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  1. Isn't a home invasion one of those cases where a Pearson monologue might be useful? I seem to recall when you get held hostage, it is important to get the hostage taker to see you as a human. You just keep telling them things about yourself because if you can get them to see you as human instead of an obstacle or a payday, they might not kill you. Logic tends to go out the window when faced with somebody who could kill you, but Randall's best move is probably to back up towards the stairs while re-assuring the strung out guy that he'll let him go. Don't lose eye contact. Try to personalize yourself so that you are harder to kill. Don't cut off his route to escape. You just want him out of the house as fast as possible while keeping him away from the family (hence going up the stairs). A strung-out intruder seems like one of the worst case scenarios. They are desperate and not thinking straight. Whatever they are on could have made them paranoid, stressed, delusional and/or filled them with adrenalin.
  2. I think the SO was just being flip. What are the odds that anything would happen? She probably texted him that she had spotted Kevin, her Hall Pass, in the coffee shop and her husband told her to go for it. 99.9999999% of the time, the person would just get a selfie with the star and maybe an autograph. Who would ever think that the celebrity would ask some random star-struck person to go on a date and take them to a personal John Legend concert? That's the stuff of bad fan-fiction. Then she actually goes on the date and the husband starts freaking out because he never expected that to to happen. And she never expected it to happen either so it was just some weird runaway train which she jumped off as soon as she realized that she might actually use the Hall Pass. Kevin went way over the top thinking fate had stepped in. She should have said something sooner, but she just swept away in the torrent.
  3. I thought Mandy did a good job of portraying a patient who knew she had a problem, but was hoping against hope that she did't. She had no confidence in the test and seemed to almost be begging with her eyes to the doctor to tell her she was okay. At lunch, she was savouring old memories she may not get to taste again. It's like her story about the baby, she doesn't know when the moment will be gone, but it will inevitably be gone. I agree. I suspect the house invader though will create massive new panic issues for Randall. He will likely become even more obsessive about safety. He may restrict Deja from taking the bus (even the house isn't safe, how could the bus be safe?). He'll get some invasive security system installed. He'll check 25 times the the door is looked. He'll endlessly worry until he has another mental breakdown. Being robbed is traumatic enough - having your house invaded takes it to a next level. Randall already takes things to the next level - so this will be next++ level stuff.
  4. With artist revenue dropping, one of the ways artists make money is private gigs. Corporations will hire them for events and very rich people will hire them to do a birthday party/wedding. John Legend charges in the $400K range, so Kevin probably pulled in a favour. That was too much for a first date, Kevin. Kevin should have figured out something was wrong with his date. She mentioned that her Mom would flip-out if she knew she'd met the Manny. When he offered to do the Manny thing for Lizzy's Mom, she said that she'd rather keep it to herself and tell her Mom about it when she got home. That's one of the things that endears her to Kevin. Later, at the Hollywood Bowl, she said her phone kept ringing because her Mom wanted a play-by-play. So, how does her Mom suddenly know? We knew Randall was going to be right about his Mom, but after being such an ass to Miguel, I was hoping he would be wrong. It is like when he insisted on going home from Vegas because something was wrong with Deja and there was proving Beth and her reasonableness to be wrong. Sigh. Toby and Kate are exhausting. One is constantly on eggshells and one is constantly upset about something. When they finally get around to having a discussion, it's too late and too messy. I was not expecting the sketchy guy in the kitchen with a knife.
  5. We've seen Toby do both these things. During one of their successful eating phases, Toby found out she was sneaking junk food (the trash bag ripped). Currently, Toby is obsessed with Cross-fit and trying to convince everybody to join and eat nut-based cheeses and other healthy options (he brought Tempeh to Thanksgiving in a carry cooler). If Kate ever decides to lose weight, Toby will be her biggest cheer leader and will go to the store at midnight to buy whatever healthy food she needs. But, it's up to Kate to decide to lose the weight. People have tried all her life to get her to eat healthier and lose weight. She's gone to group programs to help. She's been to camps and doctors. She almost had surgery. Nobody in her life is encouraging her to gain weight and eat unhealthy. Kate needs to resolve her issues and decide she wants to lose the weight. Until that happens, Toby can't do anything that won't come across as useless nagging. Kate knows she needs to eat healthy and lose weight, nobody needs to tell her that. She knows the direction, she just has to start walking the path. Which is hard for her for a lot of complicated reasons she needs therapy to address.
  6. I'm not sure Dylan should be a nurse. Phil got knocked out by the plane and Dylan states that he is pretty sure he doesn't have a concussion? Phil was lying on the ground like a broken toy. He has some kind of brain injury from the incident.
