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  1. hoosier80

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Watching reruns of Alice. I never did see Linda Lavin as such a wonderful singer or the gorgeous woman who has men going wild over her. She's not hideous looking, but not drop dead gorgeous. I realize that attitude, personality also plays a part in attraction, but I never saw her as anything interesting. Then add in her love interest Travis (who I believe was her real life husband at that point - and from whom she had a nasty divorce). He'd been on first as a love interest for Vera (Steve Marsh and Travis was a country singer who was his cousin - a tired old trope). The two - Alice and Travis sang country duets, and it was awful. Not that they were out of tune, but her voice is not suited for country one bit. Then, they had a series of episodes where LL was an older woman, complete with a New York/Jewish accent. I guess she wanted to 'stretch' as an actor. It was cringe worthy. Too bad LL ran Flo off of the show (many stories about how LL was not happy that Flo 'stole the show' initially). The Flo replacements were just not of the same caliber. I still laugh when I hear the line by Flo - 'ding dong daddy' (as Mel goes off and is banging on his pickup bell).
  2. hoosier80

    Four Weddings

    This afternoon they aired the classic...…...and a Giraffe!! BLAN Bride in all her glory. I'd forgotten how low she rated the other weddings overall, then all of her complaining about everything. Then the comment after what seemed to be a pleasant wedding, acting so superior and spelling out the word. If she hadn't spelled out the word, she'd be just one of several memorable bitches that were on the show. Hee hee. Karma, I see you and I like your work. Most of the time, the nastiest bride does not win. (The Harvard bride won, but she was more o a low key bitch than some). The bride that won in this episode seemed so genuinely nice and Blan bride even got on her last nerve (she said Blan was very opinionated, trying to be diplomatic). I delayed running errands, but it was worth it to watch this again. Now I just have to see the cold pizza and warm soda wedding. I've always missed seeing the entire episode. I saw an episode yesterday(?) where one bride spent a lot of money. They were in the Philly/NY area. One had no wedding party, one was kind of a DIY (they started clearing tables before the guests left), the other one was by a bride who had never been to a wedding (no one in her family got married). I didn't see who won, but some dissed the more expensive wedding, which looked beautiful and tasteful. Made me long for the wedding shows with the extravagant weddings, and the ones who had real wedding planners, showing the entire process.
  3. hoosier80

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    He was all bummed out that the bar was a fake when they first walked on stage (I thought more than the other guys). I was like go figure, drunk ol' boy needs a drink now! I really think he's a high functioning alcoholic. And when he kept saying his mantra of why he's such an asshole, I was thinking so Shep doesn't suffer himself? Nice way to throw granny under the bus, too. Granny was an elitist and possibly racist? So that means you cannot grow and change - oh wait, this is the 'grown' man child we're talking about. He thinks he's the most eligible man on the show, and no, with each season he becomes more and more vile.
  4. hoosier80

    S07:E39: Cherie & Avion

    The whole thing was bizarre. I mean, if she owes you money, sue her. He was pissed about her rejecting him or something else. Then his caretaker helped him? Who sends nudes of themselves to a complete stranger? Odd that he knew just what to text to entice her, and kept it going and going. I think either they had a fling (I know they denied it) or he had help from an ex of hers (maybe the caretaker knew one of her exes).
  5. hoosier80

    S08.E06: Momcation

    I just saw the first part of this episode, which I must've missed or just not paid attention to while the tv was on MTV. Amber made such a face at having to go on vacation. Bitch, please. Some people (including myself) haven't had a vacation to a fun place in years - at least 10 years. Plus, it's all paid for and it's part of your 'job'. I almost said out loud, go back to your couch or bed, you lazy slob. I wish I could whisk all of these girls/women to an alternate universe as to what their lives would be like without this show. They'd all be struggling (maybe 1 or 2 would be ok). Almost like how Scrooge was shown his life.
  6. hoosier80

