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  1. Not surprising at all that many who aren't religious have integrity and morals. They are living by the Golden Rule and not basing their actions on fear of God's wrath. I was raised Catholic and taught all about punishment for sin. As a little kid, I was ushered into the confessional to tell the priest all the bad things I had done. Frankly, I couldn't think of anything worthy of confessing, so I had to resort to making some up. I was given a few "Hail Mary's"as a penance and told not to sin again. My non religious friends were and are good and kind people who never had to spill their misdeeds
  2. It boggles my mind that in this day and age with multiple sources of easily available information, people fall in line like a bunch of sheep and follow charlatan snake oil salesmen. On one end of the spectrum you have the Duggars and like cults with their Father Knows Best bullshit and on the other you have guys like Joel Osteen who fleece people at every opportunity to fund their lavish lifestyle. People who get taken in must be extremely gullible and, dare I say it, stupid.
  3. I certainly don't know what goes on behind closed doors and wouldn't try to guess. But I would assume that a woman who bailed out of a reasonably lengthy marriage during which she and her husband brought two children into the world and created a successful business together and then went on to meet and soon marry and quickly divorce another man with whom she has a child, has difficulty sustaining relationships for whatever reason. I wish her luck with #3 but there seems to be a pattern here. For the sake of her kids, who seem to be like ping pong balls back and forth between households, I hope
  4. TMZ article this morning claims that Tarek blew up at her on the Flip or Flop set. Called her a washed up loser and the suspicion was that he was pissed about the toad venom smoking. Have no idea how accurate this is. However, TMZ sources are usually pretty good. I have no doubt he is pissed at her. He loves his kids and is probably not happy that she was admitting to having a messed up head that was supposedly cleared with the hallucinogen.
  5. I doubt Anna has any clue about what specifically Josh was looking at and I don't think she wants to know. She's floating along in the state of Denial, just figuring it ish't that bad or it's all a mistake and he'll be home as soon as he's found not guilty. I'm wondering if his attorneys will talk him into taking a plea deal rather than have all of the horrific details of his child porn viewing come out in court. He's screwed either way.
  6. Yep. Stupid AF to sing the praises of an illegal hallucinogin prominently on social media when you are the divorced mother of three young children whose fathers love them and are very much a part of their lives. I'm sure Tarek and Ant have both taken note. Wouldn't be surprised if at some point she receives a visit from Child Protective Services inquiring about her admitted drug use.
  7. Her life is messy. Divorce, new house, hasty remarriage, another child, another divorce, two shows to film, sell house, find out ex #2 is dating a famous actress, seeing photos of the two together with Hudson, knowing ex#1 will be married again soon, introducing new boyfriend......It's a lot. Still think it was stupid to spill the toad venom story. Not a good look and could earn her a reprimand from HGTV since she touts her show on the same instagram. She seriously needs to get her shit together.
  8. She is not exactly setting a great example for her kids. Divorcing their dad. Marrying again in a hurry. Deciding that was a mistake and divorcing again. Now another man in the picture. All within the span of a few years. Taylor is still in grade school. That's a lot for those kids to digest plus cameras in their face for the show. She doesn't respect their privacy at all. Never did. Tarek is supposed to be getting remarried soon and his fiancee seems to get along well with the kids. Remains to be seen how long that one lasts. She's a former Playboy model who's also on a real estate show. Look
  9. Her latest IG posts are not going to win her many fans among the HGTV executives. She would have been wise not to admit to smoking an illegal hallucinogin and to arrogantly proclaiming that she does "what she wants." The money and People Magazine level fame have inflated her ego tremendously. If she wants a private life, she should keep it private. However, in her mind she's this big important celebrity and she thrives on attention and adulation. I suspect she went public with the latest boyfriend when she saw the photos of Ant canoodling a two time Oscar winner. A realtor from Texas certainl
  10. Anna has 6, soon to be 7 children. Those kids are her responsibility, and she certainly wouldn't be the first woman to find herself with a bunch of kids and a loser of a husband most likely facing serious jailtime. She is extremely fortunate to have the Duggars who won't let her family starve. In the short term, however, she needs to come up with some sort of plan for supporting her children. I know those in the cult loathe the idea of public assistance, but that is an avenue she may have to explore at least temporarily. If she can arrange for the kids to be watched in the TTH, she may well co
  11. Once again Christina tackled a project in the home of an acquaintance, this time the guy who owns a local tile store. What was she thinking and the couple agreeing to when they put up all those open shelves in the kitchen and piled glass and dishes on them. That is a disaster waiting to happen as soon as an earthquake hits. They should all know better. That was stupid. Curious as to what she's going to do for the lawyer in La Jolla. That waterfront place with the view to die for cost mega bucks. Would love to know if he has a sideline robbing banks or is operating his own printing press.
  12. He wasn't overly concerned about religious teaching or sinning when he was signing up for Ashley Madison or sleeping with a hooker. Yes, easy to judge, I guess, but his cheating and internet habits seem to point to a less than religiously observant guy. If he didn't want kids, there were options. If he chose not to explore those options and he ended up with seven children, he had no cause to be disappointed. You have to lie in the bed you make.
  13. If he didn't want all those kids, he should have snuck off and had a vasectomy. He was good at sneaking around and medical privacy laws would have protected him. If he chose to keep having unprotected sex, he shouldn't have been surprised or disappointed by the resulting pregnancies. What an ass.
  14. I'm confident this scenario (flying him out of the country on a private plane) has crossed Boob's feeble mind. However, it would bring a ton of unwanted negative publicity that would make it into the mainstream. I think Boob would rather have Josh fight the charges and, if convicted, file appeal after appeal claiming he is being prosecuted and persecuted for his strong Christian beliefs. The true fundie believers who love the Duggars would buy it, and the vast majority of people who have zero interest in the Duggars don't know or care at all about Josh anyway. Ultimately, Boob's #1 goal is to
  15. No blowback from me. Given the numerous challenges that are already being and will continue to be faced by Jackson and Lilah, I would think the plate is already quite full. Plus, who knows how much longer the TLC paychecks will be rolling in. At some point Zach and Tori may be forced to get real jobs. Lots to consider before further expanding the family.
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