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  1. When Erika was threatening Sutton, I would have said, what are you going to do, have Tom go after me? Try to steal my money? Stone cold bitch. I would have told her go ahead and leave the show since they are all against her. Oh, but wait. She’s broke and needs the check now. Her PR team and lawyers have to be crapping themselves as she looks worse and worse with each episode.
  2. I will add to Garcelle’s fuck you and you moment. A huge f u to Erika. How very small town of you? Seriously? My response - how very criminal, trailer park trash of you Erika. The earrings she had on at the party, matching to the panther ring she was photographed wearing while boarding a private jet. Yeah, where did all that money go? Erika doesn’t give one shit about the victims. I am certain she considers herself the only victim. Just waiting for the next scandal to drop on Dorito and her in debt hubby. Take your fake accent and leave my tv screen. Rinna, can’t sa
  3. I didn’t watch closely, but did Kyle really cook the food? Foil tins could mean take out or catered, maybe Kyle just reheated or pretended to cook. Rinna in her soft fake voice getting all pseudo religious at the end with Erika. I think Erika knew something. She had to know something was shady, at the very least. I think she knew more and helped hide or launder money. How does being unconscious equate to dementia? If he had declined that badly, even if he was super mean lawyer, she had legal recourse to say he’s unfit to manage money. The law firm would not notice he was that out of it
  4. Watching reruns of an old season today, on the Sirocco. Sandy is up the interiors’ ass and Hannah’s all of the time. Stupid shit that really didn’t matter in the long term. Painfully obvious that she didn’t like Hannah from the beginning, probably because Hannah didn’t kiss her ass like Malia or Bugsy. Not a big Hannah fan, but Sandy treated her badly. Sandy’s management style also stinks. If Hannah said hi to a guest, I am sure Sandy would correct her and say no that’s too informal. If Malia or Bugsy said hey there to a guest, it would be, see that’s how you make a guest feel at ho
  5. Why are they selling Christmas stuff again? I thought they did that on or around the 25th of the month? Last thing I am though now is Christmas. I watched a bit of ITKWD today while on the phone with mom. I had to turn it off when they had yeast rolls (some sort of bread rolls, maybe one flavor was pumpkin spice?) for over $30. You have to be kidding me. I am sure I could find something similar locally for less. I am trying to enjoy the summer, not stock my freezer for the holidays.
  6. As I still work from home, I have the tv on in the background. I will opt for crime shows, history. or some house hunting shows. Sometimes Ice Road Truckers, if I can catch it. Not sure why I like that show, but I do. What I no longer care for at all is Flea Market Flip. It is on various channels all day long. Do they have excess shows and need to still make money off of the series? Lara Spencer is too chirpy, too over the top. I would rather see Living Alaska, the other various locations for house hunting (big sky, Hawaii, islands, mountains), basically not the same locales we’ve seen do
  7. Mike actually said if the roles were reversed, he would not be able to forgive Paulina. Then, he said he would wonder what he did wrong, which is what Paulina is probably doing now. Say what? Paulina did NOT do anything wrong. You are a liar and a serial cheater. Mike also kept saying you’re my world, etc., on and on ad nauseum. When Paulina said you do anything like this again and we’re done, he wanted to end the conversation. Never can take responsibility. Then in the preview, he actually said oh it had to have been Reza who sent the texts??? Yeah, everyone want
  8. New show title: 10 to 20 Years and Counting
  9. I just had to see roughly how much the cast is paid for the family vacation shows now. Pauly and Ronnie supposedly make $150k per episode, unsure what Mike earns, Vinny 90 k per episode, Jenni 100k per episode, Nicole was earning $150k per episode before she quit, Deena 40k per episode, no idea what Angelina earns, but as one article noted, she’s been bringing the drama (and cast members are rewarded for doing so). I would think Sammi could have negotiated at least as much or more than Vinny, so she walked away from a tidy sum of cash to stay away from Ron. That speaks volumes about how toxic
  10. Ron allegedly assaulted his current gf, Saffire (don’t remember her last name). He had his daughter there I believe where it happened and she was there when he got arrested. Jenn drove from Vegas to get her (Ron lives in LA now). Mr. Genius starts texting threats to Jenn’s current bf (bad blood there). Current bf posted it on IG (Ron threatening to run him over with his car, not sure what else). Current bf of Jenn doesn’t seem that fabulous, but I guess he’s not assaulted her, so that much is an upgrade of sorts.
  11. Jen did rent the Shah chalet, I think I read for either 12k or 14k a month. The owners sold the place in between seasons 1 and 2, so she rented a slightly smaller home, also in the Park City UT area. Court documents showed she had zero property in her name. Maybe the actual family home is in Coach Shah’s name? She was supposed to post her bond 1 million with $250k down today. It was specified the money had to be “clean” money, nothing from the telemarketing business. I haven’t seen anything about that yet.
  12. Jane’s eyelashes on the Laura Geller show now remind me of Madame, from Waylon and Madame. And her hands! I am older by a few years, but my hands look at least 10 years younger than hers. Yikes! Is some of that sun damage??
  13. Watching the marathon on air today. Jenna is one of my least favorite reality personalities ever. I felt a teeny bit bad for her because it was obvious Adam wasn’t that serious about her, plus so demeaning. Got the feeling she was an outcast growing up, so once she had authority, she felt she was in the cool kids crowd finally and went into mean girls mode. Not sure how she ever got into hospitality as she almost always had a sour look on her face. And the voice. Just no.
  14. And now the beverage company has dropped her as a rep. I thought she owned part of the business? Anyhow, they have severed ties with her.
  15. Watching a marathon as I work this afternoon. Honestly, kind of burnt out with work, hoping this would be entertaining. Not really. Elizabeth - I just cannot stand her. Crying because her divorce was postponed. There were and still are people dying, but sure your divorce and money grab are more important. A 5 year marriage? Gold digger, most def. Brawny is a nut job who needs attention 24/7. I am not convinced her alcoholism is for real, but maybe a way to get more attention. With her money, go to a rehab (she started AA before the pandemic). She needed to go to one of those multi d
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