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  1. The impression that I got from their statement was more that they weren't planning to have any more children, but if there was an "oops" pregnancy, they would accept the "Lord's decision" because of their anti-abortion views. I'm also on the fence about Jill pining for more babies. On the one hand, this is what she's been raised to believe and her "heart for children" has been part of her self-identification for a long time. On the other hand, she really did struggle when her kids were babies/toddlers, and she's been in therapy for a while and she may be coming to accept that having a ba
  2. Did they say that, or did they say something like they were open to more kids? That's what I remember. I think that Derick is done, and he may have said something to Jill like "maybe when I graduate law school . . ." It's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but I do hope that they're done having kids. They seem to be in a stable, happy place now, and I don't see any way adding another child would improve their situation.
  3. It's just like college -- except you only study for three hours a week, and you only read one book, but otherwise exactly the same!
  4. This actually looks nice. It's not really my thing, but I have to give Jill credit for making an effort here and doing a nice job.
  5. The Howlers appear to have a lot more freedom that their siblings. They appear to have actual friends and to go on ski trips, and off-roading excursions, etc. There really are no comparable photos of Joe or Josiah off on a road trip yukking it up with friends. They also appear to genuinely enjoy one another's company. In the photos of them together, they appear to be genuinely enjoying themselves and you don't see the forced smiles that you see when the older siblings are together. I can easily see them driving six hours to hang with their brother, get away from the TTH, and get fed by Hi
  6. Honestly, I think he looks much better. In the earlier picture with all of that very dark hair framing his pasty white face, he looked ghoulish. In this picture his face has some color and the hair is pulled away from his face and it really helps. He's not a particularly good looking man, and his persona is off-putting, but this is a much better look for him (a haircut and shave would be an even better look . . .).
  7. I'm kind of surprised that JB was okay with that. I would sort have expected the bridesmaids' dresses to be recycled over and over again with J'chelle chirping about how much the girls "love sharing."
  8. I think he's going through an awkward phase. He's no longer an adorable toddler, but isn't quite a gangly little boy. I can't disagree, however, with @Westiepeach. A lack of fresh air, good food, exercise, and mental stimulation is pretty tough for a kid. The script has really flipped between him and Izzy. A few years ago, Spurgeon was a cute, confident kid playing on a slide with his nervous, desperate-to-please cousin. Now, Izzy is relaxed and happy and Spurgeon looks lost and confused and desperate for attention.
  9. The articles about a Claritan pregnancy would be one-liners because literally no one knows (or cares) who they are. The first couple of weddings/pregnancies were interesting enough to warrant a line or two in People or InTouch This is marriage 10(ish) and would be pregnancy 20+, there's nothing new here. IMO, only really hard-core humpers are even aware that there is a Justin, and even fewer of them care. She's only been married a few months. Even if it's a honeymoon pregnancy, she wouldn't be showing yet
  10. I wonder if they buy them and then return them? They're always wearing new, expensive sneakers, but I don't know that we see all of them more than once.
  11. Grace is JD's daughter for God's sake. Only in Duggar-land would it be note-worthy that JD doesn't allow his daughter (his daughter) to be in the vicinity of her pedophile uncle. I'm sure that there is a lot of shaming and brow-beating about Jesus and forgiveness, but I simply can't imagine any parent not drawing the line at allowing their own children around Josh.
  12. This is nice, and exactly the sort of learning experience that Jill should be providing for her sons (a bit of extra, hands-on learning, on top of actual public school).
  13. I once worked for People Magazine (it was a long time ago, but I doubt it has changed all that much). People is a legitimate magazine with reporters and fact-checkers and lawyers on staff. It is enormously popular and profitable; they don't need to make things up to sell magazines.
  14. It's mostly the way he puts himself together. I, too, have a lot of very thick, very dark hair and pale skin. It's a hard look to pull off well. He desperately needs a haircut to get some of that hair away from his face (he never will, of course; it's his "crowning glory). It would also help if his clothes fit. Oh, and it would also help if he wasn't pretending to be a cowboy.
  15. I would agree with that except that Jessa is the one who has clung most tightly to the TTH post-marriage. Just being a bitch for the sake of being a bitch is not the same thing as not putting up with bs with a plastered-on smile.
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