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  1. I kind of got the impression that the show was using him as their archetypal walk-on. They weren't giving him a ticket so they could talk about how long he's waited to be a walk-on. He was a contender with a lot of days on the walk-on who would walk-on again next year. I think that if you make it to nationals, you should get a courtesy acceptance the following year. This year, with the random draw for walk-ons, he might not make it if they make him walk-on again. He's been to nationals twice and just had the fastest time/won tower of power. He's a credible enough athlete to not have to have been made to walk-on last year.
  2. Christie revealed that she even helped Victor with the decoding. Korey thought he'd figured it out and went to try his luck with the general. While he was gone, Victor and Christie worked together. Christie pointed out to Victor the mistake he was making, but she still couldn't see the one she herself was making. The next thing she knew, Korey was back and Victor was running out having completed it. She doesn't hold it against Victor that he didn't return the favour. The TAR teams didn't exclude Victor and Nicole, they just didn't have many opportunities to assist them. Colin started a timer after Leo and Jamal left, while Victor and Korey finished shortly afterwards, Christie took 1 hour and 47 minutes to come out. They said they were glad to have the helicopter ride to re-group.
  3. I got the impression they directed Tyler and Korey away from the stand. They told them to go inside the airport, but the stand was just outside. Tyler and Korey were headed towards the general area of the cab stand so Leo and Jamal did their normal "No, go there" mis-direction. It slowed Tyler and Korey down a few more minutes.
  4. I suspect that somebody in production is a fan of the White Stripes (and was inspired by this video). Plus, the logistics were probably easier. Put a call out for singers and guitar and drum players and set them to it. Motown requires more instruments and then you have to start balancing the sound. Instrumentation in 7 Nation Army is pretty minimal.
  5. Nicole and Victor should have stuck with rowing. They were getting the flow of it and were the only team close to doing double sculling correct (Colin was single sculling and Christie was trying not to dip her oars in the water). Victor kind of cheated on the decipher the secret task. Sure, the other teams were collaborating, but that is allowed. He straight up walked over and looked at their papers. Since he got it before them, he probably didn't need to do that. The teams were almost having too much fun shopping in Camden Market. That is one of those tasks that get harder the later you arrive (easier to spot a pile of four marked rugs than one marked rug on its own). Korey was a machine on doing that taxi challenge. They were right to switch. They were a mess at the rowing and would probably have spent half the time in the water. It's all about the synchronicity. Colin and Christie made some very nice records. Those lines were crisp. How on earth did they find three massive vaults right beside each other? I thought they would have to take turns. That was great because they couldn't learn and copy from each other. Combination locks can be a pain. I felt Leo's pain. Christie lost a lot of her zen when dealing with the taxi dude. Korey lost his voice possibly from shouting over the 7 Nation Army. Glad we didn't have to hear Nicole whine through the last leg. I think she would have had to do the last roadblock and she doesn't like heights or deal with details, so we would have had nothing but complaints all the way down and at the vault. No thanks. Colin was adorable with his way of remembering the vault numbers. Perfect partner this race. Encouraging, mostly calm and amazingly athletic. Korey is also super impressive.
  6. kili

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    Yes. The strategy changes depending on what kind of team you are. A good team might want to u-turn another good team to try to get them out of the race before all the fodder is gone. It might not work, but it might. If it works, one less good team to try to beat in the final legs. If it doesn't work, fodder is going to fodder. For not so great teams like Chris and Brett (they had a good leg this episode because they lucked into a task they were good at and it was short), then targeting another not so great team is the way to go. That will help you to live another day and you might be able to stumble your way to the final 3 and maybe you get lucky on tasks or taxis. So, Chris and Brett probably don't want to say that out loud to the group, but if they are logical, that's what they are thinking. Likewise, Colin and Christie were right to choose one of the not so great teams because they were already facing a u-turn. They don't want to have to go against another good team should they win the u-turn vote. They have to know they would be targets and get a few more votes for the same reason they got yielded in a previous race - they are serious threats. Note that every other TAR team voted for them except Tyler and Corey who didn't need to vote for them because they had already had enough votes to be assured of getting a u-turn. Tyler and Corey went after another strong team which were weakened by a speed bump and the start of an argument. Throw in a u-turn and that argument at the speed bump would have gone to another level and team meltdown. The fell to pieces when they thought they might be the target of a u-turn in the last leg. If C&B had have known how the leg would play out (where they weren't racing for last), they would have been better off following T&C's vote and getting rid of a good team and keeping a not so great team to beat on the next leg. But, they didn't have the benefit of 20/20, so they were better off hobbling one of the not so great teams to assure they made it to the next leg.
  7. kili