    Jersey Shore

    Really kind of sad that Jen was there, who is nothing but trouble. (I don't buy that she's the total reason why Ron is so messed up - he's a trainwreck, too). Sammi was a friend of Mike's. Too bad she and her fiancée couldn't be there. I understand why - the whole Ron drama. I wouldn't want to be around him either. The two little girls were adorable. The food - oh, my! Watching while not having a satisfying lunch is torture! Loved how Vinny and Pauly just went to the bar to eat - far away from Jen. Still cannot get over how Ron was saying he's the butt of every joke. It's because you put your shit on the street, son. Jenni has the sense to keep some stuff more private (guessing because she doesn't want to become Ron part 2, plus for her kids' sake). Some stuff has come out, but not nearly the level of what has happened with Ron/Jen.
  7. hoosier80

    CSI: Miami

    Watching a marathon during the day today while working from home. Episode 1 had a wrongly accused person being freed from prison. So who did it? They went back over evidence, found one good suspect, who then ended up dead, clobbered by large modern art sculpture (table top sized but hefty). Medical examiner says yeah, but his head should've been exploding from that force and it wasn't. So they determine it was someone with not a lot of upper body strength. I said oh it's a woman. They went looking for every guy even slightly connected who had some sort of upper body injury resulting in loss of upper body strength. Finally our hero Horatio has a light bulb moment and says oh what if it was a female? Ding, ding, ding. Yep the killer was a woman. Then they started introducing Marisol via the Eric tested positive for some marijuana residue. Ok, as a CSI tech, wouldn't he know that he could be 'contaminated' by Marisol smoking pot and do something to avoid it? Of course, she got extra pot for her group, which then pushed charges into the felony category. But, Horatio to the rescue. Now the whole marijuana for medical use would be a moot point. While watching this I was struck by how much Horatio just LOVED Eric. I mean, did he marry Marisol because she was the female Eric? Any time Eric is accused of anything - I mean it could be he had a hangnail, Horatio gets his back up, and does everything in his (super) power to save him. Agree with whomever said the actual filming is pretty. They do so much mood setting with the lighting, too.
  8. hoosier80

    S08.E10: Father's Day Follies

    Wow. Reading between the lines, I think Cate and Tyler really regret giving the golden child, Carly up for adoption. They basically made the decision due to lack of finances, not realizing that this show would finance the well beyond their wildest imaginations for 10 years. Carly is the perfect child to them. She never spit up on them, cried throughout the night, never got sick, never sassed back or screamed at them, never needed their attention when they were busy. They've got this idolized version of her because they've not spent much time with her. I doubt they know her favorite foods, colors, hopes, dreams, fears. They've built up in their minds that she's this perfect child - the one they gave away. Actually, I get the impression that they think the adoptive parents somehow stole their perfect child. If I recall correctly, their adoption counselor suggested a more open adoption, which I don't think the adopted parents agreed to at all - maybe a visit here and there at the most with some pictures from time to time. When Cate and Tyler became full time MTV show participants, all bets were off - with good reason. I can absolutely agree with them not to subject Carly to this shitshow, plus other media coverage. It's enough for her to deal with I'm adopted, let alone see her bio family being a trainwreck on national tv. Nope. Mackenzie, if you're rock solid, you trust your partner. I think you're more like jello that is just starting to set. If he walks into a bar, big deal. He clearly did not tell you that he did go there because he knew you'd freak out. Whomever told you he went there didn't say he was screwing another woman or even making out with a woman. She's a big bag of insecurities. If he goes on the road (like he can stay and do local rodeos and hit the big time - no), she'll be a hot mess. I see her making him choose - stay here or if you go, it's probably the end of us. That is from my crystal ball.
  9. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    Well part 1 of the BIG PROJECT launched on Saturday. I was on call in case they needed stuff added. Nope, all was ok. This morning I get a panicked call from the Dip. Needed new shit added, and she couldn't figure out how to run the program. I logged in and it was done (roughly 200 codes) within 30 minutes (probably less). I am pissed because I asked the group that had this urgent item, do you need this extra code? Nope. Then the Dip doesn't know how to do a simple run after roughly 4 years. Now boss needs some sort of testing over two weekends. Dip took one, as it's "her" system, but has out of town guests on the other weekend. Yeah, I'd sort of planned to take vacation that next weekend, so I may say sorry, I'll be out of town or on my way out o town (not really true, but on vacation - so out of town mentally). I'm going to act like I didn't see it due to the onslaught of emails this morning. Waiting at home to see if something else urgent shows up before I start getting ready for work. This week will be a gigantic shitshow.
  10. hoosier80

