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  1. I have been watching more of the Weather Channel lately. Cannot stand Stephanie Abrams. Cantore is a blowhard, but I tend to tune him out. SA though grates on my last good nerve. She will sometimes ask stupid questions, then turn around and act like the expert. Why has she been promoted like the lead meteorologist? Almost like Cantore’s successor??
  2. Cantore was somewhere in FL today I think. Sorry, I cannot think of the name of the one guy now who seems to always be at the storm epicenter, but he was in New Orleans earlier this week. I think maybe he’s now along the coast in MS. I have been watching the morning show, and Stephanie annoys me to no end. I guess I am used to Cantore now and tune him out. Why do they continue to push Stephanie as one of their lead mets??
  3. Got a call this week from mom, yelling again (of course). Your brother is sick! I knew it would happen! He does too much!! (He does her grocery shopping and runs errands for her. I would say maximum time per week is maybe 2 to 3 hours. He stops at her house on his way home from work). So he we went to his doctor, very slight fever, got covid test, which was negative. He got a written excuse to be off work for a few days, rest of the week? Somehow, this was,again, all my fault. Ok, whatever. He had gone to Mom’s on Friday, got her a few groceries. I should sayI have stayed at her house for a week, working remotely from there, several times. Whatever I did (cleaned or making meals), was never correct. The last time I left her food that she just needed to reheat because she had been complaining she had not had a decent meal in ages. So she complained I made too much food, plus she doesn’t like or want leftovers. I said fine, toss it then. She said then that I was overreacting. Flash coward to yesterday. I get a panicked call from mom, cannot get in touch with brother. Ok what do you want me to do? Of course, it was my fault (back to old rant that I didn’t want to live with her). I asked if I should call him? YES!! So I call, leave vm that mom is crying, freaking out, please call her or me. I call her back with what I did. I asked how many times she called. One time to landline which he just had disconnected. It said number not available!! Well sure it did (duh). She called his cell one time. He talked and then nothing. Uh he says his name when it goes to vm. I wait, at least 30 minutes, then thought, why don’t I text him? Huge mistake. Within a few minutes get text back, I called mom. Mind your own damn business. Excuse me? I was asked/begged to contact you. I started crying then, what had I done so wrong? I called mom later and she had her phone off of the hook. I am going to let her call me. So done with both of them. I was reading something last night that said don’t carry stuff along. Forgive, etc. So I have decided to forgive but not forget (and keep my distance). They both treat everyone else nicely, except me. I honestly give up with them. They have shown me who they are multiple times, and they aren’t going to change.
  4. I would have rather had the drag queens perform than have Lu “sing”.
  5. We have been super busy lately, onboarding new clients and other stuff. The Dip will be 70 next year, so trying to keep that in mind as she drives me crazy and mucks up stuff. Sadly it’s some of the same errors over and over again. Today was a shitshow. One question after another from all different areas. Invited to a meeting I wanted to avoid. A BA who handles projects (really doesn’t do much of anything, always confused and needs a ton of help always, gets the easiest assignments because I don’t think they trust her with anything else) wanted me on this damned call. I got dragged into calling in because she didn’t know shit once again. Started off a year ago with a research request from a client manager asking what was going on with abc. I responded saying it was due to processing teams not doing closing protocols correctly. He needed to get reports ran, get the stuff that could cause problems to those teams to fix. He did nothing. He submitted something else a few weeks ago for reporting; nothing existed so I worked all day cobbling together something for him - then he bitched that it should be filtered down. It was in Excel, so duh, filter it yourself. He finally submitted a project which was given to Ms “I Dunno”. Now it’s crunch time wants the wheel reinvented and the processing folks said they are too busy, cannot do, it’s a system issue, has to be automated. Not happening, not unless someone in Tech is Jeanie or Samantha. Then they hinted that the team I am on dropped the ball. No, I have the receipts, asswipes. Then “Dunno” said she would have to talk to our boss. Go ahead. If she tries to push me under the bus, buckle up buttercup. Then she says well Tech has to do something. No they do not. Plus she’s burned bridges with them. A couple of projects were canceled; she never notified them, so they wasted a ton of time. She was going to email them. I had already called someone and submitted a ticket. There was other assorted asshattedness abounding. I wish I could retire now. We are WFH thru 2020. One location we deal with all the time closed their office to all WFH. I think we’ll be WFH into 2021 since there is no way for us to be 6 feet apart. Our cubicles are all squished together with narrow aisles.
