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  1. Reading KC’s interviews reminds me of the Fred Armisen SNL character who never finishes a sentence. https://vimeo.com/36788443
  2. All that natural light looks great! I this your new house? How do you like it?
  3. Paige's gif set for this episode:
  4. I’m baffled by the praise for season 5. The show threw out all of Oliver’s character growth and made him incredibly stupid that season for the sake of the plot. He was fooled and betrayed at every turn, by Evelyn, BS, Susan Williams, Thalia, Adrian, and Anatoly. In the crossover he was tricked by aliens. I can’t even watch season 5 again after it aired because I loved Oliver Queen as a character and to see him regressed like that was painful.
  5. 115 to catch the Dodger, 121 in the underground casino to get Walter's location, 122 for the Merlyn caper. So catching Mathis would be her 4th time in the field.
  6. I bought the Kindle version. I didn't much care for COIE, but I did appreciate how Felicity is front and center in the second half (the first half is more of an ensemble). I screencapped some of the story notes that are about Felicity:
  7. So much OTA goodness in this episode:
  8. Paige's episode gif thread:
  9. PaigeOTA is posting episode gif threads again, going through season 2:
  10. I watched the first 6 episodes of season 1 when they aired (gave up on the show after that and came back mid season 2), and I was certain that they would somehow walk back the backstory of Oliver cheating on LL with Sara. Have it be a misunderstanding and Oliver just let LL believe it to keep her at a distance, until it was time for them to get together and then she would find out it didn't happen and there wouldn't be any more obstacles between them. Instead, the show went in the opposite direction and added Tommy dying, Sara coming back and dating Oliver again, and a secret kid conceived when Oliver was cheating on Laurel. Yikes.
  11. Since we’re on the topic of MG, I’m going to be participating in a group Zoom Q&A with him later on this week, and if anyone has a question they’d like me to ask him, let me know and I’ll try to bring it up.
  12. EBR fans are well aware she wasn’t a regular in season 8 so no one was going to “trip”, but Craig loves to demonize fans he dislikes.
  13. The 50 Best CW Ships LINDSAY MACDONALD JUN 26, 2020 https://www.tvguide.com/galleries/the-best-50-cw-ships-of-all-time-ranked/51/ Oliver and Felicity were ranked #1 on this list:
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