to Belle but not why Martha Madison played some of the scenes with Shawn with hints of guilt. I wish they'd have played this Murder Mystery a little more straight-forward than trying to outsmart the audience. We're so far beyond Th
  24. I'm worried, too. There have been a number of scenes where someone came at Gwen with a verbal attack and she smacked them down while not even breaking a sweat. I love how she can be so cool under pressure, and I'm not at all happy that she's letting Abigail win a round of verbal smack down. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the monologue you speak of is just around the corner. If they insist on dragging out this stupid story of Kristin pretending to be Susan to protect Brady from the E-VOL Chloe Lane, at least I care enough about Sami and Lucas to be somewhat entertained. But ho
  25. The other day I thought I liked nuTheo but he was so wooden in his scenes with Chad today that I couldn't be bothered to watch them play chess. The only thing that bothered me about Gwen/Jack/Abigail was that Gwen didn't offer up any of her usual snark while Abigail was on a full throttle attack. Maybe it's smarter for Gwen to portray this version of herself in front of Jack but I'm getting a little worried Those Writers are going to neuter her. The Invisible Babies don't bother me. Gwen has just as much right to a crying blanket as anyone else in Salem, USA. Ben loooves
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