  6. Watching episode now couple looking to stay at an island off of Colombia. The guy had never been there before but they decided upon that locale for their honeymoon with a budget of 9k. I don’t understand it. Is there no one else there? Does the 8.5k they spent include maid service, meals, drinks? Not for me. Guess she was originally from Columbia, which makes sense for the locale at least.
  7. There’s a way to make basic finger food elevated into more of a gourmet dish. I think this is all a setup for next season. Malia’s bf will be chef, Bugs chief stew, Malia bosun, with Captain Micromanager. They will have foils in the rest of the crew. I would love Sandy try that micromanaging with Ben. I would really love her to be stuck with Jenna as chief stew, Adam as chef, plus to drive her more nuts - stews — with the mermaid chick (can’t remember her name) and the other one who couldn’t even put the correct amount of detergent in the washing machine.
  8. How was Terri Conn not let go? She is awful. I don’t understand how she can be so bad in front of the camera, as she was on ATWT for a long time. I know I saw her on a Law & Order Criminal Intent, probably was on other shows. Makes me wonder if it took multiple takes for her to get a scene right. Kerstink needed to go, too. MBR is close to retirement age (I think she’s just a year or so younger than I am). Most corporations would prefer to let a person retire rather than let them go, if it’s reasonably close to actual retirement. A ding ding I have to work with is close to 70, she’s only retiring after 70 to get full SS payments, plus she carries hubby on her insurance (he is slightly younger). Anyhow, management has sort of left her skate for a few years as they kept thinking she’ll retire soon.
  9. Well we were told we had to schedule all vacation time a few weeks back, due to upcoming client events. I have a few days off now. Day 2 of the Dip texting me. Beyond clueless. Takes something and twists it, not understanding the real question or situation. Today boss was questioning the setup on something. I said oh about abcd? Nope. Just garbled messages and some other tech guys working on it now. I texted one of the guys. Two separate issues. One we do nothing with, the other is being handled by project folks, we think it was an oversight and it isn’t a huge deal. The other day she didn’t know how to do something. Over the weekend she had asked me if I could check a system after some network updates were done. Well she actually sent me a to and from time range. The times were wrong. I went back to read the document and it was start 7pm completion 10 pm- CDT. We are on ET. She listed times as 6 to 9 pm. No and I needed to check after the updates were done not during the updates. So 11 pm our time. I had stupidly started after 10, and got errors so called a tech guy, who then said this isn’t right. He almost put in an issue alert with another group. I checked again after 11 and everything was ok. I let her know that she listed it out wrong etc. , and got basically an “oh well” response. Boss was asking today if set up or review was wrong. The folks reviewing my set ups (Dip and possibly the laziest human ever-who takes something that would or should take at least a few hours to review- and is done within 15 to 20 minutes) do such a horrible job. I have to go back and review it again. So sick of it. Of course, cannot quit now. The lazy bones is a friend of the boss. Shows up as “away” or offline more than available. Gets away with murder. Doubt we’re going back into the office any time soon, so that is a plus. One location is going to 100% WFH, office is being closed. I would welcome that but some functions have tone done in our office (nothing I do though). Stay safe everyone!
  10. I saw part of an early RHOBH episode, and Jax was a waiter for an LVP tea party at her house. The ladies were acting like he was so hot. He wasn’t all that, but he was 1000% better looking than now. Not due to aging, just so bloated and sweaty looking now. I also saw an early VPR episode, and again I was stunned by the difference. Everyone else did not appear to have changed so dramatically. He can go and take his fake Kentucky fried wifey with him. Good luck on the unemployment line.
  11. I just completed an online feedback question at their site. If anyone reads it, they won't be happy campers. Too bad. In business you under promise and over deliver. So if someone asks me how quickly I can get a project done, I add a little cushion time to my anticipated delivery time. If I complete it earlier, it's all gravy. How do they not build in new delivery times now? Just saying oh these unprecedented times blah blah blah...... we're trying to stay within 7 to 10 days...... Might as well say we have no clue when you will get your order. At least they would be honest.