  7. It looked to me like they just threw a cookie sheet on a rack above the turkey. It shocked me a little because I thought that would mess up the cooking of the turkey (now it's getting shielded heat from above) and will probably cook the cookies strangely (burning the tops before the bottoms are cooked because it is too close to the top and shielded on the bottom). I've always dreamt of having two wall ovens so I could do something like make a turkey and bake cookies at the same time. but maybe I've been dreaming for nothing (just like Dorothy in Oz, I had the power all along). Can one really cook cookies and turkey at the same time? I wouldn't give somebody's dog a cookie without asking first. I'm certainly not going to feed anybody's first-born, month-old baby who hasn't started solids anything before getting very firm permission.
  8. Deja invited Shauna to make cookies. Shauna did not barge into the kitchen. Beth didn't seem to mind, so it was probably arranged in advance. Shauna was tone deaf about going on about her great life, but she probably meant it to reassure Deja. Deja used to feel responsible for her, so she's letting Deja know that she shouldn't be worried about her. Shauna has never been good at seeing things through Deja's eyes. That kid had Kid Kevin's mannerisms to the point I almost thought it was the same actor. Way to make an impression with 5 seconds or air time.
  9. Randall likes to fix things. He believes that if he works hard enough and long enough at any problem, he can fix it. He gets that trait partially from Jack and partially from his constant need to prove himself. When William was sick, Randall was convinced they could cure it with the right doctor and new breakthroughs. As William lays dying in Memphis, Randall is trying to arrange to fly him back to New York and offering to pay for a better specialist to be brought in. William knows he is dying and has accepted that fate, but Randall fights against it. Since Rebecca is ill, he may be following the same tack. He may want to constantly try new specialist and experimental procedures. Rebecca may have said she doesn't want that and Miguel is support her, as hard as it is for him. They may have stopped talking to Randall because all he does is try to convince them to save Rebecca from herself. His heart is in the right place, but some would rather go quietly into the good night instead of messed up by treatments which might not do all that much to improve things. Ultimately, it's just speculation. Maybe they aren't talking because Toby lured Randall into his cross-fit cult and Kate & Kevin just want to enjoy their birthday without somebody trying to get them to eat a gluten-free, nut-cheese cake with a sweat potato coulis sauce followed by an energetic game of caber toss.
  10. Kate booked two seats for herself when she flew to Randall's for the first Thanksgiving we saw. She was walking down the aisle and the lady in the window seat gave her a snotty look. She said "don't worry, I bought both these seats." Then the flight attendant arrived with her seat-belt extender. Kate has the flying thing down to a science. She is very pragmatic.
  11. Is that text even about Avocado-gate? For all we know it's about Shawna bringing a pineapple cake to the party and he's tempted to eat it instead of some of his fake cheese. Maybe it's about somebody at the gym who keeps telling him he still looks fat. His ex could have said something snide to him about having a kid. Or maybe even his mother who put him through the ringer. They are playing the "Three's Company" pronoun game. It could be anything. Kate will probably let it fester for a few months before confronting Toby. And Toby will be stunned that she would think that a grown person would be so childish to go whining to a bunch of new acquaintances that he was only the second person to feed his child an Avocado.
  12. That and Nicky realized he was part of the family. He'd already contributed to the family traditions. Jack may have not told the family about Nicky, but had grafted some of Nicky into the family. Jack's insistence that the song was a poem was in rememberance of Nicky and Randall felt the same about the ending as Nicky did (that he hoped that Marianne came back and the two lovers shared more laughs). Nicky had taught Jack to love the song and Jack taught his family to love it too.
  13. Rebecca: I was halfway through the trailer of Cats when I couldn't remember what movie I went to go see. I can relate. That trailer has that effect on people.
  14. Rebecca and BigMig45 moved to California specifically to help Kate with Jack Jr. So, even if Toby is at the gym 24/7, she does have a support system and could get out of the house if she wanted. Rebecca is having episodes, but Miguel is still bringing his A game. I couldn't help but notice that Kate keeps throwing the gym thing at Toby. During Avacoda-gate, Kate asked what she should do if Jack starts walking while he is at the gym. She could have said "while you are at work", but she didn't. I know she told Beth that she secretly resents Toby getting fit, but she's not actually keeping it all that secret. I felt sorry for Deja as she realized that her Mom put her life together as soon as she stopped being Deja's Mom. Being a Mom should have been all the kick Shawna needed to pull herself together, but it wasn't. I guess she felt trapped in a cycle and losing her child finally gave her the kick? It's great that Shawna is finally being an adult, but I can also see how upsetting that could be for Deja. While Beth was freaking out about having to compete with Shawna to be Deja's Mom, Tess could have used a Mom. Kevin to the rescue with just the right tone. He is a better person when he's helping out others. He seemed sober 9 months from now, so it looks like he is learning to take care of himself. I love how he had a different story about his bruised face each time he was asked.
  15. In the Storybook Love episode, during the kitchen argument, Kevin and Randall declare that Marc is too old for Kate and she retorts that he is only 23. She goes on to note that their dad was 6 years older than their mom. Of course, the 6 years between 17 and 23 are more meaningful than the 6 between 22 and 28.
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