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  1. hoosier80

    S01.E08: Wedding Special

    Ok, was it this episode where she got her assistant or lackey to help her with the surprise wedding? I woke up and was trying to get back to sleep to no avail, so I turned on the tv, and this show was on at the time. The assistant or was it a party planner? had to bring wedding dresses to the house, because she couldn't be seen going into a wedding dress store. Ok. Yeah, I'm sure there are photogs following you all over (not likely), but yeah someone might blab. She had two dresses, and one fit perfectly? One that had the back almost all out, major boobage showing, fit perfectly. Please. Even in my half asleep wanting to get back to sleep stupor, I was like that was a custom design. BS on being off the rack. As if for our Princess! And the whole surprise! It's a wedding - like it was so innovative and novel...…….been done, honey. Multiple celebs have done it. Oh wait...……..that's what she wants - to be a celeb. Whomever said they get a Mean Girls vibe - spot on. Regina George, Interior Designer. How did she become this super designer? She flipped houses with her ex husband, was a Realtor originally. She made basic design choices to sell houses (or should have been doing so). I've looked online to see her actual qualifications, but nothing. Nothing like she has a degree in art or was a business major with a fashion design minor. Nothing. Not even she worked in a fabric store or a Macy's as a teen. Nothing. I've looked up actual interior designers here locally - they list their credentials. I heard the discussion about the house - Ant had finished something for her and they started talking about the pool, and how much. I mercifully must've fallen asleep at the commercial break...…..
  2. hoosier80

    House Hunters

    I caught an episode today (around 5 pm) where the couple was looking in Columbus, OH. I live in metro Columbus, so I left it on to watch. They always show the city in such a fake way - not how it really is, like show shots of downtown, and they're 15 miles or more away. I didn't see where the first house was located, have some suspicions that it may have been in Clintonville, but didn't see enough to be sure. Second house, when they said Olde Towne East - just no. Gorgeous houses there, area has been on the upswing, as in glacier like crawl upswing for the past 10 years. You can be in a very nice block, then the next block is awful. It's near some very bad sections of town, too. There was a big to do about how it's being 'gentrified' like say the Short North area, but again, it's been a slow, slow, slow, roll. I remember reading within the past year a human interest story in the local paper how one resident there kept on watch due to vandalism. It had died down, but no way no how. Especially since they had a small child. Unless they had the little girl go to a private school later on, they'd be stuck with the Columbus City Schools (abysmal ratings now - D or F by the state). Even without all that, there was tons of work to do in that home. It had beautiful windows and woodwork, but the wallpaper - yikes! And the basement and kitchen did need some TLC. Then they showed house #3, in Powell. Yeah, they've got a top school district, low crime, very desirable. I'm like if they don't take this house, then they're morons. Sure enough they chose that one. The houses in that area go fast. A co-worker wanted to upgrade houses, stay in that district (he has kids in school - middle to high school). They actively looked for several months, having lost houses in bidding wars. They finally got a new house, with their own house selling within days. If they did have to sell or want to move, they'd get their investment back easily.
  3. hoosier80

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Wondering when DV's latest cookbook will be on Zulily. I thought he said he was going to be doing or has done YouTube videos with recipes from the cookbook. I just checked, and the recipes/videos I saw do not reference the cookbook. Just the title of half homemade. So not sure if what I watched was from the cookbook (actually a recipe I'd like to try - LOL). But I was like if you're sharing your recipes all online via YT, why would you buy the book? Guess it's something else he's doing. The Kirstin Insta pic - barf. That's a total look at meeeeeee moment. Here's some more hashtags I'd reply to her with: #wedonotcare #callmewhenyougetayacht #eatasandwich #youaintallthat
  4. hoosier80


    I was in Disneyland on Moon Day (as a childhood friend called it - was also her birthday) 50 years ago. The park staff would give updates on different rides. We then had dinner at a Howard Johnson's in Anaheim. The only tv in the place was in their tiny bar area (yes, HoJo's had a bar!). I was able to stand in the doorway as no one under 18 or 21 could enter the bar. No one else was in the bar, so not sure it mattered. We got back to our motel - a Holiday Inn in Long Beach, and watched it on tv. I understood what a big deal it was (I was a history geek, but even my little brother understood what a big deal it was - he was about 6 years old). It did get a bit boring watching the live coverage; such grainy resolution, and I think there was a lot of Walter Cronkite with the expert guests who gave the same details over and over. Some things do not change as with any big event, the details are gone over and over to death. It was freaking hot here all week (central Ohio). I don't think there was one day under 90. Maybe Wednesday. I think it rained (poured) most of the day. It just made it so humid. From raining all day (sometimes sideways pouring rain), I thought there would be major puddles all over (our parking lot at work is uneven at best, and it'll hold water for days in spots sometimes). Very small puddles when I left around 6 pm. I think maybe it was down to 80 something with humidity level of steam bath. I went out earlier yesterday morning to run a few errands. It wasn't too awful, maybe around 82 with a real feel of 90. I rewarded myself with a maximum size frozen coke. Lasted all day - well the coke part. It was almost melted by the time I got home, even with the a/c on in the car. It was still cold with pieces of ice most of the day. I guess it's supposed to rain tomorrow, giving us a brief break from the heat.
  5. hoosier80