  12. So on May 12 I ordered some tilapia -looked good to me. I am not really a fish person, but wanted something different. Q has estimated delivery date of May 15. As of today, order is still in process. Emailed the Q as wait time was long and I was working. Got some BS form letter email response. I just tried to call again and got message they were too busy go to automated system. Either be honest that it will take weeks to ship out or do not sell those items on air. I can still get Amazon items quicker. Got my favorite slippers within 3 days. And if an item is delayed, I get an email or text with an apology and a new estimated delivery date. Q is going to lose customers by not being upfront and proactive.
  13. I had to turn it off after a while today. Not a huge Alex and Simon fan, but I wanted to slap Lu on how she talked down to Alex. She was so rude and condescending. I would have told Kelly to back the fuck off and to not touch me - as she did to Alex. And she could shove all of the shhhhh's where the sun doesn't shine. She really said Alex was weird or acting weird? The person who had a huge breakdown on Scary Island is telling someone else they are weird?? Then whined that her henna tattoo was messed up?? Have several seats Ms Satchels of Gold.
  14. I watched an episode last night, one wife worked in Westerville, a suburb of Columbus. I live in the metro, so I continued watching, trying to figure out the locations. No way did that realtor show them those homes originally. One was on the west side of town, which would make the commute to Westerville a real bitch, even if only 2 days a week. The other house I think was more on the south side. Made zero sense. I went out to home sites and there were plenty in their price range, older homes is what I looked at since they wanted character, etc. I found the house they chose. The pictures on the site were stunning. The show had it as a major fixer, but it was all redone on pictures posted in the sale shots in August 2019. The wall colors were different so maybe the HH couple had repainted; I would have left it as it was in the pictures as it was truly stunning. The kitchen had state of the art appliances, was obviously remodeled. I don't understand why they need the fakery. I started to watch tonight with the guy and his girlfriend of 6 months. She was ridiculously demanding. Wanted to turn a small bedroom into a closet for herself. I did not get the sense she was contributing to the purchase. Turned it off as I wanted to punch the tv.
  15. Ramona putting all that food out onto the patio when everyone got there - why? None of these bitches really eat that much. I guess some way to justify the drinking? Oh I'm eating cheese and crackers so I can have a glass (or two) of wine. Then when she had a hissy saying oh she'd not hired anyone for two days (as in maids). So wrong. Any hostess would pick that shit up herself and not make a big deal over it. Not classy at all. Tinsley and Leah were like oh no problem, we can help clean up - except all Ramona did was drink more Pinot. Then because Tinsley had a bunch of stuff she was carrying, some utensil fell out. Ramona made some snide crack about it. You can't pick up a fork, you lazy bitch? Then she said something about these girls had no idea about how to act as a hostess? They are NOT the hostess. You should have been the one to pick it all up - or hire someone to do so. You do NOT make your guests clean up and then bitch at them because it's not to your liking. Lu would have bitched no matter what room she got. It was for two nights? Big fucking deal. I would have been glad to get away from the craziness. Plus, if Lu is really drinking on the sly - perfect place to exit or sneak in a drink. Maybe the producers were setting her up - seeing if she would try to sneak in a drink down in the lower level. Tons of people have tattoos and it's not a sign that you're trashy. You can act trashy, as evidenced by the old broads on this show, without having a single tat. My boss, a SVP has tats all the way up his neck, and 'sleeves' on each arm. Co-worker has just about every inch of her arms and legs in tats. They need to get out of their bubble (Ramona, Dorinda, Sonja). And if Leah isn't bothered by it, then no need for anyone else to care. Probably got it in her younger days, thinking it was so cool. Dorinda is jealous of Tinsley. Tinsley can change the course of her life, while I think Dorinda feels trapped. She wants her old life back, and is realizing that ship has sailed. And Tinsley needs to tell Dorinda to stop with the inquisition now. If Dorinda gets all teary and blah blah blah renovations - I'd just sorry you're having issues, but no reason to take out your frustrations and anger (and jealousy) on me, so stop it now. And doubtful that Dorinda is having to pinch pennies to get the place fixed. As someone asked, what is the renovation keeping her from doing in her 'normal' life? Naps? Drinking?
