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  1. Blake shouldn't be excused for making these women feel like they were one of many members of his harem. However, I think this is a fair point. Why did Caelynn get away with making it seem like he played her like a fool when she was obviously a very active part in the coverup herself`? Pilot Pete. Yawn. I am inclined to quote EW's Kristin Baldwin when Ben Higgins was the choice: "Boring white man becomes bachelor" I totally agree with that theory. Chris was definitly going into this with the goal of coming out of it looking like a decent guy. Now he's trapped and does not know how to get out of it . And so he's stringing Katie along even though it's obvious to him and not to her: They are just not right for each other. Nevermind who's at "fault". When a relationship is that hard that early on and the communication is that bad, for the love of God, just call it quits! I will never forget pilot Jake Pavelka' words going into his journey: "Heartbroken and alone, that's not in the cards for me. I'm meant to be loved" As a mother of two wild ones, I can attest to the fact that it's not all roses and rainbows at the end of that big love story. Those kids were very well behaved compared to mine. My boys would have broken the cameras into small pieces and jumped on Chris Harrison's private parts like it was a trampoline.
  2. Tayshia and JPJ is obviously a replay of the "doomed" relationship of Grocery store Joe and Kendall, although this time the producers had even more fun with it - making a whole montage of their quirky yet beatutiful love story as he left. Her mumbling "I don't want you to go". Him gravely saing "Goodbye, Tayshia.". Some of those producers are going to go on writing scripts for romantic comedies, mark my words. The classy, elegant and serious woman thinking that the goofy, earnest guy is not right for her. Trying her luck with a more appropriate elder man, then realizing in the end that the playful and not-so-obvious choice is really the man of her life. Hello, engagement at the after show! I've been wondering what they're trying to sell us with the whole Demi / Kristian thing, and finally have a theory: a brand new gay spinoff starring Kristian as the first lesbian bachelorette.
  3. Dean isn't really my type either, but I find him very charming. Am totally sold on his self deprecating image (Yeah, I'm unemployed and live in a van, I'm such a catch, right? - grins) and his smooth talking (Who the hell wants easy? - grins). He was such an insecure ass when he was last on BIP, now he seems like he's comfortable in his own skin and even manages to have som insight into his own relationship phobias. Why he's wasting this new insight on Caelynn, I don't get though. She seems a little bit too vanilla and high maintenance for his personality type, I don't see them lasting. Blake kind of Stockholm syndromed himself into staying, didn't he. (Hmmm, I wonder if I should do what Derek did and just leave ... or, wait a minute, there's that hot, sullen chick I used to bang ... ). Your first instinct was the right one, Blake! I don't see those two lasting either, but I guess I don't get even half a point for predicting that.
  4. It's funny how fast things changes in this world. I remember (yes, I'm old too) Chris being painted as too young on Emily's season. Now, seven years later, he's the geriatric alibi. I do think Derek would make an interesting bachelor. I don't know about the part about him liking 20-somethings, maybe he does. But more importantly I think he's attracted to challenging women with strong personalities - and I for one would like to watch a season with that kind of bachelor and women, rather than the insipid bunch we've gotten with a lot of the other bachelors.
  5. I'm like pretty old, you know, so I'm not like very up to speed on what's cool amongst young people today, but I have to say that I like really, really miss the days when women didn't like plant fraking ravens nests on the top of their eyelids, and also like; could everyone just please try to complete a sentence without using the word "like" every two seconds?
  6. No activity on this thread ... but I'm just now having a big 90210 marathon and had to pop in to say how much I LOVE the scene from the KEG house where John Sears gets voted out. The plot, the drama, the acting, it's all stellar. Sears' friend surprisingly showing some integrity and voting John off instead of Steve, all the other brothers following, Ian Ziering raising his eyebrows in surprise and laughing, Paul Johansson acting all pissed and shocked. It's one of my favourite scenes ever on this show.
  7. Anybody watch episode 02-03 og The Good Fight? It was pretty interesting, based on the Corinne/DeMario-incident. So, the show in the episode is called "Chicago Penthouse". A contestant sues the show claiming that the producers are responsible for her having sex while drunk with another contestant. There's even a character we all can relate to, an investigator in the law firm who volunteers to go through all the raw material from the show because she's such a fan. Her fellow investigator is not so keen however, telling her: "So, this is what I don`t understand. You seem like a semi half intelligent person, how can you watch this?".
