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  1. Completely agree. I've always HATED the terrible Willy Wonka-style bowl cut (I can't think of another way to describe it) Mary had in the later seasons. I'm not even a Mary fan (I grew to hate her near the end because of how despicable her treatment of Edith became), but that look felt like someone in the hair department had a personal grudge against her.
  2. Well, colour me absolutely SHOCKED. I genuinely believed this was Golden Boy Pete's finale to lose. I don't have any strong feelings about Justin, other than it could have been worse. The winner could've been Tommy or Brent or (God forbid) Conor. When Kishwar said "We have to switch between sweet and savoury, so I'm gonna need to be extra focused" or something like that, I thought, "Great, and she has the gantry yelling down at her." I so badly wanted her to come in second, but once it was clear Justin had knocked it out of the park, there was no way she was beating Pete. I was at least
  3. I know, that was so candid it warmed my heart. And yes, her kids are exactly the brand of adorable you would expect given who their mom is. The oldest kid helping his sister go up the stairs melted my heart. I could literally watch Kishwar give interviews about anything and everything for hours on end. 😍 It would seem so, yes. Oh, millenials. Serving undercooked meat wouldn't have flown even if, say, Justin had done it. If that doesn't make it any clearer who they want to win, I don't know what does. At least Kishwar got a perfect score the second time around, but she should
  4. FUCKING YES, KISHWAR! Being the first contestant put through to the finale based on the consistency and general greatness of her menu? That's what I'm talking about. It's hard to believe from watching this episode that she most likely won't win, but at least I got what I wanted: seeing her in the finale and her being the last woman standing. I wouldn't have imagined, back when the show first started and she emerged straight away as my early favourite, that she would be what kept me watching all the way to the very end, but I'm very glad that is the case. Whatever happens, I think she's got a b
  5. Nvm, I rewatched and answered my own question.
  6. Once upon a time, I said that I worried a Pressure Test would end up being Kishwar's downfall, and there was one time where it almost was, but she completely proved me wrong tonight. I had a feeling when she was barely featured all through the episode that it was probably because she was just quietly chugging along and nailing things, like Sabina in that one Pressure Test she nailed a while back, and I was so happy that was the case. And now she's in the final 4! Amazing. I can't believe how far she's come from crying because she felt inadequate cooking on Masterchef since she was "only" a sta
  7. Well, finally! Obviously it's not Tommy's fault that he grew to annoy me so much, but it felt like 95% of the talking heads over the past few episodes were him, and his overly excited way of speaking had started getting on my last nerve. I also resent that they put Elise's "your pasta is too thick" criticism on the same level as his RARE AS FUCK beef. Continuing with my saga of spectacularly misunderstanding Australian accents, I thought Pete said his dish was based on a "Christian publicity," and that somehow made complete sense to me as something Pete would get inspiration from for a d
  8. I just wanted to come here to give a shout-out to what is probably THE most life-changing advice I have ever heard. "Just base your dish around the horseradish... and go from there." Wow. What a paradigm shift. Andy, mate, you're losing money as a self-help guru. That is all.
  9. How is Tommy even still in this competition?? I almost broke into hives watching him be unable to do simple math and looking like he had wandered into the kitchen by mistake and had no idea what he was doing. I always thought him landing in a pressure test would be his downfall because he would be forced to do something highly technical and not Vietnamese for once, but watch tomorrow's mystery dish be something within his wheelhouse yet again. If he outlasts Maja (judging by the preview), I will scream. He has officially started to grate on me. On a more positive note, the orange team's r
  10. I spent the entire episode thinking Maja's dessert was made with "gelatin wax," which my brain for some reason took to mean "regular gelatin," the kind you use to set bavarois and things like that, so I couldn't figure out why she kept mentioning it like it was the centerpiece of her dish and how she was gonna use it in several elements. I mean, there's only so much use you can get out of gelatin, right? Anyway, my apologies to all Australians. Congrats to Maja!!! She was a real dark horse this week! Extremely well deserved return, and I'm very excited to see how she fares from now on wit
  11. Jess wasn't at all incompetent tonight, though. Still can't believe Conor has zero shots left to come back. Miracles do happen. All his favour with the judges seems to have been transferred to Eric, though. I'm not sure I buy his food is so E P I C that he deserves to be put through yet again. Tomorrow should be Tom's to lose but you never know. Super happy for Maja as well. Hopefully whatever is burning tomorrow is something that should be burning or that at least doesn't ruin her dish too much.
  12. Conor: If someone's going to beat me, they're gonna have to pull something out of the woodwork, because that apron is mine. Narrator: That apron was not, in fact, his. Sorry, couldn't resist. Yay, Minoli!! I think she's the one eliminated female contestant with the most potential that was let go way too soon. Her reaction was the best and she just gives off such a great vibe. Yeah, honestly. Maybe when they bump elbows after a cook ends they're just doing it reflexively at this point? Either way, it's annoying. If one of y'all has COVID, then all of y'all have it, so pls
  13. No Melissa and Elise has a hunter (ew) boyfriend? Heartbreak all around. Who should I send the bill for my blood pressure spikes this whole hour? Before Kishwar opened the pressure cooker, I assumed she'd be the one to go home because she was the only woman in the bottom 5 and I was SO STRESSED OUT I literally could not speak. Pretty much confirmed that her eventual elimination (because male winner) is gonna absolutely destroy me. Can't wait! "I can't go home before you taste my Bengali sweets!" I love her so much. Tommy should NOT have outlasted Tom, but he really was the architect
  14. Here's a sentence I never thought I'd type: I've never related to Andy Allen so much in my entire life. Just flat-out do NOT get the appeal of eating something that makes you feel like your mouth is on fire (and I come from a country that features chilies quite a bit in its cuisine, so it's not like I haven't had the chance to get used to it). How are you supposed to enjoy the taste of whatever you're eating if you're too busy trying not to die? Genuine question. Poor Andy, I spent most of the episode wishing someone would just get him some more yogurt. ☹️ That said, Elise casually going back
  15. Mel looking gorgeous in a ponytail and making bad puns? Be still my heart! Linda and Kishwar made me emo tonight. I wanted to give them both a hug. Glad to see them both cooking tomorrow so at least the immunity episode will be more entertaining than usual. I really like how good Linda is at fixing last-minute problems with her dishes, first with the eggs that didn't pan out in that very first elimination challenge and now here with the failed vermicelli noodles. This is going to be an asset going forward. I also had to giggle at Kishwar musing about getting a bigger car for her newly ado
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