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  1. tenativelyyours

    S09.E19: Side Dishes Side Pieces

    I'd love to get Kandi drunk and see her rationale as to why apparently, Todd being buds with Apollo and Peter doesn't keep her awake at night holding her purse in her arms. Kandi seemed to see Peter for who he was in terms of who's spending Cynthia's money. Hint. Not Cynthia. And in a lot of ways she is fighting battles that Todd or one of his buddies fired the first shot. I get the whole brave and united marital front but I don't Todd looks to be magic in the sack to the point Kandi's lost her damn mind. At this point in his life, the people he picks to hang out with, let along do shit like this would me really wondering what he would be like the first real bump in the marital road. And how he looks at me, his wife, when he has such a sudden affinity with frauds and failures that encompass so really nasty views towards women no matter how nasty the women in specific can be. I might have a run in with someone like Porsha or Phaedra and walk away thinking "what a bitch". But the prevailing attitude with these three men in some ways is that all women are bitches sooner or later and deserve to be humiliated and disparaged at all costs. Don't even get me started on Cynthia taking her sweet old time with Peter. I was Cynthia and I wouldn't be worried about holding a peach next season but whether Dateline will let me shoot my interviews in street clothes or I have to do the from the neck up to hide the prison uniform until the end thing. It amazes me that even as these men do their own women wrong in so many ways, they stand back and let them drag other women down in the name of bro-manship. And if I was Todd and hanging out with Peter and Apollo (assume once he is out) I'd be awake at night clutching Kandi's purse too.
  2. tenativelyyours

    S09.E19: Side Dishes Side Pieces

    Well Phaedra's all kinds of dim cheap and contrived. I'm thinking maybe she just was so torn and befuddled as to what was the proper wear. Mourning black as you proposed or born again virgin chaste white to show how innocent she was and is through the whole thing? I mean this is the woman I've seen wear a huge cross that balances over her bared cinched up titties like the sneeze guard over the last two corn muffins at the Golden Coral Buffet. Never making uo her mind she settles for a dumb date with her current bestie to play dress up video vixen style.
  3. tenativelyyours

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Might? I think Jerm is so full of himself the Holy Ghost feels like there is a hundred yard restraining order in effect. Note that even his picture is self-absorbed. He clearly is standing next to someone else, Rubbing shoulders even. Yet that person is cropped out? Why? Couldn't the Jerm find a picture of just himself? Or is he so pleased with how he looks in the picture it MUST be his bio shot. But heaven forfend he share even what little attention on this dinky webpage. "My STORY" after all. He just seems like a creepy weenie to me. And a huge famewhore. That Duggar bride complete with show appearances didn't just happen in my opinion. He went a lookin' and he got exactly what he wanted. And I still want to know why it is Jesus who took him out of soccer. Maybe it was SATAN. Maybe SATAN didn't want him to play soccer. Why is it with these people SATAN can make you do all kinds of bad things but only after you've been caught doing them? Maybe being such an annoying weenie is not just my take but enough that he will turn people away from the lord that might have found him otherwise? While the Jerm played on the pro-team of, I dunno, Minsk? Naw not that good. Maybe Billings.
  4. tenativelyyours

    S09.E19: Side Dishes Side Pieces

    Sheree probably has aspirations to turn the Chateau into a Celebrity BNB. Only problem is you have to bring the B n B yourself. I agree that Kenya is trying way too hard to pretend the past with Apollo is all or nothing. There's plenty of room for lack of judgement and outright bad behavior there. I'm not sure it gets you off the hook if you were just playing and still allowed certain perceptions to take place. But I find Moore-girl to be the first major step in ruining this franchise. I had hopes for Todd but he is really showing his ass. I think Porsha is an idiot. I dislike Phaedra intensely. But Todd's actions with both of them should have Kandi thinking even if just watching the show and removed from the moment. I think Kandi should see just what she married. By quitting the show. She claims she doesn't need the money; claims I think are valid if not proven since I'm not on her bank account (seems after Todd and her mother there wasn't anymore room on the checks). She says she doesn't need it career wise. So I have to ask since she is still on, who the famewhore? Maybe it isn't her. I mean I get that maybe she wants to launch her daughter's killer music career (take as long as you want with that one -- though when she is legal maybe she can do back ground tracks for Sheree's son's jackoff videos -- heck considering the tawdry desperation we can go all RH family business since I'm guessing the odds of the Wig's eldest daughter doing a sex tape or at least stripping are pretty high). Then again when you have a bunch of bitter old women to support and Tiny Paws Todd now, extra cash is always nice. Still she seems to really hate being on this show in some ways and even when she doesn't have to pretend to like the rest of the cast and films only with her crew/family, more times than naught they trash each other instead of Kandi's current nemesis-du-jour. The show: Apollo has a girlfriend! Me: 'A'? As in one? Now I'm shocked.
  5. tenativelyyours

