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  1. Callietwo

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    The movie choice mirrored Jill's storyline so I think that was intentional.
  2. Callietwo

    S15.E21: One Step Forward

  3. Callietwo

    S01.E22: Dirty Little Secrets

    That actress is a BEC for me. I cannot *stand* her and feel she ruins everything I've ever seen with her. I yelled 'oh HELL no' when she showed up so I'll take just about anyone over her!
  4. Callietwo

    S03.E01: Aftershocks

    I hated the new person so much, I'm totally out. Totally and completely so.. they dumped Brody for this?
  5. Callietwo

    Vote for your favorite S14 new character!

    I really really dislike the new character, Quinn. Why would she go from teaching the best of the best to being low(er) man on the totem pole, so to speak, just because Gibbs wants her to? Its illogical to me at best. She also just rubbed me the wrong way. I've always liked the actress, but she was so over the top for me, that it just didn't mesh for me. I'll also comment here that I found it strange the deference that Gibbs gave her given she'd sent how many new agents that failed miserably and he kept getting them from her? And his putting his hand on her lower back to escort her somewhere within the office was probably meant to be 'gentlemanly' but I found it out of bounds for a workplace environment. They weren't on a date! Anyway- I am not a fan, as you can see. Hopefully her character gets toned down a bit.
  6. Callietwo

    S01.E01: The Necklace

    My problem with the premise is.. we're supposed to buy that Bull is this super duper sleuth able to figure out what you're thinking based on internet searches and mind reading but if he's to keep that image up, he'll have to win a LOT of his cases and where is the suspense in that? And I couldn't put the idea that it's based on Dr. Phil out of my mind and kept thinking what an egotistical piece of shite that man is to have this character be so smart, so handsome, so charming (ish) No, Dr. Phil, you are none of these things.
  7. Callietwo

    S01.E01: The Necklace

    And if Bull is working for the defense, why was he riding along when they showed up to presumably arrest the mother of the weird girl? And? How did they know about her, the necklace, etc? I don't like the styling of the show at all.. jurors talking to the audience, etc. bleh. I love Weatherly and will check out one more episode before I decide but this was eh.
  8. Callietwo

    S07.E12: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    I've been saying this since the first episode that Davies appeared. I had speculated in another thread that given the significant similarities, there had to be a reason. But none of the other characters have mentioned a thing about the similarities so they're acting as if they don't exist. So weird.
  9. Callietwo

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    My young neighbors next door like to blare their C & W music, which to me is no better than nails on a chalkboard. I'd almost rather listen to the guns being shot off at the shooting range nearby at 7 am on a Sunday. Almost.
  10. Callietwo

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    Well, that was T & C's price, given the timeline, I'm sure and they typically buy run down properties and make them "pretty" albeit boring as all get out (to my eyes). So, you can be pretty sure it was all their standard problems prior to repairing & listing. Also, the link shows it has a pending offer already so it must be hitting the right note with buyers.
  11. Callietwo

    S07.E11: Stiffed

    Agreed on all counts, offensive, poorly written and a liver transplant wasn't even mentioned (as possible or not, as the case may be and I was wondering why they didn't at least explore that as an option?) (do we have a speculation thread? At this point, it seems silly to start one now if there isn't but I couldn't find one. The previews have me wondering something:
  12. Callietwo

    S13.E21: Return to Sender

    Not enough. I can't stand the character and am ready for him to be off'd like the previous directors. I was so disappointed when they killed Jackie and left him standing.
  13. Callietwo

    S07.E07: Dead Weight

    Sure did.. and yes, it took me out of the scene every time trying to figure out why they would cast someone so obviously similar.
  14. Callietwo

    All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    Well...as someone that has IBS and OB.. I spend an inordinate amount of time in the loo.. thank god for my iPad and Netflix!!
  15. Callietwo

    S08.E07: The Good News Is...

    And, since it was a hallucination, it didn't really happen and they weren't on the beach at all necessarily. I actually loved it... I still like this light and fluffy show and USA seems to be replacing it with some serious shit which holds absolutely zero interest to me. Sure there were weak points in the voicing, but I loved it all anyway.