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  1. I posted this on twitter, but if people here want to play, I made a tournament bracket of Olicity scenes. Here are links to the scenes if you want a refresher 😊 It was pretty difficult to choose just 32 to start with. With the exception of season 8, there were so many to pick from. 301 First date 103 Oliver and Felicity meet 309 I love you 112 Felicity gives Oliver the notebook 320 First time 122 Very platonic circumstances 323 Drive into the sunset 117 Oliver finds Felicity after Helena attacks 206 Because of the life I lead 707 Slabside reunion kiss 207 There was no choice to make 708 Reunion sex 209 Felicity helps Oliver put on his mask for the first time 709 You will always be the love of my life 223 He took the wrong woman 722 Bigger than the universe 603 Apartment key+kiss 801 It's supposed to be red 604 Hallway dessert 802 Oliver puts ring back on Earth X Crossover Reunion hug/kiss 810 Reunion hug/kiss 609 Wedding reception 618 I'm glue, baby 401 Ivytown life 509 I do believe in magic 406 Ying-yang kiss 522 Oliver's birthday party 409 Proposal 520 Bunker sex 416 You are my always 519 Oliver confronts Felicity about Helix
  2. E! is taking nominations for favorite TV actresses. EBR still qualifies because the eligibility window extends to August 2018.
  3. Another good timewaster: Here's my bracket:
  4. SA talked to Kat McNamara on his IG live session today. They have a pretty good rapport; I hope we'll get to see them at a con together eventually.
  5. I did not. But today I found it at an Asian grocery store. Also stocked up on snacks, which earned me a side-eye from the cashier, who probably thought I was being silly, standing in line for 45 minutes for chips. My excuse is that I don't want to have to go to the store any more than I need to, since I'll be working from home for the next month, and the city declared that we need to shelter-in-place for 3 weeks,
  6. I've been putting off shopping for as long as possible, but finally had to go to the neighborhood grocery store tonight for perishables. Unsurprisingly, all shelves of dry goods (pasta, flour, beans, rice) were empty. But in my search for condensed milk, I noticed that most of the pancake/maple syrup was gone too. Are people going to breakfast their way through the pandemic?
  7. lemotomato

    S01.E06: Legacies

    Paigeota's gifs of the episode. First proto-OTA scene and sweaty Oliver/Diggle workout. (I'm pretty sure if Felicity hadn't been introduced, the show would've gotten very slashy very quickly)
  8. Nice sentiment, Beth. Too bad what we actually saw in 809 was E2 LL tearing Mia down and calling her a useless waste of space. It was as uplifting as the "hashtag feminism" Flash episode.
  9. I’m not sure where Andy expected their relationship to go after she dies. And according to Andy, Oliver tolerating BS’s presence was “better” than Oliver’s relationship with his sister? Yikes.
  10. I love that even panels at cons can inspire fan art:
  11. The whole panel got posted: And a clip of them answering the question of “when would Oliver have told Felicity he loved her if he could have done it earlier?” I was at the con, and there was definitely a goofy, carefree vibe with both SA and EBR the whole time.
  12. That's because you genuinely like Felicity and see her as a main character in her own right. Unlike Andy, who hates Felicity (he's called her a mass murderer because of Havenrock), and wrote a half-assed list for clickbait. I think his list is terrible because the items were mostly Felicity playing a supporting role, being used to prop other characters (embracing Laurel, meeting Barry), or just plain random (attending her husband's funeral? what?) I'm not surprised he thinks she's at her best when she's being a sidekick.
  13. PaigeOTA on twitter has been posting episode gifs for the last couple of seasons, but since the show ended she's gone back to cover old episodes. Today was 103:
  14. Felicity was mentioned in Supergirl: The Secret Files of Kara Danvers
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