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  1. I must’ve dozed at the same time, because I also had no idea what that was in reference to, either and I’d caught myself nodding off a couple times that last 45 minutes. There are some good things in the last episode such as Taylor’s hair looks less like a cheap wig from the dollar store. She also seems more relaxed in the role though she continues to have a bit of the stiffness about her acting In general. I’ve seen her in quite a few other movies and she tends towards decent enough chemistry with many of her many leading men but Steven Huzar has just never has done it for me in any of his roles.
  2. I found You're Bacon me Crazy really slow and rather dull. And Cleo was pretty bitchy to make that crazy order which she had no intention of paying for (and he was able to fulfill and give away free?) Not one I'll ever bother with which is sad because Michael Rady is a favorite and the actress that played Cleo was fine. Story was the problem here. Perhaps taking a book intended for youth and making it into a romance movie wasn't the best idea after all.
  3. Oh man... you're right, that's what they're doing. UGH, that means he's still there.. and has a chance. SHIT
  4. I didn't think they would boot one from each group tonight.. Please be gronk.. I love him as a FB player and miss having him on my pats but damn. It's painful watching him up there!
  5. And if they sailed off into the sunset, never to be seen again... it would be fabulous. I've hated the Vance character since day 1 and Jack is a very close second.. This would be a perfect solution! Casting did a fabulous job with the actress playing Jack's daughter, she looks like she IS her daughter. The episode was a snore.
  6. It's being replayed on the 28th at 7 pm and 29th at 2 pm on HMM. Thanks for the heads up- I've set a recording.
  7. I think this is their worst set of singers thus far..they rushed to get this third season in and it shows, if you ask me. Can't really think of any I'm anxious to hear again.
  8. She was *amazing* on Devious Maids. She's the reason I was sad it was cancelled so soon. Her character was so, so funny! Still watching the episode. Does anyone else cover their eyes when they're in the OR?
  9. I actually said Sarah Palin to my husband .. and thought it was too JUST FAR out there, hahah.. This sing out at the end is hysterical!!
  10. Group C kick off. Didn't like Night Angel that much.. "Best of the season" though- maybe. I don't think anyone has knocked it out of the park as of yet.
  11. Honestly, I was so embarrassed when it happened that I took off and later I laughed it off but over time I came to realize that I shouldn’t have been, I didn’t do anything wrong. I've also played it off as something funny that happened but also as time goes on, I’ve realized it wasn’t really funny, was it?
  12. Back in 1995, I headed to a mall with my small children where we saw a limo parked in the fire zone and I wondered who that might be... stores had about 20 minutes to open so I took the kids up to the food court on the 3rd floor to get a cookie. Just as my little one reached up for me to take a bite from hers, around the corner comes Richard Simmons on one of his famous Mall Walks, in his teeny tiny shorts and coordinating tank top with a a gaggle of fans following along. He marched over to me, grabbed my face and planted a kiss right on my mouth, with camera bulbs flashing. I was beyond shocked and took off like a bat out of hell, so mortified that he'd singled me out that way... caught with a mouthful of chocolate chip cookie. (I was quite heavy at that time and believe that to be the reason behind his actions.) I can't imagine anyone doing such a thing these days and I definitely didn't consent to his actions.. never saw it coming. I think he intended this completely different than it comes across when telling the story now. My favorite "major" celeb meeting has to be Craig T.Nelson.. it was a late 90's Memorial day Lyme Rock race when he was the driver of the screaming eagle race car.. husband's boss was also a driver, and we had pit passes. After the race was over, most of the drivers hung out with fans for about 15-20 minutes. But Craig, standing in his fireproof race suit, sweating like crazy stood there taking pictures with fans, signing autographs and holding babies that were practically thrown at him for over an hour.. he didn't go into his trailer until all the fans that wanted to meet him did so. My biggest regret that day was that I was the one taking the pictures of my family with him but didn't pass the camera over to someone so I could have one too. Was so impressed that he stayed even though he had to be hot & exhausted. He was laughing and chatting and seemed so genuine. I have tons and tons of less famous celebs that I've met in music circles. though. These two above stand out just in how different they were.
  13. White tiger managed to "perform" a song where the crowd did all the actual singing and all he did was kinda sorta rap. Wow.
  14. I think the Kangaroo is Ronda Rousey, ultimate fighter turned WWE wrestler. She’s had some problems over this last year, and last I heard she was on a break from that.. she also bills herself as an actress so maybe she can sing too? I think the “costume” the kangaroo is wearing speaks to the possibility, too. Just total speculation on my part and I don’t even know where I pulled this out from other than the air but it seems to fit for me.
  15. Wow. I love Gronk but not in this.. he’s so incredibly bad. Please, he needs to go.
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