  16. I'd watch this show if they brought in Jen (had the young daughter at home), the mermaid wanna be chef, or the stew who was sick 90% of the time (and left early) on Below Deck to work with Jenna. Madison is a star employee compared to those three. It would be must see tv. Honestly, from the small bits I've seen thus far, no one has the professionalism of the Below Deck crew (even with their crazies).
  17. Saw a repeat of the toilet licker on OWN today. Clearly did it for attention, but she's an obnoxious twit. Only old people get it, it's fake news, cancelling my graduation (graduating from Rutgers??). She said no one in Miami had it anyhow. Yeah, Miami, as of last evening, has the majority of cases in FL. Read that a huge spring break party is one area where the stuff spread like wildfire. So many people who were vocal in saying oh it's nothing, I won't get it, yeah tested positive weeks later. Karma, she does come calling. Good luck Toilet Princess.
  18. If only the Q had bought a ton of TP, paper towels, canned goods, and bottled water. They'd be rolling in dough now. Made it to the closest grocery to me early yesterday a.m. Some aisles completely gutted, while others were stocked. Employees were busy restocking. Reading what one local grocery manager (dairy) wrote, he said he's ordering the big sellers for his store, like 10x the regular amounts. I had gotten stuff at least two weeks ago, canned goods and such, plus I always tend to overstock a bit. I also went to Target - next shopping center over - almost right when they opened. They had some useful food items (cheese, bacon), some produce, and they did have TP and paper towels. No one was hoarding, but they may have imposed a limit. Regretfully, I forgot to get salsa or guac. I tried to order via Amazon. No Bueno. No delivery available. Stuff is in stock, but no drivers. I may try to do the pick up in your car deal later this week, if they have it in stock. Or maybe just go early tomorrow a.m. I still want the pork chops they had on sale (not a chop in sight - sob).
  19. HATE the Sheba cat food commercial. Mom is staring at the cat and can't even both to ask the kid how badly are you hurt? Yeah the kid is talking, but we wouldn't even say squat to our mom growing up if it was a little cut or scrape, we'd grab the ointment (whatever that pink/red stuff was in the bottle with a wand), smear that around and maybe put on a bandage. If it was bad, we'd be asking for mom. And not all of the time were we screaming. Sometimes it was like it hurt so bad you didn't really scream, maybe partially in shock. Like my brother fell into a couple of rose bushes, his back all scratched up to hell. He came in and barely spoke just said the gate to the fence swung back, hit his bike and he went wham into the bushes. Mom gingerly took off his shirt, I think maybe a thorn or twig was in his shirt. She then cleaned his back carefully, and put an ointment on it (soothing antibiotic). So not every time does the child have to scream like a banshee when really hurt. A friend fell and broke their arm, no screaming. A neighbor fell asleep and hit her head on the arm of a chair that was wooden, gash across her head. No screaming. Her parents did not just keep staring at the pet, tell her to get a bandage, but were actual parents who took her to the ER to get the stiches she needed. The mother doesn't even ask the kid how they are. All she cares about is her fucking cat. She should have just had a house of cats and no kids.
