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  1. I did think it was really sweet when talking about his daughters dating Trent said. “I have three really pretty girls...” and then went on to speak about the you g men he will have to deal with.
  2. If the bride’s dress is this ugly I can’t wait to see what the bridesmaids wore!
  3. Bmmm.. I wonder just what shape (mentally) Dorinda is in during “shelter in place”. If she is all alone, she may really be going downhill.
  4. I do feel for Tinsley. They NEVER let her give her side of any argument/attack because they don’t stop their bulldozing long enough to listen. I would be frustrated too. However, Tinsley is VERY immature and is stuck in late teens/early twenties mode. This group may be too old for her. I do think she was honestly hurt when Carole left the show and dumped their (alleged) friendship. Now, Dorinda is just not accepting what her life is today. She is lonely. Hannah is living her own life (as she should), John is gone (I think it was his choice since he spent years being “not classy enough” for Dorinda) and Dorinda is most likely having a hard time with menopause. Add alcohol to this mix and you get a very screwed up woman. It also drives me crazy that she constantly is running her fingers through her hair causing it to stand up on end. Dry Einstein-ish!
  5. I too wondered why Trent anf Amber get to pick which college their kids attend. I picked which school I wanted to go to snd then discussed it with my parents covering the pros and cons. So did most of my friends.
  6. A visit to the periodontist, a professional tooth whitening and a little bit of botox would help Amy look less harsh. i don’t know what the shelter in place stTus is in their neck of the woods, but Smy should be scheduling her appointments sooner rather than later. A little botox goes a long way - at least for me!
  7. At least Janessa has a REAL smile (for now). If Jill is allergic to cats, why is she holding the two kittens?
  8. Confined to a WHEEL?! Wow... Daniel must be SEVERELY dizzy! Jill and her striped daughter appear to be auditioning for “Beetlejuice the Musical”.
  9. The conference has been cancelled. I looked it up immediately after watching this episode. Poor Emma! She won’t be seeing Luca this summer. it also seems Elizabeth’s senior year has been a little different than she expected due to the Corona Virus. I feel for her.
  10. Remember when Matt was involved with Little People of America? The family would attend the annual conventions and would get together with friends who are little people. Once the money and tv fame came, all that appears to have disappeared. Just wondering....
  11. Gee, Matt. Your grandson who you dote on is running all around while “Cha Cha” is trying to prepare dinner. I know you can’t chase him, but put down the damn phone and engage him!! Tell him a story! Hold him in your lap! I did like Amy’s passive aggressive dig at “Chi Chi” though. Also, Amy loves to cook. “Chi Chi” doesn’t. She’s the anti Amy! With respect to Tori not wearing shoes- she was in her ninth month of a difficult pregnancy and her feet were probably swollen. I give her a pass.
  12. The way she is hunched over makes it look as though she has osteoporosis! That’s a lot of posturing just to have a “thigh gap” which nobody but Audrey cares about...
  13. Wow! i sincerely hope that you weren’t that pregnant in the summertime! i was a 10 pounder and my mom’s first (and only) pregnancy. She was 40... ... I still feel guilty.
  14. Regarding Jinger’s hair - the salons are closed. Everyone with high maintenance hair looks horrid. I am showing some very prominent dark roots in my “naturally blonde “ hair and my style isn’t looking too stylish right now. I am giving Jinger a pass on this one...
  15. Wow. Watching Megsly’s seemingly disembodied head Bob around was surreal.
  16. Wow. Those are some seriously white legs, Audrey. I see the thigh gap pose has returned.
  17. Of course JILL has a nose piercing...
  18. Gee Jill, it’s nice that Janessa is like “any other two year old her age”. God forbid that she’d be like a three year old not her age. 🙄
  19. Prepare yourselves to see a lot of turbans, headbands and hats in the next few weeks. In addition to those people who are dealing with extensions, many of us “natural” blondes are showing a lot of dark outgrowth. The salons are going to be sooooo busy once they reopen.
  20. Based on the Maxwell wedding party photos, it appears that sewing is not a “home skill” that is taught to the girls. Otherwise, those boys would not have their overly long pants pooling around their ankles. I wonder how many of them tripped leaving the “stage”. ( I was going to say altar, but these churches seem to have staged instead.) I would send a picture of my toilet paper, but due to hoarders, I am completely out of toilet paper and am forced to use Kleenex instead.
  21. It always amazes me how most of these parents let their children’s weight get so out of hand. No child should start kindergarten at 100 pounds! No five year old child should weigh that much. iIf my kid was large and getting larger I would do everything to fix that come hell or high water. What kind of life is your child going to have if they continue along the path to morbid obesity? I obviously would not include any child with underlying medical issues in this category.
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