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  1. And Matt knows the Danube doesn't flow through Poland and there are no Alps there either. His answer made zero sense, especially for a guy who aced just about every geography question that came up.
  2. There's no way Matt didn't know the correct FJ answer. Geography and history are two of his strengths. The clue mentioned Danube and Alps. I suspect he was tired, had been beaten at the buzzer numerous times, and was generally off his game throughout. He was simply throwing in the towel and calling it a streak.
  3. One thing we know for certain about Josh. He's sneaky. There's no way he's been living the life of a choirboy since 2019. He got his fix somehow, even if it's just watching more conventional porn on his phone. When Anna's not around, he has a lot of time on his hands, and, no doubt, has found a way to satisfy the itch.
  4. She's way too invested in the cult to even consider public school. Would not want her children associating with non believers/outsiders. Boob and Meech are,no doubt, giving her plenty to do -- housekeeping, laundry, cooking, "teaching" the lost kids and her own at the kitchen table academy. She has a roof over her head and her kids are being fed. In her world women don't work outside the home. For a woman with 7 kids whose husband is in serious legal trouble, she actually has it better than most. She's not going anywhere.
  5. No more babies. She barely has time to take care of the ones she has. Between filming two shows, selling a house, buying two more houses, hanging out with friends, and becoming involved in yet another relationship, her plate has been pretty full the past year. Another kid is more than likely not part of the equation.
  6. Yes, true. She's a reality tv person, too. It will be interesting to see if those two have any staying power over the long run after the shows are cancelled and the cameras go away. That remains to be seen.
  7. Christina's priority seems to be Christina. Her new kid unfriendly house is a good reflection of that. Hudson would appear to be mostly with Ant, so he's well taken care of. The older kids are like a couple of ping pong balls bouncing between parents and parents' ever changing partners and houses. The last thing they need is to now have to adjust to living with another man so soon after Ant became history. Christina is doing them no favors. Kids need stability, not an ever changing cast of characters married to mom.
  8. I would gladly contribute to a divorce date pool. I predict a quickie wedding followed by a separation within a year. She should have worked things out with Tarek. This engagement feels like she's trying to one up his pending wedding. These two are on an endless marriage go round and it's no good for the kids.
  9. Boob is not at all interested in seeing a tabloid story about Anna and her children struggling. He will support them. Hell, Anna is an extra set of hands around TTH. Let her cook the meals for the remaining Duggars living at home and put her to work as "teacher" in the Duggar kitchen table academy. What's 8 more mouths to feed anyway? They are used to having a shit ton of people around and a big tater tot caserole goes a long way.
  10. She would need an agent to make a book deal and the agent would take a big cut plus a percentage of any profits. Boob would never sanction it, anyway, and she needs Boob to keep a roof over her head and her children fed.
  11. This. Anyone in her situation with a husband in a shitload of trouble, 7 kids to worry about and few resources, may well think advice to just leave him, get out, file for divorce isn't very realistic. Anna was brought up in a culture that frowns on divorce and that teaches that women must be subservient to their husbands. She buys into that. She's not going anywhere.
  12. I think we have to look realistically at Anna's situation. She has 6 or 7 kids if the latest M has arrived. She has no education and her job prospects are super limited. There's no way she could ever earn enough to support her children, and in her world no one would expect her to. Her own parents are piss poor. No one in her family seems prepared to take in her brood. That leaves the in-laws. They will continue to put a roof over her head and feed her kids no matter what happens to her disgusting vile husband. What other option does she have? Sure, she's a doormat, but she was raised to be a
  13. Her new place is about a half hour south of her old place. Less than 20 miles but heavy traffic on Pacific Coast Highway slows things down. If her kids are in private school, they may not have to switch, but I have a strong suspicion their needs and interests take a back seat to hers. I found photos of the new place just by Googling "Christina Haack new Dana Point home." A NY Post story popped right up. And yes, Tarek definitely has a type. The one who seems to be thriving, though, is Ant. His instagram pictures and videos of Hudson are adorable.
  14. If Anna did show up in the courtroom with any of the children, the judge would, no doubt, order them out as a potential disruption. Besides, given the nature of the charges, I wouldn't think she'd want her children, especially the older ones, to get wind of what was going on. She will be there, though, as will Boob and Meech. I don't think Boob will be able to resist telling reporters his good Christian golden boy is innocent. This assumes, of course, that Pest goes to trial. I think he'll take a plea deal, maybe plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a light sentence. A trial is simp
  15. You have her number. I'd pitch that plot to Hallmark. It would get a quick greenlight. The hunky farmhand was already introduced last night. Josh better watch out. Goat guy could get interested (in her bank account) real quick.
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