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  1. Whew. Colt’s looking rode hard and put away wet in the tell-nothing next week.
  2. Kalani talks about Asuelu the way I did about my 20-year-old daughter when she lived at home. The sneaking out, lying about her whereabouts, the whole nine yards. It’s tough to feel sorry for Kalani at this point. My only concern is for the kids.
  3. Ericee sure does bitch and moan about taking care of his supposed girlfriend after her surgeries. I get that it’s a lot of effort, but you kind of negate the good you did when you complain about it constantly. And how interesting that they have an I Love Lucy sleeping arrangements with the separate beds.
  4. Brother Chantal seems like a cuddly, harmless sort of guy. He needs to get the hell away from these toxic vipers. They view ruining each other’s relationships as a kind of sport. I am a TLC viewer from way back, so I know my way around dysfunctional television families, but these folks take the cake.
  5. Yeah, those “grandyoungins” are not Mykull’s. He’s what, 31? 32? Come ON.
  6. Good Lord. These people can even turn an ice cream cone break into yet another overwrought discussion of The State of Our Relationship.
  7. Family Elizabeth is the reason why some people move a couple thousand miles away when they get married. ✈️ 👋
  8. I have a hard time giving even the slightest fuck about Kalani and Asuelu. Chore charts? Give me the biggest of breaks.
  9. Boo-effing-hoo, Grangela. You knowingly left your poor mom at the end of her life to go get it on with Mykull. You’ll have to live with that. Again, rest in peace, Mother Grangela. At least you weren’t fully aware of the public mess your ratchet daughter has made of herself
  10. So, wait a second. Is Colt living with Debbie or vice-versa? I’ve been under the impression that he was giving her a place to live!
  11. I loathe Colt and chuckle at his misfortune, but Debbie is a gaslighting old bitch. Sorry, Debs.
  12. You’re not Colt, so it’s not depressing, haha!
  13. Another exciting Friday night of vegan mac and cheese and clipping your cat’s toenails with your elderly mom. Every word of that depresses the shit out of me (and makes my very low-key life look like a cabaret).
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