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  1. Watching a marathon as I work this afternoon. Honestly, kind of burnt out with work, hoping this would be entertaining. Not really. Elizabeth - I just cannot stand her. Crying because her divorce was postponed. There were and still are people dying, but sure your divorce and money grab are more important. A 5 year marriage? Gold digger, most def. Brawny is a nut job who needs attention 24/7. I am not convinced her alcoholism is for real, but maybe a way to get more attention. With her money, go to a rehab (she started AA before the pandemic). She needed to go to one of those multi diagnostic centers to get to the root of all of her issues. She yelled at her husband for not listening to their daughter, then yelled at both because neither would listen to her story. Yeah, honestly it wasn’t that big of a deal or interesting. Does she think she’s cute when being so inept around the house? You’re not Goldie Hawn in Overboard. Not funny or cute. Just entitled, selfish, and stupid. She could have looked up how to do any of that stuff online. Kelly is obnoxious. Leave that BS that COVID-19 is just the flu at the front door. Lousy mother, selfishly traveling to NYC because she needed that dick. Shannon is another nut. I am strict about where I go, mask wearing, etc. I have enough supplies, but I don’t go screeching at OMG they are out of TP(I actually keep enough on hand, buy ahead, plus I could see from news coverage this could get bad and planned ahead starting in Feb - just in case). That they were all so blindsided kills me. The other two are so much more normal than the rest, but none of them took it as seriously as me, my family, and friends.
  2. I ordered the Halo charger maybe a year or so ago from Amazon. Cheaper price for same unit as the A bad as a TSV on that day. Two weeks ago while waiting for Aldi to open, car was dead. Got Halo out and jumped my car, enough to get to an NTB. Well worth the price. now they've got those insulated tumblers on again. I think I got a set last year, never used because you need a crowbar to get the kids off and on. I see now they have screw on lids. Hard pass. I got at least two Yeti containers from work, plus several Contigo containers. I see the hard sell is in full force. They had the Sno Joe snow blower on with David. Oh you best get it now before winter! Whatever. I don't plan on going anywhere if it is bad weather.
  3. So when Mary said again how she freaks out over hospital smell because she had 12 surgeries to remove her odor glands, I thought odor glands was referring to the olfactory system. If that is the case, how could she smell anything? Googled odor glands and scent glands popped up. First thing was anal gland aspiration for dogs. Not what she had done. So yes humans have anal glands, which can require surgery if there is an abscess or fistula, which I had when I was two (no surgery, no stitches, stupid doctor just said let it heal, got kidney infection and UTI - Mom still thinks he was wonderful, but I digress). There was also mention of sweat glands where they do endoscopic surgery to the nerves in your chest, so your pits do not stink (or Botox is an alternative). I could be wrong, but something kind of stinks about Mary’s story.
  4. Watching a repeat with the hay mom (totally scripted) with the ridiculous outfits for the baby at the baptism. Then 16 year old Chelsey from Elkton MD who is being forced to marry her 3rd or 4th cousin. I googled just her first name and hometown. First article that popped up, she along with her mom and brother arrested for drug possession and distribution (heroin and maybe meth). She got a suspended sentence? Anyhow, family is back in trouble this year, shot up a house, attempted murder charges for her mom, brother and two guys. Happened in August I think. Getting married was the least of her problems.
  5. I saw like 30 seconds of the 80’s show when Tyra posed and then pranced on the stage. I was at my mom’s last week. Mom and her good friend were loyal viewers. They watched even when they didn’t know the majority of the “stars”. They watched maybe 1 to 2 episodes this year; neither cared for Tyra one bit, said the show was ruined for them. They had no idea who Tyra was, no advance ideas or preconceived likes or dislikes of her. Both thought she made it too much about herself instead of the dancing. I couldn’t even callMom in prior years when the show was on air. She turned the channel, so that’s why I saw only maybe 30 seconds. If this is any indication, they have turned off loyal viewers. I think the show has jumped the shark.