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    They mention their kids on the first episode of the season. As part of their introduction, Christie mentions that they have an 11 year old and a 6 year old. That swing through the canyon looked pretty scary. What if you drifted too far to one side or the other?
  8. I suspect that if Luke hadn't stopped her, she would have been onstage with Laine. I'm going to feel really bad if it turns out she has some neurological deficiency that is causing this behaviour, but right now I'm totally annoyed at her antics stealing focus from the contestants. It's so unnecessary and immature.
  9. kili

    S31.E03: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

    Charla and Mirna had long since been eliminated from the race when Colin had his infamous "broken ox" meltdown. They also had nothing to do with his getting dragged into a police station in Arusha after he went non-linear on the taxi driver and refused to pay. Colin's biggest roadblock on that race was himself. It's so refreshing to see people can change. Old Colin would have probably ended up in the pool trying to catch prawns with his bare hands and would have handed the Survivor who disrupted his singing practice her own head on a platter. New Colin was patient enough to learn the dance steps and the song. New Colin is giving me faith in humanity. Who knew?
  10. kili

    S31.E03: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

    i'm digging chill Colin. Until the last leg, one only has to avoid being last. So why burn up all your energy trying to be first? I like to think that he watched his season of TAR, saw what a colossal ass he was and realized that if he kept up being intense like that, he'd either die of a stroke or be in jail by the time he was 40. And he changed. TAR making the world a better place. They are still competitive and focused, just without all the drama. Old Colin would have had no patience for the dancing and learning the words and probably wouldn't have finished so high. This kind of leg would not traditionally have been the kind he excelled at. I'm imagining the old Colin trying to do that leg and it isn't pretty.
  11. kili

    S01.E20: Free Fall

    I think he may have passed out because of his head injury. That guy clocked him hard enough that he passed out for a period of time. If it's been bleeding, it's doing more damage. They did focus on his forehead bruise. The other guy seemed fine until he started coughing up blood and he never passed out until he died bleeding from anywhere he could. The guy called them 6 hours before about the backpack. Presumably, he cut himself around that time (I wouldn't have waited for the cops. I would have gone to the hospital to find out what horror was in those test tubes I'd just cut my finger on). So, it took him 6 or less hours to incubate (granted, he did get the undiluted virus straight into his bloodstream). Tim had to have been coughed on more than 6 hours ago because he was coughed on during the day, the other two guys were shot during the night and it's daylight again. If Tim was going to get the virus, he probably should have started showing similar symptoms sooner. Granted, logic sometimes gets handcuffed in the backseat of the car on this show.
  12. Chelsea is currently in jail for contempt of court (refused to testify to a grand jury against Assange). Before that, Chelsea had been a free woman. The courts sentenced her to 35 years, but her sentence was commuted by Obama as he left office (Jan of 2017 with her being released in May of 2017). She has recently been released after 28 days of solitary confinement.
  13. kili

    S17.E11: All-Star Duets (2) (2019.04.09)

    Those are fairly successful recent acts. Granted, they are Popish acts with hits in the last couple of years and Chris Isaak and Ben Harper are more AAA who have been around for years (Wicked Games was released in 1989 so it is a 30 year old song). Julia Michael's best known song is probably "Issues" which peaked at 11 on the Hot 100. She's also co-wrote a lot of hits like "Sorry" for Justin Beiber (went to number 1), That song she sang with Logan is climbing the Pop charts. Lukas Graham is more of a European star, but "7 Years" was hit even in the US (the song he sang with Eddie). It spent four weeks at number 2 on the Hot 100 in 2016 (it was the seventh highest selling song in the world in 2016). "Love Someone" (Dimitrius duet) is 8th on the AC airplay chart this week. lovelytheband is an indie pop band that has topped some of the airplay charts (alt/rock). Idol actually had a nice mix of artists this week - some younger up-and-comers, some older artists, some country, some rock, some pop, some alt and some Broadway. I think they had most of their demographics represented by one or two artists.
  14. kili

    S01.E19: The Checklist

    It's probably the fall-out from getting that bean-counting captain promoted to headquarters. Best to keep your enemies close and the village idiot under full-time supervision. I'm glad Lopez put a stop to West charging that guy for breaking his probation (when all he did was fail to clean his new car properly). Learning to balance the job is important. IA is shown in a positive light when the hero needs to take down the bad cops. The problem is that they usually show up when our hero made an honest or subjective mistake.
  15. kili