  8. Did I miss the announcement that Chad is doing a repeat of BIP? Cause everybody's acting like that's a given.
  9. I don't buy that they've finished casting. My guess is the early announcement is all about finding better contestants than the applicants they have lined up. Firstly, it's gonna look all kinds of bad if they don't cast at least 10-15 black men. Secondly, Rachel is what, 31? They may not have enough age appropriate men, let alone age appropriate black men in the bunch.
  10. I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I apparantly love "cheese pasta" (I call it 'spagetti and cheese, however), and have been making it since I was twentysomething. Don't prepare it quite like the ingenious Raquel though. Instead of adding the cheese to the pot and keep the heat on, I simply fill my plate with layers of grained cheese, spaghetti, more cheese, spaghetti again. The cheese melts from the heat of the pasta and forms delicious lumps of sinful warm cheese that sticks together with the pasta. If I'm feeling particularly classy, I add green pesto to the spaghetti. Don't eat it much anymore, I'm sorry to say. My husband thinks this meal is the absolutely most discusting idea ever (not holding back on the cheese ... ). Now I can only eat it when he's away so as to not ruin our sex life. I'm actually not sure if he - given the choiche - would rather kiss me after I've barfed or after eating 'cheese pasta'.
  11. You're good. I never notice the music at all. But I'm probably unconsciously affected by it, a total slave to the editing monkeys without realizing it. Count me with the many who loved Vanessa for telling Nick off without slut-shaming Corinne. Not sure I love her in general though. My eyes rolled all the way back into my head listening to her "grandpa is with me on this journey" story. Yeah, Vanessa, your grandfather is sitting on a cloud humming and cheering you on while you date a man who's dating 29 other women on a cheesy reality show. Or wait, are we talking heaven or hell? They were both chewing gum. I kind of like that he didn't care. I'm sure my squeamish husband would care a whole lot. So it's totally romantic to me when someone throws squeamishness to the wind. That was Haley, the photografer who was sent home. I remember because she kept going on about putting herself out there and "opening up". Cut to her walking out in that dress and me thinking: "She seems open enough to me". Poor Corinne. She is just too obvious. "I feel really confident!" one moment when she's sticking her tounge down Nick's throat. Then ten minutes later when she has to do dance: "I can't dance, I don't feel confident and sexy". She'll hopefully grow up to realize that confidence doesn't have to be all about body and sex.
  12. Loved the dress. I'm looking for a simple and understated dress for my own city hall wedding. So i went looking for info about it. Seems Selma's dress is a D&G number that would set me back about 2500 dollars. Soooo, not so simple and understated ... Too bad I'm not marrying a sugar daddy.
  13. I'm happy for you then, Ms Blue. I guess all I can hope for is to be pleasantly surprised by Jojo. She'll probably turn out better, or at least not worse, than most of the leads in recent history.
  14. Well, staying on topic I have to say I don't get the comparison. At all. Arie was sweet and funny and actually had a personality. I'm not seeing any of that in Jojo. Granted, I fast forward through a lot of the solo dates as they bore me, but I think I've seen enough of her to defend the opinion that she's a total Barbie robot. People talk about her spunk and fire. WTF, really? I don't even remember seeing her make a facial expression, let alone express an opinion that reflects any kind of personality. To me she's just a big couple of boobs of nothing, with dead eyes and disturbingly tidy hair. That forgiving speech she gave to Ben at the ATFR was just all kinds of fake. But I do prefer her over Caila who was even more fake, and who I actually think is disturbed in some way.
  15. My random thoughts: I always thought Desirè was a gigantic bore, but she definitly is the prettiest of the bachelorettes IMHO. Ashley and JPs kid was cute, but in dire need of a haircut. JP is the sweetest and the biggest catch anyone has caught on this franchise according to me. But I'm not impressed that he "helps" Ashley "50/50" with the kid. It's your kid, you're a father. It's not "help", and of course it's 50/50 - or at least it should be pretty damn close. Me also thinks Ashley's "fairy tale" train may come to a schreeching halt when she's bursting with number two and Fordy hits the terrible twos. He looked like a kid who won't go easy on his parents. Michelle Money needs to quit her love affair with botox and lip fillers - like yesterday. Whatever happened to Tierra? I would love to see her om BIP. Still provoked by the Rozlyn shaming. "Inappropriate relationship" my ass. That's Bachelor lingo for "if you flirt with someone other than the holy bachelor then you a ho!" Erica Rose multiplying ... that actually scares me. I was already fed up with the Ashley I and Jared "romance" by the end of the first episode of BIP - why make me go through another round of it? Why show, why?!
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