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  1. Ravenya003

    The Star Wars Saga

    I meant Smurfette in the sense that she was the only female character of note in the whole movie (and therefore couldn't have any sort of friendship with another woman), which is the fault of the writers, not the character. You can be the lead (which she clearly was) AND a Smurfette; the two terms aren't mutually exclusive.
  2. I've always LOVED the black and white striped dress Christina Ricci wears in Sleepy Hollow, which is notable for two reasons: firstly because it is the QUINTESSENTIAL Tim Burton gown. One look at it and you know you're watching one of his films. And secondly, it only gets about six seconds of screen-time at the very end of the movie: (These were just the promo pics: she only wears it once, getting out of the carriage in New York, but so iconic!)
  3. Ravenya003

    The Star Wars Saga

    I'm wracking my brains here, and I honestly can't come up with anything substantial. Sabine had a friendship with Ketsu in "Rebels", though that was only showcased across a couple of episodes, and Ahsoka and Barriss Offee had a fascinating dynamic, though that wasn't exactly a "friendship" (and there's been no closure on it). Maybe Ventress and the Nightsisters? Or E.K. Johnston's YA book about Padme, which apparently focuses on her relationship with her handmaidens? But in the movies themselves, nada.
  4. Ravenya003

    The Star Wars Saga

    I totally forgot about: Star Wars Resistance - male protagonist (Kazuda) So that's an 8:3 male-to-female ratio of protagonists in the Star Wars Universe. (I think after the Clone Wars finale it's safe to say that it WAS in fact Ahsoka's story). I'm not going to count the Ewok films, and I've never played any of the games, though I understand the latest one is about a young male Padawan that escapes Order 66. So yeah, to reiterate a point that no one was really arguing in the first place: lots of dudes in Star Wars. What would be really great is an important and narratively-central female friendship, as we've definitely never had one of those on-screen. Rey and Rose never interacted, Padme's handmaidens were never really characters, Jyn was the Smurfette, and Leia had... Amilyn, I suppose? The most sustained relationship between two women in Star Wars is probably Hera and Sabine in "Rebels", and that was far from the focus of the series.
  5. So apparently Rey wasn't Palpatine's granddaughter, but rather the daughter of one of his failed clones. Give it up Disney, nothing you can say at this point is going to change people's minds about how they feel about this movie.
  6. Ravenya003

