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  1. I think Oliver exists, but he is much older. He's the same age as Nolan's son. She never said anything because Nolan had just left her and school to marry his pregnant ex. He can't marry both of them, so she decided to keep it a secret.
  2. His Grandma too. Earlier in the episode, Dale says isn't into gambling and Connie disagrees because he left Georgie in charge. Dale says that Georgie is a lot smarter than she thinks and she says that know she thinks less of Dale's intelligence. Perhaps that debate was another factor in the Dale's anger at Georgie. He'd defended the boy to Connie and now it looks like Connie is right - right after their later argument.
  3. Georgie thinks that is what must have happened because he can't imagine it happening any other way. Thieves can be quite imaginative. Maybe the employee Georgie wanted to fire opened and emptied the drawer (disgruntled they were not asked to be the manager). We have to pay in advance for gas where I live. Even though my area has a law that employees don't have to make-up stolen goods, an employee at a gas station didn't know that. He rushed out to stop a gas-and-go and ended up under the car and dragged a long distance. It was gruesome. He was still alive when found, but died shortly thereafter. For $40 worth of gas. Georgie ran out into the parking lot when he noticed that the money was missing. I suspect he would have stood in front of a car to prevent that $400 from leaving. He should have reported it to the cops, but he should not be asked to pay $400 for leaving the drawer open. Minimum wage was about $4/hour back then. That's 100 hours of work before taxes. Georgie would have been very motivated to do stupid things to stop a thief if he'd spotted them.
  4. I don't think that Georgie did the right thing and I think Dale did the wrong thing by taking the money. If you make employees make up what thieves steal, you end up making them take unsafe actions. That's how they end up getting shot or punched or dragged under cars. Unfortunately, part of the cost of business is getting robbed. The rewards of running a business are counter-balanced by the risks. Forcing minimum wage employees to be your free insurance company is not right. You train your employees well, put in anti-robbery devices and you buy real insurance. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out the Georgie did close the till and the thief got in some other way.
  5. It's unfortunate that Kevin never knew that Jack and Rebecca Pearson Love Story left out a lot of details. We've seen the beginning and they weren't all that romantic. It's hard to live up to perfection that was never there. Jack may have wanted the best for his kids and always like to spin the fantasy, but being honest about how things really are can help to avoid giving kids unrealistic expectations. That was a real breakthrough moment when Kevin decided to stop trying to chase the fantasy of his parent's instant magical relationship and focus on building a real relationship.
  6. If you roll the tape from the start of the fight, you will see the low blows start well before that point. Randall starts it off by stating that Kevin doesn't get to show up for one day after 40 years of neglect and decide what is right. That Kevin wanting to support his mother's medical decision is all about Kevin thinking only about himself which is all he ever does. The fight started low and they just kept digging. Randall is extremely attractive as well.
  7. They had already established that Kevin was the first to walk in "Number One" and Randall is the first to talk in "Number Three". Those episodes start with Rebecca and Jack videotaping the little ones hoping to catch first steps. Kevin is the first to walk, Kate is second and Randall is third. Randall caps off his walking by saying what they think is the word "table". Giving Kate the first tooth in this episode is not exactly PC, but it is one of the big milestones the other two haven't claimed already. She could have been the first to sit up or crawl or turn over or sit up. Too early at 1 year old for any of them to have legitimately be toilet trained.
  8. Randall did have the benefit of knowing the argument was coming while Kevin did not. Randall knew that Kevin would be upset if he figured out that Rebecca was coerced by Randall, so he could practice his justifications and comebacks to Kevin. Plus, as we saw last week during his fantasy alt-realities, he does actually think all those things about Kevin. Randall probably feels great that he finally got to tell Kevin what a loser son, loser person and loser actor he is. I just can't get over how he keeps dissing of the acting. I can get that his view of Kevin is biased, but how can he miss that Kevin is a reasonably successful actor who is being courted by well-respected directors? Kevin first created a television character that anchored a successful show for years and then flipped from being stereotyped as a himbo to getting meaty dramatic roles - that's not an easy transition to make in the time period given. And Kevin was the architect of that transition by going to New York and producing a play which could demonstrated his dramatic chops. Sure, there is still a huge element of luck, but how can Randall not see any of that? Other than allowing Kevin to crash in his basement, has Randall ever really been there and supportive to Kevin? (I guess he went to rehab, but he wasn't really supportive).
