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  1. She’s changed her Insta bio too, from “blonde Republican, View co-host, rabble rouser” whatever to just “live free” or something with the US flag and a cactus. She has absolutely no self-awareness so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had no idea how much backlash her behavior would get her on a daily basis. 90% of the time anything that’s written about her or if she’s trending, it’s negative. And no, I don’t believe it’s grief or mental health issues, and it’s a sorry excuse to put her nastiness on that. I truly think she’s always been a brat, and is being taken to task for the first time in her
  2. 😂😂😂 yeah, I’d be really, really surprised if either of them sell their houses. The Gorga house is still on the market and has been for over a year. As far as McMansions go, I do like Melissa’s better than Tre’s, but the mortgage and upkeep has got to be uber expensive on both. A pool isn’t going to help either. Summer comes and goes in a blink here in the Northeast, so you use it maybe 2 months tops. It’s covered and maintained the rest of the year, which is expensive in itself. Pools are probably a bigger selling point in warmer states, not here in NJ, when you can go to the shore or communit
  3. I never thought about this! If she’s out next week I could guarantee that this was the case. Of course, Ana might have been the one to initiate this and totally refused to work with her, but from what I’ve seen, McCain doesn’t get to her and she’s not afraid to call her out without breaking a sweat. And if Ana’s mere presence every Friday keeps the McStain away, I’ll take it. The show flows SO much better without her and I don’t know why ABC doesn’t see that. I think the only way she’ll be booted from the show is if she says something EXTREMELY problematic, and with hubby writing her blue card
  4. Okay, that asshole on a high horse family crest for the Manzos is by far the funniest thing I’ve heard today, and so damn accurate 😂😂😂 they truly have acted so “above it all” since the first season. That said, I do have to respect Caroline. She’s been consistent with everything she’s said over the seasons, and she also said the only reason she stayed on the show was to make sure her kids were set up financially, and once they were, she left. As snooty as they come off as, they truly do seem to love each other and be a close knit family, and have stayed far from most things Bravo-related since
  5. SO MUCH THIS. This is really what bugs me more than anything. That regardless of jail time, being convicted felons, and the fact that all the people that they ripped off will never see that money again, she (they?) still get to live in the lap of luxury in that giant mansion, drive expensive cars, live comfortably with no financial woes, and get a nice hefty check from Bravo. Then again with all that so called luxury, I have to say that I'd rather live in a little second story walk up in Paterson and have peace of mind and for myself and for my children, then put all of my self-inflicted miser
  6. I only watched part of the interview, but it’s clear these two are done, and doing exactly what two equally guilty felons do when their crimes catch up with them...blame each other. While I don’t think Joe would have gone as far into the game as they did without Teresa’s nudging, I’m not sure what else he would be doing to earn money. There was no way some low wage off the books job was going to be enough for Teresa. They’ll be fine without each other. Teresa will ride this Bravo wave until the wheels come off because she’ll be able to continue to feed her narcissism and her wallet and she can
  7. I was a huge Spice Girl fan back in the day (still am honestly) and I vaguely remember her saying back then that she was a self conscious about her smile too,so she just didn’t really do it publicly. Plus that whole ice queen thing was part of the manufactured pop persona, I think. She’s always been very personable in interviews though, and I think she doesn’t take herself that seriously. I always though she was the funniest part of that “Spice World” movie too😁
  8. I do agree with @Sarah Heart... I did not and would not expect any type of "fileting" and take down of the Clinton women from Meghan on TV. She has said some ridiculous things about the both of them but I think even she is aware that she has no leverage in that battle. I also am so over Hilary constantly being asked about her husband's affairs and her having to explain her position over and over. Bill Clinton was a decent president but his infidelity rep rivals the Kennedys, before the whole Monica Lewinsky thing. If she decided to stay that's her cross to bear, and honestly she's so accompli
  9. Agreed, and same. I heard a saying years ago that sums up high school in general, “it’s a bunch of people trying to figure out who they are, often at the expense of others.” Meghan clearly never left that stage, and illustrates that on this show every day.
  10. Lol this reminded me of that scene in whatever season it was where the Gorgas were trying to sell their house, and faucets were coming off in people’s hands, and there was no running water, and the sink was made of wax instead of granite...cut to Joe Gorga bragging about how lucky and fortunate whatever buyer would be to get it for such a low price (4 million I think it was 🙄). I live in NJ too and I get a minor pang of jealousy driving through some of those neighborhoods. Then I think about the insanely high property taxes, the heating and cooling costs, the maintenance on top of a $10,000 mi
  11. Ugh, SO agree with this. Not to veer too off topic, but I was recently watching an interview with Desus and Mero and the interviewer asked them how they have been able to avoid the “problematic police” and keep stuff like that out of their act without losing their edge. They kind of just shrugged and said they were self-aware, know that they have a multifaceted fan base and that it wasn’t that hard to respect other people’s agency. And I believe they’re in the same age bracket as this guy...old enough to know better, young enough to do better. That’s why falling back on tired old jokes about p
  12. Decent lineup this week. I just watched Chelsea’s documentary about white privilege and it was fantastic. I’m curious to see how the Daughters aka the main ones who need to be a part of the conversation are going to approach the subject, or if they’re even going to be allowed to sit at the table during the interview.