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Heck rounding up, the average monthly income per household in the US is a little under 4000 I believe. They wanted twice that for a cost living locale at some percentage I'm way too lazy to figure out that is vastly less than in the US. The entitlement these two have all the while wanting everyone to not only pay their way but do while acknowledging how holier they are than the rest of us is quite enraging. Maybe that is the real goal. Enrage enough people and someone will straighten Dreck's face free of charge.
  6. Yeah they are kind of trapped in a logic circle of their own making. If you are pushing how wonderful you are after asking Jesus to be your savior you have to also buy into the whole redemption thing. The problem is seeing the likes of Smuggar and this guy is that redemption doesn't just come with a glib "I asked forgiveness" it comes from real contrition in the heart. Also while God's forgiveness is the ultimate soul cleanser, the Bible doesn't absolve the sinner from forgiveness from those you sinned against. What gets me with Tim is that he so willfully refuses to take any responsibility and yet also tries to play the "clean slate" approach. How can God forgive you of what you did Rapist Tim if you pretty much openly deny you actually had full responsibility for your actions? Eventually the likes of Smuggar and Rapist Tim will drag the rest down unless they are willing to not only publicly assert themselves but do so acknowledging the inherent hypocrisy in those that don't. The Duggars squeak by because they had a fame infrastructure that weathered scandal just enough to let other more salacious news take its place. But they have an expiration date on their asses and Smuggar made sure that date now is smack dab in the consumers' eyes. Even the Bates don't have that even as their hope for real fame son keeps doggedly following that Nashville star. How big can Lawson go if it is a slow newscycle at the same time his auto-tuned ass somehow produces a hit? Live by social media, you gonna die by social media. Fickle assed as can be. The more famous he might become the more tenuous links to perversion become more interesting and newsworthy. Throw in a cult in legal woes and adding a Rapist like Tim to the cc's of the Paine Family Christmas letter seems downright insane. Its not like Tim swept Tabby off her feet with his charm, wit and compassion. More like dragged her by the hair back to the marital cave after a handshake and "good luck, she's all yours" with her father.
  7. tenativelyyours

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Angels on a goal post! What struck me most there is how little you have to scratch the surface on the Jerm and you get Jack-Boots Pa Duggar. I know to a lot of people Jerm represents a new and modern world for the JingleDull, new clothes new food, sex. But to me, more and more all he sounds like is the like the new JimBoob by Apple. The hipster's millenial approach to narrowminded patriarch. Like Jack-Boots Duggar, the Jerm got out to experience life and enjoy it in all its sin. He got the experiences and advantages of public education and the sciences based in critical thinking that in terms of medical care (if I read one of his comments right). He lived out in a world where genders had a vastly greater level of equality and where even just "normal" in terms of acceptance had a much larger definition. And he enjoyed the fruits of that society. I'm pretty sure he never refused to hit the pitch for a game of soccer if the fans weren't all dressed properly, had never yanked their whank after begging the Lord for forgiveness or engage in Forn-I-Fi-Cation outside of marriage without regret. Yet as his stance on life for others he wants to deny and limit and condemn to the narrowest of allowances. And like the Patriarchal Boob he makes even Jesus take second billing in his All About Me online bio. And here's a thinker? If the Lord is going to call anyone out of sports to minister to the desperate masses? Wouldn't he be turning Giselle's annoying ass into a pillar of salt and send Tom Brady down off the mountain? I mean love him or hate him, he'd get the word out. Jerm? Star of MY STORY? Not so much. I'd be thinking that if Jesus pulled me out of professional soccer and I ended up in Laredo TX married to a Duggar? Jesus hates my ass. Or has no idea how spreading the word works. Seems to me an international soccer star evangelizing on the world stage would reach more people than a small youtube minstry and an old funeral home converted to a three dozen seated church (I kid).
  8. For me it is not so much the man she shifts for so much as she seems to constantly assign herself a role. In the first one it was the free spirit with an open sexual mind and a fluid relationship. One of the intro scenes with the "I'm not a model but I date one" hipster douche in the equally douchebag hat was a prime example for me. She then shifted to wacky but serious writer. Then to giddy romantic only "just slightly" older fun driven gal. Who incidentally took so much affront when someone pointed out she was hardly a millenial herself (basically speaking). So I do think a man in her life shifts her and she seems weak and vapid but I also think that is just her overall. Frankelstein's Monster to me shows how easy it is for Carole to be a puppet for anyone who is willing to tug her strings. I think in some regards Heather did the same. Carole likes to sit back and let someone else do the driving. At this point in her life though she should be able to steer and shift herself and every time she lets someone take the driver's seat she seems to surrender every single aspect of her own journey (just to DRIVE a metaphor all Thelma and Louise off the cliff).
  9. tenativelyyours