    The Star Wars Saga

    I know that these guys are either trolls trying to profit off outrage or just plain losers, but I've always been baffled at the pushback against female leads in Star Wars given the overwhelming presence of male protagonists. I mean... Star Wars prequel trilogy - male protagonist (Anakin) Star Wars original trilogy - male protagonist (Luke) Star Wars Rebels - male protagonist (Ezra) Star Wars Solo - male protagonist (Han Solo) Star Wars The Mandalorian - male protagonist (Mandalorian) Star Wars Obi Wan series - male protagonist (Obi Wan) Star Wars Cassian Andor series - male protagonist (Cassian) Star Wars sequel trilogy - female protagonist (Rey) Star Wars Rogue One - female protagonist (Jyn) Star Wars Clone Wars - female protagonist (Ahsoka) but I'm being VERY generous with this one, as it's just as much about Anakin, Obi Wan and a larger ensemble. That's seven movies and four tv series that are male-led and four movies and one debatable tv show that's female led. Talk about Dudley Dursley screaming over having thirty-six presents instead of thirty-seven! (Plus, nearly ALL Star Wars heroines are white brunettes, so if Headland's show goes ahead, I hope she'll do something different on that front).
  7. It's sad that the actors/actresses have suffered, since I'm sure any performer is just as interested in having an audience enjoy their work as they are in cashing the paycheck. I recently watched the reaction videos of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega watching the trailer for the Force Awakens, and they were so excited they were in tears and bouncing off the furniture. Safe to say that even before last December, that vibe was LONG gone.
  8. Technically yes, though I seriously doubt she'll ever feature in the official Princess line-up. Which is fine by me, since another great element of the film is that she gives up the gilded cage and chooses a life of freedom instead. A couple of Disney princesses have married down (Rapunzel, Jasmine) but they've still remained in the glitz and wealth (and responsibilities) of royal life. Anya is the only one who escapes into the real world.
  9. In the film, she may have presumed there was some sort of reward on offer, but she definitely didn't know about the audition process - in fact, it's not until they're halfway to France that she finds out she's going to be vetted by the Empress's cousin and so agrees to learn about Anastasia's background - it's pretty clear from the start that her main goal is just to get to Paris, and she's playing along with whatever Vlad/Dimitri suggest in order to achieve this. It's a bit of a "don't ask, don't tell" situation, since both parties are using the other for their own gain. But at one point Vlad confides in her that he was once a member of the Russian court, so - yeah, there is a chance that she believes he's the instigator of this plan, and is doing so out of loyalty to the royal family. "I might be Anastasia and these guys are hoping to get something out of it" is a very different assumption than "they know I'm not for real, and they're grooming me as part of an elaborate con." In the musical, she knows about the auditions and the reward from the start (the song "Learn to Do It" is the like, the fourth song in the show) - in fact, the villain Gleb spells it out to her that she's either partaking in a cruel hoax, or her life is in danger from the Bolsheviks if it turns out she's really the lost princess. She and Dimitri also realize she's truly Anastasia at exactly the same time, which is well before they go to see the Empress, so there's no big explosion at the ballet when Anya thinks he's been gaslighting her into believing she's Anastasia/using her as a pawn in his scheme since they met. Well, she was in love with Dimitri by that point, so it hurt more realizing the betrayal came from him. And Anya never gets the chance to yell at Vlad because he completely disappears from the story once Dimitri rejects the money! I do agree though it's bizarre that Vlad gets off scot-free. He's a complicit and knowing partner in the scheme and is never held accountable for it. She does get the chance to call him out in the musical - though again, it doesn't have quite the same bite to it, as she fully knew what she was getting into. If we could combine the best parts of the film (the love story, the redemption arc, the runaway train set-piece) with the best parts of the musical (no Rasputin, more historical accuracy, better characterization for Vlad, Sophie/Lily, Empress Marie) then we'd have a perfect movie.
  10. Yeah, as much as I enjoyed the musical, it takes all the BITE out of Anya/Dimitri's love story, starting from the fact that Anya knows the whole time that Dimitri/Vlad are holding auditions and that reward money is on the table if Anastasia is returned to her grandmother (which means there's no betrayal or need for Dimitri to redeem himself), to the fact that Dimitri coincidentally buys the music box on a whim (instead of knowing who it belongs to, and losing the symbolism of Anya carrying the other half of it for ten years - they were always destined to come together) to the show having to lose the whole desperate heroism he demonstrates when he jumps in the Empress's car and essentially kidnaps her so that she's forced to recognize Anya. I mean, I'd glad they got a duet in the musical (and "A Crowd of Thousands" is a beautiful song), but "they saw each other at a parade once" doesn't quite pack the same punch as what the film puts them through to reach that deserved happy ending.