    S07.E33: Kaden & Adriana

    Why would she continue to keep chatting with the guy if she wasn't interested? Why bother? I would've thought she'd have just ghosted him, not returned his messages. I was thinking that she, her boyfriend, and her BFF had maybe gotten some money out of Kaden. Why else continue the charade unless they're all just crazy as hell.
  6. hoosier80


    I purchased a bunch of loose fitting knit dresses last year, thinking oh it'd be so nice to wear with some cute sandals when it's hotter than hell. I still need to get some cute sandals, but being as I've not worn dresses since the stone ages, do women still wear slips or can you get by with a slip short? I need something underneath, because with my large inner thighs rubbing I'll be chaffing by lunchtime (plus possibly starting a forest fire from all that friction). Some are true midi length, so would a lightweight capri legging do the trick (thinking that a light beige or darker color for those dresses that are darker in color)? I really need to wear these dresses, otherwise it was just a total waste of time and money.
  7. hoosier80


    No one has mentioned Jane's (the Elf) hair? What in the holy hell. Didn't see the TSV from LOGO yesterday, but from the pictures - that'd be a hard pass from me. It doesn't look good on ANYONE pictured.
  8. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    Well one big project - part 1, is to start up in production next month. Testing like crazy (which tbh should have been done eons ago). People testing are generally good, but know nothing about the one system which feeds data into the one they're testing (they're experts on that system). So of course, I need abcd. Ok, tell me which ones, because I do not want to have to do (literally) thousands of updates when you're going to use maybe 30. Then with the 4th (I kid you not) refresh/redo of the test environment, oh I had to add shit again. Of course shit was missing (copied data and it left much uncopied). Now the PM who is into full FREAK OUT mode, asking about part 2 shit, which doesn't go into effect until early summer 2020. I've not done a full review and left a lot of it undone because I need answers and data for a lot of fields. Oh, this isn't set up, we can't get this into the system. Da fuq? You're testing this shit now? Why? Why would you start testing shit when we do not have all of the data required to set up, and you didn't let me know. Part 1 is just being reviewed by Dip & Co (with sad assed questions about stuff she should know but does not - after 4 years of doing this stuff). Then the templates that I used - which the PM said to use these templates, didn't copy over some basic data. Of course, that's my fault. I'm so done with all of this crap. And, they've hired in two newbies. One for a position that would be thought of as more project related. I almost asked during team call, why weren't any people here considered for that position? The person hired - oh everyone knows her - worked as a rep in one of the call center departments years ago, so not exactly a project whiz. And, that team always comes to ask me how to do, what to do, how does it work...…….but I'm not good enough for that job, I guess. smh Boss will be in the office in a week or so. I may do my dress up - vaguely saying oh I had an appointment deal when he's there. He barely acknowledges me when he's in the office, so he may not even notice. I need to rattle his cage a bit though.
  9. hoosier80

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Isn't Amber an addict? Should addicts be drinking any alcohol? Alcohol is a drug, just liquid form. And is anxiety her storyline for this season? If she has anxiety, she should have some coping mechanisms by now: going to a quiet place, breathing techniques, etc. She has nothing except whining - ewww I'm getting anxious (as in everyone drop everything and attend to my needs NOW!) Cate is awful. I think she's a narcissist. It's all me, 24/7. Has to be my way or I have a fit. Having a parent that's a narc, I recognize the same stuff. Bet she likes Nova has no friends, that way Nova is 24/7 dependent upon her (I realize she's little and still is attached to her mom naturally but Cate eats that shit up). Then she pulls the rug out from Nova, yeah well basically tough shit kid, Mama needs her vacation. I saw Cate smiling all during the exchange, a sly smile. She fucking enjoyed Nova's pain. Nova's main problem is that she's not Carly. Carly is the perfect child that Cate was forced to give up (yes, she blames Tyler for that and is making him pay). Narcs never forget any wrong done to them, real or imagined. Depression? Maybe. Depressed that she's not the center of attention 24/7? Again, I've seen it - mood swings up and down, all dependent if not attention shown to the person, or if something did not 100% go their way. My parent would pout, be non-communicative, go into the bedroom and not come out. Carly's parents need to keep her away from Cate (and Tyler because he's an enabler). Tyler needed to walk away when they were separated, get custody of Nova (and not procreate again). I noticed Maci went into mom mode when Amber was whining in the car about being filmed in public at the grocery story. "Oh you handled it so well" - which sort of shut her down. As she was bitching about being noticed where she goes or being filmed in public, I was like bitch, if it weren't for those people looking or those cameras, doubt you'd have a nice house or car now. She'd be lucky to hold any job with her nasty attitude. Same goes for Cate. Maci and Cheyenne would be okay without the show. Cheyenne probably thought it'd be one big party; it was actually one big pity party.
  10. hoosier80

