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  1. I actually totally forgot about the publicity surrounding Valkyrie's bisexuality; regarding Thor I was referencing the moment when they both jump on the Grandmaster's ship from opposite sides, nearly bump into each other, and have a little "held gaze" moment. I read that as a subtle but largely irrelevant shippy moment; a thread they could or could not pick up on in later movies if they so chose. But yeah, what with an openly gay character in The Eternals, hopefully Marvel will be okay with Valkyrie having a same-sex on-screen love interest. Which begs the question, who will it be? A pre
  2. As long as we avoid a love triangle (square?) since Thor has been mildly ship teased with Valkryrie AND Sif in-canon, we'll be fine. It's Taika Waititi, I trust him. Fingers crossed he has the ladies interact extensively with each other. I'm especially excited about getting Sif back since incredibly, she's the only original Asgardian supporting character still standing. (Not counting Loki).
  3. Ravenya003

    Disney Films

    No, it'll be something stupid like Daddy was distant and Mummy was mean and her only friend was a puppy that got taken away from her and as an adult she's trying to process her childhood by swathing herself in dog fur. No way they won't bring class issues and psychological trauma into this SOMEHOW. I knew it was going to be stupid, but surpasses even my expectations for just how stupid it was gonna get.
  4. As a book reader, I really hope they bring in Cecily Alistair, AND make her more central a character than the books did.
  5. Ravenya003

    The Star Wars Saga

    Glad to see Bonnie Piesse. Didn't she get caught up in that weird cult? Considering she's featured here, I'm assuming she got out okay.
  6. Apparently Hallelujah was his daughter Autumn's favourite song, so... I'm giving him a quiet pass for that one.
  7. Totally agree with upthread. Look, it was a beautiful movie, and Raya was a fantastic character. And to a certain point, I can take the message in the spirit with which it was intended: that there is no life or happiness if people don't trust each other. But MAN they botched the delivery of this, which is part of a greater pattern that's so prevalent throughout entertainment these days: that good people are morally obliged to give endless second chances to the people who hurt them. It's just fiction, but the constant reiteration of this theme across media is getting kinda creepy. This mov
  8. Captain Marvel is definitely one of those movies that's better on repeat. The first time around it felt a little ho-hum (and I was a bit distracted by other stuff going on in the world) and I DO think it suffered a little from the "Marvel formula" at that stage (so did BP if I'm being honest) but I find it's become one of those films I love having on in the background when I'm just pottering around the house. And not to move the direction of the conversation away from the women, but Ben Mendelsohn was incredible in that movie. That he could ACT through those prosthetics, and the way he h
  9. Of the three massive franchises that ended in 2019 (MCU, Game of Thrones, Star Wars) it can't be denied that the MCU was most successful in sticking the landing. As those other IPs proved, it could have been SO much worse. Ironically, it was also the story that I was LEAST invested in, so while I can intellectually understand the objections to Black Widow getting chucked off a cliff or Steve going back in time to hijack Peggy's life, none of it sticks in my craw the way Daenerys going genocidal over the sound of bells, or Kylo Ren's incoherent and undeserved "redemption" did. So... I can
  10. Cute movie, and a nice way to end the trilogy. Lana Condor is a gift, I hope she gets plenty of roles after this. I've noticed in plenty of romantic comedies that a lot of actresses perform (or are TOLD to perform) the role as blandly/sweetly as possible since they're essentially a blank slate for female audiences to project themselves upon. They're not that important, it's the love interest that one everyone's turned up to see. But that's obviously not the case here; I'd watch a movie about Lara Jean without Peter, as she's interesting enough on her own. I loved that they ended up going
  11. Ravenya003

    Disney Films

    No, it'll be something stupid like Daddy was distant and Mummy was mean and her only friend was a puppy that got taken away from her and as an adult she's trying to process her childhood by swathing herself in dog fur. No way they won't bring class issues and psychological trauma into this SOMEHOW. Like how Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil, She Who Commanded the Forces of Hell, simultaneously the most petty AND most badass bitch in all of Disney's rogue's gallery, was actually symbolically date-raped by King Stefan? Oof. Still haven't forgiven Disney for that one. I'm so sick to
  12. I definitely don't blame Disney for pulling the plug on GC, but between the awful fandom-mandated plot points of The Rise of Skywalker and now this, I wish to God that everyone in the entertainment industry would just get the hell off social media already. It's legitimately destroying decent story telling at this point.
  13. And the annoying thing (for me anyway) is that it didn't have to be like this. Why couldn't Bo have gone with Woody and become part of Bonnie's toy set? They didn't go this direction because they knew that a Woody/Buzz parting was what was gonna get the tears flowing (that's Pixar's entire MO), though nothing was ever going to reach the emotional crescendo/cartharsis of the incinerator scene in TS3. It would have been okay for TS4 to just be a coda to the perfect trilogy, the one that finds Bo and brings her home. If she's so bent on her newfound freedom (which they didn't really drive h
  14. Just saw it yesterday, sorry if I repeat anything that's been mentioned already. Interesting ideas, but oddly little Wonder Woman. The first movie was special because Diana was front-and-centre, and she was truly wondrous to watch. Not just her beauty or athleticism, but the fact that she made goodness INTERESTING. That's such a rare thing in fiction (to quote Simone Weil: "“Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring. Imaginary good is boring; real good is always new, marvelous, intoxicating.” The first movie managed to make the goodness of Dian
  15. Though Kathryn Winnick clocked in the most episodes at seventy-one. Gustaf Skarsgård came second with sixty-eight.
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