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  1. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 7/15/2019

    I cannot stop laughing at this GIF, the only thing that would make it more perfect would be thought bubbles over Whoopi, Sunny and Joy’s heads going “WTF” or something 😂 These three accomplished and self made women are so over this brat and it completely shows on air, goodness knows what goes on behind the scenes.
  2. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 7/15/2019

    The first thing I thought of when I saw that one clip of Pence walking around the camp was this: And he has the nerve to say it’s “not that bad?” I mean, how much worse does it have to be, Mr. VP? Need a few corpses scattered around for dramatic emphasis? Pence is just as bad as Trump, he’s just not dumb enough to put all of his vileness on Twitter. They both need to go. I tuned in specifically today to see if Meghan would defend The Racist In Chief’s tweet about sending American born and legalized congresswomen “back to their country” because she stands up a lot for this man that she “hates so much,” so color me surprised when she didn’t. Also color me surprised that she criticized her “Uncle Lindsey” too. Quite naturally she had to make herself a victim (being a Conservative is so hard, waaaaaah) but kudos to her to not defending the indefensible I guess *shrug* I did like her dress today though.
  3. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I saw that...I’d like to think that these three self-made educated and accomplished women mostly ignore the nepotistic brat, but that pic is totally going down to her level and trolling her ass, and I love it. So now we wait for Nutmeg to fire back by posting a pic of herself standing ankle deep in a creek with a Jell-O shot in one hand, a rifle in the other, wearing a t-shirt with a US flag decorated cactus on it and the hashtags #whatrealamericansdo #idcidc #notelitistiswear #arizonapride #justoneoftheguys #alphagirl
  4. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Thank you for the love on my last post everyone ❤️ I did end up sending it to ABC, and even though I don’t expect anything to come of it, it felt good to get off my chest. I haven’t watched in ages but I saw the clip on TYT, and it was shortly after I saw that awful photo of that man and his daughter who drowned in the river trying to cross the border and I just...I can’t believe this bitch has the nerve to sit up on that stool and badly argue semantics when kids are literally dying. She’s not the only one either...the amount of comments underneath the photo, things I don’t even want to repeat...it makes me sick. And it’s sick that these cold hearted bastards have a voice on major networks in the form of Megan and her ilk.
  5. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    So, I’m a mother to two children, my seven year old son and my one year old daughter. We’re currently in that weird cycle of sleep deprivation because school is out/toddlers don’t sleep 😂 Last night, neither of them would fall asleep without being cuddled up next to me. As I’m laying there in the dark with my kids, each snuggled up under each of my arms, my mind started wandering, and eventually wandered to these poor kids in these “detainment centers.” Scared, hungry, dirty...and then my mind wandered to their parents, also scared and desperately wondering if their kids are okay, not knowing where they are. And before I knew it, I was holding my babies tighter and crying. Fuck you Meghan McCain. Fuck you for saying that what these kids are going through is not severe enough to constitute torture. Fuck you for somehow making the fact that people suffering in modern day concentration camps (because THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE) is about your father and by osmosis, you. Fuck you for comparing your father’s experience, your father who voluntarily signed up to be in the military and voluntarily stayed behind with his captors, to children who trekked across the desert to flee extreme violence only to be snatched away from their parents. As much as I’m praying for this inhumanity will end, history shows it will get worse. And I hope that when it does, that someone sits your mayo ass down in your private theatre in your luxury apartment or ranch or whatever, and makes you watch real-time footage of the conditions in these camps, the way they did Ohrdruf at the Nuremberg trials. Or better yet, since you “live” in a border state, someone drags your ass through one of these camps so you can see it, smell it, and experience it in person, just like Eisenhower made the residents of Dachau do, the same residents who pretended they didn’t know what was going on and looked the other way. Fuck you and your ilk for being so afraid of equal rights for all and rattled from your throne of rich white privledge, that you’re willing to sacrifice children to push your agenda. And while we’re at it, fuck you ABC and Disney for continuing to give this brat a platform. You can’t claim to be inclusive and let this asshole spit her hateful rhetoric, both on and off the show. Ratings don’t mean shit, because eventually she’s going to say something incredibly stupid and you’re going to lose a shit ton of advertisers. Is that what it will take for her to get booted? Because you sure as hell don’t need her. TL:DR: Fuck you Meghan McCain.
  6. Angelsmom1009

