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  1. I write documents for clients that help them describe what they do/did for work and letters that tell how that work qualifies them for whatever might come next. I teach them how to answer stupid questions so they can do new or different work. I teach them how to deal with stupid bosses and coworkers so they keep being allowed to go back day after day without being told to get lost. I report my results to overlords that think they are the rulers in charge of our lands showing I've had the mandated results enough that I can keep doing it again next month and next month and so on and
  2. Anything by Tessa Dare or Stacy Reid would be awesome.. hot regency romance is my jam, lol.
  3. I thought it looked solid, almost like a helmet put on some "Lego Knight" ...So I'd say the hair looked plastered down and shellacked to the inch of it's life. Oh right.. it wasn't an animal alive or dead. I am shocked! The length itself was a tiny bit long in the back, and looked like the beginnings of a mullet happening there. And though I normally hate that "scruffy" style of facial hair, his looks great on him. The picture with his hair combed the way it was in the link above looked good.
  4. I knew her from As the World Turns where she played a whacked out character... something to do with shrunken heads and whatnot. I loved her in the role and whenever I see her it makes make happy. Great actress, IMO.
  5. Won't lie.. this conversation about John Mulaney had me scratching my head. I thought he was dead. Then I realized I was mixing him up with the great John Mahoney. D'oh.
  6. I hated Sweet Carolina. And I like all the main leads, especially Teryl Rothery & Tyler Hines. But damn, this one sucked so hard. (Teryl looked beautiful throughout.. what a shit script she was given.) As mentioned above, there were no hints given to the time passed. No one seemed to grieve all that much but especially the children other than Ben being a little emo when Lacey (name? Josie was it?) showed up. That Josie(?) went and talked to the boys crush the way she did? No.Way. Not in any way, shape or form realistic. But the absolute worst thing about this mov
  7. I don't mind them too overly much except that they end so quickly and that cat video that made me laugh immediately changes to some distressing video before I can close it out.
  8. This kid Connor is a BRAT at 17 years old. I wanted someone to tell him to shut up and listen. And WHY is this kid blaming Pride for not being there for him while he was growing up when his mother never told Pride he existed? I hate that kind of storyline.
  9. Dominos advertises here for delivery all the time and they kinda sorta do in that they'll deliver as far as a small grocery store parking lot in the town next door, and you pick it up there. No, seriously. Their delivery radius is T I N Y and anything else is this darkish meet & greet like you're picking up illicit goods or something from your dealer. But they are the only one that delivers. This means, the pizza is ice cold by the time it would get home. And Dominos sucks so we don't bother.
  10. In a previous post of mine at was quoted, I mentioned her character had become an anchor weighing the whole show down with lousy SL's so that was why I said I get why she chose to quit while she still had a year of her contract left but I also think she she shouldn't be any part of this last episode. She chose to leave and they wrapped it all up neatly already.
  11. Except those would move the storyline forward for the actors that didn't bail. (presumably anyway)
  12. I'm leaning in that direction myself. I didn't like the previews for next week.
  13. Oh Please... I am so hoping you're right! She was an anchor in the show the last season or two and not in a good way. Christy specific storylines just weighed the show down. I get why AF left but I don't want to see her back. Indeed! Then a large part of the final show would dedicated to an actor that had a contract and bailed at the last minute. Why reward her for that? Again, I get why she left but they could never mention her again and the show wouldn't suffer at all.
  14. It was explained that she didn't want the people in her social circle to know she was attending AA, so she chose in a "lower tier" to protect her privacy.
  15. Oh that would definitely annoy me, too!
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