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  1. I think that's probably his plan, but that isn't really a recipe for success in the restaurant business.
  2. The restaurant looks fine to me. I thought that the menu looked good. I kind of thought cigars were over, but I don't really keep up on what millenial men are into these days, and I could see a market for this type of hyper-masculine environment. On the other hand, does this guy have ANY experience in the restaurant business? Running a restaurant is an enormous amount of work and requires loooong hours. I've never really had the impression that Dillon had much of a work ethic.
  3. She's a woman. She's not expected to "know things" or "have opinions." She's expected to be attractive and submissive, and express admiration for the men around her. I imagine she does just fine.
  4. I wish that was true, but I doubt it. I think that their interactions are all that stilted and insincere. They have a lifetime of programming in not speaking to each other without clearing their words through JB and J'chelle.
  5. I think we've seen this before where the child is supposed to than J'chelle for giving birth to them. The humpers must love this because I can't imagine they would keep doing it if they weren't getting positive feedback, but I find it really depressing.
  6. Absolutely! You know who else knows that? JB does. That's why there is a 0% chance that Jed! is living there by himself.
  7. It would be interesting if he didn't. If Jed! gets elected, he'll have a salary (about 40K). It's not a ton of money, and I doubt JB would bankroll Jed! if he didn't think he was 100% in the fold, but it would be a pretty heady experience for him. He'll gett a bunch of forms to fill out, and if doesn't specify that all of his earnings go into the Duggar Enterprises account and instead go into a Jed Duggar account, a whole new world would open up -- including talking to women with an accountability partner at his side.
  8. I 100% don't believe that anyone is living there. Their beliefs seem to be very fungible when they want to do something, but having a 21 year old son living alone is WAY beyond anything that they would accept. There may or may not be furniture in the house to give the illusion that someone is living there, but I don't think anyone does. When Jed said that he didn't know what was going on at the TTH because he didn't live there, he was lying. The Duggars lie all the time about every imaginable thing -- it's like breathing to Jed.
  9. I'm actually a little surprised by the comments on this "party." I think this is about a million times nicer than the average Duggar "party." The food is in actual containers, not slapped onto the table in plastic bowls and industrial pans covered with tin foil. There are no open bags of chips sitting on the table, and no open plastic jugs of juice and iced tea. And, as multiple people have noted, the grocery store prepared food containers aren't too bad, and at least the food is edible. I don't see any banners made with markers and printer paper taped together, and no "It's a Girl" banner that looks like it's on its 50th shower. Of course it's not a "nice" shower in the sense that anyone would actually want to be there. Can you imagine being at a friend's baby shower and watching her mother-in-law take center stage and pontificate about babies and Jesus? I hope Abbie's actual friends threw her a nice shower.
  10. I was thinking about Jana and JTTH the other day. We don't think a lot about it, but it must be well known in their circles that Jana was sent to JTTH over and over gain. Josiah being a "bad boy" who was sent to ALERT over and over again might be a real draw for a fundie girl who wants to "save" a bad boy, but if Jana is known in their circles for being a disobedient daughter, that may be a real deal breaker -- maybe not for the guys, but possibly for their parents who would be brokering the deal with JB.
  11. I think it may be less dramatic than this -- although assuming that Derick has a grift afoot is never a bad bet. I would imagine that up until now all fan mail, speaking requests, and payments have gone through a JB controlled LLC. As part of disentangling themselves from Duggar enterprises, they may have wanted their own mailing address. It also wouldn't surprise me that Derick's knowledge of accounting and basic law has led him to want to publicly disassociate himself from the various shady deals and questionable shenanigans that JB is perpetually spinning.
  12. I hope you're right, but I think it's wishful thinking. Remember the video of J'chelle chasing after Spurgeon and admonishing him to "obey?" Obedience is super-important to J'chelle, and I think that includes her adult children obeying as well. If she thinks blanket training is great, her daughters should think that, too. There is no room for anything like an "opinion" in Duggar-land. If I recall correctly, Austin's family appeared on a show called something like "The Strictest Parents in America." While he and Joy may have gone through periods of questioning, they have said more recently that they see nothing wrong with the methods that their parents used (aka blanket training). It's possible to love your children and be a strict parent, too. It's also possible to be a strict parent without being a sadist or a control freak -- it's just a space where it's a lot easier to hide and pretend that you're not enjoying dishing out "discipline." Joy only has one child right now, and he's barely a toddler. I hope that they're still no signs of blanket training once he starts to show a little independence.
  13. I think you're right, but Jer doesn't have the baggage, and it will be able to add another "profession" to the roster of the things that his illiterate kids are able to do.
  14. My own read on this is that none of the siblings are especially close, and that's by design. Gothard has a whole playbook that's built around the idea of huge families and complete control over the children. If the children are close, they'll discuss things with each other that they don't discuss with their parents -- the seeds of rebellion can form. The entire family dynamic is built around a framework of snitches and tattling. JB and J'chelle talk all the time about how "close" their children are, but I don't believe it for a minute. I think they just say it over and over, and the kids have no frame of reference to determine if it's true or not, so they just parrot back that they're "close" with no clue what that might mean. The only people outside of her buddy group that Jill might have been allowed to be "close" to are Jana, Jessa, and Jinger. Jessa had dibs on Jinger and she seems like a mean girl who would get pleasure out of excluding Jill. I think that Jana's been completely emotionally shut down since she was first shipped off to JTTH more than 15 years ago, so I don't see much room for bonding there, either. I agree with @Growsonwalls that all of the rest of the pack knows which way the wind is blowing at the TTH and aren't going to reach out to Jill if it will cause them ANY blowback at home.
  15. I'm okay with the no-drinking thing -- although I certainly went out for drinks on my 21st birthday. The thing is, though, that I went out with my FRIENDS. The few times we've seen photos of the guys out for pizza "with friends" just further illustrates how friendless they all are. I think that the Duggars think the word "friend" means "someone you've met who believes in the right Jesus."
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