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  1. I totally get what you mean. I keep finding myself resentful of those that are getting it when I can't yet.. the SM pictures of them getting their vaccines sometimes come across as braggy*, but I know it's also needed to help convince people it's safe. So super mixed feelings about it all. * today I saw several that were all "Got Mine!!!" and I keep hearing "Got Mine, suckas!" in my head. 😔
  2. Me, I'm a hat person and I'm absolutely in love with all their hattery... I live in Rural USA but would love love love to wear the couple of fascinators I own. I typically can only trot them out for Halloween, which bums me out completely. 🤣😂 🤣😂 I would draw the line at some that Beatrice & Eugenie seem to favor though. There are limits even for me.
  3. Right. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Our humanity or lack thereof is really gross a lot of the time, sadly.
  4. That would be GREAT! I love that idea 🙂
  5. Last name is Cain but can't remember his first name.
  6. We have to keep our landline because we live a quarter of mile from Canada and our service hits their towers, not USA towers. If we dialed 911, it would be routed through to Quebec emergency which is a problem given our ages (71 & 61 both with health conditions) But as others have said, we give out our LL number instead of our cells. We have xfinity and the LL can receive texts so that happens a lot. I'm okay with any junk going to that number. We just don't even bother answering. The caller ID pops up on the TV if we have it on and our phone will actually announce the caller ID info if we don't have it on. This works as the only human that actually calls us at that number other than spammers is his elderly sister & brother in law so we know when we should go ahead and answer vs. totally ignore.
  7. My husband is 71 and has some conditions but VT hasn't listed what qualifies as a condition that would bump him up sooner. (T2Diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol) though he's done so good with his diet that he's almost off insulin.) Do any of these conditions typically qualify? Since he is retired and I'm still working, he does 99% of all our errands needed so at a higher risk for that reason. Since I'm 61, but with a heart defect, I'm hoping that puts me closer to the sooner rather than later side but when I go to the VT website, it says they're still determining what would qualify anyone under 75, and "non-essential". I just hope I can get one soon, so I can visit my mom. That is my overriding concern, that I might get one "too late".
  8. I can see JW & TH for sure, though I've watched them enough that I can tell them apart- TH has a super wide mouth that I find unnerving. But I don't see Rachel & Erin or Nikki & Autumn looking alike in any way. Especially Nikki & Autumn which I don't see have any facial or body similarities. Interesting that others see them so similar. Also, Nikki & Autumn are both two that I feel mostly elevate most of the scripts they take and I like them both a lot. I don't mind Erin Cahill but really dislike RB so that might be one reason I don't seem them similar.
  9. I didn't see it myself but it appears there was a NFL game broadcast on Nickelodeon and it's getting great reviews for their fun graphics and such. But they also had Ian/young Sheldon popping up and explaining the penalties whenever a flag was thrown. I'm hoping they do more games as from what I saw, they injected so much fun into the game.
  10. My husband and I both loved this episode! I was so worried that Hundley was going to be the funeral, and though it's sad for Devon, I'm glad it was a side character rather than the main cast. I LOVED that Hundley had to tell the doc's how to fix the machine that was meant to save her life. It is true, nurses are severely underpaid for the work that they do. I remember telling my OB to get the heck out of the room if all she was going to do was stand there and watch, whereas the nurse was physically helping and calming to me through my labor. I was happy to see Hundley recovered enough that she could sing. My daughter & SIL just recovered from Covid, they both went back to work this week, and she is well enough that she even went for a run after work ! Question though- was this the start of the redemption of Kim? They've done that with Bell, so I guess maybe they'll go to that well again but I don't like it. And I agree with those that are hoping the remainder of the show is done as Post Covid Era!
  11. I have some good news re: my daughter & her husband are both feeling good after their recovery from Covid. They both went back to work this week, he on Monday & she on Tuesday (they aren't open on Monday's or she would have as well) Asked how they feel and she said they are happy to say they really aren't seeing lingering effects, she was able to go for a run after work and neither of them lost their sense of taste or smell. Very relieved momma here!
  12. My mom's nursing home vaccinated all the staff and residents yesterday. One step closer to being able to visit my mom.. and hug her. It's been a very long 10 months since I've been able to do so. She has dementia and doesn't understand any of this at all. I cannot wait. And honestly at 85 years old, and *65 lbs.. I don't really know how much longer we have so, hopefully soon. *and she's put ON weight since we moved her to the facility.
  13. I don't think they do it now but back in our hometown in 1979, they did.. and even included my address as well which is just beyond the pale. Nowadays that would be a lawsuit for sure. I was still in school and living at home and all my parents did was give me xanax from my mom's stash to help 'calm my fears', lol.
  14. Thanks.. It was definitely scary. And shockingly, since I was 18 (barely) at the time, the local paper printed my name & address as the only witness that could identify the gunman. Talk about looking over my shoulder for quite some time. I am glad they don't do that kind of thing to victims of crimes anymore.
  15. I was robbed at gunpoint when working at a BK drive thru back in 1979.. the gun was shoved into my ribs. I am so thankful he didn't pull the trigger as there was no way I'd have survived that. People used to walk back to the window to pick up missed items like napkins or ketchup packets and we didn't think much of it until that happened. My pet peeve for today: went to the ladies room in a box store today, and I was by myself at the sink washing my hands. A group of *five* employees come in and stand super close, chatting and were blocking my exit. I had to ask them to step back and let me exit. Why were there so many and why were they so close to me and each other? 😤
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