  9. In Season 1, William had to pretty much trick Randall into letting him die. William planned the trip to Memphis because he wanted to die there. While there, he fell ill and Randall took him to the hospital. The doctors let him know that William was about to die and Randall wanted to make plans to take him on an airplane and talked about getting him into a study for an experimental treatment. The doctor had to be very firm with him that William only had hours to live. Randall only gave in to William's death because there was no choice. Randall had already guilted William into living with them and trying more procedures. I think we clearly saw the DNA for what Randall did to his mother in Season 1. He needs to fix things and he thinks if he works at it hard enough, he will. But he can't. He think he can cure his mother, so he will not take no for an answer and he feels justified in forcing her to do it because he knows best.
  10. Randall, like all the characters, is an unreliable narrator. We do know that Kevin has referred to Randall as his brother prior to them being 36. He introduced Randall to his acting coach as his brother in "New York, New York". I have a feeling that paintings for sale in Hailey's gallery are by Kevin's son. They kept talking focusing on the paintings (rather than the sculptures) and I'm probably projecting, but the last name of the signature (visible behind her co-worker when he has pencils shoved up his nose - hitting on a co-worker and sticking pencils up his nose in a professional environment - how does he still have a job in 2040?) is Pearson. Kevin has painting in his backstory (Hailey refers to the artist as a him, so it isn't either Randall's or Kevin's daughter).
  11. He largely kept it hidden from his children and after he died, they turned him into a saint. Kevin seems to be the only one who recognizes that he had a drinking problem. When it came up during his family rehab session, the other three reacted angrily. Kate refused to accept that he had a drinking problem, Rebecca didn't want her dead husband's reputation besmirched and Randall said that neither Jack nor Kevin have substance abuse problems (Kevin is just saying that to get attention). I think it is in character for Randall to have alt-reality fantasy Jack drinking because his reality fantasy Jack doesn't have a drinking problem. It was another clue from the writers that Randall still hasn't accepted his parents for who they really are.
  12. Randall starts out yammering about what a Good Son he was and Rebecca is kind of "Sure, where is this going?" Then he says the following: Randall: And I've let things go. Mom...Things that were...KEPT from me. Things that I should have resented you for, but I never did because I knew it would be painful for you. So, I didn't. During which, you can see Rebecca's heartbreak and she's completely defeated. There really isn't anything else he could be referring to her other than the William secret. It's a major feature of the entire episode (where it is made clear that he hasn't forgiven her for) and unless Rebecca and Kevin did end up killing and burying Marc, I'm not sure what big secret she could have been keeping from Randall. Randall considers the William secret keeping so bad, he has after-the-fire Jack disgusted with Rebecca in both timelines. in the happy timeline, Jack forgives Rebecca quickly (after he refuses to let Rebecca come to meet William and the meeting goes okay) and never really forgives it in the bad timeline. Good Son is the child version of Nice Guy. You don't get to blackmail people because you were once a nice kid.
  13. But they may have moved and/or bought a new crock pot by the time of the fire if they hadn't been paying so much money for Randall's private school and golf lessons. Plus, Jack put off starting his own company because he couldn't take the risk due to Randall's private school costs. They would probably be living in a new building Jack built following the latest building codes. Or they could have wasted all their money as some people do and still be living in the same house with a 40 year old crockpot.
  14. The other person that was missing from Alt-Happy Thanksgiving? Shauna. How does Jack not dying delete her from Deja's life? There is a lot to unpack from Randall's perfect and not-so-perfect life alt-lives.
  15. I'm no longer sure that the writers do believe that. When he was whining about going to Kate and Toby's bachelor/bachelorette party because something could happen with Deja. I thought "Here he will finally learn that he can be wrong." He panicked, got worse and interrupted Beth watching male dancers gyrate. She read him the Riot Act. "Yes! Finally, Beth is the one portrayed in the right." Then, they show us Deja living in a car. Lesson flipped. What the writers were telling us is that Randall is in the right and Beth is a shrew. How dare she watch gyrating dancers when Deja is homeless! Then, he decided to run for councilman of a city several hours away from where he lives. His commuting was making things rough and he was neglecting his family. Beth asks him to quit the race because his win is not likely and it is costing the family too much. He refuses. "Finally! Beth gets to be the voice of reason." Nope, against all odds, he wins and they move to Philly. No matter how likely it is for Randall to be wrong, he will be right. I'm sure that the story goes that "thoughtless" Kevin convinces his Mom not to do the trial and she quickly deteriorates. After the incident in the cabin episode, Kevin repents his thoughtless ways and no longer works against Randall so he can now convince his Mom to go on the trial. She instantly recovers what memory she lost and goes on to live a rich life for 12 more years (until she is felled by some mysterious illness that she wouldn't have gotten if people would have listened to Randall). Just listen to Randall, people. Resistance is futile.
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