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  1. Ravenya003

    Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

    All these big moments are great, but for me what really made it was the little ones: Ygritte sparing Gilly's life and signalling her to be quiet despite having no idea who she was. No one will ever know, but that act of mercy paid off considering Gilly made it to the end. Sansa and Jon's reunion. We knew the Starklings would reunite at some point, but did anyone think that Jon/Sansa would be first? Or that the two characters that had the LEAST to do with each other would channel such pure emotion at seeing each other again? Somehow the fact that they were the most unlikely Stark pairing when it came to audience investment was what made it so powerful. Missandei's wicked little smile just before Dany unleashes the Unsullied and Drogo on the slavers. Also her quiet, dignified defense of Dany in the crypts after the Two Smartest People Ever don't even notice her sitting right there next to them. The Hound burying the father/daughter he robbed and saying: "I'm sorry you're dead." At Hardhome, that vile Thenn realizing there was a bigger picture at work and sacrificing himself to the White Walker to buy time for Jon to get the dragonglass. Jorah and Lyanna getting a moment before the battle. I had given up on the writers remembering they were cousins, and yet there it was. The nameless, silent wife (or widow) of Craster that stabbed Karl in the back, saving Jon's life in the process. Unnamed Dornish Prince's obvious boredom at the Council Meeting. Hats off to that actor; they gave him nothing to work with and yet is there any doubt that the Dornish uprising is imminent? And on a wider note, anything between Dany/Jorah. To me, they comprised the most beautiful love story on the show.
  2. Ravenya003

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    So I've been a long-time lurker on the GoT boards, and a week having passed since the finale, I really, really have to just vent a little, because my frustration still hasn't gone away. First of all, I was always a Sansa fan - even back in season one. My absolute favourite character arc is "spoiled brat gets exposed to the real world and because a wiser, more compassionate person because of it" (for example, Cordelia Chase in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Prince Arthur in Merlin). Sansa's arc was clearly a little harsher than most, but the idea of a young woman going through hell but realizing "if I am queen, I will make them love me" was totally my jam. But looking back, this trajectory in Sansa's story got botched from the moment D&D decided to give her Jeyne Poole's storyline, turning her into a rape/trauma victim instead of whatever Martin has planned for her (which I'm certain involves her becoming more of a negotiator/diplomat/spy). She was always going to come out of this a colder, more closed-off person (and don't get me started on her crediting her strength to the abuse she suffered. Gross). Still, they had time to course-correct...and didn't. I thought Dany's story-arc this season was ghastly, but it was somehow Sansa's that really made me angry. I waited nine years to see fully-formed Sansa as a master politician, having learned manipulation from Littlefinger, flattery/courtesy from Margaery, cunning from Tyrion and (most importantly) what NOT to do from Cersei, and yet almost every power-play she made this season was a rookie move that works out in her favour due to authorial fiat. For instance, I don't have a problem with her worrying about food supplies, but why would she announce these concerns to the room, which only a) undermines the King, b) alienates an important ally, and c) brings more stress and worry to a situation that is already on the brink of the literal apocalypse? (She was supposed to LEARN from Littlefinger, not BECOME him, and this just felt like his brand of pointless chaos-sowing nonsense). Then she decides to break her vow to Jon and spill the beans on his parentage, which only puts him in extreme danger from a woman she admits she's frightened of (and makes those red leaves on her coronation dress rather hypocritical considering she broke the vow she made under the weirwood tree). Again, only authorial fiat protects Jon from dying immediately at Grey Worm's hands once the fallout of the secret's exposure runs its course, and in the end he's exiled - costing her one of her most loyal allies. (Cos seriously, that boy is outta there. He ain't coming back). And finally, she gets independence for the North, not through intrigue or force or clever politicking, but because she ... hoo boy ... just ASKS her brother the king for it. In front of all the other delegates of the Seven Kingdoms. Who are ... totally cool with that? (And again, the direwolf crown she wears is a pretty big indicator that this isn't Northern Independence, it's the North under Stark rule). As others have pointed out, they needed Arya to shill her as "the smartest person I've ever met" to guide the audience into accepting she was right about everything, because D&D also required her to make some of the worst political/leadership moves EVER in order to push their story in the direction they wanted it to go. And it would one thing if I believed (for example) that she deliberately pushed Jon into harm's way in order to claim queenship for herself, but that obviously wasn't what D&D were going for. The culmination of her story certainly should have been her as ruler of the North/Winterfell in some capacity (I've foreseen that for YEARS, and would have bet money on it), but D&D clearly had no idea how to get her to that point in a way that made sense, and are obviously oblivious to how vulnerable a position they've left her in. First of all, she's lost all her most important allies - Arya, Brienne and Jon (that last one due to her own machinations). There was not a single familiar face at her coronation, and of the remaining Northern Houses we DO know of, the Mormonts are dead, the Umbers are dead, the Glovers are either dead or disloyal, and Alys Karstark surely isn't a fan considering Sansa wanted to have her disinherited a few seasons back. Likewise, (as I mentioned above) the fact she's "won" Northern independence through the obvious favouritism of her brother only paints a giant target on her back (especially when she antagonized Yara Greyjoy at the council meeting. Um, maybe don't piss off the pirate-queen who knows Northern forces are severely depleted and no longer has any reason to stop raiding and pillaging as per her agreement with the now-dead Daenerys?) Does anyone doubt that Dornish and Ironborn uprisings aren't imminent as a direct result of watching Sansa just get handed independence by a family member? Finally (and this is especially strange since she herself pointed out Bran's inability to have children is a problem), it seemed pretty clear to me in her body language and clothing choices throughout this season that Sansa has no intention of getting married or (subsequently) bearing children. And I don't blame her for one second given what she's been through, but it's also a big problem when you live in a patriarchal system where power flows through primogeniture. Best case scenario, she's going to be badgered incessantly by a bunch of old men that she has to get married and produce children ASAP, ESPECIALLY after a devastating war that's just ravaged the population. They'll want stability and they'll want an heir, and that means Sansa will either eventually be pressured into another political match, or be forced to name a male heir (like Queen Elizabeth I did with King James) and resign herself to the end of the Stark line. Sounds like fun. Because of course, we just spent eight seasons being told that anyone who reaches for power and crowns themselves king/queen is doomed to either death or misery. That has been the fate of every single other ruling monarch featured on this show, so I'm still struggling to see how this is a "happy" ending for Sansa: a queen with no strong allies, a bunch of pissed-off neighbours, and no desire to marry/have children despite this being a job requirement. TL;DR I am not a Sansa hater, but a disappointed lover. So much more care and thought should have gone into all of this, and I've spent the last week feeling cognitive dissonance at the fact so many other fans seem to be totally delighted with this ending for her. The coronation scene was gorgeous - so gorgeous in fact that I'm pretty sure D&D hoped to wave it around like a flag to distract us from the fact Sansa is sitting on a powder-keg and has more or less lit the fuse herself. The wheel turns on, I suppose.
  3. Ravenya003

