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  1. Welcome back to the Beeboverse/Arrowverse's best show! I need to know when the CW gave them a bump in budget enough to do an entire season centered around CGI aliens lol. It's definitely appreciated. Not sure what to think of the new character but for the most part, Legends tends to intergrate new people well in this show so I'll follow whatever direction we're going with her. For all the talk of Ava here, Gary is the character who most annoys me. If I could pick one person to boot off the show, it'd be him because I've honestly have had enough of him and even retconning him to
  2. Having watched all three of these shows, this is exactly where I'm at about Shadow & Bone. I find Alina far more interesting when she's interacting with everyone BUT Mal, heck I even like her with the Heretic/general even though I knew he was nothing but trouble from the start. The writing is...bland, everyone who isn't Grisha or the kidnapping crew (forgot their official name) is basically one note, the acting is choppy in bits and the main ship annoys me. You lose me when the side characters are more interesting than the protagonist and the main romance of a show is the worst thing about
  3. Funnily enough the oldest of the cast is the actress who plays Fatin, who's 24/25. The rest turned 21 or 22 this year. The first episode had me intrigued but by the time I got to episode 3, I was hooked. Each girl is complex and fascinating in their own right and seeing them have to battle their internal issues as well as being on the island was a great viewing experience. Each back story was intriguing and well done but I want to give a special shout out to the actress who plays Shelby. That pageant performance after she finds out her friend died was some of the best acting I saw on the
  4. How exactly would a threesome between the Bats, Wonder Woman and Superman work? Wouldn't two of them have to de-power somehow to make it happen? Dr Psycho didn't need to blow up Harley & Ivy's spot like that. He needs a harsher consequence than a baseball bat to the head. Knowing how Ivy is, she'll probably still try and push through with this wedding but I don't see them actually completing their vows tbh Bane! Missed you buddy
  5. I can't believe they did that to Under The Sea 😂 I'm gonna hold off on commentating about the whole Harley/Ivy thing. I want to see how they play it out before forming an opinion on it.
  6. I agree. This show is usually so good that when it dips, you notice it straight away,
  7. I hope Bane isn't gone for good. He's too funny to be done forever. Also, we need more people like him to be interested in true prison reform 😉 Idk what to make of that ending. They've hinted at before but as Harley/Ivy wasn't there yet in their personal journey, they never followed through with it. Ivy really does like Kite Man but if she had to choose, Harley is her No. 1 so I see heartbreak in the future for Kite Man (unless they enter a polyamorous relationship).
  8. "OMG it's Beyoncé!" "OMG it's Lady GaGA!"
  9. I thought he groomed it to make it look like the Bat signal tbh
  10. I shouldn't have enjoyed the Bane chair gag as much as I did but I couldn't stop laughing. Also his voice being all garbled because of the mask and ice has me cracking up! "Wonder Woman is very litigious." Welcome back Harley Quinn and co.
  11. I don't often get to say this about TV shows but: what a satisfying ending to a great season AND in less than two months, I get Season 2. I'm a happy viewer.
  12. I wanted Joker gone but now I want him dead! A very painful death too if possible but dead all the same. (She's coming back right?😥 )
  13. Two episodes featuring Frank! Very happy with that. Ivy's biggest fear is being abandoned by Harley? Which means she's finally found someone she truly cares about (if that wasn't obvious before)? So the L.O.D. were after Ivy's pheromones and now they have them. Might be a dumb question but is there a reason why Ivy can't just command the plant to stop killing people?
  14. Bane being the L.O.D. accountant and bending the credit card because his scissors were too blunt had me laughing so hard I had to pause the episode. It's the little things on this show that make it so funny. Frank is a WNBA fan, proving once again that he has great taste.
  15. I agree with all of this. Any time Ava seems cold or... lacking, I always remind myself that she's a clone who was built to be a stiff, no-rule breaking time bureau agent. Emotions and emotional cues are not her forte.
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