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  1. I think that the rules someone posted here said "no relatives." It was from a different state, though, so that may not be the reason. For JB and J'chelle, marriage is a big carrot. Once you get married you become an adult with some agency: you can have sex, spend time alone, go to the bathroom by yourself, etc. If getting married puts you in line to host Josh, that's a huge, gigantic stick dwarfing that little carrot.
  2. I think that JB buys "things." He buys cars, macbooks, phones, and possibly groceries that are available to all of the households. I also think that they have an allowance that allows them to buy Starbucks and go on "date nights." The allowance is probably provided on some type of electronic money car which would send statements back to JB so he would know if they were buying something forbidden, or hording money in an attempt to make a break. I think that's the issue with Derick who would expect to spend his earnings as he sees fit, and not under the auspices of an "accountability partne
  3. I think the biggest losers in all of this are the little boys. I hope I'm wrong, but I think that Spurgeon, Henry, Garrett, and Gideon will be under a lifetime cloud of suspicion. With all the "great parenting" and Jesus that was thrown at Josh, he still turned into a monster, so I think they will believe it necessary to be even more draconian with these boys.
  4. I agree. There are degrees of everything. I don't think I would like Derick as a person -- our values are very different, to put it mildly -- but I do applaud his efforts to improve himself. I have to say that that is an important issue for me. I've known people in my life that I didn't like very much, but when I knew that they were working on themselves, I cut them a lot of slack. JB and J'chelle, for instance, seem to think that they're pretty close to perfect, and I don't think they've concerned themselves with working on themselves for many years. When I meet people who realize that t
  5. I wonder about what kind of porn he was viewing. We all assumed (I think) that it was just garden variety porn, but while I doubt it was child porn, it may have been disturbing. It's possible that Josh may have sexualized dominance and cruelty. That would explain the description of the adult porn star who says Josh raped her, and the interest in the CP images. He doesn't seem to be a full-on pedophile: he certainly has never made any effort to be around children like becoming a "youth minister" or "mentoring" any children. He seems to be barely aware of his own children. I think he m
  6. I don't think JB likes any of his sons much. I think he suspects them all of harboring impure thoughts. If I recall correctly, Smuggar was put into his own room after the molestations came to light. He was locked in there at night. I'm sure it's been difficult for him. Gothard tells him the Josh is the pure golden light of the Lord and any misbehavior is Satan trying to knock the prince off his throne, but part of JB has to wonder if he isn't just an asshole. On a related note, if JB and J'chelle really thought the Josh was some special little pet of the Lord, why didn't they ST
  7. Yes, those were really sad. That was in the early days of long grass and weathered barn photography.
  8. Back when they were in DA, and when they were back in AR and he was in that weird program, a number of people posted on this board that "someone should sit Derick down and have a talk with him." I think it's pretty clear that someone actually did. I also think that someone actually convinced him that he could "serve the Lord" doing something other than missionary work. If he actually does end up doing some type of social justice work, I'll be deeply impressed. If he's come so far that he actually equates "serving the Lord" with doing something good to help people, I'll be ready to congrat
  9. Derick has always been vague and circumspect about everything. If he was fired, he'll never admit that publically. That was a pretty big year: his mother's cancer, getting married, starting a new job, and having a baby. I think he was under enormous pressure. He took a LOT of time off that year -- because of his mother, his wedding, the baby, and filming. I think it's entirely possible that WalMart didn't think he would be a good fit and let him go. He might also have gotten an unflattering performance review and have seen the writing on the wall, and chose to leave. He was also
  10. I have to agree that I make a weak case here. It's my nature to believe that people are innocent, and even I don't really believe that he is. Someone downloaded that CP, so someone isn't innocent, and the most likely suspect is Josh -- even without the passwords and the "are you here about the CP" comment.
  11. Yeah, even for Josh that's pretty low. We'll have to see what goes down at trial, and if he tries to blame some phantom ex-con who worked at the car lot, that will be bad, but if he actually tries to smear his brothers I think that JB might even turn on him.
  12. I do think it's possible that Josh is innocent. I'd like to see him in jail just on general principles, but it's possible. The family is disliked by a LOT of people. The earlier molestations were outed because of the vile robo-calls that J'chelle made. The family is a bunch of saccharine sweetness layered over a lot of horrific beliefs. Josh is really unlikeable. From his early days narrating the specials that (for me) earned him the nickname "Smuggar," he's palpably unpleasant: smarmy, self-satisfied, and, well, smug. He has a history: the molestations and the Ashley Madison sc
  13. In some ways, I think that Jinger is lucky -- she's 1500 miles away from the TTH, they're living in a fun and interesting town, and they seem to be financially okay (why, I can't fathom). On the other hand, she's 1500 miles away from home; she doesn't have any friends and doesn't appear to engage in any activities outside the home where she might meet new people, and Jeremy seems to be around 24/7. It's got to be exhausting being around the same person all day every day -- especially when that person is Jeremy.
  14. Here's a disadvantage of have no friends. -- although this would be a big ask of any friend. These people barely seem to know JB and J'chelle, but have been pressed into service as "good Christians." They obviously didn't vet them at all -- we got more info on this board about the requirements for hosting him than they did. There are unsecured guns in the house; minors visit regularly; and Mrs. XXX doesn't want to be left alone with Josh even though Mr. XXX works a full time job.
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