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  1. I wouldn't even have recognized her if it wasn't for her voice. I can't tell if it's just weight loss and different hair/make up or if she did something to her face.
  2. redbudrose

    S02.E06: Lens

    This was a great episode, and the acting between Regina King and Carrie Coon ( I think that is the woman who plays Nora's name) was amazing. I understand that Nora had a busy, stressful night but her not telling Kevin that Tom could be in trouble is one of the problems I have with S2. Last season one of the main plots was Kevin as a Dad, caring that Tom was missing, trying his best with Jill and now Jill and Kevin don't even interact. Kevin hasn't even mentioned his son this season.
  3. redbudrose

    The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst

    I had trouble finding her sympathetic as well. I don't believe she had it coming or deserved it but the way the series was set up she was characterized as being Bob's accomplice in a way. It was hard to separate that from her as a person with what was shown. I do think she called the medical school pretending to be Kathie and was planting the stories about the doorman seeing her so from the start she was obstructing justice, creating false evidence and there is no reason to do that if you don't know that your friend murdered his wife. I don't know much more about her relationship with Bob other than what was shown. Were they only best friends or was she in love with him?
  4. redbudrose

    Fix The Voice: Problems & Solutions

    That isn't what I meant and I think AI has really only launched two superstars, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. One is country and one is from 10 years ago and the very first from this genre. AI isn't still creating big stars. I would say those are the only two that stand on their own, aren't considered AI's Kelly or AI's Carrie. They are just Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.They have both created strong careers that are comparable to other superstars that aren't from reality. If anything, Ryan Seacrest makes everything more cheesy. ;)
  5. redbudrose

    Fix The Voice: Problems & Solutions

    I think one of the reasons is because there is a lack of legitimacy and also an amount of cheesiness that goes hand in hand with reality TV. I think it's easier for those in country to break into than other genres. Reality TV contestants just don't get the same amount of respect as artists who come up on their own whether they deserve it or not. I don't watch this as a music competition, I watch it as a reality show about a music competition if that makes sense.The TV show and judge interaction between each other and the contestants is what I like.
  6. redbudrose

    S08.E01: The Blind Auditions Premiere

    I had to laugh when Blake said Megan L had one of the best voices he'd ever heard yet it wasn't enough to make him turn around.
  7. redbudrose

    Fix The Voice: Problems & Solutions

    My biggest annoyance with the show is the constant rule changes every season. The amount of finalists, how they're saved, adding the knockouts after the battle rounds, etc. It shouldn't change from season to season.
  8. redbudrose

    Community in The Media...(and a Movie?)!

    John Oliver gave a shout out to Community last night on his HBO show Last Week Tonight and also mentioned 'Six Seasons and a Movie'. It made me so happy.
  9. redbudrose

    S01.E16: For-Profit Schools

    The best part of the episode was his Community shout out and the six seasons and movie reference.
  10. I think it also has to do with where they were in life when they stopped aging. Rumple was already a married, middle age man with a child. I think a lot of his maturity and wisdom came from those life experiences. Neal may have had a child but he didn't find out until the last year or two of his life. He made a lot of selfish choices as an adult without really growing. Hook seems to have done more growing up then Neal and has become progressively more mature over time, from his position in the Navy to Pirate to Pirate wanting revenge to a man wanting love. The posts above did a good job going over the differences in Hook's love with Milah to his love for Emma whereas Neal didn't treat the relationships he had on screen with much respect. I thought Wendy had spent approx. a century in Neverland, Is that not correct? She went after Baelfire and was then caught. I just assumed that when Bae got to England it was late 1800s or early 1900s because of costumes and sets. The timelines are all over the place that I never know what is going on and where lol. Good point. I think both Daniel and Milah were real love or first loves (don't know if Milah was Hooks's first love) of their respective partners but not necessarily a true love. Daniel and Milah were both tragically taken away and I think that changes how that love is viewed to the surviving couple member, especially to Regina. When Daniel was murdered Regina was so in love with him but had they been allowed to be together then the relationship could have fizzled out in 6 months like first, young loves often due. Regina wouldn't have blamed Snow for ruining her life has they broken up and she could have moved on to a healthy, happy relationship.
  11. I honestly can't see Snow being the one to give Emma grief over this. If anything I think she'll be supportive and tell her it was the right thing to do, that saving a life is always right. Snow has such a naive view of the world and uses her good vs. evil glasses for all situations and people. I think if she had to choose which was the right choice it would be saving Marian since that is something tangible. They know they would have to kill her or let her die to not change things but letting her live not knowing what changes might happen is a more abstract consequence. It's easier to think it's okay because on one hand you have her literally dying and on the other you don't have to think about if she might end up killing 20 people in the future since they don't see what might happen at the moment. I didn't have a problem with Regina's immediate reaction to Marian being back. It was just that, immediate, and it's okay to be angry in that second. How she responds next will show what changes in her have stuck. I think it's okay for Emma to be sorry that she did something that might break Regina's heart but Emma doesn't need to regret saving her. She can show empathy without wanting her forgiveness.
  12. I don't think threads like these have to be unhealthy or cause dissension among members. Often times it is the opposite for me and I find someone else who may be just like me and share the "unpopular" opinion. It makes you feel like you're not the only one. These type of threads are generally a very small part of a forum and I more like a list thread. By not having the thread it would mean we can discuss everything but aren't free to discuss what we think is unpopular but we like. I don't really know if this opinion is popular or not lol, but I tend to think it's healthier to have all types of threads and discussions allowed and then read and respond to the ones you want rather than not allowing threads you don't agree with. It ends up being the opposite of allowing all thoughts and opinions, I don't want to go to far off topic but I did want to respond. One of the things that is really nice about these forums is the flexibility that TWOP didn't offer. Boards on boards always confused me so often times I just didn't post something because it wasn't worth the risk to be wrong and get a warning. I think you are right about the internet's popular opinions not matching up to real life opinions. I have noticed that trend more and more when when noticing things I thought were unpopular actually being popular or that opposite of that. In general I've always based what I think is popular or not from social media, internet, forums etc. just because I end up like a lot of shows that in real like I don't know many people that watch them. I end up only having people online to discuss them but we also tend to find forums or sites that match what we like.
  13. redbudrose