  13. So much to unpack this episode, but so good. It definitely would have worked as a series finale (as did season 1’s finale did) but I think they found out while season 2 was airing that they were granted a season 3. So it makes sense. Blanca’s performance at the ball gave me goosebumps, and MJ Rodriguez looked amazing. The outfit, the lipstick, and she has the most amazing legs. Her acting was superb and she has improved leaps and bounds. My heart still aches for her because I know her time is coming to an end, and I’m reminded of literally how an nearly entire generation of people was wiped ou
  14. I got that feeling too. I believe Meghan is the only daughter John had biologically with Cindy, correct? I’ve always gotten a sort of Candy and Tori Spelling vibe from them, constant in competition to be “Daddy’s favorite” and now that he’s gone, they don’t have any real connection. Not to mention that Candy battled a pill addiction for a few years when Meghan was young. So I’m sure she’s seen some shit that has made her resentful towards her mother.
  15. I just...I don’t want to believe she is that oblivious and that STUPID to post about her gun love when it hasn’t even been a month since TWO mass shootings back to back. She’s stirring the pot on purpose, and her way of doubling down on her bullshit since she can’t currently spew her ignorance on the View. Even avid gun owners like she claims to be are calling for gun control. People are TIRED, Meghan. Tired of living in fear of some random nut bursting into some place as mundane as the grocery store and getting sprayed with bullets. Literally no where feels safe anymore, and with the way thin
  16. Definitely! I think Blanca is only in her late 20s, and she has so lovingly given her life to her kids. She deserves some self-serving happiness in her life. And not going to lie, I got a little misty watching her sit there alone at her table, and started thinking about when my kids "leave the nest" (mind you, my kids are 7 and 1 LOL). Agree with the bolded. Elektra was on point with her reprimand, and I am legit SO disappointed in this pairing. I get Pray feeling vulnerable and weak in the moment. I also get feeling wanted despite being HIV+. But like Elektra said, Pray is an elder a
  17. I don’t mind so much that she grieves her father so publicly. It’s tough losing a parent, no matter how old you are or how old they are, especially that first year. And since any type of cancer is a beast, watching your loved one literally waste away has to be torture. She does act like she is the only person who’s ever grieved in life, and I don’t know where she gets this idea that grieving a loved one’s death is taboo...but I give her a pass for the first year or so when it comes to mourning him. THIS is the Meghan McCain I thought we were going to get when she signed on to do the Vi
  18. Jeebus, that review is rough...I know her husband didn’t actually write it, but as a cofounder of the site that hosted it says a lot about him. Before they started dating he apparently used to drag her on Twitter. And they met on Twitter so I refuse to believe she didn’t know what an asshole he was then, and that he doesn’t influence her behavior now. And they haven’t even been on summer break a week and she’s ALREADY fighting with people on Twitter over her not-even-sure-it’s-a-real-thing book? Color me not surprised 🙄.
  19. Positive vibes off to you @Natalie68! And I agree, I was just thinking while at the pediatrician’s office the other day about how fortunate my family is my husband’s union offers fantastic health benefits, and damn near everything is covered. Most jobs don’t even come close to offering that, or health benefits at all. I’ve been there...I was right out of college in the early stages of the recession. I had a job but it was low pay, and I was too old to be on my parents insurance. I went to the doctor for a simple eye infection (this is before you could buy OTC meds for pink eye) check up and t
  20. I’m sad for Ricky, but God help me, I’m not surprised. Not that he deserves the diagnosis but he was engaging in risky behavior for a long time. Combine that with just pure ignorance about how you can catch it and here we are. I remember in the first season when Damon was scared he had contracted it, and Ricky was reassuring him he had only bottomed twice so everything was okay. And also Damon reassuring Papi you couldn’t get it from a woman. It reminds me again how far we’ve come in sex education (although certain people are trying to throw us back to the Dark Ages 🙄). I’m a young teen of the
  21. Agree on both parts. I think part of Biden’s appeal for some as well is that him being in office would be some sort of throwback to the Obama administration. No issue with Uncle Joe but I don’t really care for him as a presidential candidate. As you said, we’ll see how the debates go. Sherri was ridiculous with her drooling and swooning over the male celebrities that came on the show. I get that she’s a comedian and it’s part of her schtick, but it was just embarrassing. Sunny’s not as bad, but honestly I could do without the swooning in general over the celebrities, male or female. Not t
  22. Agreed. Whoopi’s legacy is something to be respected but she clearly does not want to be on this show anymore, and has pretty much said as much as without actually saying it. IIRC when she took this job it was around the time she was blacklisted because of saying negative things about Bush Jr? So the jobs and endorsements were drying up, and Barbara Walters gave her one. But the show isn’t what is what it was she needs to go, either retire and focus on her cannabis and clothing businesses, doing standup and maybe making a TV/Movie appearance once and a while. They need to revamp the show all t
  23. Exactly. Short of flat out saying the N-word, the WH occupant has proven over and over that he’s a racist, to the point where even his media supporters like Meghan (no matter how much she denies it or says she doesn’t like him) are having a hard time defending or explaining away his nonsense as something other than it is. So they just stay silent...which is just as bad, if not worse.
  24. Thank you. The fact that Sunny hasn’t at best, read her for filth on air, or at worst, knocked her off that stool speaks volumes about her maturity. Can you imagine being an accomplished journalist, commentator, attorney, federal prosecutor etc and some obnoxious twit who coasted in on the scene solely because she’s her father’s daughter tries to get you fired from the job you’ve been working at for years because she *thought* you *may* have said something slightly negative about her? Not to mention the regular bouts of rudeness on camera. There’s only so much a person can take. The wall of i
  25. Well dammit, now all of you have me want to make chili for dinner tonight, thank goodness for air conditioning 😂!
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