    S02.E02: Worth It

    He did...I watched a documentary he did called “The Announcement” where he talked about his career, finding out about his status and ultimately retiring, nd the aftermath...people and colleagues he had played with and worked with for years stopped speaking to him, other NBA players refused to play with him, etc. and he did talk about trying out several types of medications in the early stages, including “the cocktail” and AZT, and how horrendous the side effects were. I’m sure Magic’s money plays a huge part in how he’s been able to take care of himself all these years, but the fact that he went through a similar situation as someone in a lower socioeconomic level like the Pose community, says a lot about this disease. It doesn’t care how much money you make ☹️
  7. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    Agreed, Sunny has been over her, and from pure observation, the last one that really tried to connect and sympathize to her. I really think when Meghan was brought on they all treated her with kid gloves because of what was going on with her father. Now that he’s gone, and her nasty attitude has stayed behind, they are all clearly tired of her antics but are either too classy or being forced by production to grin and bear it. And Good Lord, Angela Rye would be my dream guest host. She’s intelligent and pulls no punches and is completely transparent in her opinions about this administration. She literally rolled her eyes on National TV when some Fox News pundit was going on about all the “good” things Trump has done. She would eviscerate Meghan into a pile of dusty eyeliner and blonde hair extensions. OMG I can’t stop laughing at this! But this explains why she’s always looking down at the monitor, watching to see when the camera is on her. For someone who’s been in the public eye for so long she has absolutely no composure in front of the lense. And always with the permascowl 🙄
  8. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Okay so here’s my “nice” about Meghan...I really like this look on her. The dress is cute and the shorter, extensionless hair. Someone on another thread said that the dress would be cuter with a lower neckline, but I kind of get it as a busty woman...anything that creeps below the décolletage can read as too in-your-face on TV, especially she’s holding so hard onto that demure Conservative Republican wife persona she’s trying to cultivate. This is way better than the floral blouses buttoned up to her jaw with a pussy bow and a $2000 brooch.
  9. Angelsmom1009

    S02.E01: Acting Up

    In the first season, Papi said even though he preferred the ladies, he was an “equal opportunity lover” and had slept with men in the past. So I guess if you had to put a label on it, he would be bisexual. That being said, what I’ve been learning in this age of “political correctness” (I HATE that term but I can’t think of a better one at the moment) that when it comes to gender and sexuality, it’s so fluid that there’s no point in labeling it. There are people who identify as cis/Hetero in love/relationships with people who identify as trans (Laverne Cox and her boyfriend come to mind). There are people are who identify as polyamorous but are in committed relationships with one person. The actor who plays Angel, Indya Moore, identifies as non-binary. I figure the easiest thing to do is just label the individual however they want to be labeled, if they even want to be labeled. I hope this helps 🙂
  10. Angelsmom1009

    S02.E01: Acting Up

    So glad this show is back! I binged season 1 on Netflix and fell in love with it, there’s definitely room for growth but it’s on a great path 😁 So count me in as another New Yorker (just outside of NYC) who knew OF Hart Island but didn’t really know the details of what was there. My heart broke at the sight of all those coffins and all of those rocks. And to be discarded so coldly even in death because everyone was so scared of this horrible disease...I am reminded of how far we’ve come in some sense when it comes to HIV/AIDS education. I was a teen in the 90s and I remember those protests. Myschool was somewhat progressive in the sense that it preached abstinence but if you choose to have sex, protect yourself. This was also shortly after Magic Johnson announced his diagnosis aka confirming to the public that this wasn’t just a “gay disease.” I hope Blanca and Pray make it to then. Oh Blanca, with her optimism about “Vogue” opening the door for the trans community, instead of recognizing the appropriation that it was. I wonder what the trans community thought about it at that time. And although I think it’s nuts that she quit her job (because she seems to be the only one that works) I get why she would; she’s on borrowed time and she doesn’t want to waste it. She started her house under the same pretense, so I wasn’t shocked by that. I also was not surprised by Pray’s outburst at the ball. It was uncomfortable but this man has buried friend after friend, boyfriend after boyfriend, and the public, the government, etc was turning a blind eye to it, or acting like they deserved it. You add on someone from their own community (Elektra) that is seemingly dismissive of the crisis...he snapped. And Elektra aka Cruella de Ville, I missed her campy evilness. I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did at Evangelista. My first thought when they pointed out the new fur is that she got herself a new sugar daddy. Time will tell i guess. Angel and Little Papi...yeah I’m all for this. There is some serious crushing going on there.The way he looked up at her as she walked melted me. And Indya Moore is so ridiculously beautiful, I can’t even. IIRC, Indya actually was a working model but left the industry because they felt jaded by it. So their experience should translate well into Angel because it’s coming from an authentic place. I knew that photographer was going to be a creep but I didn’t know the extent of of creep he would be. Angel didn’t deserve that in any way. So glad they got those negatives. That tour Ricky is on is awfully long, isn’t it?
  11. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 6/10/2019