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    1.Proximity. It is close enough to easily flee if the shit truly does go down. Nothing says facing danger like making sure you one two hour flight from the US* 2.People of a certain stripe in the US have long had a paternalistic view of any nation to the south of the border. It is easy to not only maintain your sense of superiority but sell it to your like minded folks not smart enough to see past the lure of a DONATE button. 3.Its actually an easy sell in some ways to the local people you are "mission-acating" to. They already have an idea of Christianity and so are open to beliefs and ideas in general but due to social and economic circumstances might feel abandoned by the Catholic Church or just find the gain in attention meeting their true spiritual needs. 4.It is easy to slide it in with legitimate missions, aid. There is a need in this area. And there are already real groups both religious and secular doing good things. So it establishes bona fides. I know a lot of people who have some awareness of at least one effort in Central America. It's kind of weird in a way. But one co-worker's son is going with graduate class members to build bridges in Panama, another friend of the family runs a dental clinic down there for a couple of weeks every summer. Another an eye clinic. In the grocery store line just a month ago I heard the lady in front of me tell the cashier she was buying certain items because they could be shipped in Guatemala for an ongoing relief to fight Zika and some other diseases. Hiding your grift among the legimate is sort of lazy cheater 101 when all is said and done. You don't take a nap by yourself out where everyone else can see. You "rest" your eyes in a group and hope to blend in. *I know full well that there are plenty of things about the overall region that are dangerous and life threatening. I'm just saying that I think these are the Dullards motivations and not those of the people putting in the real sweat and sadly blood to make lives better in the area.
  10. tenativelyyours

    Snark Talk: Home, Home on the (De) Ranged

    I think she is as shallow and has as much substance as a piece of baking parchment. She goes wherever she thinks is "interesting" and in doing so reveals the woman doesn't have a nuance if she could package it and sell it. She follows whatever she thinks is "current" or on trend and never realizes for a moment that the reason she thinks something is such, is because it has been for a long damn time (by pop culture standards). She is self-absorbed enough to assume she is a leader and cutting edge. Having followers doesn't make you a leader if all you can see in front of you is the back of another person. If she is still on the air in ten years time, she'll play catch up and be all isolationist, anti-furrin' and have a "build the wall" themed show. I do think she knows she is running a scam. The funny thing is I think most of these hosts do. I think Giada was selling her glamorous yet down to earth nuclear family even as she was swinging from the hotel room light fixtures with men who weren't her husband. I think Rachel Ray knew damn well how limited she was in the cooking area and white knuckled her way through endless burgers and over used cutisms like EVOO and the refusal to measure to greater exposure and success. So how else can ReDrum (is it a coincidence that it spells murder and she constantly kills good tasting food before it can hit the table? I think not!) not do the same. She takes what others do and regurgitates it and sells it off as new goods. Sadly that is kind of the American way. Too many people are simply happy being told they are getting a good thing without every actually bothering to check if it is good and what should make it good. I'm guessing most of her time these days still involves sitting down and watching Ina, Deen, Ray and others and doing that card idea thing she once claimed was her sole reason for living and that is why most of her recipes seem like a jumbled "make your own adventure" mess. She finds a dish that is done by a couple of other cooking show successes and then mixes and matches with no sense of flavors or dish combinations that actually make a cohesive and enjoyable meal.
  11. tenativelyyours

