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  1. Even at his tender age, Gabe is already more of a man than this dipshit will ever be. Kody made me more angry this week than he has in years. Gabe is in so much pain. He just wants to feel like he has a father and he knows that he’ll never be able to compete with Robyn and her children. How dare Kody refer to Janelle as the “Teflon Queen” to her own son. She has made an honest effort to adhere to his standards, but who can blame either her or Christine for gradually deciding to do their own thing when all they get from their ludicrous “husband” is the occasional appearance at dinner and m
  2. I sit here and shake my head for the entire hour when I watch this. This shaggy, belligerent mofo honestly expects Janelle to abandon her sons who have barely reached adulthood. I’m absolutely disgusted by his attitude toward both them and Janelle. No, asshole, you did not “give them a nice car and a good start in life.” TLC did. Hell, we, the viewers, did. Every one of us are paying for their bullshit lives with our eyeballs as we speak. I am beyond impressed by the fact that a guy as young as Garrison is saving up his money to buy a house! As the mother of a grown daughter who spends
  3. This show is becoming more of a sitcom with each passing week. You can practically hear the laugh track. “I don’t have a head wife in this family!” The fuck you don’t, Kody. Robyn is all but preening in her chair during the group discussion about the master’s rules. Most of the rules read like they were written in the third week of March 2020. Covid was a dream scenario for Kody. He knew that Robyn would do whatever Daddy demanded, while the other wives would want to make adjustments (no comment either way on their choices). And why the hell do they have a nanny?! Robyn is home all da
  4. This show is starting to make me seriously sad for Jazz. She’s been on TV since before she could make independent adult decisions and now here she is, at barely 21, with every aspect of her life and past on display. My heart ached for Jazz when her mother stated outright that she loved Jazz, but not her body. Damn. I understand that her family is worried about her weight and health (I have an issue, myself), but there is a difference between expressing concern from the heart in private and bombarding her with criticisms and scrutiny. The scene where the kids made dinner together made my s
  5. Good God, this is the most tedious shit I have ever watched. I have spent what feels like a decade listening to this bunch of simpletons harangue about properties, ponds, and wet bars. It took me 20 goddamn years to buy a house against considerable odds and I promise you that less conversation and hand-wringing went into the final stages of the purchase. As much as I absolutely loathe Kody, he needs to just put his foot down as the so-called “leader” of this “family” (according to their religious beliefs), make a decision, and let the chips fall where they may. None of these people are hap
  6. Good for Bao. She earned that refusal. Bao leaves a little to be desired as a spouse, but Johnny acted like a petulant toddler throughout this entire season. Don’t let the door hit you, Johnny. 👋
  7. Oh, Maci. I just know you’re not complaining about having to clean out the garage without Taylor. Taylor will have to fill up every car you own from here to eternity due to your “PTSD,” so I think you can move a few boxes around on a Saturday afternoon without bitching about it. She earned an extra eye roll from me with that. Catelynn and Tyler want to have Nova in the delivery room?! I guess my main question is: Why? I’m all about teaching kids the proper names for parts of their anatomy, etc., but there is no need to force a child that young to witness her mother in that vulnerable
  8. Yikes. Kinda hard to get into a sexytime mood with a strange woman moaning in your face (WTF was that about?) and a rack of kettlebells in the background. As for Jose locking Rachel out, she should have called the police to allow her access to the apartment, gathered her stuff, and left. For good. And to hell with the inevitable Pastor Cal intervention that would ensue.
  9. I’d like to submit the first nomination for Gil to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for his handling of Myrla. Even if it doesn’t work out (and dear Lord, I hope it doesn’t for his sake), his conduct during this entire process has been unbelievably patient and kind. He is the ONLY one who is truly taking this “experiment” seriously and is honestly giving it a shot. (Call me in a few weeks, Gil! 🔥)
  10. Absolutely not- and it could be argued that online degrees from accredited universities require an even stronger work ethic and major dedication, not to mention self-discipline. It’s very easy to just blow off your assignments when you’re earning a degree from home and you don’t have to answer to anyone. The least Amber can do is attend classes between therapy appointments from her nest on the couch while wrapped in four or five chenille throws.
  11. I just have to ask Maci a question: What would you do if you didn’t have anyone to fill up your car for you? I’m guessing that this issue would have been put to bed many, many fill-ups ago. Those of us without MTV paychecks who have actual jobs don’t have such luxuries. You want to see panic? Talk to a single mom who has a job to report to tomorrow morning and doesn’t have money for gas. Ugh, I loathe these people. Any true struggle in their lives left the building long ago. All we’re watching now are grown-ass rich people who either don’t work at all or endorse shit on soc
  12. Hey, Maci? I will personally volunteer to buy your gas (and send Taylor to get it due to your PTSD, oh my God) for a year if you take Bintley off of this show. DM me for the details. She is milking the hell out of that gas station incident. Speaking of deals: Amber? I will buy your next pair of ginormous glasses (even if they have prescription lenses) if you complete even one semester of college. Cheyenne, if you actually get a storyline, we’ll work something out for you. Tyler and Catelynn discussing his therapeutic ketamine treatment and “shadow side” while their toddler c
  13. I really, really want Bao and Johnny to make it. I like them as a couple and I think Johnny also will, as long as he allows himself to. Bao needs to play a little harder to get.
  14. Uh, Myrla, that big, husky man fights fires all day and is rubbing your feet right now with his big, husky hands. Let him eat his chocolate chip cookies in peace.
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