  20. I watch this very rarely. The WFH and being cooped up has me watching shows I normally do not. Where to start. Lisa telling Ariana (think it was her), after Arianna said some days she just feels like driving her car off of the road, oh you'll be ok. We all care about you. Ok, but she needs to see someone if she's having thoughts of killing herself, even fleetingly. She also said there were days she could barely get out of bed. Lisa was like oh stiff upper lip, carry on! That shit went out eons ago. (Maybe she is seeing a therapist, but yeah she needed to make another appointment STAT). Brittany. Ugh. Not a fan at all. I'd prefer Crazy Kristin over this duplicitous chick. She basically was on the prowl to latch onto a 'star' (or her mother was encouraging/prodding her). She acts like ya'll I'm such an innocent southern girl. Sure, Jan. The whole I want a princess party, and people on SM are being mean to me! I saw that like a 4 year old - or maybe Nellie Oleson - stomping her foot while dressed in her finest party dress, hair in ringlets. What in the hell did she think was going to happen on social media when she posted pictures? If she was so dead set on it, then screw anyone who didn't like it. (I actually agreed with Stassi). No she has a meltdown. Give me a break. The whole pastor thing. The whole he lied to us. No, he didn't. He didn't change his stripes, I'm sure he's held those views and been public about it for some time. Brittany just wanted him for her wedding, and didn't give a shit about what he'd said. I know she had posted (and deleted) questionable tweets herself. Who you choose reflects on you. Jax was probably drunk or maybe they both were and didn't care or looked the other way. Lisa or production found out, and no way Lisa would risk having some homophobic person on her show, so of course, they changed the pastor. Jax, there are "bad" people in every profession. There have been horrible popes throughout history, who were corrupt, in it for the money. Has he not been aware of how many pastors/priests/preachers who have been in serious trouble throughout the years. Oh wait, probably just too busy partying to read or be an informed adult. Then Brittany hoped Jax would beat up Tom. Tom may have been trying to stir the pot, but that was the gentlest 'stir' I've ever seen on a reality show. I just had a question about......kaboom! I also wonder if production said hey, we're not paying a dime for this wedding unless you get a different pastor. Because this extravagant (guessing it's tacky AF, too) wedding wouldn't be possible on a bartender and poor lil' old country girl's salary/income. Wait until Jax cheats on her. Even Helen Keller could see that coming. Cue the water works. Keep hydrated Brittany.
  21. I couldn't edit the above post, but the whole error that was found - fixed and the two twats who 'reviewed" did not make any comments - just ignore and it will go away I guess. Boss had call to go over a few things, and asked how everyone was doing - day 1 of mandatory work from home today. Did we have any questions? Dip - immediately asks - when can we go back into the office? I do not like this at all. She didn't know how to hook up all of the equipment she took home, which is not a shocker. We were told indefinite, could be 8 weeks or more or less - no one knows. Have to get approval to even go into the office to fetch anything now. She then complained how bars and restaurants were closed! Can't even get food (this from someone who has a freaking JUMBO sized freezer at her house). Us mere mortals are getting by with a standard fridge/freezer. There are some on the team who also have their kids home, so they have to do work and watch them - and they complained less. I mean, times are tough, so put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Hope everyone is staying safe.❤️
  22. So first working weekend is done. Nothing too awful. In fact, midway during my shift the project manager sent an email, all done. LOL. Dip tried to stick me with the bad shift, and she ended up having to log more hours than anyone. We were told Friday - WFH effective 3/16. Dip and some other person had a cow. Dip took home, two monitors, mice, and her laptop docking station. I was asked you have everything you need. I believe so - just my laptop. She cannot use her laptop screen as it's too small. Then bitched about having to haul all that tuff home. Your choice. Not sure if anyone else in or group did the same. Then I see someone asked a question why is this line blank for xxxx. I said I'm looking at that email (to Dip - kind of asking did she do anything with it). No she didn't know who the person was addressing. It was to the entire team, but once again Dip just ignores and figures I'll handle it. I reviewed the stuff and one group was updated no problem. Same utility tool updated another group, same data, and skipped random accounts. I had ran scrapes of everything, which I normally check with a fine toothed comb, but missed it. My two stellar reviewers (Dip and QB) said oh it's all fine (they put their electronic John Hancock's on it). Boss saw all of the chatter and said was qc bad again? They'd messed up another system checks a while back and the originator let them both have it. That originator now asks me to check their stuff. We'll see how it plays out tomorrow. No impact to end client as it was caught by someone else way ahead of time. Just reinforces what I'd told boss again and again that their work is sloppy at best. .