    Jersey Shore

    If they'd left Ronnie all alone, he'd have bitched about that, too. No one is paying attention to him or his problem, boo, hoo. He's the butt of everyone's jokes? He has roasted Mike on everything in the past - the Incarceration? Then he wants to drag Jenni's divorce into the mix? She's not broadcast every personal detail of her business on social media. He puts all of his shit on social media, so yeah EVERYONE is going to talk about it. He's now tied to Jen forever. She's the mother of his child, so even after Arianna reaches 18 or 21, they're still going to be at events for her. He picked a crazy one, probably as they were both drunk or high when they got together, so he had a party buddy and fuck buddy all in one. He confused that with love, jumped into everything too quickly, so now he's stuck. That he couldn't respond if he was coming to the wedding, rehearsals, etc., - what a douchebag. Pauly and Vinnie were trying to do that dance (it looked stupid, but hey they tried, doing whatever to make their friend happy). Then Ronnie was like oh because I missed a dance rehearsal, they're mad? It's because you are a HUGE douchebag. Mike should have cut him as a part of the wedding party when he didn't respond, but Mike is a bigger person, wanting to stay positive. Sammi, you dodged a HUGE bullet, girl. I don't see good things in Ronnie's future. He will eventually alienate everyone from this show, possibly his 'real life' friends and family, too. He's got major issues, some probably drug fueled, but other issues. He needs to get psych help stat. Maybe then he could see how to deal with the unstable Jen, and how to best be a good parent for Arianna.
  11. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    So last week, I was double checking on one item that has to match up with another system for part 1 of big project coming up - this weekend. I'm like I don't see items 949, etc. The other system stopped at like 650. We have stuff 700, 800, 900 etc., so I was like WTH. Started asking, and the people in charge of that system weren't online, so asking people who were testing. The test environment had everything established. The regular environment, nope. I then sent out emails marked urgent. The princess who sets up this system said well I just did what THEY told me to do. The attachment had a note - for 2020 as in the year 2020!!! She's part time - truly this is last on her priority list - she is a home school mom who totes kids around and then expects us to work around HER schedule - I've told her no many times. Sorry not working around your schedule honey. The gruesome twosome had reviewed her original stuff, both not even batting an eye when they saw (if they saw it - year 2020). She set up the crap for part 2. And I tried to tell Dip, hey you guys didn't really check that. Oh we just checked what she entered. I very nicely said, if I hadn't somehow caught it, it would have been a disaster, and everyone associated with this project would have been in a room being yelled at, possibly written up. She didn't get it. I told the project manager, and he was like I spelled it out. I said yes, you did. The princess who worked on it, had told him - oh it's all completed (and it was not). She'd jacked up another project, but she had Dip & QB review. When it was wrong, she ripped them a new butthole. She had them review this one, too. Stupid. I'm sure if it's wrong, somehow our boss will try to say it's all of our fault. So I'll be working this weekend. Dip & QB ditched the meeting where the whole project implementation was being discussed, so the PM said I guess you're covering this for your team? Yep. Now, Dip asking if I need help, because I'll be the one noted as being a contributor (she will not be noted). Just wants the glory, not the work. I'm continuing to look, but honestly the stuff I've seen doesn't look any better.
  12. hoosier80

