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  1. I think that it's probably (at least somewhat) true (the blowup -- not that Carlin Bates is in any way responsible for Josh). I can see Anna saying something like "there's no way to know for sure that it was Josh. Lots of people have been at that car lot. Carlin Bates was at the car lot -- no one has questioned her." At that point, I can see Austin (or anyone, really) losing his shit. "It wasn't Carlin, it was Josh. You know it was Josh. I know it was Josh. Everyone knows it was Josh." That would be followed by more of the same until someone led Anna away to pray and/or Austin w
  2. I also think that they would struggle with the social aspects. They grew up bathing once or twice a week and sleeping in their clothes. Issues involving basic hygiene make people uncomfortable, and I think people would have been more likely to just walk away than to clue them in about body odor. They have literally never had any friends. Some of the younger ones were allowed some limited friendships within the cult with people they saw, maybe, once a year. They've been raised not to trust anyone, even their siblings, and it's hard to develop friendships without some basic level of tr
  3. I agree. "Stepping up" would imply independence and initiative. Those are two qualities that are admired in the real world, and mercilessly stamped out in Gothard-land. If Jessa took over home-schooling, it's because she was told to do so, and she was obedient. Obedience is the only admirable quality. I think that all of the older daughters had their own strategy for getting attention from their mother. Jana appears to have acted out until she was beaten and tomato-staked into submission; Jill was a rule-follower; Jessa may have used mirroring. I don't think Jinger, Joy, and the Lost Girl
  4. Jill grew up in a world where she she was taught that she, herself, had no rights and no control over her own life or her own body. Therapy might help her to understand that she does, in fact, have value as a person and does, in fact, have the right to control her own body. The fact that she is using birth control suggests that she is making some steps forward in this area. I think that believing that she is an individual with her own rights is the first step in understanding that other people also have fundamental value as they are, and have their own rights to their own bodies. Whe
  5. I don't think Ben is a layabout, but I do think he's suffering from a bit of a lack of direction right now. This isn't working out the way he expected -- and it's not working out the way Jessa expected, either. Jessa's anger is really unpleasant, and it's pretty constant. Of course Ben works, how DARE people suggest he doesn't work. No, she's not going to tell anyone what he does, how DARE they ask. The house wasn't a gift from her father, how DARE anyone suggest such a thing. As @Lady Whistleup pointed out, there are plenty of perfectly reasonable responses. Ben "works in the family
  6. Savings from what? Ben doesn't work; he does some odd jobs for his father-in-law and writes "sermons" that no one listens to for a tiny church that no one attends. He has also spent money over the years on on-line "college" classes and fabulous Amish fashion. Jessa does some SM posts that might bring in a couple of thousand dollars a month -- tops. I think Jessa lies the same way Derick does. She thinks that if she puts words into a certain order that she's not actually "lying" even though she is intentionally misrepresenting the facts. Her father didn't "give" her a house. He "
  7. I would have to respectfully disagree about this. She has no access to news -- except tidbits that her parents filter from what they watch on Fox News. She has never read a book -- other than a few novels approved by Gothard. She hasn't read a magazine, watched a television show (other than Chip and Joanna Gaines), or been to a movie. The knowledge that she has of the world outside the cult is heavily editorialized. It's WILD out here: children are sexually assaulted in public schools; women aren't safe on the streets; etc. She may know that poverty exists (among people who don'
  8. This could be true. We obviously have no way of knowing how she really feels (and, I would imagine, she may not really know how she feels -- she's not really allowed to do that). I will say that as a single woman who grew up with very liberal parents and who has mostly lived in a very liberal parts of the country, I have felt enormous pressure to marry my whole life. Even non-fundie culture puts endless pressure on women to marry (probably because traditional marriage is a pretty great deal for men and a pretty shitty deal for women, but I digress). Jana may very well be wary of marr
  9. I didn't realize at first that you were talking about the Kardashians -- I thought you were talking about the Duggars -- and it's all true about them, too.
  10. Exactly, I don't doubt that the release of the documents was traumatic, but no one broke the law in releasing them. I hope they agree to a settlement, because if they go to trial, I don't see this being successful. The "Wisdom Booklets" available to "counsel" victims of sexual assault are widely available. I would have a hard time following the logic that says that reading these documents to abused children was considered adequate "counseling," but now they will need a lifetime of real counseling to deal with the fact that the abuse became public knowledge. I'm sure that it's ve
  11. They are trying to sell the idea that they need therapy because the report was released, but did not need therapy as a result of the actual molestation?" This may be totally logical in Gothard-world, but it is completely bonkers in the real world.
  12. Jeremiah's engagement has to be tough on Jana. I do think that she was in some stage of the process with Steve Wissman, but that seems to be over now. Despite (or more likely because of) their insistence on not "giving away pieces of their hearts," I don't think she has the option to properly mourn a breakup. Since they weren't officially a "thing," she has to pretend that there were no feelings involved and she's just fine. I personally think that she desperately wants to be married. It's been drilled into her head since childhood that her only value as a human being is as a mother
  13. I think this is true as far as she knows, but she's getting the story third or fourth hand. I still believe that one of the M7 escaped the warehouse while Anna was sleeping, or while under the care of an older M. The warehouse is close to the road; the TTH is not. The police brought the child to the TTH because it didn't occur to them that someone was living in the warehouse, and Jana said that she wasn't watching the child because she wasn't. She then backtracked because she didn't want to send the police down to the warehouse where 8 people are living without an occupancy permit a
  14. For a deferral program, Jana would have to take a class and read material not approved by Gothard. There might be people in the class who don't believe in the right Jesus. The instructor in the class might not think that the Duggar-method of child care is the absolute best, and most godliest way. There might be "counseling" involved with actual, certified counselors instead of Jesus-certified counselors. Look what happened to Jill. I honestly don't think this is over because I don't think JB will ever pay that fine. Hundreds of thousands of Josh's defense? Sure. A couple million for
  15. This is what I remember, too. They went hard core fundie after the J'Caleb miscarriage, but didn't get on the ATI/IBLP bandwagon until after Josh had started school. I doubt he remembers much of what his earlier "normal life" was like.
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