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  1. AncientSand

    S36.E08: Fear Keeps You Sharp

    This episode should have been called Zoolander. "What is this, an immunity idol for ants?"
  2. AncientSand

    S01.E01: Season Premiere

    So, it's obvious that Omarosa's agent made sure she wasn't the first one evicted. With the next stupid twist and the way that Shannon mentioned keeping women safe, I'm guessing that a man has the same clause. McGrath maybe? Can't figure anyone else really having that kind of pull.
  3. AncientSand

    S19.E26: Head of Household #9

    This game has really Lord of the Flies-ed Alex. I thought she was pretty cool standing up to Cody early on. Now she thinks Kevin is a cop because he talked to a cop? Yesh.
  4. AncientSand

    S19.E10: Power of Veto #3

    I think they handled it properly for Christmas. Keep her chip in there but if she isn't medically cleared to play, she 'loses'. Same for HOH competitions. Removing her chip from the bag would be even more special consideration.
  5. AncientSand

    Imaginary Mary

    Hmm, I kind of liked it. It was a bit rough, like most pilots, but I laughed out loud a handful of times. That's all I can ask from sitcoms these days.
  6. AncientSand

    S07.E09: Rock in the Road

    Overall, it had too much of a late Friends vibe too it with almost of the characters in the picture and everyone gets at least one line. I did crack up over the 'maybe you can stare him into changing his mind' or however Rick phrased that to Darryl.
  7. AncientSand

    S02.E01: Be Right Back

    I think the technology on this show is the closest to what will become reality that I've ever seen in sci fi. Such creative (but horrible for this episode) ideas. Seems like if the world had the ability to create androids that learned sex from porn videos, a lot of people would be skipping the find love/lose love/build love part.
  8. AncientSand

    S07.E07: Sing Me A Song

    Carl decides on a suicide mission to kill Negan. Gets him in his sights, doesn't pull the trigger. Walking behind Negan on the catwalk, Carl is handed a barb-wired bat, does nothing. Negan is busy ironing someone's face, Carl and Daryl stand behind with said bat but decide to do nothing. I guess I can understand that Daryl is traumatized by the last time he tried to do something but Carl's entire purpose of this trip was to kill Negan. He had multiple chances and froze. This is from a kid who killed his own mother.
  9. AncientSand

    S33.E09: Still Throwin' Punches

    It seems like the reward challenge was decided as soon as the captains were announced. I'm intrigued by Jess's story. She's a prosecuting attorney with tattoos up and down her back, who was lied to immediately and completely fell for it, and now has a desperate enemy (Sunday) for no good reason. More backstory on her please. If I was Adam at TC, "There is no such thing as stealing a reward, haven't you ever watched Survivor?". Follow up the next day with destroying that useless advantage.
  10. AncientSand

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    My take on it is that what we we saw at that debate, and really over the course of the weekend, was so shocking that people are looking for any type of distraction. Ken Bone was as about as far away from Trump as you can get.
  11. AncientSand

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I thought the fat stuff was a bit much as well.
  12. AncientSand

    S01.E01: Chapter One: The Vanishing Of Will Byers

    I think the font was pulled directly from a Stephen King book. Between the jump scares and the spot-on 80's flashbacks, I'm not sure if me or my kids are having more fun watching it. What they need now is a remake of all the raunchy films back then. Bachelor Party, Hot Dog, Last American Virgin, etc.
  13. AncientSand

    S18.E05: Live Eviction 1, Head of Household 2

    I think that the camera lingered on the group at the wall because there was an issue with Jozea's microphone. When he walked up to Julie, he was messing with it and she said something like "don't worry, we'll fix it".
  14. AncientSand

    S05.E19: Dress / S05.E20: Return to Sender

    Was so hoping that Sam would return with the bird shirt on. I loved the look Nick gave Schmidt when discussing Humpty Dumpty. "Who told you that?"
  15. AncientSand

    S02.E23: Vartius

    Elizabeth as VP and Henry as Secretary of State otherwise you'd lose all those excellent state department characters. Keeps Henry busy as well.