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

    Fasten your tin-hat, because I've got a theory! Reading between the lines of that Vanity Fair article, I'm going to go out on a limb and say: Kylo murdered Rey's parents. First of all, JJ Abrams has already said that there's more to Rey's backstory than has been revealed. I don't think he'll retcon Johnson's decision to make her a nobody, but I do think Kylo was lying when he said they sold Rey for drinking money. It was a half-truth designed to make her join the Dark Side. In watching TFA, it's painfully clear that JJ originally meant for Rey and Kylo to have met previously. His "what GIRL?" response to hearing that the droid had escaped with a girl, to Rey's Force abilities growing stronger in his presence all pointed to her having been in Luke's Academy as a child, only to escape the massacre and forget the trauma (explaining why her powers came back to her so strongly after they re-met). Heck, in the fim's novelization, Kylo actually says: "so it IS you," when she pulls the lightsabre out of his reach. Of course, that theory went kaput with TLJ, BUT JJ could still work with Johnson's idea that Rey was born with preternatural Force abilities to balance out Kylo (which is a stupid idea, but we're stuck with it now). In which case, if Snoke and Kylo knew that such a person would come along, it makes sense that they would try to find her and kill her as a child. Then there's Rey's vision, which included the Knights of Ren and Kylo seemingly killing this random guy: What if that's Rey's father? And apparently this scene made another appearance in the footage at the latest Star Wars convention, suggesting it's important. If you look at the actual quotes from Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley in the article about their "maybe-bond" and that it "runs deeper than expected" (the writer tries to crouch it in romantic terms, but I still seriously doubt that Disney is going to hook up a teenage girl with the grown Space Nazi that's been terrorizing her for the past two movies) then it could be referring to this shared history in which Kylo and the KoR deliberately went out killing Jedi apprentices - including Rey's parents, who presumably managed to hide her on Jakku. Finally, there's an emphasis on parents in both actors' quotes. I roll my eyes at the idea that we're apparently meant to feel sorry for Kylo for having the coolest people in the galaxy as his mother and father, but this is the second time Daisy has made the claim that Rey is furious at Kylo for having had a loving family and then throwing them away, which is interesting. If the original trilogy had as its big twist the fact that the murderer of Luke's father was actually his true father, then there's a nice symmetry in Rey realizing that her great nemesis put her on the path she's on by hunting down and killing her parents. Also, there was a rumour a while back that It fits together, but then I've been wrong before. And "subverting audience expectations" seems to be everyone's MO these days, whether or not it actually makes sense.
  4. Ravenya003

