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  1. Jackson is too young to be running around unsupervised in a house full of multiple stairs. He was filmed in the kitchen pulling items off the fridge and slamming a cupboard while the family was oblivious. As for the dog eating trash, great way to end up with a big vet bill. Their child. Their dog. It’s their responsibility, not that of the camera crew, to keep a close eye on both.
  2. I enjoyed the camera crew following Jackson around while his parents and Amy were ignoring him. They caught the dog eating trash, too. I take this as their way of letting the viewer know that they don’t necessarily approve of what they are seeing and that they, if no one else, are on top of potential trouble.
  3. It is obvious that neither Zach nor Tori is currently gainfully employed and their income is derived from their participation on the show. It’s their bread and butter. While I get that Zach would prefer that certain family matters be shared off camera, I think his major stink face when Amy announced her engagement was uncalled for. How about a “Congrats, mom, I’m happy for you” instead of a look that shouted, “How dare you share this news with me here and now? You are pissing me off.” Grow up, Zach. If you don’t want to be on camera, get a real job.
  4. Yes, in full agreement that those were for the most part not auction worthy items. After the auctioneer took his cut, the Roloffs no doubt came away with pocket change and egg on their faces. I guess people have watched the show enough to know that they’d just be auctioning off unwanted crap. No treasures there. Old beat up furniture? Really? Just call the junkman or anything salvageable and able to have a second life, Goodwill. The proposal was sweet. Chris is an interesting guy. We’ve never seen that he has any family, or maybe they aren’t interested in being on tv. He seems to want to be accepted into the Roloff clan, he’s cordial to Matt, and he’s willing to help out. I hope what we’re seeing is genuine and that he and Amy are in it for the long haul.
  5. Chris loves being on this show. He probably thanks his lucky stars he walked right into a gold mine. He collects a nice paycheck in exchange for being Amy’s rebound guy. I’m not seeing any fireworks there, though. More like sparklers that fizzle out quickly. If this show gets cancelled, Chris is so outta there. I felt bad for Tori In the doctor’s office. Even though she knew the odds going in, she couldn’t hide her disappointment on learning her daughter would likely be another LP — if only because she doesn’t know what lies ahead in terms of health issues. Jackson’s new bed is an accident waiting to happen. Wonder how many times he’s tumbled over the rails during a crying jag.
  6. Memo to Peter: Pack your shit and get an apartment of your own. Living under Mom's roof is toxic. She will never let you live your life or make your own choices. She will hound you forever and never let up. She despises Madison. She couldn't hate her more if you had told her she was a crackhead granddaughter of Charles Manson. Mom has no problem going on national tv exhibiting major bitchface and talking shit about the woman you claim to love -- although that's a stretch. Poor Neil Lane. Sitting uncomfortably wedged between two superfans and ready to produce a ring for a proposal that's never happening. Had Peter made a move in that direction, Barbara would have gone totally Norman Bates and had to be physically restrained and removed by security. That would have been the cherry on top of this massive shitshow. As it is, Madison will return to Auburn and reassess the local talent at church. Hannah Ann will look for modeling gigs. Peter will hit up linedance night at the local bar, bring women home, and enjoy the applause and "attaboys" of his family as they listen at the door.
  7. Peter’s mother is a piece of work and true Bachelor gold. Production managed to cast the one guy in America with a mother so screwy she carries on and gives major stink eye over her son potentially choosing a girl who’s not ready to get between the sheets with her boy until he puts a wedding ring on it. I’ve seen nutty on this show over the seasons, but she takes the prize. Peter’s a ridiculous tool, but I actually felt a little sorry for him when he kept telling his mother to stop with the histrionics. He’s seen this embarrassing behavior before. I hope when all is said and done, Madi and HA both walk away and look for something better. Peter is nothing special, and Barbara would be the mother in law from hell.
  8. Why is Tommy still there? It's as though everyone decided he's in charge and can't be touched. The women had the perfect opportunity to form a gang of four and blindside his ass. With Dan gone shortly thereafter, they'd be sitting pretty. Just stupid play. Dan apparently has a slow learning curve regarding harassment. Glad he's history.
  9. I assume the contestant screening process includes some degree of health to ascertain weather or not a player would be able to survive the rigors of the game. Shouldn't mental health factor in? Noura is either a very convincing actress or a seriously ill individual. I cannot fathom how she made the contestant cut, and it is very uncomfortable watching her unhinged ramblings. And Karishma is most definitely a useless pain in the ass, but that quality would make her the goatiest of goats. Stupid move. And the producers, who no doubt paid big bucks to lure Rob and Sandra back, wasted their money by giving them so little to do they've become non-entities. Just a lot of stupidity in the air ths season.
  10. Not sorry to see Aaron and Missy booted. Both were too arrogant and smug for their own good. Krishma is useless, being kept around at this point only for her value as a goat. I enjoy Rob and Sandra's reactions, brief as they are, at Tribal Council. Whoever green lighted the Idols theme must be very disappointed in how it's playing out. Most of the time, Rob and Sandra must be twiddling their thumbs. Surely production could have better utilized them as mentors. They're turning into afterthoughts.
  11. Amy deserves some happiness after all the crap she went through with Matt. I had my doubts about Chris's motives at first, but after three years, I guess they're in a good place and planning for the future. Hope all the kids are supportive and on board, and hope Caryn is green with envy.
  12. I remember when Jen and Bill were consulting a fertility specialist in Los Angeles. The doctor they saw was the son of my daughter's pediatrician from years ago. I think they would have liked to have a biological child, but since it wasn't in the cards, they are happy, fortunate, and blessed to have created a family with Will and Zoey. I like that they incorporate their children's cultural backgrounds into their lives, and I give Jen a lot of credit, especially, for overcoming significant challenges and obstacles to live the life she's living today.
  13. I second the comment that the children are too old to be playing with food. That was gross, and they ought to know better. The producers prod them to be precocious, but that was definitely over the top.
  14. None of the adults were wearing life jackets. Bill was speeding. Zoey was scared. Jen was sort of hanging on to Will with one hand. The children were given an opportunity to steer. The boat was configured with everyone crammed into a small space up front. The whole thing looked dangerous and the adults' judgment was highly questionable. I'm surprised the footage wasn't scrapped. It was not the little couple's finest moment.
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