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Finished a couple of ARCs I was lucky enough to snag. Robin Hobb's Fool's Fate. A fantastic finish to, for me, her strongest series yet. Which is saying a lot. I was sad to get to the end in part because I knew it is planned to be the last book in that setting. I hope she already has a lot of worked out ideas for whatever comes next. She is definitely one of my favorite authors period, let alone in the genre. I also read Kevin Kwan's Rich People Problems. The third and possibly last in the sequence he started with Crazy Rich Asians. I liked this. For some reason this progressive minded person adores the crass tawdry over-the-top label dropping soap-froth materialism in these books. I think because it is so unapologetic in what it is delivering. It has a "two consenting adults" feel to it in terms of the tone and style Kwan delivers. Each subsequent book though is a drop off from the first. Not huge, but there always is a bit of a lack from the pure whiz bang charm of the first one. He does know his stuff about this certain class of people having just ridden in the companies versions of Trenti to go on a shopping spree with my bosses two wives in a really surreal "how the hell did that just happen" kind of way. I'd really like to find someone who approaches wealth as a storyline like Kwan does. It is so gleeful and unabashed in many ways but it also fits into the plot and not just label after label inserted willy nilly. Kwan drops labels plenty but for the most part it fits and doesn't stand out and detract. I know there is a part of me that simply does not understand why I find such books fun (the entertaining part I get because Kwan has a style that for me, makes for fast and immersive reading). I'm working on Brian McClellan's Sins of the Empire. I like his writing but it is a bit slight. Not a negative thing, it makes for an easy read, but maybe a little too easy. I also have some catching up to do in the historical fiction department. I let Sally Christie's Mistresses of Versailles drop to the side and I need to see if it can engage more fully this time. Love me some decadent court drama (especially ones that don't involved the over done Tudors!). It checks so many boxes that I truly am baffled I haven't gotten this read and "shelved" since the writing seems decent enough. Also have the latest Sarah Dunant on the Borgias. Another box checker as it were. But I can't remember how I felt in particular about her first Borgia book. I might have to do a search and come up with the synopsis. I know I read it. I just don't recall what I felt was good or bad about it. With the Borgias it seems most authors go to extremes. Either Lucretia was a poor misunderstood pawn or a complete vamp (though more tend to veer to the former and not the latter lately -- too few can balance the reduced role of women in general and the fact that it didn't mean that all were hapless victims -- to get and maintain any type of power there had to be drive and even ambition, yet authors seem to find that all negative even as they apply a modernist approach to genders).
  12. tenativelyyours

    S07.E17: From Dogs To Diamonds

    I definitely think she comes off as insecure in this. It puts all responsibility on an entire gender. That they should meet her requirements and the failure is not just on them but it is a reflection of them as well. It is a false facade of superiority when in fact I think sweeping generalizations (speaking of sweeping generalizations) only make the person giving them a look of ignorance if not outright laziness to parse nuance or reflect on oneself. The broader a generalization, the more I look at the person making them and thinking what a dumbass. Not just because I think it reveals ignorance but because I think it actually shows enough self-awareness that she know that flaw exists and she still doubles down and blame and basically shows she is well aware that the problem does seem to pervade generally; in this case, essentially an entire gender, without an ounce of responsibility on part in said perceived problem. Its the perfection syndrome. As soon as you make any such claims, and in my opinion that is what she is doing here in this particular area of socialization, you pretty much tell everyone just how imperfect you really are.
  13. tenativelyyours