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Saw the news about Charles Levin yesterday, and just the day before had watched a couple of Alice reruns. He'd been featured in several, namely the one where he was obsessed with playing the piano his parents gifted them (newlyweds Vera and Elliot). Sounds like maybe he was lost, trying to get help? I would have thought he'd have a cell phone, but if it was remote enough, no service?
  11. hoosier80

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    First thing I thought was when is the little girl having panic attacks? Is it in close proximity to mom's visits? Good lord woman, it's not always about you. And I thought an anvil was going to drop out of the sky when Amber said, yeah I did some stuff in the past...…... The conversation should have happened away from the cameras and without Leah around. They had to have known Amber would have a meltdown. Maybe they need to speak with her teachers, see if they've noticed anything. Also when she goes into the doctor (or say oh it's time for your annual checkup) ask him about it without Leah around. Don't make a huge deal out of it, as that could just make it worse. Stay calm. Poor kid should probably get counselling anyhow - heaven knows she's got a mess of a mom. I mean, I'm close to a panic attack just watching Amber.
  12. hoosier80

    Jersey Shore

    If Ronnie got jumped, wouldn't he have called the police? And as one of the guys pointed out, if he was hit in the back of his head, why did he have a black eye? Plus the scratches, which someone said is typically what a woman would do, not a man. Knowing his temper, if he were jumped, it wasn't just "out of the blue"; he talked smack and/or fought back. If he did fight back, the other party involved would have called the police, the media, etc. I think he did fight with Jen. I feel bad for Mike, but he ended up with 8 months in prison. I mean, look at Martha Stewart. Bigger name than he is, and they sure made her serve time. No way was he going to just walk. I think he's due out in September. Angelina I think has been told by producers you are the shit stirrer. She has to do something even slightly whacky or controversial to lighten up the episodes, push the narrative. With just the depressing stuff (even with wedding shower and wedding - still a black cloud over the events), need something a bit more light hearted. I'd actually be interested on what she does in her work life, but probably not allowing filming. She cannot be that ditzy or dirty if she's employed as an EMT.
  13. hoosier80

    My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

    Saw some repeats this afternoon while doing some very tedious work at home. Good grief - the dresses are just all hideous! One was where she was a gorger (Alyssa and Lacy?) and she was in a pretty pink princess on steroids. Hers wasn't as bad as some. The lime green and pink/orange wild west outfit worn by Kamey? And her mother said it was more classy than the other gypsies? It looked Sondra Celli took every scrap of green and pink anything she had and hot glued it to that mess. And the greens were not in the same hue or even complementary. Shoes did not remotely go with that dress, but not sure what would exactly. Then, the money dress. Ok, we're not morons, that wasn't real money. You're going to take a million dollars in bills and hot glue it to some dress form, then charge her (TLC) a couple thousand dollars? Sure. The blue dress for the gay wedding (where the other bride had an ill fitting suit) did not fit. Anyone with back rolls, do not wear a dress that exposes your back. Sondra just makes whatever they want, no matter if they'll look like shit in that style. All of the partners had at least a suit on (even ill fitting), but Kamey's husband, the one who couldn't find almond champagne at the corner liquor store (LOL), had on his best white tank and a sleeveless vest. Wanna bet if TLC didn't fly her out to Boston she would've been in some equally casual outfit, too? The weddings aren't just cheap. You can have a nice wedding cheaply; they are just tacky. I'd say done at the last minute, but no it's all just tacky. Is it me, or do most of the people seem like they need to shower more often? For all of the cleaning the house non-stop, maybe hop in a shower some more?
  14. hoosier80


    I was just thinking if the Q is going to provide some of the products for FFF boxes or just selling them. If they're providing products, yikes. It'd be the same qrap over and over, probably stuff they couldn't move the first time around. Do they have any of those awful electronic games left - where one of the 'games' was to remember the sequence of flashes - yeah FFF Winter box!! Mom ordered the Dell TSV. She's always wanted a computer, she said as she half cried over the phone. I said order it, then if you want it so badly. Could be worse. Could be that damned electronic game (again). I actually could use a new laptop, but waiting on Prime Day and/or visiting Best Buy. This last one has been going on 5 years with no problem, other than me wearing out the keys and keypad.
  15. hoosier80

    S07.E30: Kristina & Faith

    Well, that wouldn't be difficult. Nev isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.