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    It reminded me of that interview with Emilia Clarke in which she's joking about the reception that Sansa and Arya give her at Winterfell: "And so I need to be like: 'Can I braid your hair, Sansa? Little Arya, come over here, let's play some cricket.' So there's that. And then, very, very quickly, it's like: 'Wait, is it just me, or do they hate me?'" This wouldn't be the first time Sansa's hair has been used to demonstrate her alliances, as she's adopted the hairstyles of Catlyn, Cersei and Margaery throughout different points of the show. So maybe at some point we'll see her with Dany's braids? (Okay, it's a reach, but I found it interesting that both actresses casually drop the subject of hair-braiding into their interviews).
  5. Ravenya003

    The "HELL YEAH!" Movie Moments

    That was a fun moment. She needed a ride, and he was being a dick. Nothing to start clutching pearls over. Edit: I mean, in "Civil War" Bucky runs up to a random guy and steals his bike right out from under him so he can escape the authorities. It's not like this is the first time one of our heroes has done this.
  6. Ravenya003

    Media Things

    Max/Eleven friendship! That was at the top of my wish list!
  7. Ravenya003

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I'm living in Christchurch, New Zealand, and as I'm sure you're all aware, there was a terrorist attack on Friday, in which a white supremacist attacked two mosques in the city, killing fifty people. My friend and I had plans to go and see Captain Marvel that weekend, and after some discussion, decided we would go ahead and see it on Sunday as we'd originally intended. All things considered, it was a good decision. It took our minds (albeit temporarily) off the dark pall over the city, and though I'll probably always subconsciously equate Captain Marvel with this terrible weekend, there was something uplifting in watching a story that was fundamentally about people seeing each other for who they truly were and changing one's prejudices to fit new realities. I loved Carol's horror that she had been on the wrong side of the war, the obvious strength of the bond between Carol, Maria and Wendy, the entirety of Talos's storyline (I pegged pretty quickly that the Kree were bad guys, but wasn't too sure about him till the actual reveal), and Carol refusing to engage with Yon-Rogg in his attempts to shift the goal-posts, dictate the playing field and drag her down to his level. There is SO MUCH POWER in simply not giving a f*ck. So yeah. The world feels pretty shitty right now, (and what happened here in Christchurch has made all the ridiculous drama surrounding the release of the film even MORE stupid and pointless), but we gotta be like Carol, and get back up on our feet again. One another thing: having seen this movie I ended up googling the comic version of the character and learning about Kamala Khan for the first time. Holy shit, what a revelation. These movies matter, and we NEED Kamala Khan on the big-screen ASAP.
  8. Ravenya003

    The "HELL YEAH!" Movie Moments

    The Sound of Music: "Reverend Mother, I have sinned." "I too have sinned." "What is this sin my children?" *side-eye* *pull out car parts from behind their backs* That we hear the sound of the Nazi cars hopelessly stalling outside the convent throughout this entire conversation is what makes it so damn funny and satisfying.
  9. Ravenya003

