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  1. kdm07


    Well that was a fun watch! I enjoyed Season 1 and Season 2 was a solid step forward in my opinion. Putting the following in spoilers just in case:
  2. kdm07

    Runaways In The Media: Missing Posters

    Yeah me too which makes me excited for this season.
  3. kdm07

    S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    Let me start by saying I may be in the minority here but I have never enjoyed the Arrowverse crossovers except last season's and only when the Legends showed up. I was so happy that they weren't included this year and they went and blew me away with their own version of Elseworlds. I stan the Legends writing room hard! (I'm with you Nate, hard pass on answering that phone call). Where do I even begin? Ray a murderous custodian, Charlie's Angels aka Sirens of Space or Depressed Ava (who reminded me of goth Felicity, guess that's what grieving could do to you lol). It was all pure madness and I loved every second of it! Can ZariCat just be a thing now like Beebo? That cat was adorable and needs to come back at some point. Bad Grandma and Mick teaming up had me rolling with laughter as well as Zari coughing up a hair ball. PUPPETS. OF. TOMORROW! (Make it a show head honchos at the CW!) John and Dez tugged at the heart strings from start to finish. Dez' new face might need some work though, Neron is creepy af! Zari said Amaya/Charlie was hot and that was one of the least interesting things that happened tonight. That's how awesomely crazy this episode was. Oh, lastly Mick and Ava bonding is gonna make Sara so happy. As Ray once said "Happy captain, happy ship". Why oh why did they push this show back to freaking April?! What am I gonna watch on Mondays instead?
  4. kdm07

    Runaways In The Media: Missing Posters

    New trailer!
  5. kdm07

    S04.E06: Tender Is The Nate

    Shallow moment: oh my goodness Caity Lotz looked amazing in that office hookup scene! Ehem...on to the rest of the episode: - Mona started the episode annoying me but you know what? I think I like her now - Ava and Nora bonding was sweet and lmao at Ray creeping on girls time at the bureau. I would also like a scene of Ava and Nora watching HGTV please and thank Legends writers. Mona can be there too if she brings wine. - They handled the Nate/Amaya/Charlie stuff really well too (Maisie Sellers is really good at accents) and I know it's because of real life issues but I'll kinda miss seeing Nate regularly on the Waverider. - Gideon cracked me up with her constant reminders that she too, is part of the team. - I was waiting for Sara to punch Hank but Hemingway will do. - All the play on words tonight from Constantine and Mick just reaffirmed how awesome this show is. Never change Legends, never change.
  6. kdm07

    S04.E05: Tagumo Attacks!!!

    So many meta moments and pop culture references but what makes this show so wonderful is the character beats. The writers not only know their Legends but they also know how to write for an ensemble. They should give a TED talk because a LOT of shows would benefit from learning how to write fully developed characters and great storylines without compromising said characters.
  7. kdm07

    S04.E04: Wet Hot American Bummer

    I remember going to camps out in the woods so this was such a call back episode for me lol. I usually get a few good chuckles from every Legends episode but the first half of tonight's episode had me laughing out loud! Another great episode in what has been a great season so far.
  8. kdm07

    S04.E03: Dancing Queen

    Mick was clearly in his element QB-ing this little adventure and yes, the show makes me want little funko pops of all their creatures lol. Constantine is an ass. I'm at "tolerable" level with him but unless something changes over the next few weeks, he'll rise to the top of my highly dislike list on this show. That was an interesting way of bringing Maisie back into the show. I wasn't expecting it at all. I do think keeping her as Amaya 2.0 is a little cruel and now they're stuck with her while also trying to figure out how to keep Nate in the dark. The deadpan in Sara's voice when she said "Because I like to watch you grow" to Nate had me rolling!
  9. kdm07

    The Purge

    I expected more from this whole show. Joe needs to grow tf up. I will be seriously annoyed if the show ends with Joe purging all of the characters (except Penelope, she can go).
  10. kdm07

    The Purge

    So Lila was crazy CRAZY and it was all triggered by her first purge when she was 18!!!! Penelope deserves to die at this point. Stupid people should not be allowed to survive Purge night. I had a feeling that Joe was not all that he seemed and now it's been confirmed. I wish all the captives (except Penelope) the best of luck in their quest to escape.
  11. kdm07

    S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    This show: From a killer unicorn to the Legends getting high off of psychedelics to Gary losing a nipple. What more could you possibly want from a season premier?
  12. kdm07

    The Purge

    Finally! Jane does the smart thing, shoots her skeevy boss and leaves that house. And a quick shout out to Anya who did make the call, too bad the Matron Saints were late. Rick is super jealous but I'm suspicious about Lila's story too. I'm perfectly fine with her being around to kill the neighbour though. Really man? A maple tree, no dinner invite, parking...that's worth killing people over? I still think either Miguel or Penelope isn't surviving this night.
  13. kdm07

    The Purge

    I wonder if by the end of the night, Jane might be thinking dying would've been a better fate than being...pawed at? (Her boss always gave off major creep vibes but a human petting zoo? Gross.) Why does Joe (I think that's Man in the Iron Mask's name) have a tracker/GPS on Jane? And based on his flashback, how did he go from being laid off to an avenging hero? Lila is alive which Jenna will be delighted about but Rick must be cursing the rebel forces right now. I'm pretty suspicious of people just showing up at anyone's door late at night especially on Purge night. Even though they're the least interesting storyline for me, I'm glad Miguel and Penelope managed to escape.
  14. kdm07

    S01.E05: Living with the Enemy

    Aaaaannnd I'm back to rooting for nobody but the kid. Joe should've made sure Peach was dead. He's clearly not as smart as he thinks he is.
  15. kdm07

    The Purge

    Jane is beginning to annoy me. I know you feel guilty about the hit but why would you move around without a weapon on Purge night? Next week's episode seems like it'll show just how dumb Jane's decisions have been. I enjoyed the exploration into the character of Penelope but now it looks like she and Miguel may not be leaving the carnival any time soon (thanks Henry!) Rick & Jenna got out quickly, good for them. Something has definitely happened to Lila though, that's why she wouldn't answer the door.