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  1. From the Relationships thread: "Some people" being the Rumbeller's that bash Belle for being friends with Hook, and asking Zelena for help and being nice to Regina. The funny thing is, they all claim to love that she is so forgiving. But wait! She is only allowed to enable forgive Rumple, and no other character ever! Who cares if Regina or Hook are redeeming themselves, or trying to???
  2. I don't think feelings, really. I think it's more like she wants her mentor's approval, she wants to impress him, and at the same time she thinks he's hot (in. I'm assuming, his Gold form) so that's a plus for her. I don't think it's anything serious, though if they went there it wouldn't surprise me because TW;TS, etc. I'm probably blanking out but didn't she finally acknowledge that in this past episode? If so, I'm glad she's aware, even if it won't stop her from inevitably going back to him. Taking this to the Fandom thread.
  3. Don't get me started on this or my baby, Tara Knowles. Or any of the women on Mad Men. While I 100% agree with this, one can't help who they love. But as we see in real life and occasionally in the well-written TV relationships, love isn't enough. There needs to be respect, communication, honesty, and more for a relationship. All qualities that Rumbelle lacks. Belle may or may not still love Rumple, because it takes awhile for feelings themselves to fade - or so I've heard. From what I notice, a lot of the hate for her comes not only because she stopped taking Rumple's crap, but because she's friends with Hook, even though he has now sincerely apologized. I see Rumbellers whining that she's friends with the people who have abused her once, Hook, Regina, and Zelena (did I miss something? when did Zelena do anything to Belle?). And they're conveniently forgetting all the abuse Rumple put her through as well and still is even now (or maybe they didn't forget). Like mostly everyone else, I do find Hook/Belle's friendship more genuine than Regina/Emma and even Regina/Snow. Or Regina/anyone really. They're a lot of fun together, and the actors have great chemistry.
  4. I don't know, I feel the same way about the shippers on this CS board. I do agree that Regina fans are extreme hypocrites, but there is total justification and legit reasons for disliking Hook as well.
  5. Or maybe she just wanted to show her fans her progress on her sword training, she probably would have done it anyway. There is an awful lot of projecting going on, especially if it makes Lana look bad. I highly doubt her goal in life is to "one-up" or copy Jen.
  6. Yes, because only SQ shippers feel that way about CS ruining the show.
  7. Remember how I said in my last post I'm a Belle fan? LOL fuck that. Bitch can rot in the Underworld, without her precious Rumple, for all I care. However, I still love the adorable cupcake that is Emilie, so it hurts saying that :( So I say kill Belle and #FreeEmilie from this show.
  8. I'm a Belle fan who cannot STAND Rumbelle. For me, both Rumple and the ship bring Belle down and makes her look incredibly stupid (also barring the fact that it's the epitome of an abusive relationship). Rumple has zero disregards for her feelings, except for when he does something that could piss her off and dump him....again. The ship was never about Belle, it was always about Rumple. Even back during SD - which, I'll admit, I loved - it was more about the fact that Rumple finally found someone who loved him despite the curse, and knew there was a good man underneath. Because honestly, what does Belle get out of the relationship? It's very telling that she shines in scenes with others, especially when the topic is NOT Rumple. It also bugs me that no one else on the show gives a crap about her, because the people who did are no longer on the show. That's why I have always wanted Belle with Ruby, or maybe even Jefferson or Mulan. Belle is even just a prop to a majority of the Rumbelle shippers as well.
  9. Geeni

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    The difference in how happy and smiley Belle looks in some of those pics with Gaston versus how unhappy and agitated she looks in the pics with the other guy is astounding. These writers ain't shit.
  10. Geeni

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    My guess is that Gaston will be retconned so that he'll turn out to be the asshole from the movie just to make Rumple look better. Then he'll probably be killed by Rumple again as well.
  11. I know it's the #1 sin to like Neal and dislike Hook on this board, but I don't care and I agree with Amerilla. Believe it or not, Neal was actually not a heartless person when he was alive - heck, he was a lot nicer than a bunch of the other characters - and regardless of how people's blind biases are spinning intentions in that opening scene, maybe he actually didn't WANT Emma to endanger not only herself, but everyone else, including his own son (and I guess his father). I bet if he had told her to go for it, he would be hung with not trying to stop her when there are dangers and literal death afoot. Hm. Honestly, I think Hook would agree with Neal on this one, especially about Emma endangering herself. So I guess he "wouldn't believe in her" either.
  12. Geeni

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    A Hook-centric 5B? It's like the writers WANT the show to get worse. If we're lucky, maybe he'll decide to stay with Daddy in the UW and we can finally get rid of his pointless ass.
  13. Geeni

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    You're surprised at the lack of continuity on THIS SHOW? Not surprised that Belle is just a plot device for Rumple once again. Yawn. No whitewashing will ever save that "relationship".
  14. Geeni

    Production Arts: Costumes, Soundtracks, Props, etc

    I happen to love most of Belle's wardrobe, and I think she's usually one of the best-dressed on the show. That blue dress with red heels from The Crocodile? Probably the prettiest outfit ever worn by any of the characters barring Ruby, and Emilie really worked it. Running in heels is certainly not comfortable, and I hope they don't make her do it now that she's pregnant, so the "awkwardness" is really not her fault. Especially since at events and stuff, she does fine in heels. It baffles me why Belle is the only woman to run around in heels though, at least (I think) Regina and Snow wear some kind of boot, but I blame the costume department for that. And honestly, I don't doubt that anyone would look funny doing it. Ok, we could have done it without the slut-shaming, but I do see your point on this otherwise.
  15. Geeni

    Belle: She loves books

    This genuinely made me LOL. I was being sarcastic, because the comment I was replying to was ridiculous. It's quite obvious that everyone in the cast are genuine friends and all like each other.