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

    I was surprised that this opened so late in America, as here in New Zealand it's been out since the first week of January! We're usually waiting for weeks or even months to get stuff from overseas (thank God for streaming services) so it was a pleasant surprise to see it so soon. It's a good movie, even a great one at times, but towards the end I felt a little manipulated. Here's the thing: when you spend two movies, two television series and a handful of short films based on one single, hopeful premise: that Vikings and dragons can live together in harmony, it's more than a little bit jarring for said Vikings to suddenly go: "nope, this can't work, we gotta send our dragons away for their own safety." It was such a U-turn from everything the franchise has told us thus far, and I suspect it was because Dean DeBlois knew this was the final movie and so wanted to get an emotional reaction from the audience by separating Hiccup and Toothless. It COULD have been pulled off, but they simply didn't lay the narrative groundwork. The villain was defeated, they had found an isolated island from which to form their defenses, and (like I said earlier) Berk had already spent YEARS working towards the goal of inter-species harmony with pretty impressive results. It was forcing characters and storylines towards a specific goal without justifying it properly - at least that's my opinion, obviously others may differ. The stuff I loved was the visuals (especially the Hidden World), the relationship between Astrid/Hiccup, and the underlying theme of growing up that runs throughout all three movies: specifically how the most important people in our lives change as we grow up, from parents (Stoick) to friends (Toothless) to spouses/children (Astrid). You can see the way Hiccup grows through his relationships with others, and the scene in which he and Astrid introduce their children to Toothless was a slam-dunk. Beautifully done (though again, this would have been just as poignant and joyful and "full circle" without a contrived ten year separation).
  10. Ravenya003

    The Star Wars Saga

    The reporters at i09 were given BTS access to Galaxy's Edge (the new Star Wars portion of Disneyland in California) and - WOW. Their write-up is incredible.
  11. Ravenya003

    The Star Wars Saga

    You know, I've always been aware that Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac were attractive, but this is the first time I've seen them all together and been: "DAMN those are beautiful people." (Which is saying something since you can't even see Daisy's face. And if these characters are an indication of what JJ's priorities are in Episode 9, then I'll tentatively start looking forward to it.
  12. Ravenya003

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    I'm not sure what the point of this movie, which has already chosen "BO PEEP IS BACK" as one of their taglines, would be if this was not the same Bo Peep. (So to answer the question, I'm 99.9% sure it's the same one we last saw in 1999. Damn, I can't believe it's been that long).
  13. Ravenya003

    Frozen 2 (2019)

    Well, as someone who felt the first Frozen was overrated, I thought that teaser was amazing! I have no idea what the plot might be, and yet it felt epic and eerie and beautiful (all those autumnal colours). These days trailers can be mini-versions of the entire movie, so it's nice to have some actual ambiguity for a change.
  14. Ravenya003

    Aquaman (2018)

    Saw it last night and there are worse ways to end the year. Ultimately I'd say it's parts were worth more than the whole (or however that saying goes). The plot and characters were hopelessly predictable, and yet the little moments made me smile. I liked that Arthur wins the day by communicating and being humble, I liked his ending voiceover that his parents "saved the world with their love", I loved that he spoke to various people in their native language, that he ate the rose Mera offered him instead of laughing at her - even the selfie montage when he went from grumpy to drunkenly happy with the guys in the bar. Mera was also a surprise - granted, she's not in Wonder Woman's league, but do you know how incredible it is that a superhero's love interest got through an entire film without being taken hostage? Or that Arthur ends the movie with TWO living parents?? I admire the movie simply because they did away with those two horrible, tired tropes. No one outside of New Zealand will get this, but the biggest laugh came when Temura Morrison offered to make Nicole Kidman some eggs. Jake the Muss has come a long way... It was also great eye-candy, from grown men riding giant sea-horses, to Mera's jellyfish dress. A jellyfish dress!! The villains were pretty boring unfortunately, and though they tried to give them personal and/or reasonable motivations, I am SO DONE feeling sorry for a**holes because of tragic backstories. Orm and Manta can go join Kylo Ren and Loki in the "get over yourself" room. One thing bugged me though, and it was the same thing that happened in "How To Train Your Dragon 2": the hero (Hiccup and Arthur) spend the WHOLE MOVIE saying they don't want to be chief/king, and...they've kinda got a point. Neither one of them really suits the role of king in personality and temperament. But you know who would? The capable, responsible, intelligent, eager woman standing RIGHT THERE next to him. But nope, the dude gets a crazy superpower (magic trident, domination over dragons) and takes on the job he never really wanted in the first place. Okay, so there was no way this movie was going to end with Mera becoming king given the comic books - but I'm still annoyed Dreamworks didn't make Astrid chief instead of Hiccup (Pixar would have done it).
  15. Ravenya003

    Aladdin (2019)

    I also noticed that Jasmine's famous turquoise two-piece is no more, and her midriff is covered. *shrugs* I don't see the big deal, what works in animation isn't always the case in live action. I'll probably wait until DVD for this one, but Jasmine is my favourite Disney princess so I'm interested to see what they'll do with her (and this new handmaiden character).