  6. Sandy is such a bitch. She absolutely has had favorites. I still say the original 3rd stew was a plant, wouldn’t be surprised if Sandy or a friend of hers recommended her to production. She knew that she’d walk or be fired, and absolutely knew Bugsy was available. Honestly think Sandy is that conniving so she could have her dream crew. That Tom was magically available was so suspect, too. Sandy, if you’re such a professional, you would know by now chefs are creative people and can be very temperamental. If you get in their head, you can most certainly tear down their creativity and confidence- exactly what she did to Kiko. Sandy is a mean girl who now is in charge of a ship. Why didn’t anyone ask about her extreme micro management style? Only her toadies think that’s a great way to manage, as long as they’re in her good graces.
  7. I have been watching more of the Weather Channel lately. Cannot stand Stephanie Abrams. Cantore is a blowhard, but I tend to tune him out. SA though grates on my last good nerve. She will sometimes ask stupid questions, then turn around and act like the expert. Why has she been promoted like the lead meteorologist? Almost like Cantore’s successor??
  8. Cantore was somewhere in FL today I think. Sorry, I cannot think of the name of the one guy now who seems to always be at the storm epicenter, but he was in New Orleans earlier this week. I think maybe he’s now along the coast in MS. I have been watching the morning show, and Stephanie annoys me to no end. I guess I am used to Cantore now and tune him out. Why do they continue to push Stephanie as one of their lead mets??
  9. Got a call this week from mom, yelling again (of course). Your brother is sick! I knew it would happen! He does too much!! (He does her grocery shopping and runs errands for her. I would say maximum time per week is maybe 2 to 3 hours. He stops at her house on his way home from work). So he we went to his doctor, very slight fever, got covid test, which was negative. He got a written excuse to be off work for a few days, rest of the week? Somehow, this was,again, all my fault. Ok, whatever. He had gone to Mom’s on Friday, got her a few groceries. I should sayI have stayed at her house for a week, working remotely from there, several times. Whatever I did (cleaned or making meals), was never correct. The last time I left her food that she just needed to reheat because she had been complaining she had not had a decent meal in ages. So she complained I made too much food, plus she doesn’t like or want leftovers. I said fine, toss it then. She said then that I was overreacting. Flash coward to yesterday. I get a panicked call from mom, cannot get in touch with brother. Ok what do you want me to do? Of course, it was my fault (back to old rant that I didn’t want to live with her). I asked if I should call him? YES!! So I call, leave vm that mom is crying, freaking out, please call her or me. I call her back with what I did. I asked how many times she called. One time to landline which he just had disconnected. It said number not available!! Well sure it did (duh). She called his cell one time. He talked and then nothing. Uh he says his name when it goes to vm. I wait, at least 30 minutes, then thought, why don’t I text him? Huge mistake. Within a few minutes get text back, I called mom. Mind your own damn business. Excuse me? I was asked/begged to contact you. I started crying then, what had I done so wrong? I called mom later and she had her phone off of the hook. I am going to let her call me. So done with both of them. I was reading something last night that said don’t carry stuff along. Forgive, etc. So I have decided to forgive but not forget (and keep my distance). They both treat everyone else nicely, except me. I honestly give up with them. They have shown me who they are multiple times, and they aren’t going to change.