    Agreed, and this is what I don’t get about Meghan. There have been several times where she could give some real input on subjects they talk about, but whenever it’s something that veers slightly off her blue cards, she falls apart and cannot express herself, and reverts to the same old robotic talking points. Like the time they were discussing the “This is America” music video and she, the one with the Art History degree, insisted that art wasn’t political, and pushing to veer away from the crystal clear in-your-face statements of the song. My jaw must have hit the floor. What in the world were she doing at Columbia?! Because it sure wasn’t studying art history. It’s like she is completely incapable of having a thought all her own.
  12. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 6/3/2019

    So I tuned in for the first time in forever because I knew her Majesty of the Copper State wasn’t going to be there, and boy was I not disappointed. What an enjoyable show. Everything was cohesive, everyone was able to talk, there was no tension, or eye rolling and undertalking...basically it was like four accomplished and mature women sharing their views. What made it better is that nearly everything they talked about would have triggered screeching from Meghan had she been there. “Keep your hands off my guns! I’m the biggest gay advocate that has ever advocated! Did I mention how close I was to MY FATHER, John McCain? We’re the closest father and daughter EVER!” It was fantastic to not have to deal with that. Tara is an excellent addition to the show and I hope that they are considering her as a front runner to replace the princess. With all the shit that Meghan has stepped in over the past few weeks, the streets have definitely been talking, and I’m sure the executives at Disney have been too, which is why Whoopi said what she said, to try to clear away some smoke from the fires Meghan has set. I know these days all publicity is good publicity, but Disney historically doesn’t play that, and is hard core about their wholesome and inclusive image. Only time will tell, and I hope Joy is okay.
  13. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 5/20/2019

    See, and if this is the case, I definitely don’t understand why she would be. Whoopi may not be college educated but she’s been damn successful in a profession that basically laughed in her face when she first started out, and is an undeniable icon. Sunny is successful in a different way. You don’t have to fill someone else’s shine for yours to shine brighter.
  14. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Thank you for posting! I was having a hard time finding the segment. First, LOVE the Young Turks Second, since I don't really watch anymore, this is the first time I'm seeing those clips of Joy and Sunny trolling Megs....delicious! And finally, they nailed it in this segment. Meghan victimizes herself in every segment and claims she speaking for a part of America she knows nothing about other than possibly stopping at a gas station in the area. She's spouting the same old tired right wing talking points and never offering her own point of view, and she can't because I can guarantee it would contradict most of what her wingnut husband and anyone like him says. I totally believe Ana Kasparian when she says that Meghan's public views do not match her private views. Everyone on that panel is clearly over her and her antics, including Whoopi. They're semi-cordial with her because they're grown adults, but they are not coddling her anymore. She knows it and it's burning her up. Ugh...do the people who write these nonsensical articles not realize that most of the viewers who tune into these shows have functioning eyes and/or ears and literally WITNESSED in SOME WAY/SHAPE/FORM what actually happened on said show? "Who you gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?" SMH. There was no take down of any kind. Meghan completely fell apart like she always does when she's challenged in even the slightest way, and resorted to her usual snotty behavior because she's on the defense. What I'm most curious about is the blowback from all of this recent drama with the Princess. Between the Seth Meyers thing, then the GOT spoiler thing, then John Oliver thing, her consistently tweeting and re-tweeting her victimhood, lashing out at former co-hosts, etc. It's constant negative press day after day, and she is burning so many bridges in the entertainment world in the process. She won't get the entertainment role and the fame and attention she so desperately craves if she keeps it up. And not like the heiress needs to work, but at this rate, if she does want to, the only job she'll be able to get is at her husband's sad little website.
  15. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Haha same...no paid clicks from me but I’m morbidly curious to see the acrobatics he used to twist Seth’s words around. Classic mediocre dudebro defense whenever their views are challenged.