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  1. Even Matt M from TV Line wondered about LL/KC's placement in the poster when it came out: "But it’s the staging of the next tier of costars that seemingly ranks Ollie’s gruff island buddy Slade Wilson (new series regular Manu Bennett) higher than his lithesome lady love Laurel (original cast member Katie Cassidy)." Like you said, they were leading completely different lives and were always hiding something from each other. That all we were ever shown of Oliver and Laurel's relationship, whether it was before the island when he treated her like crap (cheated and lied), or post-island, when he sidelined her and lied to her about who he was and what he was doing. Yet the characters were made to say stuff about how they were meant to be together (Helena, Tommy), how Oliver was better around Laurel (Moira), how Laurel knew Oliver "in her bones" (Oliver, Laurel). The Oliver/Laurel relationship was the worst case of "tell, not show" I've ever seen on TV. I think that SA, who had shown how much thought he put into the character and the show in the early seasons, saw that disconnect and played it out in a way that made sense to him, which was Oliver resolving his guilt for how he mistreated her and then moving on.
  2. Even before the end of season 1, reporters were asking about Oliver and Felicity's relationship, and SA was talking about how pretty and smart and capable Felicity was. This interview was at Wondercon 2013, right before the final 3 episodes of the season and in the middle of the Oliver/Laurel/Tommy triangle ramping up. SA, who almost always pushed the party line and promoted what's being shown on screen at the moment, was teasing about Olicity. Laurel was never an obstacle or challenge to Olicity as far as anyone working on the show was concerned (except maybe KC)
  3. Olicity was declared the endgame ship a whole season before Laurel 1 got killed off, got engaged while Laurel 1 was still alive, and got married after Laurel 2 got brought back as a regular. It’s absurd that people still insist she was killed off for a ship.
  4. I'm sure it's a total coincidence that this will air on the CW right before the season premieres of the Arrowverse shows. The option to allow online submissions makes me skeptical of the legitimacy of these awards. Since it's airing on the CW, I'm going to guess The Flash is going to sweep the Superhero Series/actor/actress category.
  5. The results of the poll, and the intro text. I'll miss his passive aggressive and transparently biased write ups. ("Thriving fanbase" that netted 19% of the vote in one category, lol)
  6. I think you did a great job! It's nice to be reminded that despite the gloom and doom he had a lot of happy moments and lived a fuller life than he probably expected to have when he started his journey. (And I'm still sticking to my headcanon that he's not dead, he just exists on another plane doing Spectre things and pops in to check on his family once in a while.)
  7. She’s down to one monitor this time instead of 3 separate ones like the last time she posed for a “I’m working very hard!” picture. The glasses are a nice touch, considering she’s sitting an inch away from the massive screen.
  8. MG’s answer sounds like a noncommital dodge to me. He also doesn’t have control over the existing shows, which have shown reluctance to bringing on the birds any more than they had to. (Remember KC’s “regular across all the shows” status in season 5?)
  9. This video already has more than 2 million views. Pretty amazing for a 2 hour long video. People are really missing Olicity.
  10. LOT just announced a new regular, so that's one fewer spot for KC. And given the COVID concerns and restrictions, I'm guessing it would be too much of a hassle to have a non-Canadian actor guest starring or recurring. Although I'll admit if anyone was persistent enough to defy logic and find a to stay in the Arrowverse somehow, it would be KC.
  11. I attended the Jim Lee panel at C2E2 this year and was pleasantly surprised that he was a genuinely nice and easygoing person who wanted to make comics welcoming to all people, not just cater to certain fans that have been following for x number of years. Basically the opposite of my experience over the years with all the comic gatekeepers. I'm really glad he said what we've been pointing out all along-- that different versions of a character can co-exist and they're all valid. I'm reminded of the widely spread falsehood a couple years ago (after season 4, I think?) about how Arrow was so offensive to comic canon that DC was "cutting off association" with the show. Hopefully what Jim Lee says puts an end to this ridiculousness.
  12. I feel like it's disingenuous to say that Sara's White Canary is a whitewash of a comic character because she's not meant to be a TV version of that character. She just happens to have the same codename. Just like Felicity Smoak has nothing to do with the original Felicity Smoak in the comics. I've seen similar accusations that Arrow whitewashed Connor Hawke because Arrow!Oliver's son Caucasian, ignoring the fact that Connor Hawke on the show is black, he just isn't Oliver's son. And William Clayton is a completely original character to the show with no comic counterpart.
  13. She’s lying, and it isn’t even a plausible one. There are so many examples in interviews over the years that showed out of everyone in the cast, SA always knew the most and KC knew the least about what was going on.
  14. IMO, the best thing to happen to Sara is her going to LoT and getting a fresh start. The last thing CL should want is to drag Arrow's Lance Family Drama over to LoT.
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