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  1. Sisygambis

    S02.E12: Propaganda Arms

    I normally lurk in this forum, but I had to come and share! I had a copy of "The Way To Happiness" delivered to my house in the mail today! Totally randmon, but my initial reaction was "they know I'm watching the show!" It's full of footnotes with word definitions.
  2. Sisygambis

    S01.E10: Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend

    I re-watched the episode with friends tonight and what jumped out to me this time was the length of time the Blossom family had been making payments to the Lodges - 75 years. Could great-grandfather Lodge be involved in great-grandfather Cooper's murder? The more I think about it, the two murders must be connected somehow.
  3. Sisygambis

    S01.E10: Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend

    "Oh, it's Kevin" was the best, most unenthusiastic reaction ever. I really liked this episode - everyone is caught up on all the secrets, there are a few new secrets, twincest (lol), and I really appreciated Betty and Jughead actually sitting down and have a discussion about their feelings. I think most teen shows avoid showing the hard conversations about feelings to create extra drama. I actually felt for Archie in this episode - he was having real problems/emotions over his parents divorce and I like that he wasn't sure how he felt about it. He finally felt like he had a real stake in the show. Loved him and Veronica! I am totally excited to find out more about Alice Cooper's past as a South Side Serpent. Is Smithers the Doorman a viable suspect for the murder? I feel like he's too loyal to Hermione not to be up to somthing.
  4. Sisygambis

    S01.E09: Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion

    I can't figure out if the show is in on the joke with the maple syrup business. I mean, maybe maple syrup really is a lucrative enough industry to create empires and legacies and billionaires, but it just sounds so ridiculous. Longstanding maple syrup rivalries! Maple syrup fortunes! Maple syrup betrayals! I'm really hoping that season 2 will go full Canada on this and have a Maple syrup heist.
  5. Sisygambis

    Season 3 Discussion

    I watched this last night and was completely charmed! This was a wonderful episode. The conversation between David and Patrick after their kiss was amazing, and sweet and I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it before. I loved everyone's relationships in this - Stevie giving John a reluctant high five, Moira singing to Alexis, Alexis admitting she's not qualified to work for Ted, and Stevie giving David the thumbs up behind Patrick's head were all such lovely moments. These characters have all grown so much over the seasons - this is one of my favorite shows right now.
  6. This was AMAZING, thank you Kim
  7. Sisygambis


    Same! How did I not know about this! I've been wondering where my Canadian History Epic About The Hudson Bay Company has been for YEARS
  8. Sisygambis

    The Killing Season

    I agree, Attica, I was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of women who have gone missing or been killed. When the stat came up that 20,000 women could go missing in a year with no one reporting it, I had to sit back and take an extra breath for a few moments.
  9. I am willing to give another prequel a shot, but only because it's a 13 episode, limited series. There can't really be an wandering around with the plot and running up against too many events, people and places. I think if they focus on one event, it could be ok. I'm also interested in a main character who is not the captain - is she part of the command/senior staff or will this be a Lower Decks situation? The only part of this that gave me a bit of a doubt was "new exciting aliens." I don't really want a bunch of CGI'd characters - I'm totally fine with humanoids with different noses and foreheads - there was even an explanation in the cannon for that! I'd be down with seeing some of the different aliens that we haven't really explored before - Andorians, Bolians, Orions, Benzite (sp?), but are part of the exsisting world. Not sure how I'd feel about a bunch of new species we'd never heard of before. But, it's really all a lot of wait and see! I'm generally enthusiastic about this and I have liked Fuller in the past, so only time will tell.
  10. Sisygambis

    S05.E09: Love Stories/ S05.E10: I Love You Baby

    I believe Adam is supposed to be living with Ray, in what is Adam's (renovated and cleaned) apartment from the first 2 seasons.
  11. Sisygambis

    S05.E01: Wedding Day

    I really loved Fran and Adam's nonversation. Marnie was exactly the bride I expected her to be.
  12. Sisygambis

    S06.E08: Season 6, Episode 8

    This was not good. I'm not mad, just dissapointed. Tom's character was wasted this season. Leaving aside any kind of Tom/Mary shipping, at least his pushing Mary in past episodes seemed to have a point. In this, it just came off as meddling - and I have no idea WHY Tom was so invested in this relationship. I kept yelling at everyone to leave Mary alone - if anyone treated me like that over a romatic relationship I'd stop talking to them. I loved everything about Edith. And I LOVED her speech at the end to Mary about how their shared memories would one day be more important that their anger. I am very unsatisfied. Here's to hoping the Christmas Special is better.
  13. Sisygambis

    Season 6 Speculation WITH Spoilers (UK)

    There have even been suggestions in the narrative for things for Tom to do! Isobel suggests he run for town council, and nothing came of that. Season 5 opens with a new Labour government - this could have been some way to have Tom involved with the local MP, and create some kind of tension/character exploration.
  14. Sisygambis

    Season 6 Speculation WITH Spoilers (UK)

    I feel the same way! From season 4 until Tom returned, my ideal ending was Mary and Tom as platonic life bros, raising their children together and running Downton. But now I have no idea how I'm supposed to feel, because Mary and Tom ending together is the only thing that seems to make emotional sense. As everyone has been talking about, Tom's only story this season has been his relationship with Mary, and I feel like the emotional aspects of Mary's story have all involved conversations with Tom. Tying the characters up so close and then having nothing come of it is a strange narrative choice. If this were a novel, I'd throw it across the room in frustration.
  15. Sisygambis

    S06.E06: Season 6, Episode 6

    I really liked this episode. Everything to do with the house tour was funny, I always love Mary and Tom together and seeing Edith finally happy is grand. I've been rewatching Seasons 1 and 2 in the last few days, and the scenes of Thomas and the children that have popped up in the last few episodes had me thinking about the relationship we see between Carson and Lady Mary in the early seasons. He is like a surrogate father to her, and I'm kind of thinking they may go in the same direction? That Mary keeps Thomas on because she sees value in that relationship? Carson is an ass. There is really no other way around it. Even Robert is not so awful to his wife.