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  1. Are we asking NBC to ignore the gold medal prospects and focus on the athletes unlikely to win? Reduce coverage of gymnastics to make room in prime time for other sports? Don't race to interview the gold medalist of the 100m, but instead interview the guy who finished middle of the pack in race walking? It could work. I think a lot of people embrace the Olympics because they get to watch things they don't traditionally follow. If they cover the "journey" of a badminton player, teach us what makes a good badminton player and cover their performances in prime time, the viewers will care abo
  2. I feel let down by the announcers. They weren't explaining anything. I don't know anything about snowboarding, but they get announcers who explain why this trick is harder than that one and why I should care. Or the figure skating videos where they explain the differences between the jumps (everybody knows the axel, but a lot of new viewers can't tell a lutz from flip). The Olympics are a chance to attract new viewers and fans, but the fans need to be educated to truly appreciate the sport. I got the impression that using the square railing in the middle was better than using the round on
  3. They do seem to come as a team. When Randall asked them to babysit, he asked both. They moved to California to help Kate with Jack. Kate could at least consider asking. She doesn't know, but we and Beth know, that Rebecca is feeling not normal because neither Kate nor Kevin are asking her to help with the kids. Given how she never went to a filming of Kevin's show and the way she behaved when he was a guest on the show, I'm thinking it is just typical behaviour for Rebecca. It's rare for Rebecca to give Kevin attention if she feels her other children need attention.
  4. Rebecca could have spent her son's wedding day helping her granddaughters get ready to be bridesmaids. Should could have spent it offering to do last minute tasks. She could have been giving support for her new daughter-in-law. She could have been getting dressed or playing solitaire. What she should probably not have been doing is insisting on having a painful discussion with the groom's best man. While Kevin was running around trying to find Randall to help out with the bower disaster, Randall was made to have an unsettling conversation with Rebecca. When Kevin finally did find him, he
  5. I think they cleared that up in the Pilot. Tom asks Connor where Emily is and he said she had to work. Tom counters that Connor made $5M last year and Connor says "Yeah, but Em makes, like, real money." So, Connor is the significantly poorer one of the family (he himself considers the $5M trivial in comparison to what Emily makes and it doesn't bother him at all).
  6. That's kind of how it went. Jack comes home and announces they are going on vacation - now: "New guy in Accounting has a cabin in the Poconos. It's gonna be sitting there empty, so he said we could take it for the whole week." They ended up borrowing it multiple times, building happy memories. When the "new guy in accounting" wanted to sell it, they bought it. It may have not been the most convenient cabin, but it started off free and they fell in love with it.
  7. I'm still going to argue that Lauren coming back from the dead is soapiest. Kevin to Randall at Kate's wedding about Madison: "Don't let me sleep with her."
  8. I think Toby alluded to that when he dismissed living in San Francisco with two kids. Maybe he'll rent a room and commute? I wonder if he plans on doing it for a while and then trying to transfer. On the phone, he says "San Francisco office" so that makes it sound like there is more than one office. In tech, one of the things he has to worry about is being seen as stale. If he doesn't work for two years, he may find it very hard to get back into tech because companies will think he's not current. So, it might be worth it to take a less than optimal position until a better one comes up. Wh
  9. The last we saw, was her looking upset after Sheldon said "You're very irritable. This might be why you're having boy problems." which was a pretty heartless thing to say given the situation.
  10. He didn't break up with Zoe, Zoe broke up with him. She realized that he wanted to have babies, but would sublimate that want for the sake of the relationship. She didn't want to be the reason he didn't have kids. He said that he made his choice and she told him that he made the wrong choice. He wouldn't break up with her because he didn't get what he wanted - so she had to break up with him so he could get what he wanted. Interestingly, in the episode they break up, Zoe introduces Kevin to pour-over coffee. He jokes about how long it takes and she tells him it makes for better coffee.
  11. On "This is Us", Phylicia Rashad plays a high school principal and the MIL of somebody who wanted to go to Howard. In real life, she is now the Dean of Fine Arts at Howard.
  12. Previously mentioned in this thread was that Ben Affleck recovered his career, but he did it by gaining respect as a director and writer (and started casting himself in his own movies). Affleck's two Oscars are not for acting - one is for writing "Good Will Hunting" (his big break) and the other is for producing "Argo" (which he also directed and helped to adapt the screenplay and starred in). Kevin recovered from quitting his television series by selecting and producing his own play, so he has already shown he is willing to invest in his career and can pick a winner. So, it wouldn't be t
  13. The red flag, though, is that she's working in the cafe because eating fries there was her last happy memory with her Dad (it was right before the Super Bowl). She stays there nine years because it is one of her shrines to her dad. That's not healthy. Watching Beth's dream slowly crumble was visceral. Her speech about the mirror was a gut punch (all those years looking for every imperfection and it wasn't enough) especially when you remember that she asked Annie to turn off the mirror on her zoom session because it bothered her to see herself. The movie was awful - who is going to t
  14. The murdered boy's father had the recording, but didn't post it until after the first two couples had been murdered. Once he posted it, Claudia had it and realized it was a fake because she had experience with students submitting edited audio of their musical homework.
  15. It's also not a micro-aggression because Randall wasn't being subtle or unintentional. He was being blatant and fully intentional in trying to make Kevin feel bad about himself for being less intelligent. Randall was naturally intelligent while Kevin wasn't, so he punched down. Whether Randall would have done that if the relationship with Kevin was better, is debatable. We've certainly seen Randall look down his nose at Beth's dancing and Malik's dad, so his disdain for the less intellectual or less academic pursuits is now pretty much a part of his chemistry. Kevin also intended to hurt
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