  10. I would have rather had the drag queens perform than have Lu “sing”.
  11. We have been super busy lately, onboarding new clients and other stuff. The Dip will be 70 next year, so trying to keep that in mind as she drives me crazy and mucks up stuff. Sadly it’s some of the same errors over and over again. Today was a shitshow. One question after another from all different areas. Invited to a meeting I wanted to avoid. A BA who handles projects (really doesn’t do much of anything, always confused and needs a ton of help always, gets the easiest assignments because I don’t think they trust her with anything else) wanted me on this damned call. I got dragged into calling in because she didn’t know shit once again. Started off a year ago with a research request from a client manager asking what was going on with abc. I responded saying it was due to processing teams not doing closing protocols correctly. He needed to get reports ran, get the stuff that could cause problems to those teams to fix. He did nothing. He submitted something else a few weeks ago for reporting; nothing existed so I worked all day cobbling together something for him - then he bitched that it should be filtered down. It was in Excel, so duh, filter it yourself. He finally submitted a project which was given to Ms “I Dunno”. Now it’s crunch time wants the wheel reinvented and the processing folks said they are too busy, cannot do, it’s a system issue, has to be automated. Not happening, not unless someone in Tech is Jeanie or Samantha. Then they hinted that the team I am on dropped the ball. No, I have the receipts, asswipes. Then “Dunno” said she would have to talk to our boss. Go ahead. If she tries to push me under the bus, buckle up buttercup. Then she says well Tech has to do something. No they do not. Plus she’s burned bridges with them. A couple of projects were canceled; she never notified them, so they wasted a ton of time. She was going to email them. I had already called someone and submitted a ticket. There was other assorted asshattedness abounding. I wish I could retire now. We are WFH thru 2020. One location we deal with all the time closed their office to all WFH. I think we’ll be WFH into 2021 since there is no way for us to be 6 feet apart. Our cubicles are all squished together with narrow aisles.
  12. Watching episode now couple looking to stay at an island off of Colombia. The guy had never been there before but they decided upon that locale for their honeymoon with a budget of 9k. I don’t understand it. Is there no one else there? Does the 8.5k they spent include maid service, meals, drinks? Not for me. Guess she was originally from Columbia, which makes sense for the locale at least.
  13. There’s a way to make basic finger food elevated into more of a gourmet dish. I think this is all a setup for next season. Malia’s bf will be chef, Bugs chief stew, Malia bosun, with Captain Micromanager. They will have foils in the rest of the crew. I would love Sandy try that micromanaging with Ben. I would really love her to be stuck with Jenna as chief stew, Adam as chef, plus to drive her more nuts - stews — with the mermaid chick (can’t remember her name) and the other one who couldn’t even put the correct amount of detergent in the washing machine.
  14. How was Terri Conn not let go? She is awful. I don’t understand how she can be so bad in front of the camera, as she was on ATWT for a long time. I know I saw her on a Law & Order Criminal Intent, probably was on other shows. Makes me wonder if it took multiple takes for her to get a scene right. Kerstink needed to go, too. MBR is close to retirement age (I think she’s just a year or so younger than I am). Most corporations would prefer to let a person retire rather than let them go, if it’s reasonably close to actual retirement. A ding ding I have to work with is close to 70, she’s only retiring after 70 to get full SS payments, plus she carries hubby on her insurance (he is slightly younger). Anyhow, management has sort of left her skate for a few years as they kept thinking she’ll retire soon.
  15. Well we were told we had to schedule all vacation time a few weeks back, due to upcoming client events. I have a few days off now. Day 2 of the Dip texting me. Beyond clueless. Takes something and twists it, not understanding the real question or situation. Today boss was questioning the setup on something. I said oh about abcd? Nope. Just garbled messages and some other tech guys working on it now. I texted one of the guys. Two separate issues. One we do nothing with, the other is being handled by project folks, we think it was an oversight and it isn’t a huge deal. The other day she didn’t know how to do something. Over the weekend she had asked me if I could check a system after some network updates were done. Well she actually sent me a to and from time range. The times were wrong. I went back to read the document and it was start 7pm completion 10 pm- CDT. We are on ET. She listed times as 6 to 9 pm. No and I needed to check after the updates were done not during the updates. So 11 pm our time. I had stupidly started after 10, and got errors so called a tech guy, who then said this isn’t right. He almost put in an issue alert with another group. I checked again after 11 and everything was ok. I let her know that she listed it out wrong etc. , and got basically an “oh well” response. Boss was asking today if set up or review was wrong. The folks reviewing my set ups (Dip and possibly the laziest human ever-who takes something that would or should take at least a few hours to review- and is done within 15 to 20 minutes) do such a horrible job. I have to go back and review it again. So sick of it. Of course, cannot quit now. The lazy bones is a friend of the boss. Shows up as “away” or offline more than available. Gets away with murder. Doubt we’re going back into the office any time soon, so that is a plus. One location is going to 100% WFH, office is being closed. I would welcome that but some functions have tone done in our office (nothing I do though). Stay safe everyone!
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