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  1. Jeffurry

    The Good Fight

    I've been watching the first season since it's been airing on regular CBS and I like it. Now I'm wondering when the comment about Callista Gingrich becoming ambassador to the Vatican was added in Season 1, Episode 9: "Self Condemned."
  2. For those who observe, Buon Natale a tutti.
  3. Jeffurry

    S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    As with the first episode of the season, from start to finish I had no idea what was going on in this episode. A friend tweeted at me "congratulations on becoming our parents," but seriously, what the hell was this episode about? I felt like it started in the middle and stayed there. Then again, I tried to watch the first Avengers movie and turned it off after five minutes for the same reason. I'm looking for plot summaries now because none of it made any sense to me.
  4. Jeffurry

    S10.E14: Grand Finale

    The final lip synch was by three artists. Could this possibly have been because RuPaul already knew there would be a final three?
  5. Jeffurry

    S20.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    Rockstar is my favorite Toni Collette character since Muriel's Wedding and I'm hoping she's better than an ABBA song. (Better than "Dancing Queen!")
  6. Jeffurry

    Does Detroiters Season 2 Get A Yes In The Room?

    During the entire canon presentation and the discussion afterward, I kept thinking, "What's the name of the show? Why aren't they saying the name of the show?!?" It turns out you were; I just didn't hear the capital letters.
  7. Jeffurry

    S03.E18: The Wisdom Of Solomon

    The only thing I remember about this episode was that Solomon wanted to go to "skoo."
  8. Jeffurry

    S05.E01: #LizaToo

    My partner stopped watching years ago because of Hillary Duff. I still watch, especially for Miriam Shore.
  9. Jeffurry


    Eve's supposed to be American? I figured she had to be Canadian.
  10. Jeffurry

    Wie Is De Mol?

    It's up!
  11. Jeffurry


    I referred to the first season/series of this show as "Boredchurch" but I really got into the second season/series. Like all of you I was annoyed when I found out how much they cut out, including Jason's entire subplot with his downstairs neighbor aside from the first scene with her. I liked her on Call the Midwife, another show that PBS removes scenes from.
  12. Jeffurry


    We had to pause and play back two scenes last night: Sunny said "shtum," which is Yiddish for "quiet," and in the very next scene an officer said "shlep." British English has much more Yiddish than we thought! No wonder I felt less Jewish than my non-Jewish British friends when I lived there.
  13. Jeffurry

    S06.E02: Once You've Ruled Out God

    They did? I'm so embarrassed, somehow I missed how they resolved the first murder. Okay, I'm only a little embarrassed. I'd never watched this show before so I was confused for most of it. I watched because my friend was on this episode. Apparently he filmed for five days but they left most of his stuff on the cutting room floor...but he was left with a few lines and did lead a heist, so I was happy for him. Now how did they resolve that first murder?
  14. Jeffurry

    S03.E10: The Hunters

    Me neither! The next episode, however, was one of my favorites.