    S03.E18: Her

    Wasn't that jeep their only vehicle? T-boning that other car probably left the jeep in the shop. So, they were probably taxi-ing around or relying in Miguel to drive them. Jack probably forgot to request a stop at the McDonald's due to his head spinning with worry (one of the reasons he failed so miserably at easing the kid's fears was because he was fearful and disjointed himself). I refuse to believe that Rebecca wouldn't have had something in the house that would have made a more suitable dinner. Cans of soup or packages of pasta are staples of mere bachelor pads. Rebecca was a stay-at-home Mom so she probably had a better pantry than that. Even if corn and hamburger buns were the only things they had, serve the corn as the main and toast the buns to serve as the side bread. That's got to appear more edible than what he served (plus, easier to eat).
  16. kili

    S03.E18: Her

    Beth could more easily and cheaply have opened a dance studio in her area if a dance studio was her only goal (in NJ, she doesn't have to move, studio rents are probably cheaper, she has connections and knows the area). Fundamentally, the logic of moving to Philly is because Randall chose to run for election there and won. Either the kids rarely see their father (long commutes, long hours, sleeping in Philly) or they move to Philly. I don't get where Beth is getting the blame here. Randall made the impulsive jerk decision that necessitates this move. Beth is pragmatically suggesting the only reasonable solution that will keep the family together. Randall quitting at this point isn't fair to his constituents, his co-workers or the city of Philly. It sets a bad example for the kids and it would probably crush him mentally. Kids move all the time for their parent's jobs and they survive. It is not the end of the world. They'll do much better moving to Philly than having their parent's get divorced or rarely seeing their Dad. This is the best choice. I laud Beth for coming up with a reasonable compromise.
  17. kili

    S03.E18: Her

    General Days posted the transcript of the conversation. Rebecca apologized before Kate (Kate never officially apologizes, she explains her reaction and apologizes for future actions): REBECCA: I'm sorry if I uh overstepped. (She pauses, before adding...) Or if the idea of us moving out here makes you feel--
  18. kili

    S03.E18: Her

    That's not on Rebecca. Jack was the one that did that. He offered to clean up and not only left the crock pot plugged in, but added fuel to the fire by leaving a dish clothe close to it. The car accident was totally her fault. In other news, Kevin's house is, as Toby says, huge. Since Kevin tends to spend money like it's water, does this indicate he still has a successful career?
  19. kili

    S03.E18: Her

    I'm not sure that everything is settled just yet. Sure, they are moving to Philadelphia, so both get their dream jobs, but they will still face the "who will take care of the kids?" conflict. Being a councilman will still require Randall to spend a lot of time attending various meetings and talking to constituents. He's lost his long drive, but not all of his long hours. Randall never does anything by halves, so he is likely to go all in. Meanwhile, Beth is starting her new business. That's lots of long hours too and if she is targeting younger students, that is a lot of after school and weekend classes. Starting out, she's going to have to teach many of those classes herself and then spend more time doing the books, planning recitals and advertising her school. If one of her teachers is ill, she may have to fill in for the class herself because she doesn't have enough employees that one is available (the buck stops with her). Won't we be back to the same conflict when Beth has a recital the same night Randall has some council meeting that drags on for hours (because the 150 people showed up to have a chance to address council about some zoning change) and Annie needs help with her homework? Fundamentally, both jobs are going to require long hours during the same hours their kids might need them. There is plenty more to work out next year. I was kind of surprised that nothing was said about Deja suddenly joining the debate team and needing a drive out to Newark. While it's great that Beth and Randall support their kids in all their endeavors, one can ask them to pick a few activities to focus on or to get other parents to drive because the family is getting stretched too thin. While it turned out to be a fake debate club, they may not be able to accommodate all requests next year (they won't even have their family backups to babysit in Philly).
  20. kili

    S03.E18: Her

    Preston did an amazing job of incorporating Parker's acting style to make a convincing Kevin's son. That's one of the things that this show is so good at. They not only cast people who look like the other actors playing the part, but they obviously must be taking the time to help the actors (especially the younger actors) act like they are actually related. It adds a lot of verisimilitude. I suspect future Rebecca is blind and that is why Randall announced himself. They didn't give us Kevin's son's name and they like recycling names, so maybe he is Randall too and that is why Randall had to clarify (kidding - they didn't give Kevin's son a name so they could refer to him as Kevin's son....I thought he might be Jack as first). I don't think the toys they are bringing are for stroke victim Rebecca to recover. That would probably be things like lego blocks and clothespins to work on her fine motor skills. I thought maybe a birthday party for one of the next generation kids, but it's nighttime and mostly adults. Maybe it's the Big Three birthday party (probably the last one for their Mom), so they are doing one of their traditional birthday parties (before they started having separate parties) to celebrate with Mom. The corn sandwiches were bad writing. Pilgrim Rick Jack came up with a better meal when he was lost in the middle of nowhere, there were no open stores and they had to cook it on the room heater. Dude even managed to think of Pizza when he was spiralling out after abandoning his brother.
  21. kili

