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  1. Arandil

    S04.E10: Fall

    Ok, so I liked the writing in the episode and there were some great lines, but I have some issues: - So... Hook hatted all the fairies? Really, Show? You made Captain Hook kill Tinkerbell? I am not ok with that. Not. Ok. - Also not ok: Blackbeard having the Jolly. Why? If Hook traded the ship to Blackbeard, he would have 1) known Blackbeard was alive and 2) known Ariel was alive and with her prince because you know Blackbeard is the kind of swaggery pirate who'd be all, "Yeah, I'm alive, jackass... that little mermaid saved me in exchange for info on her prince." And then all the glorious "I'm so sorry, Ariel. I swear on Emma Swan" angst of last year would be, in fact, pointless. The only way this is ok is if Hook traded it to someone else and Blackbeard stole it from them. - "I should know better than to trust blondes." Actually, Regina, the last time someone did the ol' switcheroo and handed you morons a purse with the magical item gone, he had black hair. And "villian" tho he was, he turned around out of guilt to bring it back and help, but Little Miss Pure of Heart did no such thing and un-apologetically kept looking for her sister. - So the ice wall is just getting around to forming in the water now? What did you do back in White Out, Hook? Walk like 10 feet and go "Yup, Giant Ice Wall must go around the whole town." Shouldn't you, as a sailor, have at least checked the water?? - True Love's Kiss breaks any curse? So why don't Snow and Charming kiss, or Emma kiss Henry, or Regina kiss Henry? Wouldn't that break the Shattered Sight curse? - Why doesn't Rumple hat the Snow Queen? Or distract her while Hook hats her? Problem solved. - So I'm supposed to believe that Arendelle - which is in a different realm - unfroze, but Marian is still a momsicle? I just can't anymore with this show and logic. Or continuity. Or common sense.
  2. Arandil

    Once Upon a Time Alphabet Game

    X is for xenogeneic, what Ariel's legs technically are to her.
  3. Arandil

    Once Upon a Time Alphabet Game

    L is for Lost (Adolescent) Boys - Pan's evil minions
  4. Arandil

    Continued Adventures: The Fanfic Thread

    So yeah, I finally got around to trying to catch up on reading these threads and I see this and I perked up and went, "oooh - hey - I'm a grammar nazi!!" and then went, "oh... right... I'm the missing beta..." :D I'm hoping to have more time in the new year... (ha..."hoping").
  5. I LMAO so hard at that. Because it is accurate. I often wonder what it says about me that I fall in love with characters like this... and then get annoyed at them when they go all woobie or puppy. And darts made me miss Graham too.
  6. I'd be happy if he was just flirting wildly and inappropriately with Emma. When was the last time we saw any innuendo? I miss fun Hook too, but he'll be back next week. I have a good feeling about Hook-centric episodes.
  7. Arandil

    Lost Shout Outs: Down the Rabbit Hole

    The video game levels that Henry and Emma talked about were two of the numbers (3-12: NYCS).
  8. Arandil

    Continued Adventures: The Fanfic Thread

    Yes, that's the one sharky. That sucks that someone plagarized your stuff. FF.net is usually good about policing that stuff.
  9. I think he was fantastic in Manhattan. The scene he discovers Henry is his son is one of my favorites of the whole series.
  10. Arandil

    S03.E15: Quiet Minds

    More than bros - Hook was essentially his step-dad. That scene was perfection. From Emma making Hook volunteer, to his obvious distaste at doing so, to Belle's reaction, and Hook's (oh so sincere) apology, I loved every second of it. "You tried to kill me... twice!" "Sorry?" Dying.
  11. Arandil

    Continued Adventures: The Fanfic Thread

    Someone have a like to Second Star to the Right? I can't find it.
  12. Arandil

    S03.E15: Quiet Minds

    I am not ok. Somebody hold me. Hook was totally hugging Bae goodbye. He knew. He knew! He knew Neal was a deadman. And I cried so much. I'm such a sap. But there. Hook apologized to Belle. And protected her to make up for it. (Loved that exchange). But I am not ok.
  13. Arandil

    Continued Adventures: The Fanfic Thread

    I do think the author said she was slowing down until after the end of this season, just so we know everything before she posts. (I think I read that in one of her comments). Which is wise, because then your story doesn't get thrown all out of whack by some big surprise plot twist.
  14. Arandil

    Continued Adventures: The Fanfic Thread

    If you like Hook (which you know I do), this is an awesome story. Well written, in character, and completely believable. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10069971/1/An-Awfully-Big-Adventure Starts in S2 and is from Hook's POV - with some "deleted scenes" that are terrific - gotta love that it gives Hook & Anton's interactions.
  15. Arandil

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    No.. just wow - would never have been able to guess that. (And knowing it earlier may have made it easier to remember the letters/numbers if I ever responded to you...)