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  1. Wow, a flower delivery to the mother-in-law. Trés classy move.
  2. Watching this nasty woman turn her cheek to Gil, all I can think is that this big, beautiful man deserves more than her. Maybe I’m a worse judge of character than I think I am, but he seems like a warm, well-meaning person. MAFS has a cruel sense of humor. (And that dress is absolutely hideous.)
  3. Well, I returned to watching this show after some time away and . . . rocks. Painted wedding rocks. Wow. It’s a cute Mother’s Day gift from your fourth grader or a sweet little memento that your eight-year-old niece brings you back from a camping trip, but as a wedding favor? Not that attending a friend or family member’s wedding is about the swag, but I can’t imagine giving a rock as a gift to my guests as a grown-ass woman in my 50s. I really didn’t like Chris when he first entered the scene. In fact, I questioned his intentions. He’s grown on me, though. As I have grown to almos
  4. I’m finally watching this week’s episode. I’m sitting here trying to imagine myself taking the time to listen to a podcast about Kailyn’s ovaries. As for the comments that people make on social media, is it nice? No, of course not. Should people do it? No, again. However, when you offer yourself and your life up to worldwide scrutiny, you’d better be able to handle the comments from the peanut gallery- especially the nasty ones. She “earns” a shitload of money from this show and people have every right to weigh in (pun very much intended). In short, boo fucking hoo, woman. (And I just
  5. I cannot stand these people. First, Jade was absolutely stupid for sending her druggie parents to pick up her meds, but the fact that she’s accusing them of being selfish is the pot calling the kettle black. She is every bit as selfish for having an elective cosmetic surgery (well, surgeries) of this magnitude when she has a tiny child at home. I won’t even bring up the fact that she took that same tiny child with her to the surgery location. No matter how hard they worked to shield her daughter from seeing her mother in that state, there’s no way to have completely concealed it from her.
  6. Gosh, I really didn’t think I was a cold, nasty old bitch when I tuned in tonight, but watching the bafflingly warm reception the Garrick and Dannnnielle’s family gave Roberta, I’m having second thoughts. I mean, kisses on the lips, tears, three and four extended hugs . . . wow. They’ve only met her virtually. And their kids are there with them! Any kid their age would know exactly what’s happening and would want to sink through the floor with embarrassment. Garrick is a very, very lucky man to have an original wife who is okay with this horseshit. I truly don’t get it. And he’s such a
  7. My heart truly goes out to Dannielle. I absolutely view this as an abusive relationship. Many moons ago, I was in her position. My family tiptoed around me from the moment I introduced my ex-husband to them, exactly the way hers does. They were dying to say something and offer help as things got worse, but felt like they would be overstepping if they did. To be honest, if given a choice, I’d rather have only been smacked around than endure the psychological acrobatics and constant gaslighting. At least you can clean and bandage physical wounds, but the ones you can’t see run deep and don
  8. Same here. When Marcella left, I thought the remaining hosts worked very well together- better than ever before. Sometimes I feel like this show has great potential, but it’s just being poorly run.
  9. When Alex bit into the burger she made this morning, it was freely dripping like a faucet from her “ice water onions” and various other wet vegetables. Katie, seated next to her, made no effort to conceal her revulsion. I struggled as well. Between this and last week, when she said “Pay attention, children” to Jeff and GZ (both of whom were visibly taken aback), I don’t know why she’s on this show. She does not fit in and I can’t imagine why she views this as a viable option, given how clearly impressed she is with her ICA title. I really don’t know why they felt a need to replace Marcell
  10. That's just the thing; she feels that my consequences when she was growng up were too frequent. She had two homes: one where there were pretty basic expectations like doing reasonably well in school, working more than 10 hours per week, and not inviting multiple older guys into our apartment when I was gone (mine) and one where I was denigrated at every opportunity and no one cared what she did (her father's). Her holding me at arm's length today sure feels like her way of "punishing me" for the past. She uses her love and contact as currency and by sitting here being hurt, I play right int
  11. I wish there was some way for me to feel better about the fact that I basically have no relationship with my only child. The fact that I can see the damn phone records and I know that she's in contact with her father and his family just makes it that much worse. My mother absolutely partnered with me to raise my daughter and she didn't even contact her on Mother's Day. When I text her first, she takes hours upon hours to respond with a word or two. When she wakes up one morning and decides that she feels good about me, it lasts four or five days, then POOF- it's gone as quickly as it came.
  12. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. Much appreciated, just as it was a couple of years ago when everything first went sideways. I’m too close to all of this to be able to think clearly, so I’ll follow up with these questions: As I mentioned, she doesn’t contact me for virtually any reason except with a gynecological question or an “assignment,” i.e. the taxes. Her phone is still on my plan, but she pays for it. Her bank account is still attached to mine, dating from childhood. I have no clue why she hasn’t separated her bank account, but I understand why she has remained on my family
  13. Okay, I’m committed to not bringing it up. She will be pissed (at me) when she comes out of whatever fog she’s in and realizes that there will almost certainly be penalties from the IRS. If/when she mentions it again, should I tell her that she’ll have to file this year’s taxes herself? I told her months ago that I would do them, but I don’t have the documents I need. And would you go ahead and file the extension for her today, knowing that she doesn’t have the form . . . or just. drop. it. None of these deadlines are a surprise to her, she just doesn’t listen, especially to me. At th
  14. Hi, folks. I don't know if anyone remembers the issue I had with my daughter a couple of years ago, but the bullet points are that she left my home in a huff at 18 (my pesky rules and expectations) to live with her father, who doesn't care what she does at all. She proceeded to make one bad decision after another, including getting into drugs, drinking (she isn't even 21 until September), vaping, smoking, and hanging out with people who don't have her best interests at heart. She has worked sporadically at best over the past two years, but was laid off last March due to the pandemic. She b
  15. Of all the moms, Leah would easily win the Means Well Award, but good Lord, woman. The TMI is off the charts. The girlses do not have to be sat down every few days to be "reassured." This exchange really summed it up nicely: Leah, to kids: "Woohoo, Mama has health insurance!" Kids: "Can we pleeeease go play now?" Why on earth is she telling them that she has a "tumor" in her breast? That is the very definition of an adult conversation. I don't think anyone on this show waits until children go to bed to have these sorts of conversations and it drives me insane. I had brain
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