    S01.E17: The Shake Up

    The guy may have perceived it as being a rescue, but the people who were "rescuing" him may not have held the same view. If he is supposed to be a witness in a trial tomorrow, he's already revealed a bunch of information about the organization to officials so he is already a traitor. The guy is a complete dumbass for expecting the people he ratted on to rescue him. His value to the organization was being inside the border control police force. He could not only give them information, but aid in there activities. He's hardly going to be able to fulfill that role anymore, so he has little value to the organization and he has betrayed them. At best, they'll rescue him alive and let him keep living (why?). Fundamentally, they don't want to testify in court, so if he ends up dead during the "rescue", their real mission is still accomplished. If he's "rescued" alive, he'll probably die a painful death as a warning to others. I didn't find the rescue crew's behaviour odd, I wondered about the intelligence of the guy they were there to rescue.
  22. kili

    S03.E17: R&B

    We have seen her ask him to stop and allow her to do things or have a break. He doesn't respect that. In "Vegas, Baby", she asked him to stop worrying about Deja. He crashes Kate's bachelorette party as Beth is being featured in the show after Deja calls: Beth:Oh, my God, Randall! You seriously crashed your sister's bachelorette party to tell me that? Randall: Beth, I know what this sounds like, - but my gut tells me - Beth: One night. You couldn't give me one night. I sit inside your anxiety every damn minute of every damn day, and you can't give me one night? I was annoyed that he turned out right to be worried because it just reinforced his behaviour of ignoring Beth and always worrying about everything. Here is their argument about adopting from "A Father's Advice" Randall: Do you not want to adopt? Beth: Does it matter what I want? [Randall- Hey. ]We only ever talk about what you want, Randall. You want to adopt. You want to honor your fathers. I know this has been a weird year for you, and I am trying to be supportive, but this is becoming, like a weird pattern. Randall: Okay, I hear you. We're partners, in everything. But 37 years ago, my parents chose me, and that's why I'm here with you right now. This isn't going away for me, Beth. You need to get your head around it. She's right. They always have the same argument. She starts out objecting that it's never about what she wants and only about what he wants. He responds about being partners, but this time is special and they need to do it his way. In this instance, she is able to convince him to become a foster parent, but he soon decides he wants to adopt. It didn't go away. The fight in this episode has been building throughout the seasons.
  23. kili

    S03.E17: R&B

    Randall himself stated that on days when Beth is not teaching, he doesn't always get home before the girls are asleep ("If I'm lucky, I get a chance to catch the girls before they go to bed.") and he hasn't even been sworn in yet. Once he gets busy with committees, attending town halls and shovelling roads (as he promised), he's going to have even less time especially with the OCD way he attacks things. In a way, Beth's teaching job is forcing him to slow down a little and actually interact with his children a few nights a week. Randall also seems to want his wife to attend functions and be the good political wife which would mean both parents spending hours committing away from their kids. Again, Beth's refusal to bend will probably mean she has more time to spend with the girls overall. I don't even know if moving to Philly would help with the way Randall chooses to do things. He'll just convert the commute time into doing more for his constituents. Or he'll find another rabbit to chase. Beth is right to fear that it will turn into multiple terms or him going for higher office.
  24. kili

    S03.E17: R&B

    Randall happily proclaims during mini-golf: "Babe, I took your turn, so - Mom, you're up." Who does that? Beth is the one who wanted to play mini-golf and you take her turn? Maybe if he had let Beth play her ball, Rebecca wouldn't have spilled that he's told her about all the proposals. Beth: "I don't want my life to be consumed by my husband's." We've seen a lot of signs that didn't work out. Thanksgiving and Christmas always centres around his family and his traditions. He doesn't consider even warning her before bringing his bio-dad he just met to come live with them. His brother and sister are the best man and maid of honour at their wedding. She can't even object to him about keeping part of their lives private without him angrily insisting that the fight happen in front of his mother. Lots of warning signs there. She's right about the chips. He just doesn't notice.
  25. kili

    S06.E10: Gintars

    Gintar is Dragomir's half-brother and step-father. Gintar and Dragomir have the same father, but different mothers. Dragomir and Nikolaj have the same mother, but different fathers. Let's see if if this comes out in ASCII. M1 F1 M2 |_____| |________| | | | | Gintars Dragomir | |_______________| | Nikolaj Technically, Dragomir is Nikolaj's half brother, but they really share 3/4s of DNA since Nikolja's grandfather is Dragomir's father.