  23. The AnyBody tee they showed a few minute ago - the ugliest thing I've seen in a while. Front tie only looked good on the very thin model. Even Shawn tried to modify it and ask if I couldn't be tied in the back. Not really. I think she even knew it was FUGLY and overpriced. Then the Breezies lady. Holy crap. BLACK BLACK BLACK eyes. It's a smoky eye, not a Rocky knocked me out in the ring eye. These hosts are so out of touch. Novelty rain boots for over $70 (when you add s/h, etc.). I wonder how the Q will fare with Covid-19. Will guests still come into the campus to hawk their wares? Maybe they'll be on Skype. Guess the live studio audiences are not happening for a while?? Too bad QVC did not stockpile hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, face masks, and TP. They'd be rolling in dough.
  24. Management is just hoping Dip will retire and go away. She was demoted years ago when she had a female boss who had more balls than any of the male managers around. How do I know this - Dip told me. She's not sleeping with anyone; nearly 70 and not a femme fetale o maneater at all. Well I had a discussion with boss and he agreed, it was unfair. I'd also listed out some major shit she'd done - not errors but foot in mouth stuff, and he was just stunned. Like saying we can give a new client code 101 when 101 is the HUGE client we're working on now. Then tried to throw me under the bus saying it wasn't recorded in the client list - hello you get stuff EVERY day for this client with that 101 notation, try again dumbass. Anyhow the schedule WAS changed. Even the other person on the team was rolling their eyes, because Dip did not understand what I said. I wanted one day - daytime hours - where I wasn't changed to a laptop so I could do my errands, etc. We also have days marked off by management - like ones where you have to get permission to be off, then blackout days. Blackout is supposed to be only for emergencies or you're given the day off by an Act of God. Yeah a team member who is supposed to help out with overflow emailed today saying yeah I'm off, he finally approved it (boss). I was like WTF. It is during a blackout time, so we won't get any extra support or help. The reason why - college visit with her son. Hello - all colleges here have suspended classes on site for at least 3 weeks. What are you going to see - empty buildings? I almost emailed something back, but I think the old Dip will. Let her step in it, and I'll sit back and watch the show. I am really irate, but I am going to see how this plays out.
  25. I've had the displeasure of working with individuals who will take advantage of everyone, but the latest Dip shenanigans take the cake. We have been told we have to support a client event over 3 separate weekends (two in a row - coming up soon). As in round the clock being online , at the ready, even if they do not need us. We are hourly, so the OT has been approved. Dip took it upon herself to write up a schedule for all weekends. All the same hours, with me during the day for 6 Saturday and Sunday combos. I never agreed to that schedule. I was so irate today, scheduled an overdue meeting with boss. I refrained from responding to her, but who in the hell does she think she is? I typically avoid conflict, but no, I'm not standing for this crap. Granted, I will be the one they reach out to, as Dip can barely log into any system. She's proven her inadequacies many times, and I even said now honestly, who are they going to call? She's not been involved even though she protested when meetings initially excluded her, then came into meetings with a pad of small sticky notes (everyone else had notebooks or binders). She eventually stopped going. It was all about how she wasn't on the invite. I've also been working on another project, automating some new way to get tasks done. She needed something from me right then and there, even though she didn't need it for another week or more. I said fine, let me drop everything for you. She backed off big time. I told her how to get the data, and was asked is it hard? No, it's something you should know already! I just had zero time for it. I then said I had to do 3 or 4 other things, plus this automation thing was only updating one line, not multiple. Her response, "great so now we'll have something that only works off and on". I wanted to smack her. I'd asked her and another person to log into this new system and test some I already had done. She just logged in today. 5 months later. She then told me she'd need to be trained. I got one document with codes, and was told have at it. Yeah, don't expect me to spoon feed you. I tried to calm myself down and said no, I'm only marking those as completed or ok, once they totally work. I really should have said, fine, I'm done working on it. Since you know how it should work, you can finish all this crap. I'm going to write it all down for boss. Even the PM handling all of the scheduling was like this is for every day? He knew it was beyond wrong. His team is alternating. Dip always likes the early hours so she can do stuff with her hubby - who works in a completely different metro area, so he's gone for an entire week at a time. She was asked, why don't you move there? Nope, not doing it, he can just drive it. (We're talking a 3 to 4 hour drive each way). So everyone should just bend to what she wants. I wrote so many emails to her today, then deleted, wanting to think over my response. I am so upset with her crap, that I've been working remotely a LOT. I might need bail money.
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