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I think if you take a look at developing countries where religion can often be much more dogmatic, tithing takes place even if it is not "enforced". One of the interesting things about the current Pope is he came under a lot of negative scrutiny in his own church as he often pointed out the disparity between the people he served and the impact their tithing, "voluntary" or not had on their own lives compared to the luxury that it went towards in the higher reaches of the Catholic Church. The reason I use quotes on voluntary is because having seen how some churches of various denominations in such cultures, the idea is that is is up to the individual but the implied undertone is that any don't give as much as they can is not a good _____________ (insert religion here). and often "good enough" is more than the individual or their families should surrender to keeping an organization afloat. I have seen all kinds of religious practices, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist etc. in some way or form Faithmail their people to provide Organizational support beyond taking care of the fellow needy. And in this specific case, wouldn't Jeremy's tithes basically pay his own salary at the church? Or go through the loophole of tax write offs to provide for himself in terms of lodging and food depending on how that church takes care of their satellite minister. I'd like to see their financials and how Jeremy balances his monetary gains with the show and his role as pastor in this church. I would not be surprised if the TLC paycheck grossly overshadows his pastor "pay". Not that I think TLC is making him rich. I just tend to think there can't be much to the spoon stirring the pot in Laredo. Or much to stir in a piddling pot with the numbers of the congregation. But I wonder how much he is "giving" back to the church? Does he preach for free or does he double dip as it were? (as irreligious as I am I actually know of two cases where small struggling churches have ministers that have jobs so their churches don't have to pay them. One basically works two to keep the power and heat on in the church as well as does all the lawn care, painting etc.- something tells me that the prissy smug Jeremy is more 'Let's talk About Jesus...and how he makes Me feel and be").
  14. You forgot her ability to balance her flat and odd shaped ass she thinks is so great looking it could cure cancer between the handbars of his bike. I don't follow her social media at all, but I do remember that when she started getting flack mid season the one year it seemed like she and her "I hate attention but I date a famewhore online no problem" serious salad spinner started playing discarded Old Navy ad campaigns quite heavy for the tabs and their social media. Considering that even among strong progressives viewers there seems to be a pushback on her political posturing just out of weariness on the whole matter. And I also think there might be some confusion on her rabidity after she giggles and made what she thought were adorable faces on how confused she was on the whole 99% protests despite the fact that when she filmed that scene the protests were slowing down and had been headlines pretty much everywhere for a couple of weeks. People change. But famewhores seem, in my opinion, to always play a role that gets them attention. So after her introduction as a socio-cultural simpleton that she played hard, it is difficult for me to find her as credible on the current political scene as I suspect she wants me to buy into. If she is able to actually show anything but a "look at me" approach to the current socio-political scene I'll be happy but I don't think she has that in her. In an odd way, taking this stance she seems to (thanks to what is posted here mind you) seems more reactionary while trying to pretend to activism.
  15. tenativelyyours

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Just the fact these two have the time to "refute" the ease of their vacationing? To me says it is vacation. This latest article also reminds me of her blogging a week or so ago about how they "mission" in a dangerous place. Not actually live there. Sleep there. But go in once a week to a "dangerous" place. And never once comments on actually what makes it dangerous (people can fall down and incur a fatal head injury here in the US). Or what they as "missionaries" are doing to combat those things that make it dangerous for the people who do have to live there and sleep there*. Not just swoop in and pass out tracts that either the local people can't read, or more likely he can't read (I would love it if someone with a clue at the print shop swapped out pamphlets in Spanish advocating birth control, safe sex and secular means to better society for Dreck to obliviously hand out). Not claim to see Jesus' hand in the death of a young woman due to inadequate healthcare in the finishing of her pinata by her in-mourning friends. Praise the Lord, Craft Projects Will be Finish in time for YouTube Self-videofication. I really hope someone somewhere somehow makes simple math possible for so many of their knee jerk fans. That the math is done where they can see and understand. That when that 24,000 is broken down to the months "missioning" and then parlayed into what it means in terms of an annual salary if that is them "sacrificing" for however many months. What that translates into what they see as their normal annual income for sitting on a coach and smirking into a cellphone for self-absorbed selfies to propel the next fool to hit that "donate" button with the occasional ranting screed posted that demands everyone let these two judge them but don't you dare judge back. Just love and dollars for these two folks. Well just dollars. Send enough and the "love" comes through loud and clear. *I mention the sleep thing because her self-absorbed lazy ass husband made that reference to being able to sleep at night was such a core element of personal safety and how it felt for him to visit places where he might not sleep well.