    The Villains of Once Upon a Time

    I don't think Cora and Pan were necessarily on the same level of evil although they both seemed to have similar paths. They both made selfish choices in the beginning which led to them becoming evil. Cora seemed to want power, status, and to get back at the people who looked down on her in her youth. Pan wanted to get rid of his responsibilities and couldn't handle having to take care of Rumple when he just wanted to have fun. He was a liar, con artist, drunk but he did seem to have some love for Rumple before they went to Neverland. The difference between them for me evilwise is that Cora did the majority of bad things without her heart. Not an excuse since even Regina could still be good but I think that makes Pan more evil than Cora. They both had different reactions to their chldren when they each died. Cora got her heart back and let Regina know she was loved while Pan was still trying to manipulate Rumple til the end. He would have said anything to get Rumple not to kill him but Cora was genuine in letting Regina know having her heart back made her realize Regina that she was enough. I loved Pan and Robbie Kay was amazing in the role. He was just so fun and he liked being manipulative over magic most of the time. He relied on his wits rather than physical abilities. I understand why he couldn't be around longer storywise although in the 3x21 and 22 I was wishing with the changing of time he was somehow the one in Rumple's dark magic storage unit. I don't think there was enough of his back story to warrant him being Rumple's Dad over a childhood friend or brother. I think we would get a better picture of Pan's change. When he gave up Rumple for youth and freedom he wasn't the evil he was in current time. I didn't get the feeling he had reached that point yet when Killlian and his brother came to the island for the first time. He didn't seem that smart or witty as an adult either. Somehow he became a lot more cruel and cunning and less pathetic than adult Rumple's Dad/pre-Pan (can't remember his real name). I think it would have been better for Pan to have been a boy who chose immortality and to never get old over reverting from a man to a kid/teen. RK did a great job of bringing so much to the character and the scene between he and Rumple when Rumple tries to put Pan in his pandora box thing made you really believe the 18 year old was the father to Rumple. Going from adult to teen just brought up too many questions for me if he was still in the mind frame of a sexually active adult or if he somehow lost his libido. I don't know if I just missed it or if they ever explained how Neverland came to be created either. He dreamed about it when he was a boy so where to this magical island come from and who was controlling it then? What was the shadow and how did it become Pan's? Or was it really just dreams and he made it real with the bean porthole? I'd still love another Hook centric episode that flashes back to his second time on the island in S4. We missed out last season on both Hook and Pan's middle part of their transformation and what type of business arrangement they had. It would be a great way to bring back RK/Pan for an episode. Pan had been my favorite villian by far but like the writer's previous show Lost he and his story created more questions than they answered.
  14. Just out of curiosity was it the producers or actor that chose to leave? The character was written as jerk to Emma, didn't really serve a purpose other than sperm donor, probably a bad choice of actor for the role etc., but to me it felt like they killed him just so they were ok with Emma being with Hook. I really like Captain Swan but I didn't need Neal dead. I didn't need Neal in the show either but given the whole premise of the curse was to find Baelfire it just seemed like they decided in the second half of S3 they wanted him gone. I don't miss the character but I do feel bad that Rumple and him didn't really get much time together.
  15. redbudrose

    Wishing On A Star: What We Want To Happen

    I want Captain Hook to be able to wear something different in S4. He's the only character that can't seem to be updated to modern dress in 2014 Storybook. It was nice to see him and Emma change into fancy dress for the ball in the finale.