  11. Guys I just watched this again last night, and it's so damn good. Okay, all the stuff about Rasputin is stupid and unnecessary, but when you're focusing on the triumvirate of Anya, Dimitri and the Dowager Empress, the levels of emotion and angst are off the charts! Just the whole concept of Dimitri saving Anastasia's life as a child, then growing up to be bitter and cynical and wanting to cash-in on the Empress's desperate search for her missing grand-daughter and thinking he's hit the jackpot when he finds amnesiac Anya, only for him to get hit with a karmic jackhammer when he realizes he's in love with her at the exact same moment he realizes she actually IS Anastasia because she remembers him rescuing her as a little girl in a moment only THEY knew about. So knowing a con-artist can never be with a princess, but realizing he has to do right not just for her sake but to salvage his own soul, he straight up KIDNAPS the Empress and forces her to speak to Anya by showing her a music box he's been carrying around for years, not knowing that Anya has had the key to opening it this WHOLE TIME, which finally unlocks her memories and reunites the last of the Romanovs, all at the cost of his own romantic hopes - that's a fantastic redemptive/emotional arc! Also, watching as an adult makes me realize how appreciative I am of the fact that when Anya finds out that Dimitri has been using her as part of his con she actually gets to SLAP him (really hard!) in the face. He did her dirty, she has every right to be furious, and he totally deserved that slap (even though he makes up for it afterwards). So many films/shows are terrified of their heroines being righteously angry; that a woman at least partly modeled on a Disney Princess got to react in that way is pretty remarkable, even today. Maybe being in pandemic lockdown is doing weird things to my brain, but this is solid gold material (it makes me all the more frustrated that they wasted so much narrative real estate on Rasputin). All those awful Disney live action remakes, yet THIS is what they should be focusing on. I'd definitely pay for a decent movie that combines the Anya/Dimitri/Empress relationships of the movie with the villain of the musical (a Bolshevik commander trying to hunt down the last Romanov).
  12. Someone has summarized and animated Colin Trevorrow's "Duel of the Fates" script, albeit in a comedic manner. https://news.avclub.com/some-people-went-and-animated-colin-trevorrows-unused-s-1842614111 Interesting to see what might have been, though ultimately I think there are pros and cons (mostly the latter) to both visions. I will however say that Trevorrow's script felt more like a natural follow-up to what was established in both TFA and TLJ (unredeemable Kylo, Rey Solano, a return to planets like Coruscant, an explanation for Rey's vision in TFA, a reason why no one answered Leia's SOS in TLJ, Rey getting a lightsabre staff, Rose treated as a team member, re-establishing a Jedi school, etc). But Finn still gets shafted, and I don't know what the hell Rey/Poe is all about.
  13. Just finished watching, and I enjoyed it without being blown away. In an odd way some areas were rushed while others went too fast: the best (that is, the most tense) part of the film was Adrian's gaslighting of Cecelia while she was in James's house: things got a bit too unreal and sci-fi once he was running around in the malfunctioning suit. I thought they could have done more with the teenage girl, because if ANYONE was going to believe that there was an invisible man running around, it would have been an imaginative teenage girl. If the slap had played out with Sydney immediately realizing it couldn't possibly have been Cecelia, and then her father seeing a mark on her face and getting concerned about how his daughter was getting dragged into Cecelia's "delusions", that could have led to Sydney trying to get some evidence of her own, unnoticed by Adrian. As it was, she was pretty much useless. I also would have liked to know what Cecelia planned to do about the baby. Ah well. It was a fun (as in suspenseful) ride.
  14. The sequel made 1.5 billion. There's gonna be a Frozen III.
  15. Finally got a chance to comment on this. I liked it, perhaps even more than the first one, though in that case it's because it got so overhyped that by the time I got to see it, it was never going to live up to my expectations. In this case the story was extremely cluttered (the five elements, the evil dam, the secret backstory) but the emotions were beautifully conveyed. I got a little misty-eyed when Elsa entered Ahtohallan and Anna sang her way onto her feet again (which makes it strange that "Into the Unknown" is up for the awards, since "Show Yourself" and "The Next Right Thing" were the two show-stoppers). The subplot with Kristoff made me laugh, as he's clearly a thousand times more invested in that relationship than Anna is. I'm torn, because on the one hand it's nice to see a male character fixated on a relationship (the romance is essentially his entire plot) but on the other, I don't think anyone should have the sentiment: "who am I, if I'm not your guy?" This could have ended with the two of them amicably parting and it would have been okay with me. But who am I kidding, that would have never happened in a Disney movie, any more than they were going to give Elsa a girlfriend. But again, mixed feelings. If they do Frozen III it would be nice to see Elsa in a romance, but it's also nice to have a Disney Princess (or queen, or whatever she is now) that's single and happy about it. The highpoints were the visuals and music, which also felt a lot more consistent than they did in the first movie (every original Frozen song felt like it belongs in a different film), and like I said, I felt a bit verklempt when Anna finds the strength to get up, Elsa tamed the water horse and explores Ahtohallan, and the end when Elsa gallops over the rock troll/water. Most wasted character: Honeymaren! She was cool and it's a bummer she didn't go on the mission (though I suppose it was too crowded already). Still, she needs a much bigger role if there's gonna be a Frozen III.
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