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  1. Did anyone notice the mug that Jacqueline was holding? It was a Dunder-Mifflin mug from the TV show "The Office." The actress was a memorable multi-season supporting star in there.
  2. I enjoyed this a lot, but I have a much lower bar for anything musical. It reminds me of Andy Samburg's movie, "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping." Both share ridiculously inappropriate songs. I don't think there's anything particularly original in this show from other musician biopic type TV shows/movies. Sara Bareilles is a great songwriter, so I was curious about who wrote the music. It looks like Tina Fey's husband, composer Jeff Richmond, had a hand in many of the songs. However, Sara has the sole writing credit for the last number, "4 Stars." Busy Phillips and Paula Pell were
  3. It looks like in an ideal, scientific world, only 4 out of 100 women get pregnant. However, realistically, it's more like 22 out of 100. I wouldn't have minded the introduction of "French Letters" (old style condomed) into the mix. There's a lot of oral sex in recently written historical romance novels, but people did not bathe often back then (even the aristocrats).
  4. I've been re-reading the books to compare to the series. I was up to Benedict's book when I binged the series. I should have read Colin's too. I find the the biggest change in the characterization of Nigel Berbooke. In the book, he's a sweet, bumbling idiot. He's in love with Daphne because she's the only woman who's nice to him. In the series, he's basically a predatory rapist. He was willing to compromise Daphne to force a marriage. He knocked up one of his household's staff and sent her away. In the later books (I'm reading Colin's right now), he ends up marrying one of the two older F
  5. I think there was something more detail to why the late Duke was so adamant that his heir be perfect. He seemed to apply that the Dukedom was recent. (Or perhaps I heard wrong?) He talked about honor and how all future Dukes must be absolutely perfect. I think it's only been recent that stammering did not mean that you were stupid. So while the Simon's father was an ass, I can see why he thought that his son's stammer meant that he wasn't so intelligent. Heck, even King George VI, had a stammer that he had to overcome. (If anyone remembers "The King's Speech.")
  6. Perhaps this is because the Ireland destination bride was bigger than the sample size? I assume that the pockets wouldn't be in the front as much because the waist would be bigger. I also hope that the waist will be a little lower too with a bigger size dress. I found that this is true in a lot of those type of dresses on this show.
  7. Every team had a walkie talkie, so perhaps the GPS is attached on them. This was my first time viewing this kind of race. I was actually interested in the whole logistics of it all so that article posted above was very interesting! Since there was a huge gap between all of the teams after the first day, it was very interesting to see what choices the team made when they went through each portion during certain times of the day. The team that had to wait on the rocks in the water overnight, while every team was at a checkpoint waiting for the rain to clear up was scary as hell! For th
  8. JiHoon's mother was talking more about white lies during the courtship. They didn't have much of a courtship. Deavan got pregnant fairly. He admitted this week that instead of saving money from his part-time jobs, he spent it on nights out (drinking/eating out) with his friends. Wouldn't it take a lot of time to move Armando's daughter permanently/long-term to the U.S.? In terms of being able to register her in schools and such.
  9. I was actually curious and clicked on the link. Current price is $46/night plus taxes. I don't know if this is due to the Coronavirus or not, but it seems pretty cheap. I checked nearby Gangnam area (a wealthy area popularized by a Korean artist, Psy) and the prices are similar currently. I did some googling, and I think the $50/night isn't an outrageous sum, though you might not be in tourist-y areas. I thought Deavan's mom was very rude. The constant cursing, and screaming about driving. Even if JiHoon's parents don't understand much English, they understand tone. City driving is a diff
  10. Absolutely! I remember the books as well. I think that was one of two reasons why Claudia was VP. I think she answered phones during off-times, and she was only the one that had a dedicated phone line.
  11. This is definitely the most accurate adaptation of the book series. Most TV/movie adaptations don't quite measure up, but I think this is a perfect balance. I loved the updates they have chosen to make while not really straying far off the books. Everyone's already brought up the diversity, but I like the others. I found myself liking Dawn more in the series vs the books. TV Dawn wasn't as "CA crunchy stereotype," and I like the updates to her as a modern social justice warrior. The structure of how the baby-sitters club works doesn't really make sense in modern times. Why is a landline p
  12. She also seems to be a jack of all trades lawyer. She handled divorce (for Maddie), will/custody (for those two orphan girls), and business (employee thing with Dana Sue).
  13. The son was paid (more than once?) to take the entrance exam for another student. So I believe he was able to get in, but I don't think their family could afford it. South Korea does not have the income-based financial aid system that US college students have. Scholarships exist, but they are rare. Like many places, South Korea also has a lot of educated adults but not enough white collar entry level jobs. It's fairly difficult to climb up the corporate ladder unless you have nepotism on your side.
  14. Carnegie Mellon has a great music program. According to their website, their acceptance rate for the School of Music is 20%. I can't believe that Taylor got accepted. It doesn't make sense. Even with gifted singers, I assume that ones that get in have actual accomplishments (solos, winning competitions). Harvard has 100% need-based financial aid. If your family makes less than $65,000 a year, you do not have to pay anything. Other ivy league colleges have similar programs as well. I went a private liberal arts college in the early 2000s, and my tuition was covered by financial aid.
  15. Unfortunately a lot of the immigrant scenes are pretty common. The psych teacher who I assume is an immigrant herself disparaging the "bad" immigrants. The whole deportation process. The actress playing Lucia reminds me too much of the actress that played Claudia in the original.
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