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I went to Mom's this past weekend, having delayed it as long as I could. I think someone switched bodies with her. We did not have one huge argument. Not one. I got there, picked up lunch, asked what she wanted. We went to church (another one) and she liked it. (She doesn't like the pastor at the regular church, which they've seen a huge decline in attendance since this guy has been there, so it's not her being difficult. The difficult is - this church is too cold - a/c on too high, not enough heat, I can't hear this pastor, I don't like how they do abcd - that is the difficult part. My poor brother has been 'church shopping' with her. This one is farther away, but it's off a freeway, so might actually be quicker to get to after all). I made an easy but nice dinner. I then settled into cleaning, really a lot of cleaning. If I wouldn't have been cleaning, it would be just sitting and watching tv (I feel for you @theredhead77). So I had about everything done for the night, then she says oh did you get the dirt by the front door (after I'd put everything away). I actually burst into tears, then she started crying with me. Yeah she'd knocked over a plant. Sigh. I'd been nursing a very sore back, so once I got that done, I was done. We went to brunch, then one small shopping trip. Back to her house to finish up some cleaning. I also went over some pc stuff (she got herself a laptop). She was amazed at how I just flew through stuff with her; I explained as we waited on a program to respond (installed something for her) how I'd waited half a day at work for the stupid system to respond. Her eyes opened wide, and it was like a light bulb went off for her. She got why I (or other people) in offices get frustrated or can have rotten days just due to pc issues or just pc slowness. We had a little snack, I packed up stuff, and was on my way. I did not have to do any outside trimming, as it's way beyond what I can do at this point. Plus, the temperature was in the 90's. She'd turned on the a/c, as she knows I get hot easily. Very accommodating and thanked me multiple times. Who has taken over her body? Zombies? Thank you zombies!!! She was a bit demanding, but nothing that was too over the top. I didn't leave screaming or crying. I was dog tired, but that is ok. The stressful part is when she's in such an awful mood. Now she had some meltdowns in the weeks before I went there (big time meltdowns). I don't know what happened between that time and this weekend. Maybe a friend advised her how to act? If so, bless them. Fingers crossed this continues for a little while at least......
  13. hoosier80

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I could totally see David V having a Food Network or Cooking Channel show someday, a show for everyday cooks. I watched one of his YT videos - maybe 5 minutes long, where he made a semi homemade cake (looked good). He was good at explaining everything and was entertaining (without his usual 'schtick'). I know I read an article where some ex-Q production type workers said that they have him do his 'happy dance' and other crap to try and amp up sales for a specific item. It didn't seem like it was his idea (or organic) for him to suddenly do a 'happy dance' or mug for the camera. I think he also knows how to act/respond for each appearance or occasion. Antonella's outfit (from those snaps above) is just awful. She's looking like a sitcom character, the neighbor who is past her prime trying to still act like a teenager or 20 something (on the prowl, partying). Outfit looks like she survived a zombie apocalypse. Even the zombies said hell no to that outfit, you can keep it.
  14. hoosier80

    S07:E34: Taylor & Christian

    At the end of the show, instead of the 'heyyyy, it's xxxx, how are you doing facetime chats', they had text updates. Jerrica said that it was indeed all Taylor's idea, to get on tv to boost her Instagram following. Jerrica stopped participating as she no way wanted to be on tv for this stunt. If she was trying to pursue an acting career, nah. Get thee to some acting classes, because she was wooden and not believable at all. Wooden. I think Taylor was just that stupid. She really screwed up by giving them Jerrica's number as the supposed Catfish's old number. You could see she was like oh shit, I messed up. She could've got a burner phone and tossed it after texting herself for a few months. Honestly, if she did that, set up an Instagram or some other social media account, then deleted it before Catfish could access it, they'd have no way of finding the Catfish. Probably wouldn't have aired though. Not sure how she thought that those people would take the fall for all of it. Why would anyone volunteer to go on to be portrayed as a Catfish? smh Loved that they left her there.
  15. hoosier80

    S07:E35: Matthew & Chance

    Something seemed waaaaay off on this one. I kept thinking that Chance's sister was who was really talking to Matthew. Did producers encourage the ripping off of the hairpiece? The GF not wanting them to contact Chance. She should've been like yeah, I want to go to NYC with you to find out what is really going on. Nothing. Just he's my boyfriend. And please, if he were in LE of any sort, he could have someone check on him. Not even that, use some online search stuff - pay the $25 and get a background check. He didn't even call the numbers on the fake resume. Why did Chance even write up a fake resume? It was so extra. He could've just ghosted Matthew and been like I'm not that into you, don't contact me again. Or, I've found someone else. Dump him. Why drag it on with oh I may be moving there, here's my resume (fake)?